fuzzy technology present applications and future challenges studies in fuzziness and soft computing

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Fuzzy Technology

Author : Mikael Collan
ISBN : 9783319269863
Genre : Computers
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This book provides readers with a timely and comprehensive yet concise view on the field of fuzzy logic and its real-world applications. The chapters, written by authoritative scholars in the field, report on promising new models for data analysis, decision making, and systems modeling, with a special emphasis on their applications in management science. The book is a token of appreciation from the fuzzy research community to Professor Christer Carlsson for his long time research and organizational commitment, which have among other things resulted in the foundation and success of the Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research (IAMSR) at Åbo Akademi University, in Åbo (Turku), Finland. The book serves as timely guide for the fuzzy logic and operations research communities alike.

Fuzzy Systems And Soft Computing In Nuclear Engineering

Author : Da Ruan
ISBN : 9783790818666
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Fuzzy systems and soft computing are new computing techniques that are tolerant to imprecision, uncertainty and partial truths. Applications of these techniques in nuclear engineering present a tremendous challenge due to its strict nuclear safety regulation. The fields of nuclear engineering, fuzzy systems and soft computing have nevertheless matured considerably during the last decade. This book presents new application potentials for Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing in Nuclear Engineering. The root of this book can be traced back to the series of the first, second and third international workshops on Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science (FUNS), which were successfully held in Mol, September 14-16, 1994 (FLINS'94), in Mol, September 25-27, 1996 (FLINS'96), and in Antwerp, September 14-16, 1998 (FLINS'98). The conferences were organised by the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCKeCEN) and aimed at bringing together scientists, researchers, and engineers from academia and industry, at introducing the principles of fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms and other soft computing methodologies, to the field of nuclear engineering, and at applying these techniques to complex problem solving within nuclear industry and related research fields. This book, as its title suggests, consists of nuclear engineering applications of fuzzy systems (Chapters 1-10) and soft computing (Chapters 11-21). Nine pertinent chapters are based on the extended version of papers at FLINS'98 and the other 12 chapters are original contributions with up-to-date coverage of fuzzy and soft computing applications by leading researchers written exclusively for this book.

Advance Trends In Soft Computing

Author : Mo Jamshidi
ISBN : 9783319036748
Genre : Computers
File Size : 73. 2 MB
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This book is the proceedings of the 3rd World Conference on Soft Computing (WCSC), which was held in San Antonio, TX, USA, on December 16-18, 2013. It presents start-of-the-art theory and applications of soft computing together with an in-depth discussion of current and future challenges in the field, providing readers with a 360 degree view on soft computing. Topics range from fuzzy sets, to fuzzy logic, fuzzy mathematics, neuro-fuzzy systems, fuzzy control, decision making in fuzzy environments, image processing and many more. The book is dedicated to Lotfi A. Zadeh, a renowned specialist in signal analysis and control systems research who proposed the idea of fuzzy sets, in which an element may have a partial membership, in the early 1960s, followed by the idea of fuzzy logic, in which a statement can be true only to a certain degree, with degrees described by numbers in the interval [0,1]. The performance of fuzzy systems can often be improved with the help of optimization techniques, e.g. evolutionary computation, and by endowing the corresponding system with the ability to learn, e.g. by combining fuzzy systems with neural networks. The resulting “consortium” of fuzzy, evolutionary, and neural techniques is known as soft computing and is the main focus of this book.

Claudio Moraga A Passion For Multi Valued Logic And Soft Computing

Author : Rudolf Seising
ISBN : 9783319483177
Genre : Computers
File Size : 35. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The book is an authoritative collection of contributions by leading experts on the topics of fuzzy logic, multi-valued logic and neural network. Originally written as an homage to Claudio Moraga, seen by his colleagues as an example of concentration, discipline and passion for science, the book also represents a timely reference guide for advance students and researchers in the field of soft computing, and multiple-valued logic.

Towards The Future Of Fuzzy Logic

Author : Rudolf Seising
ISBN : 9783319187501
Genre : Computers
File Size : 30. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides readers with a snapshot of the state-of-the art in fuzzy logic. Throughout the chapters, key theories developed in the last fifty years as well as important applications to practical problems are presented and discussed from different perspectives, as the authors hail from different disciplines and therefore use fuzzy logic for different purposes. The book aims at showing how fuzzy logic has evolved since the first theory formulation by Lotfi A. Zadeh in his seminal paper on Fuzzy Sets in 1965. Fuzzy theories and implementation grew at an impressive speed and achieved significant results, especially on the applicative side. The study of fuzzy logic and its practice spread all over the world, from Europe to Asia, America and Oceania. The editors believe that, thanks to the drive of young researchers, fuzzy logic will be able to face the challenging goals posed by computing with words. New frontiers of knowledge are waiting to be explored. In order to motivate young people to engage in the future development of fuzzy logic, fuzzy methodologies, fuzzy applications, etc., the editors invited a team of internationally respected experts to write the present collection of papers, which shows the present and future potentials of fuzzy logic from different disciplinary perspectives and personal standpoints.

Advances In Fuzzy Logic And Technology 2017

Author : Janusz Kacprzyk
ISBN : 9783319668277
Genre : Computers
File Size : 43. 75 MB
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This volume constitutes the proceedings of two collocated international conferences: EUSFLAT-2017 – the 10th edition of the flagship Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology held in Warsaw, Poland, on September 11–15, 2017, and IWIFSGN’2017 – The Sixteenth International Workshop on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Nets, held in Warsaw on September 13–15, 2017. The conferences were organized by the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Department IV of Engineering Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, and the Polish Operational and Systems Research Society in collaboration with the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT), the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and various European universities. The aim of the EUSFLAT-2017 was to bring together theoreticians and practitioners working on fuzzy logic, fuzzy systems, soft computing and related areas and to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and discussing the l atest trends and ideas, while the aim of IWIFSGN’2017 was to discuss new developments in extensions of the concept of a fuzzy set, such as an intuitionistic fuzzy set, as well as other concepts, like that of a generalized net. The papers included, written by leading international experts, as well as the special sessions and panel discussions contribute to the development the field, strengthen collaborations and intensify networking.

Soft Computing In Economics And Finance

Author : Ludmila Dymowa
ISBN : 3642177190
Genre : Computers
File Size : 33. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Currently the methods of Soft Computing are successfully used for risk analysis in: budgeting, e-commerce development, portfolio selection, Black-Scholes option pricing models, corporate acquisition systems, evaluating investments in advanced manufacturing technology, interactive fuzzy interval reasoning for smart web shopping, fuzzy scheduling and logistic. An essential feature of economic and financial problems it that there are always at least two criteria to be taken into account: profit maximization and risk minimization. Therefore, the economic and financial problems are multiple criteria ones. In this book, a new systematization of the problems of multiple criteria decision making is proposed which allows the author to reveal unsolved problems. The solutions of them are presented as well and implemented to deal with some important real-world problems such as investment project’s evaluation, tool steel material selection problem, stock screening and fuzzy logistic. It is well known that the best results in real -world applications can be obtained using the synthesis of modern methods of soft computing. Therefore, the developed by the author new approach to building effective stock trading systems, based on the synthesis of fuzzy logic and the Dempster-Shafer theory, seems to be a considerable contribution to the application of soft computing method in economics and finance. An important problem of capital budgeting is the fuzzy evaluation of the Internal Rate of Return. In this book, this problem is solved using a new method which makes it possible to solve linear and nonlinear interval and fuzzy equations and systems of them. The developed new method allows the author to obtain an effective solution of the Leontjev’s input-output problem in the interval setting.

Fuzzy Engineering Economics With Applications

Author : Cengiz Kahraman
ISBN : 9783540708094
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 21. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Fuzzy set approaches are suitable to use when the modeling of human knowledge is necessary and when human evaluations are needed. Fuzzy set theory is recognized as an important problem modeling and solution technique. It has been studied ext- sively over the past 40 years. Most of the early interest in fuzzy set theory pertained to representing uncertainty in human cognitive processes. Fuzzy set theory is now - plied to problems in engineering, business, medical and related health sciences, and the natural sciences. This book handles the fuzzy cases of classical engineering e- nomics topics. It contains 15 original research and application chapters including different topics of fuzzy engineering economics. When no probabilities are available for states of nature, decisions are given under uncertainty. Fuzzy sets are a good tool for the operation research analyst facing unc- tainty and subjectivity. The main purpose of the first chapter is to present the role and importance of fuzzy sets in the economic decision making problem with the literature review of the most recent advances.

The Internet Encyclopedia

Author : Hossein Bidgoli
ISBN : 047122202X
Genre : Computers
File Size : 24. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Internet Encyclopedia in a 3-volume reference work on the internet as a business tool, IT platform, and communications and commerce medium.

Fuzzy Applications In Industrial Engineering

Author : Cengiz Kahraman
ISBN : 9783540335177
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 71. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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After an introductory chapter explaining recent applications of fuzzy sets in IE, this book explores the seven major areas of IE to which fuzzy set theory can contribute: Control and Reliability, Engineering Economics and Investment Analysis, Group and Multi-criteria Decision-making, Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics, Manufacturing Systems and Technology Management, Optimization Techniques, and Statistical Decision-making. Under these major areas, every chapter includes didactic numerical applications.

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