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Garden Plants For Mediterranean Climates

Author : Graham Payne
ISBN : 1861268955
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 27. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A lavish guide to planning, planting, and maintaining a Mediterranean garden, featuring an A-Z of more than 1,000 plants and 500 color photos. No image of the Mediterranean is complete without flowering climbers, colorful shrubs, or lush gardens. Now you can enjoy Mediterranean plants in your own garden. With sections on specific plants and general care, Garden Plants for Mediterranean Climates will help you to choose and grow the region's most beautiful plants. This book includes: an introduction to Mediterranean climate and points to consider when planning a garden; key features of a Mediterranean garden, including climbing plants, palms, pots, and pergolas; advice on watering and soil care; ideas on which plants to use where; an A to Z of more than 1,000 plants; and 500 gorgeous color photos.

Australian Plants For Mediterranean Climate Gardens

Author : Rodger Elliot
ISBN : 1877058181
Genre : Science
File Size : 44. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Under the various headings of Groundcovers, Tufting Plants, Climbers, Shrubs and Trees over 100 very choice plants are described. Cultivation and propagation information is provided for each plant, together withsuggestions for plant groupings. Basic cultivation information on container plants, pruning and shaping of plants, watering, fertilizing, mulching, and pests and diseases.

Plants For Mediterranean Climate Gardens

Author : Trevor Nottle
ISBN : 1877058149
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 57. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A broad introduction to the Mediterranean gardening tradition. It offers a private view; one that encourages exploration of the vast world of plants and the equally diverse design options that can be drawn on by gardeners who work their magic in Mediterranean climes everywhere. Trevor Nottle has an international reputation as a writer and lecturer and is also well known as a garden historian.

Succulents For Mediterranean Climate Gardens

Author : Diana Morgan
ISBN : 1877058262
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 74. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The author's enthusiasm for her subject is infectious. She gives tips for the succesful cultivation of succulents, nd information on those suitable for gardens large and small, hot, shady and frost prone, for courtyards and balconies, on types worth growing for flowers as well as shape, and suggestions for their use in parterres and patterns. The photographs illustrate many of the plants discussed both as individual speciments and as part of overall plantings.

Plant Life In The World S Mediterranean Climates

Author : Peter R. Dallman
ISBN : 0520208099
Genre : Nature
File Size : 72. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides a wonderful overview of the landscapes, vegetation types, and plants of the five regions of the world that have a Mediterranean climate. This climate of mild, rainy winters and dry, warm summers is found in California, Central Chile, the Cape Region of South Africa, the southwestern part of Australia and the Mediterranean Basin. The regions are widely separated and the flora of each is distinctive, having for the most part developed independently. Nevertheless, the plants share remarkably similar characteristics which allow them to thrive in these unusual conditions. Peter Dallman's non-technical prose is complemented by numerous maps, tables, and figures, and the book is richly illustrated with photographs of landscapes, plants, and flowers. With its detailed information on some of the world's most resilient plant life, this book will serve as an excellent reference for everyone interested in growing drought-resistant plants and as a naturalist's guide to these beautiful and unusual bioregions. For the growing number of travelers whose vacations focus on learning about and appreciating natural history, Dallman also includes a chapter on planning trips to the five Mediterranean regions.

Gaia S Garden

Author : Toby Hemenway
ISBN : 9781603582230
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 83. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The first edition of Gaia’s Garden sparked the imagination of America’s home gardeners, introducing permaculture’s central message: Working with Nature, not against her, results in more beautiful, abundant, and forgiving gardens. This extensively revised and expanded second edition broadens the reach and depth of the permaculture approach for urban and suburban growers. Many people mistakenly think that ecological gardening—which involves growing a wide range of edible and other useful plants—can take place only on a large, multiacre scale. As Hemenway demonstrates, it’s fun and easy to create a “backyard ecosystem” by assembling communities of plants that can work cooperatively and perform a variety of functions, including: Building and maintaining soil fertility and structure Catching and conserving water in the landscape Providing habitat for beneficial insects, birds, and animals Growing an edible “forest” that yields seasonal fruits, nuts, and other foods This revised and updated edition also features a new chapter on urban permaculture, designed especially for people in cities and suburbs who have very limited growing space. Whatever size yard or garden you have to work with, you can apply basic permaculture principles to make it more diverse, more natural, more productive, and more beautiful. Best of all, once it’s established, an ecological garden will reduce or eliminate most of the backbreaking work that’s needed to maintain the typical lawn and garden.

Mediterranean Gardening

Author : Heidi Gildemeister
ISBN : 0520236475
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 69. 71 MB
Format : PDF
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A large-format, beautifully illustrated, complete guide to gardening in a California and Mediterraean-like climates, defined as ones in which winters are wet and summers are bone dry.

The Dry Gardening Handbook

Author : Olivier Filippi
ISBN : 1999734556
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 38. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Making a garden that can withstand summer drought without irrigation is the dream of many who wish to garden in harmony with the environment. In this classic work on gardening in dry climates, first published in 2008, Olivier Filippi offers practical advice to achieve this goal based on his, and his wife Clara's, experience of working with Mediterranean-region plants for more than 30 years. The first part of the book examines the behavior of plants that face drought in their natural habitat. What is drought and how do plants manage to survive when little water is available? The second part is concerned with gardening techniques in a dry climate. How do you prepare the soil, when do you plant, and how do you maintain a dry garden? The third and longest part describes in detail no less than 500 rewarding plants that are well-adapted to dry gardens, each classified by a unique dry resistance code. The Dry Gardening Handbook is essential reading for gardeners who live in one of the world's Mediterranean climate zones and will also be of interest to gardeners in areas where drought is becoming a recurring problem.

Plants And Landscapes For Summer Dry Climates Of The San Francisco Bay Region

Author : Nora Harlow
ISBN : 0975323105
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 45. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Gardening. Environmental Studies. Photographs by Saxon Holt. Illustrations by Richard Pembroke. This lavishly illustrated book celebrates the challenges and opportunities of gardening in Mediterranean climates, with special reference to northern California's San Francisco Bay Region. The core of the book is a catalog of more than 650 plants suited to regions with mild, usually wet winters and dry, often hot summers. These plants thrive with moderate to no summer irrigation when established, require little or no maintenance, and are reasonably available from nurseries, botanic gardens, native plant sales, or specialty seed suppliers. Many of the 542 color photographs show plants in garden settings to suggest attractive and compatible plant combinations. Summary charts provide information on each plant, such as bloom time, needs for water and sun, and preferences for coastal or inland microclimates. Lists suggest plants for special situations, such as hot sites, dryish shade, small gardens, and clay soils. Chapters on landscape design and maintenance inspire readers to make gardens that use little water and no harmful chemicals, with a focus on building healthy soil. Practical steps to successful design are supplemented with ideas for designing with microclimate, attracting wildlife, and fire safety. Sidebars by local experts discuss weather, natural landscapes, design solutions, and gardening with recycled water. "A valuable resource for climate-compatible gardening in the San Franciso Bay Area that will also be of interest to gardeners in other parts of the world with a similar seasonal pattern of winter rain and dry summers. This book will occupy a prominent place in my library for many years to come."—Katherine Greenberg, president Mediterranean Garden Society "This book is beautifully designed with abundant photographs of plants, many in garden settings, and it is packed with the kind of information gardeners need for their own special situations. Simply stunning! Bravo!"—Phyllis M. Faber, editor University of California Press

The New Ornamental Garden

Author : Simon Rickard
ISBN : 9780643095960
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 42. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Shows how heat, cold, water availability, rainfall patterns, length of growing season, evaporation rate and humidity influence plant growth in Australia, from the wet sub-tropics to the temperate climate of southern Australia.

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