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Quality In Higher Education

Author : David Andrew Turner
ISBN : 9789460916847
Genre : Education
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The quality of higher education is a hot topic, especially as students around the world are asked to pay more towards their own education, and expect to get what they pay for. In addition, league tables, both national and international, have come to dominate discussion, with several governments, and many institutions, setting themselves the goal of improving their ratings. In this volume Professor Turner examines the assumptions that are being made about what counts as quality, and what the traditional purposes of universities are. But with the growth of mass higher education, and the rise of student centred approaches to learning and teaching, it has become increasingly clear that high quality education is education that meets the needs of the student at that particular moment, and promotes their future development. After examining a range of different approaches to the quality of higher education and its measurement, Professor Turner develops an approach to benchmarking and quality enhancement that is better suited to the ethos of individualised learning, and uses it to critique the philosophies that have dominated debates about quality to date. This book will be of interest to scholars of higher education, but also has something important to add to debates that engage policy makers in higher education. It provides a background to the historical development of universities which might help postgraduate students ad new members of faculty understand the process in which they are engaged.

Enhancing Quality In Transnational Higher Education

Author : Anne Chapman
ISBN : 9780739167922
Genre : Education
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Enhancing Quality in Transnational Higher Education explores issues in the provision of quality teaching and learning in university programs delivered ‘offshore’. A collection of case studies provides insights into the ‘lived experiences’ of teachers and learners engaged in Australian transnational education across a broad range of universities, locations, programs and models of delivery.

Assessment And Accreditation Quality Enhancement In Higher Education

Author : Dr.Rajpal S. Hande
ISBN : 9781329586390
Genre :
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Enhancing Quality In Higher Education

Author : Ray Land
ISBN : 9781135069575
Genre : Education
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Interest in the quality of higher education provision has been steadily increasing over the last twenty years. This has been driven largely by the international creation of explicit policies and reporting requirements to review, audit and evaluate provision. The interest is associated in many countries with the granting by governments of greater autonomy to higher education institutions. This, crucially, comes bound with increased requirements for accountability in the exercise of such power. Enhancing provision, promoting innovation, cultivating exploration and adopting information-led approaches to practice are at the very heart of higher education. As such quality enhancement comes in many guises and is under constant scrutiny. Enhancing Quality in Higher Education looks critically at recent developments in higher education, taking snapshots of changing practices around the world and analysing the varied theoretical perspectives of quality enhancement that are emerging. The opening section draws upon this theoretical base, whilst the second section contextualises it through the analysis of a diverse range of international case studies. The concluding section considers future prospects for the enhancement agenda in the light of the international pressures facing all systems of higher education in the future. Policy will inevitably be shaped by the historical contexts within which national systems are located. The book draws on a wide range of international case studies, examined by a host of contributing experts. The movement towards quality enhancement can be seen as stimulating action at the grassroots of the academy to self-generate improvement. It is a counter to the prevalent view that change in higher education is essentially about the institutional response to increasing societal pressure and state control and, as such, is a welcome contribution to the literature. This comprehensive volume is essential reading for anyone involved in higher education and educational policy.

Enhancing Quality In Higher Education For Better Student Outcomes

Author : Lily W. Njanja
ISBN : 9781527520677
Genre : Education
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This collection of essays explores ways that universities in East Africa can better serve the common good. Each essay here delves into different aspects of improving the quality of higher education. Readers are introduced to insightful discussions of the role of quality assurance in creating educational systems that are relevant to the global knowledge economy and to the task of advancing human flourishing.

Quality Education

Author :
ISBN : 8131303543
Genre :
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Transforming Higher Education

Author : Lee Harvey
ISBN : 033519589X
Genre : Education
File Size : 70. 45 MB
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Several apparently contradictory forces have been at work on higher education in the last decade. The pressure to cut unit costs forces institutions to look at ways of teaching more students with the same or fewer resources and staff. Yet, at the same time, governments have launched a plethora of quality assurance measures, intended to ensure that cost-cutting does not compromise quality but, ideally, is accompanied by enhanced quality. These issues are not confined to the British higher education system: declining unit of resource, more accountable universities and massification of higher education are issues being faced by higher education systems across the world.Transforming Higher Education asks:* How should quality in higher education be conceptualized?* How should quality be promoted?* How can higher education be transformed so that student learning may also be transformed?The theme of the book is that the drive for quality in Britain, and elsewhere, and the reform of teaching and learning processes have not been connected, organizationally or in practice: change has been driven by the search for efficiency and by a quest for greater, bureaucractic accountability. Harvey and Knight argue that, whatever the merits of these developments, they have not been directly concerned to improve the quality of student learning. They argue not just that student learning ought to be at the centre of discussions about quality enhancement, but that the goal ought to be transformation: transformation of universities with a view to transforming learners.

Teaching In Transnational Higher Education

Author : Michelle Wallace
ISBN : 9781134104475
Genre : Education
File Size : 86. 87 MB
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Teaching in Transnational Higher Education examines current trends and challenges that face students, teachers and institutions of higher education around the globe. This book comes at a pivotal moment where many universities are offering their courses in offshore locations. Students who could once not access an international qualification can now do so without leaving their home country. The book clearly defines and takes an in-depth look at the various types of transnational education, including: institutions that have campuses abroad, teach specific courses abroad, and form partnerships with diverse schools to teach jointly. Teaching in Transnational Higher Education serves as a forum for debate on such insightful topics as: the modification of teaching to adapt to the needs of diverse students the use of technology in the classroom the view of higher education as a marketable service the importance of cultural awareness and understanding in a transnational classroom the complexities of assuring quality education across borders The authors choose to highlight a broad sampling of transnational programs including those in: Zambia, China, and the United Arab Emirates among others. Interviews with students and teachers participating in these programs of study make this an enjoyable and unique portrait of higher education that is invaluable to those who teach and learn around the world. Lee Dunn is a lecturer and academic developer in the Teaching and Learning Centre at Southern Cross University. Michelle Wallace is an Associate Professor in the Graduate College of Management at Southern Cross University.

Measuring And Enhancing The Student Experience

Author : Mahsood Shah
ISBN : 9780081010044
Genre : Education
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Measuring and Enhancing the Student Experience provides insights on how student experience measures could be used to inform improvements at institutional, course, unit of study and teacher level. The book is based on a decade of research and practitioner views on ways to enhance the design, conduct, analysis, reporting and closing the loop on student feedback data. While the book is largely based on Australian case studies, it provides learning experiences for other countries where student experience measures are used in national and institutional quality assurance. Consisting of 13 chapters, the book includes a wide range of topics including the role and purpose of student feedback, the use of student feedback in staff performance reviews, staff and student engagement, a student feedback and experience framework, the first year experience, use of qualitative data, engaging transnational students in feedback, closing the loop on feedback, student engagement in national quality assurance, use of learning analytics and the future of the student experience. Mahsood Shah is an Associate Professor and Deputy Dean (Learning and Teaching) with School of Business and Law at CQUniversity, Australia. In this role Mahsood is responsible for enhancing the academic quality and standard of courses. Mahsood is also responsible for learning and teaching strategy, governance, effective implementation of policies, and enhancement of learning and teaching outcomes across all campuses. In providing leadership for learning and teaching, Mahsood works with key academic leaders across all campuses to improve learning and teaching outcomes of courses delivered in various modes including face-to-face and online. At CQUniversity, he provides leadership in national and international accreditation of academic courses. Mahsood is also an active researcher. His areas of research include quality in higher education, measurement and enhancement of student experience, student retention and attrition, student engagement in quality assurance, international higher education, widening participation and private higher education. Chenicheri Sid Nair is the incoming Executive Director, Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), Mauritius. Prior to joining TEC, he was Professor, Higher Education Development at the University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth where his work encompassed the improvement of the institutions teaching and learning. Before this appointment to UWA, he was Quality Adviser (Research and Evaluation) in the Centre for Higher Education Quality (CHEQ) at Monash University, Australia. He has an extensive expertise in the area of quality development and evaluation, and he also has considerable editorial experience. Currently, he is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Quality Assurance in Engineering and Technology Education (IJQAETE). He was also a Managing Editor of the Electronic Journal of Science Education (EJSE). Professor Nair is also an international consultant in a number of countries in quality, student voice and evaluations. Provides both practical experience and research findings Presents a diverse range of topics, ranging from broader student experience issues, analysis of government policies in Australia on student experience, the changing context of student evaluations, nonresponse to surveys, staff and student engagement, ideal frameworks for student feedback, and more Contains data taken from the unique Australian experience with changing government policies and reforms relevant to the Asia-Pacific region

The Academic Quality Handbook

Author : Patrick McGhee
ISBN : 9780415335102
Genre : Education
File Size : 78. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Universities and further education colleges are under increasing pressure to provide 'quality' for their students. Quality assurance and development issues affect the staff, resources, administration and culture of an academic institution, yet there is often a lack of clear guidance available to those responsible for implementing best practice. This book provides practical guidelines for managing academic quality assurance and quality enhancement, outlining best practice from both the UK and the rest of the world. Each chapter addresses the key points, risks and good practice across a wide range of quality issues, drawing explicitly and in detail from the QAA guidance on the Code of Practice, Subject Benchmarks, Qualifications Framework and Institutional Audit. The material is presented in an accessible and straightforward style, incorporating useful features such as development questions for individual or team review. A maintained website accompanying this book (www.academicquality.com) contains further useful resources, with updates and supplementary material in this constantly changing area.

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