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Engendering Curriculum History

Author : Petra Hendry
ISBN : 9781136881596
Genre : Education
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How can curriculum history be re-envisioned from a feminist, poststructuralist perspective? Engendering Curriculum History disrupts dominant notions of history as linear, as inevitable progress, and as embedded in the individual. This conversation requires a history that seeks re-memberance not representation, reflexivity not linearity, and responsibility not truth. Rejecting a compensatory approach to rewriting history, which leaves dominant historical categories and periodization intact, Hendry examines how the narrative structures of curriculum histories are implicated in the construction of gendered subjects. Five central chapters take up a particular discourse (wisdom, the body, colonization, progressivism and pragmatism) to excavate the subject identities made possible across time and space. Curriculum history is understood as an emergent, not a finished, process – as an unending dialogue that creates spaces for conversation in which multiple, conflicting, paradoxical and contradictory interpretations can be generated as a means to stimulate more questions, not grand narratives.

What Is Curriculum Theory

Author : William F. Pinar
ISBN : 9781136860713
Genre : Education
File Size : 74. 75 MB
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This primer for teachers (prospective and practicing) asks readers to question the historical present and their relation to it, and in so doing, to construct their own understandings of what it means to teach, to study, to become "educated" in the present moment. Curriculum theory is the scholarly effort – inspired by theory in the humanities, arts and interpretive social sciences – to understand the curriculum, defined here as "complicated conversation." Rather than the formulation of objectives to be evaluated by (especially standardized) tests, curriculum is communication informed by academic knowledge, and it is characterized by educational experience. Pinar recasts school reform as school deform in which educational institutions devolve into cram schools preparing for standardized exams, and traces the history of this catastrophe starting in 1950s. Changes in the Second Edition: Introduces Pinar’s formulation of allegories-of-the-present — a concept in which subjectivity, history, and society become articulated through the teacher’s participation in the complicated conversation that is the curriculum; features a new chapter on Weimar Germany (as an allegory of the present); includes new chapters on the future, and on the promises and risks of technology.

Provoking Curriculum Studies

Author : Nicholas Ng-a-Fook
ISBN : 9781317574279
Genre : Education
File Size : 49. 61 MB
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Provoking Curriculum Studies pushes forward a strong reading of the theoretical and methodological innovations taking place within curriculum studies research. Addressing an important gap in contemporary curriculum studies—conceptualizing scholars as poets and the potential of the poetic in education—it offers a framework for doing curriculum work at the intersection of the arts, social theory, and curriculum studies. Drawing on poetic inquiry, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, life writing, and several types of arts-based research methodologies, this diverse collection spotlights the intellectual genealogies of curriculum scholars such as Ted Aoki, Geoffrey Milburn and Roger Simon, whose provocations, inquiries, and recursive questioning link the writing and re-writing of curriculum theory to acts of strong poetry. Readers are urged to imagine alternative ways in which professors, teachers, and university students might not only engage with but disrupt, blur, and complicate curriculum theory across interdisciplinary topographies in order to seek out blind impresses—those areas of knowledge that are left over, unaddressed by ‘mainstream’ curriculum scholarship, and that instigate difficult questions about death, trauma, prejudice, poverty, colonization, and more.

Cross Cultural Studies In Curriculum

Author : Claudia Eppert
ISBN : 0805856749
Genre : Education
File Size : 27. 9 MB
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This volume broadens the horizon of educational research in North America by introducing a comprehensive dialogue between Eastern and Western philosophies and perspectives on the subject of curriculum theory and practice. It is a very timely work in light of the progressively globalized nature of education and educational studies and the increasingly widespread attunement to Eastern educational theories in the West. By introducing Eastern perspectives, this book questions taken-for-granted thinking in Western educational thought about the foundations of teaching and learning, curriculum theory, educational policy, and educational issues such as teaching for social justice, service-learning initiatives, human rights and environmental education, and the teaching of content area subjects. It provides an important opportunity for scholars from different countries and different disciplines to establish a solid yet accessible foundation of East-West inquiry that furthers the scope and depth of curriculum studies and to disseminate the insights from this book in the venues in which they work. Researchers, faculty, and graduate students in the fields of curriculum theory, curriculum and instruction, educational foundations, philosophy of education, international/comparative education, and multicultural educational studies will welcome this book. It is appropriate as a text for upper-level courses in these areas.


Author : William Pinar
ISBN : 9781135636586
Genre : Education
File Size : 33. 83 MB
Format : PDF
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This collection of essays by established writers in postmodern pedagogy stakes out new conceptual territories, redefines the field, and presents a complete review of contemporary curriculum practice and theory in a single volume Drawing upon contemporary research in political, feminist, theological, literary, and racial theory, this anthology reformulates the research methodologies of the discipline and creates a new paradigm for the study of curriculum into the next century. The contributors consider gender, identity, narrative and autobiography as vehicles for reviewing the current and future state of curriculum studies. Special Features Presents new essays by established writers in postmodern pedagogy, Reviews curriculum studies through the filters of race, gender, identity, nattative, and autobiography, Offers in a single, affordable volume a complete review of contemporary curriculum practice and theory.

Engineering Education

Author : John Heywood
ISBN : 9780471744689
Genre : Education
File Size : 33. 43 MB
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A synthesis of nearly 2,000 articles to help make engineersbetter educators While a significant body of knowledge has evolved in the fieldof engineering education over the years, much of the publishedinformation has been restricted to scholarly journals and has notfound a broad audience. This publication rectifies that situationby reviewing the findings of nearly 2,000 scholarly articles tohelp engineers become better educators, devise more effectivecurricula, and be more effective leaders and advocates incurriculum and research development. The author's first objective is to provide an illustrativereview of research and development in engineering education since1960. His second objective is, with the examples given, toencourage the practice of classroom assessment and research, andhis third objective is to promote the idea of curriculumleadership. The publication is divided into four main parts: Part I demonstrates how the underpinnings ofeducation—history, philosophy, psychology,sociology—determine the aims and objectives of the curriculumand the curriculum's internal structure, which integratesassessment, content, teaching, and learning Part II focuses on the curriculum itself, considering such keyissues as content organization, trends, and change. A chapter oninterdisciplinary and integrated study and a chapter on project andproblem-based models of curriculum are included Part III examines problem solving, creativity, and design Part IV delves into teaching, assessment, and evaluation,beginning with a chapter on the lecture, cooperative learning, andteamwork The book ends with a brief, insightful forecast of the future ofengineering education. Because this is a practical tool andreference for engineers, each chapter is self-contained and may beread independently of the others. Unlike other works in engineering education, which are generallyintended for educational researchers, this publication is writtennot only for researchers in the field of engineering education, butalso for all engineers who teach. All readers acquire a host ofpractical skills and knowledge in the fields of learning,philosophy, sociology, and history as they specifically apply tothe process of engineering curriculum improvement andevaluation.

Extension Series Engineering Extension Department

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951D00329010A
Genre : Engineering
File Size : 21. 84 MB
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Subject To Fiction

Author : Munro , Peter
ISBN : 9780335200788
Genre : Education
File Size : 75. 55 MB
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Drawing on the life histories of three teachers, this book explores their narrative strategies to author themselves as active agents within and against the essentializing discourses of teaching. The complex and contradictory ways in which these women construct themselves as subjects, while simultaneously disrupting the notion of a unitary subject, provide new ways to think about subjectivity, resistance, power and agency.

Standards For K 12 Engineering Education

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 9780309160155
Genre : Education
File Size : 44. 90 MB
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The goal of this study was to assess the value and feasibility of developing and implementing content standards for engineering education at the K-12 level. Content standards have been developed for three disciplines in STEM education--science, technology, and mathematic--but not for engineering. To date, a small but growing number of K-12 students are being exposed to engineering-related materials, and limited but intriguing evidence suggests that engineering education can stimulate interest and improve learning in mathematics and science as well as improve understanding of engineering and technology. Given this background, a reasonable question is whether standards would improve the quality and increase the amount of teaching and learning of engineering in K-12 education. The book concludes that, although it is theoretically possible to develop standards for K-12 engineering education, it would be extremely difficult to ensure their usefulness and effective implementation. This conclusion is supported by the following findings: (1) there is relatively limited experience with K-12 engineering education in U.S. elementary and secondary schools, (2) there is not at present a critical mass of teachers qualified to deliver engineering instruction, (3) evidence regarding the impact of standards-based educational reforms on student learning in other subjects, such as mathematics and science, is inconclusive, and (4) there are significant barriers to introducing stand-alone standards for an entirely new content area in a curriculum already burdened with learning goals in more established domains of study.

Internationalizing The Curriculum

Author : Deborah S. Rosenfelt
ISBN : 1558612106
Genre : Education
File Size : 75. 26 MB
Format : PDF
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Invaluable resource for teachers that suggests strategies for successfully internationalizing the curriculum.

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