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Digital Wood Design

Author : Fabio Bianconi
ISBN : 9783030036768
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 62. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book explores various digital representation strategies that could change the future of wooden architectures by blending tradition and innovation. Composed of 61 chapters, written by 153 authors hailing from 5 continents, 24 countries and 69 research centers, it addresses advanced digital modeling, with a particular focus on solutions involving generative models and dynamic value, inherent to the relation between knowing how to draw and how to build. Thanks to the potential of computing, areas like parametric design and digital manufacturing are opening exciting new avenues for the future of construction. The book’s chapters are divided into five sections that connect digital wood design to integrated approaches and generative design; to model synthesis and morphological comprehension; to lessons learned from nature and material explorations; to constructive wisdom and implementation-related challenges; and to parametric transfigurations and morphological optimizations.

Digital Wood Design

Author : Fabio Bianconi
ISBN : 3030036774
Genre : Architectural design
File Size : 65. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book explores various digital representation strategies that could change the future of wooden architectures by blending tradition and innovation. Composed of 61 chapters, written by 153 authors hailing from 5 continents, 24 countries and 69 research centers, it addresses advanced digital modeling, with a particular focus on solutions involving generative models and dynamic value, inherent to the relation between knowing how to draw and how to build. Thanks to the potential of computing, areas like parametric design and digital manufacturing are opening exciting new avenues for the future of construction. The book’s chapters are divided into five sections that connect digital wood design to integrated approaches and generative design; to model synthesis and morphological comprehension; to lessons learned from nature and material explorations; to constructive wisdom and implementation-related challenges; and to parametric transfigurations and morphological optimizations. .

Digital Transformation Of The Design Construction And Management Processes Of The Built Environment

Author : Bruno Daniotti
ISBN : 9783030335700
Genre : Building
File Size : 89. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This open access book focuses on the development of methods, interoperable and integrated ICT tools, and survey techniques for optimal management of the building process. The construction sector is facing an increasing demand for major innovations in terms of digital dematerialization and technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, advanced manufacturing, robotics, 3D printing, blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence. The demand for simplification and transparency in information management and for the rationalization and optimization of very fragmented and splintered processes is a key driver for digitization. The book describes the contribution of the ABC Department of the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) to R&D activities regarding methods and ICT tools for the interoperable management of the different phases of the building process, including design, construction, and management. Informative case studies complement the theoretical discussion. The book will be of interest to all stakeholders in the building process - owners, designers, constructors, and faculty managers - as well as the research sector.

Digital Heritage Progress In Cultural Heritage Documentation Preservation And Protection

Author : Marinos Ioannides
ISBN : 9783030730437
Genre : Computers
File Size : 61. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book constitutes the refereed post-conference proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Digital Heritage, EuroMed 2020, held virtually in November 2020. The 37 revised project papers and 30 revised short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 326 submissions. The papers are on topics such as digital data acquisition technologies in CH/2D and 3D data capture methodologies and data processing; remote sensing for archaeology and cultural heritage management and monitoring; interactive environments and applications; reproduction techniques and rapid prototyping in CH; e-Libraries and e-Archives in cultural heritage; virtual museum applications (e-Museums and e-Exhibitions); visualisation techniques (desktop, virtual and augmented reality); storytelling and authoring tools; tools for education; 2D and 3D GIS in cultural heritage; and on-site and remotely sensed data collection.

Handbook Of Research On Methodologies For Design And Production Practices In Interior Architecture

Author : Garip, Ervin
ISBN : 9781799872566
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 88. 33 MB
Format : PDF
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Studio environments can be defined as multi-dimensional integrated production spaces where basic design trainings take place and where design issues including theoretical notions such as sociological, political, phenomenological, and other dimensions are discussed. Present approaches within the literature and social media on this topic gives cause for students to evaluate their future professions over finished and pictorial products rather than ontological and processual means. While there are many resources available on the present approaches of aesthetics and visuality of interior spaces, there is not much research available on new design methodologies, related design processes, and new applied methods in interior arcitecture. Based on different contexts, these methods of design practice have the potential to enrich design processes and create multiple discussion platforms within project studios as well as other design media. These different representations and narration methods for research in the context of interior architecture can be effectively used in design processes. The Handbook of Research on Methodologies for Design and Production Practices in Interior Architecture proposes new design methodologies and related design processes and introduces new applied method approaches while presenting alternative methods that have been used within design studios in the field of interior architecture. The chapters deal with four major sections: the design process and interdiciplinary approaches; then scenario development and content; followed by material, texture, and atmosphere; and concluding with new approaches to design. While highlighting topics such as spatial perception, design strategies, architectural atmosphere, and design-thinking, this book is of interest to architects, interior designers, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students looking for advanced research on the new design metholodologies and processes for interior architecture.

Design Studio Vol 2 Intelligent Control

Author : Rob Hyde
ISBN : 9781000450934
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 23. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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How should we train? What should we learn? What is our value? Disruptive technologies have increased speculation about what it means to be an architect. Innovations simultaneously offer great promise and potential risk to design practice. This volume identifies the game-changing trends driven by technology, and the opportunities they provide for architecture, urbanism and design. It advocates for an approach of intelligent control that transforms practice with specialist knowledge of technological models and systems. It features new developments in automation, generative design, augmented reality, videogame urbanism, artificial intelligence and robotics, as well as lived experiences within a continually shifting landscape. Showcasing evolving research, it discusses the cultural, social, environmental and political implications of various technological trajectories. In doing so it speculates upon future urban, spatial, aesthetic and formal possibilities within architecture. The future is already here. Now is the time to act. Features: Austrian Institute of Technology AiT - City Intelligence Lab CiT, Bryden Wood, Mollie Claypool, Soomeen Hahm, Hawkins\Brown, LASSA Architects, The Living, Danil Nagy, Odico Construction Robotics, Stefana Parascho, Luke Caspar Pearson, SHoP Architects, Kostas Terzidis, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen and Sandra Youkhana.

Icgg 2020 Proceedings Of The 19th International Conference On Geometry And Graphics

Author : Liang Yee Cheng
ISBN : 9783030634032
Genre : Computational intelligence
File Size : 82. 40 MB
Format : PDF
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This book covers various aspects of Geometry and Graphics, from recent achievements on theoretical researches to a wide range of innovative applications, as well as new teaching methodologies and experiences, and reinterpretations and findings about the masterpieces of the past. It is from the 19th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, which was held in São Paulo, Brazil. The conference started in 1978 and is promoted by the International Society for Geometry and Graphics, which aims to foster international collaboration and stimulate the scientific research and teaching methodology in the fields of Geometry and Graphics. Organized five topics, which are Theoretical Graphics and Geometry; Applied Geometry and Graphics; Engineering Computer Graphics; Graphics Education and Geometry; Graphics in History, the book is intended for the professionals, academics and researchers in architecture, engineering, industrial design, mathematics and arts involved in the multidisciplinary field.

Post Industrial Robotics

Author : Angelo Figliola
ISBN : 9789811552786
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book highlights the concept of informed architecture as an alternative to performance-based approaches. Starting with an analysis of the state of art, the book defines an operative methodology in which performative parameters lead to the generation of the shape becoming the design’s input, rather than being mere quantitative parameters. It then uses case studies to investigate the methodology. Lastly, the book discusses a novel way of conceiving and using the manufacturing tool, which is the basis for the definition of informed architectures in relation to data usage and the optimization process.

The Importance Of Wood And Timber In Sustainable Buildings

Author : Ali Sayigh
ISBN : 9783030717001
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 70. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book emphasizes the important message that architects and structural engineers must strive to ensure that the buildings they design and construct should not be major contributors to climate change. Rather, they should be exploring the use of green materials and building methods – such as timber, wood, and associated materials – in order to safeguard the environment. These sustainable materials are not only environmentally friendly, but they have the added benefit of being easy to manufacture, cost effective, often locally available, and easily replenished. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that wood and timber are viable materials in the construction of a wide variety of building types, including medium and high-rise buildings. The Importance of Wood and Timber in Sustainable Buildings brings together a distinguished group of contributors from different cultures and building traditions to address why now is the time to rethink our construction methods and explore replacing many of the carbon intensive materials that are currently being used with wood and timber.

Design Transactions

Author : Bob Sheil
ISBN : 9781787355026
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 56. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Design Transactions presents the outcome of new research to emerge from ‘Innochain’, a consortium of six leading European architectural and engineering-focused institutions and their industry partners. The book presents new advances in digital design tooling that challenge established building cultures and systems. It offers new sustainable and materially smart design solutions with a strong focus on changing the way the industry thinks, designs, and builds our physical environment. Divided into sections exploring communication, simulation and materialisation, Design Transactions explores digital and physical prototyping and testing that challenges the traditional linear construction methods of incremental refinement. This novel research investigates ‘the digital chain’ between phases as an opportunity for extended interdisciplinary design collaboration. The highly illustrated book features work from 15 early-stage researchers alongside chapters from world-leading industry collaborators and academics.

Data Matter Design

Author : Frank Melendez
ISBN : 9781000064414
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 47. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Data, Matter, Design presents a comprehensive overview of current design processes that rely on the input of data and use of computational design strategies, and their relationship to an array of outputs. Technological changes, through the use of computational tools and processes, have radically altered and influenced our relationship to cities and the methods by which we design architecture, urban, and landscape systems. This book presents a wide range of curated projects and contributed texts by leading architects, urbanists, and designers that transform data as an abstraction, into spatial, experiential, and performative configurations within urban ecologies, emerging materials, robotic agents, adaptive fields, and virtual constructs. Richly illustrated with over 200 images, Data, Matter, Design is an essential read for students, academics, and professionals to evaluate and discuss how data in design methodologies and theoretical discourses have evolved in the last two decades and why processes of data collection, measurement, quantification, simulation, algorithmic control, and their integration into methods of reading and producing spatial conditions, are becoming vital in academic and industry practices.

Architecture And Urbanism A Smart Outlook

Author : Shaimaa Kamel
ISBN : 9783030525842
Genre : Architectural design
File Size : 71. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This proceedings addresses the challenges of urbanization that gravely affect the world's ecosystems. To become efficiently sustainable and regenerative, buildings and cities need to adopt smart solutions. This book discusses innovations of the built environment while depicting how such practices can transform future buildings and urban areas into places of higher value and quality. The book aims to examine the interrelationship between people, nature and technology, which is essential in pursuing smart environments that optimize human wellbeing, motivation and vitality, as well as promoting cohesive and inclusive societies: Urban Sociology - Community Involvement - Place-making and Cultural Continuity - Environmental Psychology - Smart living - Just City. The book presents exemplary practical experiences that reflect smart strategies, technologies and innovations, by established and emerging professionals, provides a forum of real-life discourse. The primary audience for the work will be from the fields of architecture, urban planning and built-environment systems, including multi-disciplinary academics as well as professionals.

Impact Design With All Senses

Author : Christoph Gengnagel
ISBN : 9783030298296
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 32. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book reflects and expands on the current trend in the building industry to understand, simulate and ultimately design buildings by taking into consideration the interlinked elements and forces that act on them. Shifting away from the traditional focus, which was exclusively on building tasks, this approach presents new challenges in all areas of the industry, from material and structural to the urban scale. The book presents contributions including research papers and case studies, providing a comprehensive overview of the field as well as perspectives from related disciplines, such as computer science. The chapter authors were invited speakers at the 7th Symposium “Impact: Design With All Senses”, which took place at the University of the Arts in Berlin in September 2019.

Wood Design Focus

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951P00453904Y
Genre : Building, Wooden
File Size : 33. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation In Digital Health

Author : J.A. Ginige
ISBN : 9781614999140
Genre : Medical
File Size : 59. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 396
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The term Telehealth covers a wide spectrum of disciplines, ranging from the enabling of direct clinical interventions to patient-centered care needs such as personal monitoring and care team support, as well as education, policy and professional aspects. Contributing to the solving of healthcare sustainability challenges and supporting the development and delivery of a wide range of innovative care and treatment models, Telehealth also acts as a major driver for change in global health issues. This book, Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation in Digital Health, presents the accepted full-paper, double-blinded, peer-reviewed contributions, as well as the editor-reviewed invited keynote papers, delivered at the 7th International Conference on Global Telehealth (GT2018), held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 10 and 11 October 2018. Approximately 50% of the total initial submissions were accepted. The conference provided a platform for the sharing of best practice and research directions across the international Telehealth community, and the 14 papers presented here deal with a variety of themes ranging from data collection and analysis to the design of interventions and delivery mechanisms, in situations from public health and primary care through to consumer health informatics, and from implementation and algorithm design to privacy and ethical considerations. Offering an overview of the innovation and diversity of today’s Telehealth domain, this book will be of interest to all those involved in the design and implementation of healthcare solutions.

Advancing Wood Architecture

Author : Achim Menges
ISBN : 9781317392330
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 70. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 588
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In light of environmental challenges architecture is facing, wood is no longer regarded as outmoded, nostalgic, and rooted in the past, but increasingly recognized as one of the most promising building materials for the future. Recent years have seen unprecedented innovation of new technologies for advancing wood architecture. Advancing Wood Architecture offers a comprehensive overview of the new architectural possibilities that are enabled by cutting-edge computational technologies in wood construction. It provides both an overarching architectural understanding and in-depth technological information through built projects and the works of four leading design research groups in Europe. The projects presented include large scale, permanent buildings such as the ETH Arch-Tec Lab Building in Zurich, the Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall near Stuttgart and the Boiler House in Hooke Park, UK, as well as, built research prototypes investigating additive robotic fabrication, folded plate structures and meteorosensitive building skins. Illustrated in full colour, the book showcases the latest technological developments in design computation, simulation and digital fabrication together with an architectural, engineering and manufacturing perspective, offering an outlook towards novel spatial and constructional opportunities of a material with unrivalled ecological virtues.

Handbook Of Research On Form And Morphogenesis In Modern Architectural Contexts

Author : D'Uva, Domenico
ISBN : 9781522539940
Genre : Art
File Size : 21. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 809
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As architectural designs continue to push boundaries, there is more exploration into the bound shape of architecture within the limits of spaces made for human usability and interaction. The Handbook of Research on Form and Morphogenesis in Modern Architectural Contexts provides emerging research on the process of architectural form-finding as an effort to balance perceptive efficiency with functionality. While highlighting topics such as architectural geometry, reverse modeling, and digital fabrication, this book details the geometric process that forms the shape of a building. This publication is a vital resource for scholars, IT professionals, engineers, architects, and business managers seeking current research on the development and creation of architectural design.

Simplified Design Of Wood Structures

Author : James Ambrose
ISBN : 9780470187845
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 45. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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No architect′s education would be complete without a basic understanding of how structures respond to the action of forces and how these forces affect the performance of various building material (wood, steel, concrete, etc.). In continous publication for over 60 years, this standard guide to structural design with wood has now been updated to include current design practices, standards, and consideration of new wood products. Now covering the LRFD method of structural design in addition to the ASD method, expanded treatment of wood products besides sawn lumber, and with more examples and exercise problems, this edition stands as a valuable resource that no architect or builder should be without. The Parker/Ambrose Series of Simplified Design Guides has been providing students with simple, concise solutions to common structural and environmental design problems for more than seven decades.

The New Urban Age

Author : Mervyn Norton
ISBN : 0968045219
Genre : Municipal government
File Size : 77. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 509
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Rethinking Wood

Author : Markus Hudert
ISBN : 9783035617061
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 51. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 499
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Advances in the materials and the digitalization of architecture bring about new methods in design and construction. Whereas traditional timber construction consists of pre-cut and pre-assembled timber sections, modern timber buildings today consist of elaborate wood-based materials. Owing to their flexibility and good properties in terms of building physics and ecology, these wood-based materials are ideal for computer-aided building component production. Fifteen case examples from research, teaching, and practical applications provide inspiring insights into the potential of formable wood-based materials and digital design: Woven Wood, Wood Foam, Living Wood and Organic Joints, Timber Joints for Robotic Building Processes, Efficiencies of Wood, Designing with Tree Form.

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