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New Scientist

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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

Dreams Are Reality

Author : Vanaja Ananda MA; MS
ISBN : 1452554137
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Dreams Are Reality is a riveting story about a woman’s journey through her subconscious in order to reprogram negative beliefs that emanated in early childhood. Watch Vanaja unravel the secrets of the universe as she explores the psyche at both a subconscious and conscious level in real time! The secret is revealed with effective neuroscience and spiritual techniques so any person can achieve inner peace and any dream he desires. Dreams Are Reality awakens people to the wonderful transformations occurring in 2012 which will bring our planet back to its utopian roots. Financial independence, health reform, and a new educational paradigm will be the new way of life. Dreams Are Reality is a page turner that has the audience clamoring for more. For the first time in the history of mankind, the truth is uncovered right in front of your eyes!

Captain Marvel

Author : Stan Lee
ISBN : 9781302513405
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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Collects Fantastic Four (1961) #65, Ms. Marvel (1977) #1, Captain Marvel (1968) #52, Quasar #9, Avengers (1963) #346, Captain America (1998) #8, material from Captain America (1968) #399 and more. They’re set to wow you in theaters, but who are the Kree warriors known as Starforce? Get to know Captain Marvel and her spacefaring allies with these classic adventures! Ronan the Accuser makes first contact between the Kree and Earth — and he may be judge, jury and executioner for the Fantastic Four! Kree scientist Dr. Minerva targets Avengers sidekick Rick Jones for abduction! Carol Danvers takes on her first costumed identity as Ms. Marvel! Captain Atlas confronts cosmic protector Quasar, Korath the Pursuer clashes with Captain America, and the Starforce battles the Avengers! Finally, Carol and Cap face Bron Char of the Kree Lunatic Legion!

New Scientist

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ISBN : CHI:19020881
Genre : Science
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Bowker S Complete Video Directory 2000

Author : [Anonymus AC03009304]
ISBN : 0835243117
Genre : Films for the hearing impaired
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Parapsychology New Age And The Occult

Author : Cheryl Klein Lacoff
ISBN : 1879583003
Genre : Parapsychology
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Useful Management In Life

Author : Faith P Blake
ISBN : 1070664707
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This books Includes: Mindset and EmotionsManaging your emotions can be likened to developing a skill: It involves learning a better way of doing something. It requires change on our part. In reality, we struggle to accept change as humans. In this book you will find: The Relationship Between The Mind And Your Feelings What You Should Know About The Emotions The Interaction Between The Mind And The Emotions The Power Of The Mind Take Charge!- 10 Ways To Take Absolute Control Of Your Mind Unlocking Your Mind Power Controlling Your Feelings The Role Of The Mind In Controlling Your Feelings Controlling Your Feelings With The Mind: Learning The Art Using The Mind Control To Check Your Feelings Mindset fot Time In this book you will find: Interaction of the mind and time- Your perception towards time Preparation: The initial path to successful time management using the mind Streamlining the mind I.e focus Prioritizing: A mind thing? Setting routines begin with the mind Inclusiveness- Getting others involved Acceptance Time scarcity mindset- why you should avoid it Mindset for Personal Self-HelpThis book, Mindset for Personal Self-Help deals with the many secrets and practices involved in helping individuals develop their minds and achieve their goals and dreams. It details the processes and techniques that people need to turn their dreams into reality. In this book you will find: Introduction Applying the right mindset to achieve your dreams Find a routine that works Surround yourself with the right companions Let go of fear and self-doubt Look for the things that drive your goals Identify your purpose Accept who you are Follow every inspiration with actions Be consistent and persistent Don't be scared of committing to your goals Conclusion Enjoy your new Mindset!

On Cassette

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ISBN : UOM:39015010366261
Genre : Audiotapes
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The Secrets Behind The Secret

Author : Daniel Marques
ISBN : 9781463585853
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 84. 62 MB
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Much has been said about the law of attraction and some have called it “the secret”. However, this topic is only a secret for those that didn’t know it yet as it has been mentioned and used for thousands of years. Most of the information is kept under the cover of faith and religious believe, and many have used this knowledge to control people and lead them within political agendas; others have used it for personal gaining while hiding it from everyone else. Whatsoever is the case there’s still plenty to learn about the law of attraction or the law of dream manifestation. Most books discussing it will show strategies, techniques and methods to obtain what we wish for in our life but they still hide the main secrets. These Authors show us what to do but not how it works, why it works or the purpose of its existence. After decades of personal studies on spirituality, a simplification within a specific theory was possible to explain more than anyone ever said about this issue. This book doesn’t intend to represent any religious dogma in particular and was written based on the insights from several spiritual believes, ancient and modern, as well as known and secret to the public. Religion promotes a life philosophy and, although very misleading, also talks about universal truth. This paradigm is being noticed by modern science, which in some fields attests the dogma and in others reveals its fallacy. We’re now much closer to know what is true, false or merely half-true. Quantum Physics, for example, is still at its starting point but much has explained already. Willing to describe a more complete understanding matching all these subjects, the Author will here reveal what he knows with a reasonable and humble perspective based on personal experiences. This book will not make any promises regarding becoming a millionaire or famous and none of the theories here exposed are immune to failure. Instead, it will explain how personal and spiritual growth matches the law of attraction and how we can understand life and the changes in our reality better while applying the necessary responsibility we must have as the spiritual beings that we are. The following chapters are supported by the Author’s background and studies in Religious Societies, Greek Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Modern Psychology and Psychopedagogy, related to the mechanism of life and the anatomy of the spirit, as well as these sources’ acknowledgement in what can be applied to the law of attraction. The theory presented is complete, flexible, simple and practical, allowing an easy assimilation to any lifestyle. With this knowledge the reader will have the power to change reality and manifest his own desires, while understanding all the dynamics involved in such process. The major success of the first edition wasn’t expected but the Author took into consideration all kind opinions and uplifting reviews to improve this second edition and make it even more powerful and accessible to anyone. You have now in your hands a book that has been recommended by famous Entrepreneurs as being in the same level as Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich” and Wallace D. Wattles “The Science of Getting Rich”, both books that inspired the movie “The Secret” and all the speakers in it. But also a book that climbed rapidly into the Bestsellers list of Amazon soon after being published for the first time. This is truly the most revealing book about the Secrets behind “The Secret”.

Secrets Of The Samurai

Author : Oscar Ratti
ISBN : 9781462902545
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Secrets of the Samurai is the definitive study of the martial arts of feudal Japan, explaining in detail the weapons, techniques, strategies, and principles of combat that made the Japanese warrior a formidable foe. Beginning with a panoramic survey of the tumultuous early struggles of warlords contending for political ascendancy, the work outlines the relentless progression of the military class toward absolute power. In addition to illustrating actual methods of combat, the authors discuss in detail the crucial training necessary to develop a warrior's inner power and to concentrate all his energies into a single force. Secrets of the Samurai is an essential text for anyone with an interest in Japanese combat techniques, weaponry, or military history. This edition also contains a new foreword by Adele Westbrook and numerous previously unpublished illustrations by Oscar Ratti. Chapters include: The Bushi The Heimin The Centers of Martial Instruction Armed Bujutsu Unarmed Bujutsu Control and Power Strategic Principles Morality of Bujutsu

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