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Genetic Classifications Of Glacigenic Deposits

Author : R.P. Goldthwait
ISBN : 9061916941
Genre : Science
File Size : 23. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Final report of the Commission on Genesis and Lithology of Glacial Quaternary Deposits of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA). No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Encyclopedia Of Paleoclimatology And Ancient Environments

Author : Vivien Gornitz
ISBN : 9781402045516
Genre : Science
File Size : 41. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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One of Springer’s Major Reference Works, this book gives the reader a truly global perspective. It is the first major reference work in its field. Paleoclimate topics covered in the encyclopedia give the reader the capability to place the observations of recent global warming in the context of longer-term natural climate fluctuations. Significant elements of the encyclopedia include recent developments in paleoclimate modeling, paleo-ocean circulation, as well as the influence of geological processes and biological feedbacks on global climate change. The encyclopedia gives the reader an entry point into the literature on these and many other groundbreaking topics.

Glacigenic Sediments

Author : K. Brodzikowski
ISBN : 0080869637
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book aims primarily at providing those involved in fundamental or applied research in the fields of geology, geomorphology and hydrology with a systematic overview of glacigenic sediments. A generally applicable terminology is proposed which should facilitate communication between scientists from several fields. Also it should form a bridge between western and eastern "schools" dealing with Quaternary geology. Because the book is mainly devoted to depositional processes and the resulting deposits, the approach and the terminology followed in this book are obviously founded strongly on sedimentology, the geological discipline that deals specifically with these phenomena. The book will be helpful in describing the sediments involved, interpreting their genesis, establishing their extent and their mutual relationships, and thus in the reconstruction of the palaeogeographic development. The large list of references reflects the author's extensive search of the literature.

Engineering Of Glacial Deposits

Author : Barry G. Clarke
ISBN : 9781482265828
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 25. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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At some time 30% of the world’s land mass was covered by glaciers leaving substantial deposits of glacial soils under major conurbations in Europe, North and South America, New Zealand, Europe and Russia. For instance, 60% of the UK has been affected, leaving significant glacial deposits under major conurbations where two thirds of the population live. Glacial soils are composite soils with significant variations in composition and properties and are recognised as challenging soils to deal with. Understanding the environment in which they were formed and how this affects their behaviour are critical because they do not always conform to classic theories of soil mechanics. This book is aimed at designers and contractors working in the construction and extractive industries to help them mitigate construction hazards on, with or in glacial deposits. These soils increase risks to critical infrastructure which, in the UK includes the majority of the road and rail network, coastal defences such as the fastest eroding coastline in Europe and most of the water supply reservoirs. It brings together many years of experience of research into the behaviour of glacial deposits drawing upon published and unpublished case studies from industry. It draws on recent developments in understanding of the geological processes and the impact they have upon the engineering properties, construction processes and performance of geotechnical structures. Unlike other books on glaciation it brings together all the relevant disciplines in earth sciences and engineering to make it directly relevant to the construction industry.

Glacial Indicator Tracing

Author : R. Kujansuu
ISBN : 9781000108446
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The final report of the 1989 Finnish Work Group 9 of the INQUA on the Genesis and Lithology of Glacial Sediments entitled Glacigenic deposits as indicators of glacial movements and their use for indicator tracing in the search for ore deposits . Emphasizes the significance of extensive application o

Glacial Deposits In Northeast Europe

Author : J. Ehlers
ISBN : 9781000099720
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 80. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Until now no overview of the Quaternary deposits of northeastern Europe has been available. This book fills the gap. It presents the state of research on Quaternary stratigraphy and geology, with emphasis on glacial deposits, discusses the general scientific ideas and gives an overview of the methods of investigation, some of which have rarely been applied elsewhere. It has become apparent that the region covered has many environmental problems, and a proper understanding of the Quaternary deposits is a basic requirement for dealing with them. The same is true for civil engineering. In the formerly glaciated areas almost all construction sites for roads and houses will encounter glacial deposits. This volume provides an authoritative and fascinating overview for anyone planning to venture into this field. In its 53 regional chapters the book covers Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic and eastern Germany. From the text it becomes clear that not all the stratigraphical schemes are yet fully compatible or comprehensible. There can be no doubt, however, that the east was subjected to very extensive ice advances during the earlier Pleistocene. Also, in contrast to western Europe, there was a significant Early Weichselian ice advance, although not as extensive as the last, Late Weichselian event. The book is illustrated by 421 figures and 74 colour plates (mostly photographs). There are 23 tables, a detailed index and a list of over 1000 references, providing a unique collection of northeastern European geoscience literature, much of which has so far escaped the attention of western scientists. The volume, composed of contributions by 60 scientists, completes the trilogy on glacial deposits of northern Europe. Together with its two companion volumes, the Glacial deposits in North-West Europe and the Glacial Deposits in Great Britain and Ireland, it represents an invaluable source of information for the geoscientist, the advanced student or the amateur.

Modern And Past Glacial Environments

Author : John Menzies
ISBN : 9780080497327
Genre : Science
File Size : 86. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In combining and revising the two titles 'Past Glacial Environments' and 'Modern Glacial Environments', Dr Menzies and his contributors provide the most comprehensive and wide-ranging book ever prepared on both topics. This text is produced with the student mind, providing accessibility to a complex subject and introducing topics that provide the fundamental underpinnings of knowledge on glaciers, ice sheets, their sediments and landscapes. Modern and Past Glacial Environments features a large collection of photographs, line diagrams and tables and includes examples of glacial environments and landscapes which are drawn from a world wide perspective. Together with a web- based set of current and comprehensive references and bibliographic sources, it provides an ideal reference text. This survey includes coverage of the glaciology, geomorphology and sedimentology of modern glaciers and ice sheets, and the sediments and forms generated within Pleistocene and pre-Pleistocene glacial environments. Quaternary scientists and students will find this work their first point of reference. Likewise students of Physical Geography, Geology, Earth Science, Engineering Geology, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Sciences should find this a useful guide and reference to Glacial Geomorphology and Geology. Essential new academic version Highest contributors in their fields Well reviewed first editions

Sedimentological Characteristics And Classification Of Depositional Processes And Deposits In The Glacial Environment

Author : Daniel E. Lawson
ISBN : MINN:319510028854452
Genre : Glaciers
File Size : 62. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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Encyclopedia Of Geomorphology

Author : Andrew Goudie
ISBN : 9781134482757
Genre : Reference
File Size : 33. 1 MB
Format : PDF
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Geomorphology, the discipline which analyzes the history and nature of the earth's surface, deals with the landforms produced by erosion, weathering, deposition, transport and tectonic processes. In recent decades there have been major developments in the discipline and these are reflected in this major Encyclopedia, the first such reference work in the field to be published for thirty-five years. Encyclopedia of Geomorphology has been produced in association with the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) and has a truly global perspective. The entries have been written by an international editorial team of contributors, drawn from over thirty countries, who are all among the leading experts in the discipline. In two lavishly illustrated volumes, Encyclopedia contains nearly 700 alphabetically organized entries to provide a comprehensive guide both to specific landforms and to the major types of geomorphological processes that create them. The Encyclopedia also demonstrates the major developments that have taken place in recent years in our knowledge of tectonic and climatic changes and in the use of new techniques such as modelling, remote sensing and process measurement. Older concepts, however, are not forgotten and provide an historical perspective on the development of ideas. Both accessible and authoritative, Encyclopedia of Geomorphology is destined to become the definitive resource for students, researchers and applied practitioners in the field of geomorphology and the cognate disciplines of geography, earth science, sedimentology and environmental science.

Digital Mapping Techniques 03 Workshop Proceedings

Author : David R. Soller
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131481777
Genre : Cartography
File Size : 81. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Annales De G?omorphologie

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015049376125
Genre : Geology
File Size : 30. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Encyclopedia Of Snow Ice And Glaciers

Author : Vijay P. Singh
ISBN : 9789048126415
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The earth’s cryosphere, which includes snow, glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, ice shelves, sea ice, river and lake ice, and permafrost, contains about 75% of the earth’s fresh water. It exists at almost all latitudes, from the tropics to the poles, and plays a vital role in controlling the global climate system. It also provides direct visible evidence of the effect of climate change, and, therefore, requires proper understanding of its complex dynamics. This encyclopedia mainly focuses on the various aspects of snow, ice and glaciers, but also covers other cryospheric branches, and provides up-to-date information and basic concepts on relevant topics. It includes alphabetically arranged and professionally written, comprehensive and authoritative academic articles by well-known international experts in individual fields. The encyclopedia contains a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the atmospheric processes responsible for snow formation; transformation of snow to ice and changes in their properties; classification of ice and glaciers and their worldwide distribution; glaciation and ice ages; glacier dynamics; glacier surface and subsurface characteristics; geomorphic processes and landscape formation; hydrology and sedimentary systems; permafrost degradation; hazards caused by cryospheric changes; and trends of glacier retreat on the global scale along with the impact of climate change. This book can serve as a source of reference at the undergraduate and graduate level and help to better understand snow, ice and glaciers. It will also be an indispensable tool containing specialized literature for geologists, geographers, climatologists, hydrologists, and water resources engineers; as well as for those who are engaged in the practice of agricultural and civil engineering, earth sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, ecosystem management, and other relevant subjects.

Earth S Pre Pleistocene Glacial Record

Author : M. J. Hambrey
ISBN : 0521172306
Genre : Science
File Size : 36. 33 MB
Format : PDF
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In this 1981 substantial work, M. J. Hambrey and W. B. Harland have assembled essays by leaders in the field of pre-Pleistocene glacial research. The work's various chapters review in depth the glacial records of Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australasia, Europe, and North and South America.

The Myrdalsjokull Ice Cap Iceland

Author :
ISBN : 0080932002
Genre : Science
File Size : 71. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Lowland glaciers are usually considered the best analogs for formerly glaciated areas and as such, many Icelandic glaciers have been intensively investigated with regard to process-orientated sediment-landform interrelationships. The Mýrdalsjökull ice cap has, thus, served as an excellent "ice-age laboratory." Furthermore, a substantial effort has been directed toward understanding the interaction between volcanic activity and glacier response, such as meltwater outbursts (jökulhlaups) and sudden events of rapidly flowing glacier ice. The book reviews the following themes related to Mýrdalsjökull: glaciology, glacial and quaternary geology, sedimentology, tephrochronology and eruption history of Katla, and crustal movements. All authors are involved in research about the subglacial Katla volcano and Mýrdalsjökull. Book covers all aspects of the ice cap and volcano dynamics Comprehensive reviews with updated results Editors and authors are well established scientists with research experience from Myrdalsjokull Standard reference work for Myrdalsjokull

Mineral Deposits Of Finland

Author : Wolfgang Derek Maier
ISBN : 9780124104761
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Mineral Deposits of Finland is the only up-to-date and inclusive reference available that fully captures the scope of Finland’s mineral deposits and their economic potential. Finland hosts Europe’s most mature rocks and large cratonic blocks, analogous to western Australia and Southern Africa, which are the most mineralized terrains on Earth. Authored by the world’s premier experts on Finnish mineral exploration and mining, Mineral Deposits of Finland offers a thorough summary of the mineral deposits and their petrogenesis, helping readers to map, explore, and identify Finland’s renewed potential for mineral exploration and extraction. Presents a thoroughly inclusive catalogue of Finland’s mineral deposits and their economic potential Features full-color figures, illustrations, working examples and photographs to aid the reader in retaining key concepts to underscore major advances in the exploration of Finland’s mineral resources Offers concise chapter summaries authored by leaders in geological research, which provide accessible overviews of deposit classes


Author : David J. A. Evans
ISBN : 9781118652596
Genre : Science
File Size : 78. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Provides the first comprehensive review of the current state of the science on tills It is critical that glacial scientists continue to refine their interpretations of ancient archives of subglacial processes, specifically those represented by tills and associated deposits, as they form the most widespread and accessible record of processes at the ice-bed interface. Unfortunately, despite a long history of investigation and a lexicon of process-based nomenclature, glacial sedimentologists have yet to reach a consensus on diagnostic criteria for identifying till genesis in the geological record. What should be called till? Based on the author’s extensive field research, as well as the latest literature on the subject, this book attempts to provide a definitive answer to that question. It critically reviews the global till literature and experimental and laboratory-based assessments of subglacial processes, as well as the theoretical constructs that have emerged from process sedimentology over the past century. Drawing on a wide range of knowledge bases, David Evans develops a more precise, contemporary till nomenclature and new investigatory strategies for understanding a critical aspect of glacial process sedimentology. Provides an in-depth discussion of subglacial sedimentary processes, with an emphasis on the origins of till matrix and terminal grade and the latest observations on till evolution Describes contemporary laboratory and modelling experiments on till evolution and techniques for measuring strain signatures in glacial deposits Develops an updated till nomenclature based on an array of knowledge bases and describes new strategies for field description and analysis of glacial diamictons Written by an internationally recognised expert in the field, this book represents an important step forward in the modern understanding of glacial process sedimentology. As such, Till: A Glacial Process Sedimentology is an indispensable resource for advanced undergraduates and researchers in sedimentology, glacier science and related areas.

Quaternary Glaciations Extent And Chronology

Author : J. Ehlers
ISBN : 9780444534477
Genre : Science
File Size : 89. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The book presents an up-to-date, detailed overview of the Quaternary glaciations all over the world, not only with regard to stratigraphy but also with regard to major glacial landforms and the extent of the respective ice sheets. The locations of key sites are included. The information is presented in digital, uniformly prepared maps which can be used in a Geographical Information System (GIS) such as ArcView or ArcGIS. The accompanying text supplies the information on how the data were obtained (geomorphology, geological mapping, air photograph evaluation, satellite imagery), how the features were dated (14C, TL, relative stratigraphy) and how reliable they are supposed to be. All references to the underlying basic publications are included. Where controversial interpretations are possible e.g. in Siberia or Tibet, this is pointed out. As a result, the information on Quaternary glaciations worldwide will be much improved and supplied in a uniform digital format. The information on the glacial limits is compiled in digital form by the coordinators of the project, and is available for download at: Completely updated detailed coverage of worldwide Quaternary glaciations Information in digital, uniformly prepared maps which can be used in a GIS such as ArcView or ArcGis Step-by-step guideline how to open and use ArcGis files Possibility to convert the shapefiles into GoogleEarth kmz-files Availability of chronological controls

Ice Marginal And Periglacial Processes And Sediments

Author : Ireneo Peter Martini
ISBN : 1862393273
Genre : Science
File Size : 49. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Understanding the sediments deposited by glaciers or other cold-climate processes assumes enhanced significance in the context of current global warming and the predicted melt and retreat of glaciers and ice sheets. This volume analyses glacial, proglacial and periglacial settings. Papers include topics such as sedimentation at termini of tidewater glaciers, poorly understood high-mountain features, and slope and aeolian deposits that have been sourced in glacial and periglacial regions and subsequently transported and deposited by azonal processes. Difficulties encountered in inferring Pleistocene and pre-Pleistocene cold-climate conditions when the sedimentary record lacks specific diagnostic indicators are discussed. The main objective of this volume is to establish the validity and limitations of the evidence that is used to achieve reliable palaeogeographic and palaeoclimatic reconstructions. On the much longer geological timescale, an understanding of ice-marginal and periglacial environments may better prepare us for the unavoidable reversal towards cooler and perhaps even glacial times in the future.

Encyclopedia Of Quaternary Science

Author :
ISBN : 9780444536426
Genre : Science
File Size : 29. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 322
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The second revised edition of the Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, provides both students and professionals with an up-to-date reference work on this important and highly varied area of research. There are lots of new articles, and many of the articles that appeared in the first edition have been updated to reflect advances in knowledge since 2006, when the original articles were written. The second edition will contain about 375 articles, written by leading experts around the world. This major reference work is richly illustrated with more than 3,000 illustrations, most of them in colour. Research in the Quaternary sciences has advanced greatly in the last 10 years, especially since topics like global climate change, geologic hazards and soil erosion were put high on the political agenda. This second edition builds upon its award-winning predecessor to provide the reader assured quality along with essential updated coverage Contains 357 broad-ranging articles (4310 pages) written at a level that allows undergraduate students to understand the material, while providing active researchers with a ready reference resource for information in the field. Facilitates teaching and learning The first edition was regarded by many as the most significant single overview of Quaternary science ever, yet Editor-in-Chief, Scott Elias, has managed to surpass that in this second edition by securing even more expert reviews whilst retaining his renowned editorial consistency that enables readers to navigates seamlessly from one unfamiliar topic to the next

The Last Interglacial Glacial Transition In North America

Author : Peter U. Clark
ISBN : 9780813722702
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 796
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Focuses on the last time glaciers spread across the continent, using the records of former ice sheets, glaciers, and pluvial lakes to understand the response of North American ice sheets and glaciers to the climate change that ended the last (before ours) interglacial period. The 21 papers, most fro

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