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Fields And Rings

Author : Irving Kaplansky
ISBN : 0226424510
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 79. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book combines in one volume Irving Kaplansky's lecture notes on the theory of fields, ring theory, and homological dimensions of rings and modules. "In all three parts of this book the author lives up to his reputation as a first-rate mathematical stylist. Throughout the work the clarity and precision of the presentation is not only a source of constant pleasure but will enable the neophyte to master the material here presented with dispatch and ease."—A. Rosenberg, Mathematical Reviews

Groups Rings And Fields

Author : David A.R. Wallace
ISBN : 9781447104254
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 36. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is a basic introduction to modern algebra, providing a solid understanding of the axiomatic treatment of groups and then rings, aiming to promote a feeling for the evolutionary and historical development of the subject. It includes problems and fully worked solutions, enabling readers to master the subject rather than simply observing it.

Lectures On Finite Fields And Galois Rings

Author : Zhe-Xian Wan
ISBN : 9812385703
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 32. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is a textbook for graduate and upper level undergraduate students in mathematics, computer science, communication engineering and other fields. The explicit construction of finite fields and the computation in finite fields are emphasised. In particular, the construction of irreducible polynomials and the normal basis of finite fields are included. The essentials of Galois rings are also presented. This invaluable book has been written in a friendly style, so that lecturers can easily use it as a text and students can use it for self-study. A great number of exercises have been incorporated.

A Guide To Groups Rings And Fields

Author : Fernando Q. Gouvêa
ISBN : 9780883853559
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 83. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This Guide offers a concise overview of the theory of groups, rings, and fields at the graduate level, emphasizing those aspects that are useful in other parts of mathematics. It focuses on the main ideas and how they hang together. It will be useful to both students and professionals. In addition to the standard material on groups, rings, modules, fields, and Galois theory, the book includes discussions of other important topics that are often omitted in the standard graduate course, including linear groups, group representations, the structure of Artinian rings, projective, injective and flat modules, Dedekind domains, and central simple algebras. All of the important theorems are discussed, without proofs but often with a discussion of the intuitive ideas behind those proofs. Those looking for a way to review and refresh their basic algebra will benefit from reading this Guide, and it will also serve as a ready reference for mathematicians who make use of algebra in their work.

Finite Fields And Galois Rings

Author : Zhe-Xian Wan
ISBN : 9789813108226
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 50. 20 MB
Format : PDF
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A large portion of the book can be used as a textbook for graduate and upper level undergraduate students in mathematics, communication engineering, computer science and other fields. The remaining part can be used as references for specialists. Explicit construction and computation of finite fields are emphasized. In particular, the construction of irreducible polynomials and normal basis of finite field is included. A detailed treatment of optimal normal basis and Galoi's rings is included. It is the first time that the galois rings are in book form. Errata(s) Errata

Rings Fields And Groups

Author : R. B. J. T. Allenby
ISBN : 0340544406
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 70. 64 MB
Format : PDF
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Provides an introduction to the results, methods and ideas which are now commonly studied in abstract algebra courses

Abstract Algebra With Applications

Author : Karlheinz Spindler
ISBN : 0824791592
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 41. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A comprehensive presentation of abstract algebra and an in-depth treatment of the applications of algebraic techniques and the relationship of algebra to other disciplines, such as number theory, combinatorics, geometry, topology, differential equations, and Markov chains.

Skew Fields

Author : Paul Moritz Cohn
ISBN : 0521432170
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 87. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This work offers a comprehensive account of skew fields and related mathematics.

Integers Polynomials And Rings

Author : Ronald S. Irving
ISBN : 0387201726
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 28. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book began life as a set of notes that I developed for a course at the University of Washington entitled Introduction to Modern Algebra for Tea- ers. Originally conceived as a text for future secondary-school mathematics teachers, it has developed into a book that could serve well as a text in an - dergraduatecourseinabstractalgebraoracoursedesignedasanintroduction to higher mathematics. This book di?ers from many undergraduate algebra texts in fundamental ways; the reasons lie in the book’s origin and the goals I set for the course. The course is a two-quarter sequence required of students intending to f- ?ll the requirements of the teacher preparation option for our B.A. degree in mathematics, or of the teacher preparation minor. It is required as well of those intending to matriculate in our university’s Master’s in Teaching p- gram for secondary mathematics teachers. This is the principal course they take involving abstraction and proof, and they come to it with perhaps as little background as a year of calculus and a quarter of linear algebra. The mathematical ability of the students varies widely, as does their level of ma- ematical interest.

Algebra 1

Author : Ramji Lal
ISBN : 9789811042539
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 74. 58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the first in a series of three volumes dealing with important topics in algebra. It offers an introduction to the foundations of mathematics together with the fundamental algebraic structures, namely groups, rings, fields, and arithmetic. Intended as a text for undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics, it discusses all major topics in algebra with numerous motivating illustrations and exercises to enable readers to acquire a good understanding of the basic algebraic structures, which they can then use to find the exact or the most realistic solutions to their problems.

Introduction To Abstract Algebra

Author : Benjamin Fine
ISBN : 9781421411774
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 66. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Introduction to Abstract Algebra presents a breakthrough approach to teaching one of math's most intimidating concepts. Avoiding the pitfalls common in the standard textbooks, Benjamin Fine, Anthony M. Gaglione, and Gerhard Rosenberger set a pace that allows beginner-level students to follow the progression from familiar topics such as rings, numbers, and groups to more difficult concepts. Classroom tested and revised until students achieved consistent, positive results, this textbook is designed to keep students focused as they learn complex topics. Fine, Gaglione, and Rosenberger's clear explanations prevent students from getting lost as they move deeper and deeper into areas such as abelian groups, fields, and Galois theory. This textbook will help bring about the day when abstract algebra no longer creates intense anxiety but instead challenges students to fully grasp the meaning and power of the approach. Topics covered include: • Rings • Integral domains • The fundamental theorem of arithmetic • Fields • Groups • Lagrange's theorem • Isomorphism theorems for groups • Fundamental theorem of finite abelian groups • The simplicity of An for n5 • Sylow theorems • The Jordan-Hölder theorem • Ring isomorphism theorems • Euclidean domains • Principal ideal domains • The fundamental theorem of algebra • Vector spaces • Algebras • Field extensions: algebraic and transcendental • The fundamental theorem of Galois theory • The insolvability of the quintic

Abstract Algebra

Author : Clive Reis
ISBN : 9789814335645
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 66. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Suitable for second to fourth year undergraduates, this title contains several applications: Polya-Burnside Enumeration, Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares, Error-Correcting Codes and a classification of the finite groups of isometries of the plane and the finite rotation groups in Euclidean 3-space.

Skew Field Constructions

Author : P. M. Cohn
ISBN : 0521214971
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 35. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"These notes describe methods of constructing skew fields, in particular the coproduct coconstruction discovered by the author, and trace out some of the consequences using the powerful coproduct theorems of G.M. Bergman, which are proved here."- publisher

Rings Fields And Vector Spaces

Author : Bharath Sethuraman
ISBN : 0387948481
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 60. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Using the proof of the non-trisectability of an arbitrary angle as a final goal, the author develops in an easy conversational style the basics of rings, fields, and vector spaces. Originally developed as a text for an introduction to algebra course for future high-school teachers at California State University, Northridge, the focus of this book is on exposition. It would serve extremely well as a focused, one-semester introduction to abstract algebra.

Basic Algebra

Author : P.M. Cohn
ISBN : 9780857294289
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 44. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 939
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This is the first volume of a revised edition of P.M. Cohn's classic three-volume text Algebra, widely regarded as one of the most outstanding introductory algebra textbooks. This volume covers the important results of algebra. Readers should have some knowledge of linear algebra, groups and fields, although all the essential facts and definitions are recalled.

Rings Fields And Modules

Author : Thomas Scott Blyth
ISBN : 0521272912
Genre : Algebra
File Size : 27. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Problem solving is an art that is central to understanding and ability in mathematics. With this series of books the authors have provided a selection of problems with complete solutions and test papers designed to be used with or instead of standard textbooks on algebra. For the convenience of the reader, a key explaining how the present books may be used in conjunction with some of the major textbooks is included. Each book of problems is divided into chapters that begin with some notes on notation and prerequisites. The majority of the material is aimed at the student of average ability but there are some more challenging problems. By working through the books, the student will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts involved, and practice in the formulation, and so solution, of other algebraic problems. Later books in the series cover material at a more advanced level than the earlier titles, although each is, within its own limits, self-contained.

Foundations Of Discrete Mathematics

Author : K. D. Joshi
ISBN : 8122401201
Genre : Combinatorial analysis
File Size : 61. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This Book Is Meant To Be More Than Just A Text In Discrete Mathematics. It Is A Forerunner Of Another Book Applied Discrete Structures By The Same Author. The Ultimate Goal Of The Two Books Are To Make A Strong Case For The Inclusion Of Discrete Mathematics In The Undergraduate Curricula Of Mathematics By Creating A Sequence Of Courses In Discrete Mathematics Parallel To The Traditional Sequence Of Calculus-Based Courses.The Present Book Covers The Foundations Of Discrete Mathematics In Seven Chapters. It Lays A Heavy Emphasis On Motivation And Attempts Clarity Without Sacrificing Rigour. A List Of Typical Problems Is Given In The First Chapter. These Problems Are Used Throughout The Book To Motivate Various Concepts. A Review Of Logic Is Included To Gear The Reader Into A Proper Frame Of Mind. The Basic Counting Techniques Are Covered In Chapters 2 And 7. Those In Chapter 2 Are Elementary. But They Are Intentionally Covered In A Formal Manner So As To Acquaint The Reader With The Traditional Definition-Theorem-Proof Pattern Of Mathematics. Chapters 3 Introduces Abstraction And Shows How The Focal Point Of Todays Mathematics Is Not Numbers But Sets Carrying Suitable Structures. Chapter 4 Deals With Boolean Algebras And Their Applications. Chapters 5 And 6 Deal With More Traditional Topics In Algebra, Viz., Groups, Rings, Fields, Vector Spaces And Matrices.The Presentation Is Elementary And Presupposes No Mathematical Maturity On The Part Of The Reader. Instead, Comments Are Inserted Liberally To Increase His Maturity. Each Chapter Has Four Sections. Each Section Is Followed By Exercises (Of Various Degrees Of Difficulty) And By Notes And Guide To Literature. Answers To The Exercises Are Provided At The End Of The Book.

Number Fields

Author : Daniel A. Marcus
ISBN : 9783319902333
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 50. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 848
Read : 457

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Requiring no more than a basic knowledge of abstract algebra, this text presents the mathematics of number fields in a straightforward, pedestrian manner. It therefore avoids local methods and presents proofs in a way that highlights the important parts of the arguments. Readers are assumed to be able to fill in the details, which in many places are left as exercises.

Near Rings And Near Fields

Author : G. Betsch
ISBN : 0080872484
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 61. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 149
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Most topics in near-ring and near-field theory are treated here, along with an extensive introduction to the theory. There are two invited lectures: ``Non-Commutative Geometry, Near-Rings and Near-Fields'' which indicates the relevance of near-rings and near-fields for geometry, while ``Pseudo-Finite Near-Fields'' shows the impressive power of model theoretic methods. The remaining papers cover such topics as D.G. near-rings, radical theory, KT-near-fields, matrix near-rings, and applications to systems theory.

Abstract Algebra Manual

Author : Ayman Badawi
ISBN : 159033924X
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 83. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 259
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This is the most current textbook in teaching the basic concepts of abstract algebra. The author finds that there are many students who just memorise a theorem without having the ability to apply it to a given problem. Therefore, this is a hands-on manual, where many typical algebraic problems are provided for students to be able to apply the theorems and to actually practice the methods they have learned. Each chapter begins with a statement of a major result in Group and Ring Theory, followed by problems and solutions. Contents: Tools and Major Results of Groups; Problems in Group Theory; Tools and Major Results of Ring Theory; Problems in Ring Theory; Index.

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