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Functional Analytic Psychotherapy

Author : Mavis Tsai
ISBN : 9781136325908
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 30. 44 MB
Format : PDF
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How can I supercharge the therapy I currently use? This volume distils the core principles, methods, and vision of the approach. Each Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) principle is presented in terms of its intended purpose and is clearly linked to the underlying theory, thus providing clinicians with a straightforward guide for when and how to apply each technique. FAP embraces awareness, courage, and love as integral to the treatment process. Part I of this volume reviews the history of FAP and the basic behavioral principles on which it is based. Part II provides an easy to use step-by-step guide to the application of FAP techniques. FAP is an approach undergoing a renaissance, and this volume uniquely summarizes the full history, theory, and techniques of FAP, resulting in a handbook perfect for clinicians and graduate students with or without a behavioural background.

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Made Simple

Author : Gareth Holman
ISBN : 9781626253537
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 85. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Cowritten with the founders of functional analytic psychotherapy, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Made Simple offers a practical, behavioral treatment approach focused on client interpersonal relationships and the therapeutic relationship. Functional analytic psychotherapy (FAP) is a research-based treatment for mental health disorders and has been shown to enhance the quality of interpersonal relationships. If you’re a therapist, how you relate to your clients can have a profound impact on treatment outcomes. This book integrates the latest research on the importance of the therapist-client relationship with the new science of social connection into a user-friendly, flexible clinical framework. In this book, you’ll find an introduction to the conceptual foundations and clinical practice of FAP, with an emphasis on practical clinical scenarios and personal reflection. You’ll learn the theoretical basis of FAP in contextual behavioral science and how to apply functional analysis—the core assessment method of behavior therapy—to the therapeutic relationship. You’ll learn to understand the therapeutic relationship and social connection in terms of the Awareness, Courage, and Love model. You’ll also learn how to balance authenticity and compassion with strategy and case conceptualization to make your therapeutic relationships more compassionate, flexible, and effective. And finally, you’ll discover how to apply principles to effectively cope with challenging moments in the therapeutic relationships—such as how to address ineffective behavior happening in the therapy interaction from the first moment of therapy, what to do when therapy does not seem to be progressing, and how to end therapy well. No matter your treatment background, this book will provide invaluable strategies for adopting functional analytic psychotherapy in your practice, enhancing relationships with your clients, and improving overall treatment outcomes.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Author : Michaela A. Swales
ISBN : 9781134834143
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 52. 93 MB
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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach used to treat individuals with complex psychological disorders, particularly chronically suicidal individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD). The therapy articulates a series of principles that effectively guide clinicians in responding to problematic behaviours. Treated problems include, among others, attempting suicide, bingeing, purging, using illegal drugs and behaviours that directly impede the treatment. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Distinctive Features highlights theoretical and practical features of the treatment using extensive clinical examples to demonstrate how the theory translates into practice. This updated edition reviews recent modifications to the structure of the treatment and considers more recent research evidence for both the biosocial theory underpinning the treatment and treatment efficacy. The book provides a clear overview of a complex treatment, through a unique application of strategies and a discussion of a comprehensive treatment programme that structures the therapeutic journey for the client. The book will be of interest to clinicians wanting to develop their knowledge about the treatment, prior to formal training; post-graduate students in mental health seeking to learn how to conceptualize complex problems; DBT trained clinicians who require a useful précis of the treatment with clinical examples, and clients about to embark upon this treatment. This book provides a clear and structured overview of a complex treatment. It is written for both practising clinicians and students wishing to learn more about DBT and how it differs from the other cognitive behaviour therapies.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Author : Rebecca Crane
ISBN : 9781317237396
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 86. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This new edition of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: Distinctive Features (MBCT) provides a concise, straightforward overview of MBCT, fully updated to include recent developments. The training process underpinning MBCT is based on mindfulness meditation practice and invites a new orientation towards internal experience as it arises - one that is characterised by acceptance and compassion. The approach supports a recognition that even though difficulty is an intrinsic part of life, it is possible to work with it in new ways. The book provides a basis for understanding the key theoretical and practical features of MBCT and retains its accessible and easy-to-use format that made the first edition so popular, with 30 distinctive features that characterise the approach. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: Distinctive Features will be essential reading for professionals and trainees in the field. It is an appealing read for both experienced practitioners and newcomers with an interest in MBCT.

Single Session Integrated Cbt Ssi Cbt

Author : Windy Dryden
ISBN : 9781317225072
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 74. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Until quite recently, therapist training was predicated on the notion that therapy is an ongoing process. Single-Session Integrated CBT (SSI-CBT) questions this. In this book, Windy Dryden takes long standing research on SSI therapy and transfers it to the field of CBT in a timely and conceptual application. Based on his extensive work demonstrating the benefits of single-session CBT to public and professional audiences, Dryden has developed a single-session approach for work in the therapy and coaching fields. Comprising 30 key points, and divided into two parts - Theory and Practice - this concise book covers the key features of SSI-CBT. It will offer essential guidance for students and practitioners experienced in CBT, as well as practitioners from other theoretical orientations who require an accessible guide to the distinctive theoretical and practical features of this exciting new approach.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
ISBN : STANFORD:36105211722686
Genre : English literature
File Size : 33. 15 MB
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Demonstrating Functional Analytic Psychotherapy As An Independent Variable In Efficacy Research

Author : Lindsey E. Knott
ISBN : OCLC:1102593292
Genre : Behavior therapy
File Size : 30. 85 MB
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Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) is a contextual behavior therapy that takes an in session, in vivo focus to improve client outcomes. This in vivo (IV) focus is distinctive of FAP and involves the therapist utilization of contingencies in session to decrease problematic response classes and increase more adaptive response classes (i.e., a differential reinforcement procedure). This contingent responding is proposed to be FAP's mechanism of action leading to client change. FAP efficacy research mainly consists of small n single-case studies or group designs combing FAP with another CBT intervention. Maitland & Gaynor (2012) offered recommendations for increasing FAP efficacy research, including the development of a reliable measure to determine whether a therapist implemented the distinguishing features of FAP. Maitland and Gaynor (2016) developed a 10-item fidelity measure, called the FAP Adherence Form (FAP-AF), to assess for aspects of FAP across 5 items and distinguish it from supportive listening (SL) assessed over 4 items. The measure was used in two FAP outcome studies (Maitland & Gaynor, 2016; Maitland et al., 2016) and it distinguished FAP from SL sessions, suggesting potential utility in distinguishing FAP as an independent variable. The present study, using the data from Maitland et al. (2016), provides a more comprehensive analysis by assessing reliability between 3 independent coders, correlations with another FAP-specific fidelity metric, and investigating for possible mediator relationships between the FAP-AF and outcomes. The alternative fidelity technique used for comparison was developed by Kanter, Schildcrout, & Kohlenberg (2005) and involves coding each turn of speech as in vivo (talk directed at the therapy process, therapy relationship, or in the moment interactions) or not. If the FAP-AF and in vivo counts capture the presence or absence of FAP elements, they should be reliable across coders. Likewise, the in vivo turns count should correlate with the 5-item FAP scale on the FAP-AF, but neither should correlate with the 4-item SL scale, distinguishing FAP from SL. Finally, if the FAP-AF acts as a proxy for FAP's mechanism of action it should mediate outcomes. Results demonstrated mostly excellent reliability between coders. Exact agreement on the FAP scale items ranged from 71% to 95%. Inter-method correlations indicated strong positive relationships between and within coders on the adherence metrics. Furthermore, the FAP scale and IV turns count significantly differed in FAP sessions compared to SL sessions suggesting the measures distinguished the presence of FAP from its absence. As such, the FAP scale may be useful in documenting FAP as an independent variable providing a reliable but less intensive method for assessing treatment fidelity. However, no adherence metrics replicated Maitland et al. (2016) in serving as a statistical mediator of outcomes. The individual level relationships observed between adherence and symptom outcomes suggested significant variability and an absence of an overall dose-response relationship. The lack of a clear dose-response relationship could indicate a limitation of the adherence measures used. Not all FAP interactions are equal in their potency an effect which is hard to quantify. Implications, future directions, and limitations are discussed.

Acceptance And Commitment Therapy

Author : Paul E. Flaxman
ISBN : 9781136851186
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 87. 23 MB
Format : PDF
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What are the distinctive theoretical and practical features of acceptance and commitment therapy? Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a modern behaviour therapy that uses acceptance and mindfulness interventions alongside commitment and behaviour change strategies to enhance psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility refers to the ability to contact the present moment and change or persist in behaviour that serves one’s personally chosen values. Divided into two sections, The Distinctive Theoretical Features of ACT and The Distinctive Practical Features of ACT, this book summarises the key features of ACT in 30 concise points and explains how this approach differs from traditional cognitive behaviour therapy. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy provides an excellent guide to ACT. Its straightforward format will appeal to those who are new to the field and provide a handy reference tool for more experienced clinicians.

The Behavior Therapist

Author :
ISBN : UCLA:L0090606203
Genre : Behavior therapy
File Size : 48. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Encyclopedia Of Behavior Modification And Cognitive Behavior Therapy Adult Clinical Applications

Author : Michel Hersen
ISBN : 0761927476
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 32. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The three-volume Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy provides a thorough examination of the components of behavior modification, behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and applied behavior analysis for both child and adult populations in a variety of settings. Although the focus is on technical applications, entries also provide the historical context in which behavior therapists have worked, including research issues and strategies. Entries on assessment, ethical concerns, theoretical differences, and the unique contributions of key figures in the movement (including B. F. Skinner, Joseph Wolpe, Aaron T. Beck, and many others) are also included. No other reference source provides such comprehensive treatment of behavior modification-history, biography, theory, and application.

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