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Expression In Speech

Author : Mark Tatham
ISBN : 9780199250677
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 62. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is about the nature of expression in speech. It is a comprehensive exploration of how such expression is produced and understood, and of how the emotional content of spoken words may be analysed, modelled, tested, and synthesized. Listeners can interpret tone-of-voice, assess emotional pitch, and effortlessly detect the finest modulations of speaker attitude; yet these processes present almost intractable difficulties to the researchers seeking to identify and understand them. In seeking to explain the production and perception of emotive content Mark Tatham and Katherine Morton review the potential of biological and cognitive models. They examine how the features that make up the speech production and perception systems have been studied by biologists, psychologists, and linguists, and assess how far biological, behavioural, and linguistic models generate hypotheses that provide insights into the nature of expressive speech. The authors use recent techniques inspeech synthesis and automatic speech recognition as a test bed for models of expression in speech. Acknowledging that such testing presupposes a comprehensive computational model of speech production, they put forward original proposals for its foundations and show how the relevant data structures may be modelled within its framework. This pioneering book will be of central interest to researchers in linguistics and in speech science, pathology, and technology. It will also be valuable for behavioural and cognitive scientists wanting to know more about this vital and elusive aspect of human behaviour.

Guide To Speech Production And Perception

Author : Mark Tatham
ISBN : 9780748688142
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 31. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The first textbook providing an integrated model of spoken language

Speech Analysis Synthesis And Perception

Author : James L. Flanagan
ISBN : 9783662008492
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 62. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book has its origin in a letter. In November of 1959, the late Prof. Dr. WERNER MEYER-EpPLER wrote to me, asking if I would contribute to a series he was planning on Communication. His book " Grundlagen und Anwendungen der Informationstheorie" was to serve as the initial volume of the series. After protracted consideration, I agreed to undertake the job provided it could be done outside my regular duties at the Bell Telephone Laboratories. Shortly afterwards, I received additional responsibilities in my research organization, and felt that I could not conveniently pursue the manuscript. Consequently, except for the preparation of a detailed outline, the writing was delayed for about a year and a half. In the interim, Professor MEYER-EpPLER suffered a fatal illness, and Professors H. WOLTER and W. D. KEIDEL assumed the editorial re sponsibilities for the book series. The main body of this material was therefore written as a leisurc time project in the years 1962 and 1963. The complete draft of the manuscript was duplicated and circulated to colleagues in three parts during 1963. Valuable comments and criticisms were obtained, revisions made, and the manuscript submitted to the publisher in March of 1964. The mechanics of printing have filled the remaining time. If the reader finds merit in the work, it will be owing in great measure to the people with whom I have had the good fortune to be associated.

3d Modeling And Animation

Author : Nikos Sarris
ISBN : 1591402999
Genre : Computers
File Size : 20. 1 MB
Format : PDF
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3D Modeling and Animation: Synthesis and Analysis Techniques for the Human Body covers the areas of modeling and animating 3D synthetic human models at a level that is useful to students, researchers, software developers and content generators. The reader will be presented with the latest, research-level, techniques for the analysis and synthesis of still and moving human bodies, with particular emphasis in facial and gesture characteristics.

Oxford Companion To Emotion And The Affective Sciences

Author : David Sander
ISBN : 9780191021015
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 25. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Few areas have witnessed the type of growth we have seen in the affective sciences in the past decades. Across psychology, philosophy, economics, and neuroscience, there has been an explosion of interest in the topic of emotion and affect. Comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-date, and easy-to-use, the new Oxford Companion to Emotion and the Affective Sciences is an indispensable resource for all who wish to find out about theories, concepts, methods, and research findings in this rapidly growing interdisciplinary field - one that brings together, amongst others, psychologists, neuroscientists, social scientists, philosophers, and historians. Organized by alphabetical entries, and presenting brief definitions, concise overviews, and encyclopaedic articles (all with extensive references to relevant publications), this Companion lends itself to casual browsing by non-specialists interested in the fascinating phenomena of emotions, moods, affect disorders, and personality as well as to focused search for pertinent information by students and established scholars in the field. Not only does the book provide entries on affective phenomena, but also on their neural underpinnings, their cognitive antecedents and the associated responses in physiological systems, facial, vocal, and bodily expressions, and action tendencies. Numerous entries also consider the role of emotion in society and social behavior, as well as in cognitive processes such as those critical for perception, attention, memory, judgement and decision-making. The volume has been edited by a group of internationally leading authorities in the respective disciplines consisting of two editors (David Sander and Klaus Scherer) as well as group of 11 associate editors (John T. Cacioppo, Tim Dalgleish, Robert Dantzer, Richard J. Davidson, Ronald B. de Sousa, Phoebe C. Ellsworth, Nico Frijda, George Loewenstein, Paula M. Niedenthal, Peter Salovey, and Richard A. Shweder). The members of the editorial board have commissioned and reviewed contributions from major experts on specific topics. In addition to comprehensive coverage of technical terms and fundamental issues, the volume also highlights current debates that inform the ongoing research process. In addition, the Companion contains a wealth of material on the role of emotion in applied domains such as economic behaviour, music and arts, work and organizational behaviour, family interactions and group dynamics, religion, law and justice, and societal change. Highly accessible and wide-ranging, this book is a vital resource for scientists, students, and professionals eager to obtain a rapid, conclusive overview on central terms and topics and anyone wanting to learn more about the mechanisms underlying the emotions dominating many aspects of our lives.

Participant List Enterface 05

Author : Thierry Dutoit
ISBN : 2874630039
Genre : Computers
File Size : 37. 21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What are eNTERFACE workshops?The eNTERFACE summer workshops ( ), organized by the SIMILAR European Network of Excellence, are a new type of European workshops. They aim at establishing a tradition of collaborative, localized research...

Image Pattern Recognition

Author :
ISBN : 9789814477369
Genre :
File Size : 40. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Speech Synthesis And Recognition

Author : Wendy Holmes
ISBN : 0748408568
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 55. 84 MB
Format : PDF
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With the growing impact of information technology on daily life, speech is becoming increasingly important for providing a natural means of communication between humans and machines. This extensively reworked and updated new edition of Speech Synthesis and Recognition is an easy-to-read introduction to current speech technology. Aimed at advanced undergraduates and graduates in electronic engineering, computer science and information technology, the book is also relevant to professional engineers who need to understand enough about speech technology to be able to apply it successfully and to work effectively with speech experts. No advanced mathematical ability is required and no specialist prior knowledge of phonetics or of the properties of speech signals is assumed.

Verbal And Nonverbal Features Of Human Human And Human Machine Interaction

Author : Anna Esposito
ISBN : 9783540708711
Genre : Computers
File Size : 41. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is dedicated to the dreamers, their dreams, and their perseverance in research work. This volume brings together the selected and peer–reviewed contributions of the p- ticipants at the COST 2102 International Conference on Verbal and Nonverbal F- tures of Human–Human and Human–Machine Interaction, held in Patras, Greece, October 29–31, 2007, hosted by the 19th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 2008). The conference was sponsored by COST (European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research, ) in the domain of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for disseminating the advances of the - search activity developed within COST Action 2102: “Cross-Modal Analysis of V- bal and Nonverbal Communication”( COST Action 2102 is a network of about 60 European and 6 overseas laboratories whose aim is to develop “an advanced acoustical, perceptual and psychological analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication signals originating in spontaneous face-to-face interaction, in order to identify algorithms and automatic procedures capable of identifying the human emotional states. Particular care is devoted to the recognition of emotional states, gestures, speech and facial expressions, in antici- tion of the implementation of intelligent avatars and interactive dialogue systems that could be exploited to improve user access to future telecommunication services”(see COST 2102 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

3d Face Processing

Author : Zhen Wen
ISBN : 9781402080470
Genre : Computers
File Size : 23. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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3D Face Processing: Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis introduces the frontiers of 3D face processing techniques. It reviews existing 3D face processing techniques, including techniques for 3D face geometry modeling; 3D face motion modeling; and 3D face motion tracking and animation. Then it discusses a unified framework for face modeling, analysis and synthesis. In this framework, the authors present new methods for modeling complex natural facial motion, as well as face appearance variations due to illumination and subtle motion. Then the authors apply the framework to face tracking, expression recognition and face avatar for HCI interface. They conclude this book with comments on future work in the 3D face processing framework. 3D Face Processing: Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis will interest those working in face processing for intelligent human computer interaction and video surveillance. It contains a comprehensive survey on existing face processing techniques, which can serve as a reference for students and researchers. It also covers in-depth discussion on face motion analysis and synthesis algorithms, which will benefit more advanced graduate students and researchers.

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