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Galaxy Formation And Evolution

Author : Houjun Mo
ISBN : 9780521857932
Genre : Science
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A coherent introduction for researchers in astronomy, particle physics, and cosmology on the formation and evolution of galaxies.

Introduction To Galaxy Formation And Evolution

Author : Andrea Cimatti
ISBN : 9781107134768
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 52 MB
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A comprehensive examination of nearly fourteen billion years of galaxy formation and evolution, from primordial gas to present-day galaxies.

Galaxy Formation

Author : Malcolm Longair
ISBN : 9783540734772
Genre : Science
File Size : 67. 39 MB
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Delineating the huge strides taken in cosmology in the past ten years, this much-anticipated second edition of Malcolm Longair's highly appreciated textbook has been extensively and thoroughly updated. It tells the story of modern astrophysical cosmology from the perspective of one of its most important and fundamental problems – how did the galaxies come about? Longair uses this approach to introduce the whole of what may be called "classical cosmology". What’s more, he describes how the study of the origin of galaxies and larger-scale structures in the Universe has provided us with direct information about the physics of the very early Universe.

Fundamentals Of Galaxy Dynamics Formation And Evolution

Author : Ignacio Ferreras
ISBN : 1911307630
Genre : Astrophysics
File Size : 36. 40 MB
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Galaxies, along with their underlying dark matter halos, constitute the building blocks of the universe. Of all the fundamental forces, gravity is the dominant one that drives the evolution of structures from small density seeds to the galaxies we see today. The interactions among myriads of stars, or dark matter particles, in a gravity-based structure produce a system with fascinating implications for thermodynamics, including both similarities and fundamental differences. Ignacio Ferreras presents a concise introduction to extragalactic astrophysics, with an emphasis on stellar dynamics and the growth of density fluctuations in an expanding universe. Additional chapters are devoted to smaller systems (stellar clusters) and larger ones (galaxy clusters). Written for advanced undergraduates and beginning postgraduate students, Fundamentals of Galaxy Dynamics provides a useful tool to embark on a research career. Some of the derivations for the most important results are presented in detail to enable students to appreciate the beauty of math as a tool to understand the workings of galaxies. Each chapter includes a set of problems to help students advance with the material.

Galaxy Formation And Evolution

Author : Hyron Spinrad
ISBN : 9783540290070
Genre : Science
File Size : 64. 92 MB
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An Astronomical Life – Observing the Depths of the Universe” Though science as a subject can be di?cult, what has been more important for me is that its practice can also be rewarding fun! This book is crafted to expose the reader to the excitement of modern observational cosmology through the study of galaxy evolution over space and cosmic time. Recent extragalactic research has led to many rapid advances in the ?eld. Even a suitable skeptic of certain pronouncements about the age and structure of the Universe should be pleased with the large steps that have been taken in furthering our understanding of the Universe since the early 1990’s. My personal involvement in galaxy research goes back to the 1960’s. At that point, galaxies were easily recognized and partially understood as organized c- lections of stars and gas. What their masses were presented a problem, which I supposed would just fade away. But fade it didn’t. Distant active nuclei and quasars were discovered in the mid-1960’s. A c- mon view of QSOs was that they have large redshifts, but what use are they for cosmology or normal galaxy astrophysics? I shared that conclusion. My expec- tions fell below their potential utility. In short, the Universe of our expectations rarely matches the Universe as it is discovered.

Multiwavelength Mapping Of Galaxy Formation And Evolution

Author : Alvio Renzini
ISBN : 3540256652
Genre : Science
File Size : 68. 93 MB
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The possibilities of astronomical observation have dramatically increased over the last decade. Major satellites, like the Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra and XMM Newton, are complemented by numerous large ground-based observatories, from 8m-10m optical telescopes to sub-mm and radio facilities. As a result, observational astronomy has access to virtually the whole electromagnetic spectrum of galaxies, even at high redshifts. Theoretical models of galaxy formation and cosmological evolution now face a serious challenge to match the plethora of observational data. In October 2003, over 170 astronomers from 15 countries met for a 4-day workshop to extensively illustrate and discuss all major observational projects and ongoing theoretical efforts to model galaxy formation and evolution. This volume contains the complete proceedings of this meeting and is therefore a unique and timely overview of the current state of research in this rapidly evolving field.

Dwarf Galaxies Keys To Galaxy Formation And Evolution

Author : Polychronis Papaderos
ISBN : 9783642220180
Genre : Science
File Size : 21. 16 MB
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Dwarf galaxy research constitutes an extremely vibrant field of astrophysical research, with many long-standing questions still unsettled and new ones constantly arising. The intriguing diversity of the dwarf galaxy population, observed with advanced ground-based and space-borne observatories over a wide spectral window providing an unprecedented level of detail, poses new challenges for both observers and theoreticians. The aim of this symposium was to bring together these two groups to exchange ideas and new results on the many evolutionary aspects of and open issues concerning dwarf galaxies. The main topics addressed include: the birth of dwarf galaxies: theoretical concepts and observable relics across wavelengths and time, the morphological, structural and chemical evolution of dwarf galaxies, possible evolutionary connections between early-type and late-type dwarfs, the star formation history of dwarf galaxies and its dependence on intrinsic and environmental properties, the origin and implications of starburst activity in dwarf galaxies, the fate of dwarfish systems born out of tidally ejected matter in galaxy collisions.

Formation And Evolution Of Galaxy Disks

Author : José G. Funes
ISBN : 1583816623
Genre : Science
File Size : 82. 24 MB
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"These are the proceedings of the international conference "Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Disks" organized by the Specola Vaticana (the Vatican Observatory). The meeting hosted 198 participants from 26 countries. The program consisted of 61 talks and about 130 poster papers. In 2000 the Vatican Observatory organized a conference on Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies, the proceedings of which were published in ASP Conference Series Vol. 230. Since that time, a great amount of work has been done in this very active field. October 2007 was deemed an appropriate time to hold another similar conference where outstanding senior and junior astronomers in this field could air new results. The conference was focused on the formation and evolution of galaxy disks and covered the following topics: (1) properties of nearby galaxy disks; (2) interstellar medium, star formation, and chemical evolution; (3) disk edges, outskirts, and environment; (4) accretion onto disks, interactions, and mergers; (5) secular evolution of disks and bar/spiral driven evolution of galaxies; (6) evolution of disk structural properties; and (7) disk formation in a hierarchical universe. This books is of interest for researchers in extragalactic astronomy. It presents an overview of the relevant results and the progress made in the field in the last seven years."--Publisher's website.

The Galaxies Of The Local Group

Author : Sidney Bergh
ISBN : 1139429655
Genre : Science
File Size : 33. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Local Group is a small cluster of galaxies that includes the Milky Way. At least half of all galaxies in the Universe are thought to belong to similar groups. This authoritative volume provides a comprehensive synthesis of what is known about the Local Group. It begins with a summary of each member galaxy, as well as those galaxies previously regarded as possible members. The book examines the mass, stability and evolution of the Local Group as a whole and includes many important previously unpublished results and conclusions. With clarity, Professor van den Bergh provides a masterful summary of all that is known about the galaxies of the Local Group and their evolution, and expertly places this knowledge in the wider context of on-going studies of galaxy formation and evolution, the cosmic distance scale, and the conditions in the early Universe.

Formation And Evolution Of Galaxy Bulges Iau S245

Author : International Astronomical Union. Symposium
ISBN : 052187467X
Genre : Science
File Size : 33. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Reviews current observations and theory on galaxy bulges, for graduate students and researchers.

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