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Healing After The Loss Of Your Mother

Author : Elaine Mallon
ISBN : 1733538909
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Elaine Mallon is not an expert on grief. She's someone who lost her mother suddenly and unexpectedly. She knows the magnitude of this heartbreak firsthand. Devastated and unprepared for how life-changing and painful processing the loss would be, she found herself wondering: "Where's the manual?" and "How do I do this?"Like a compassionate friend, Mallon captures the raw, universal pain of losing your mother with empathy, honesty and eloquence. She tenderly walks the reader through each step of the grieving process, offering straightforward answers to many common questions and addressing fears faced by those grieving, as well. This is a must-read, essential guidebook for anyone uncertain about what to do or where to turn after their mother's loss.For those hoping to help a loved one through grief, this book also offers direction on how to comfort someone who is grieving by explaining what they are going through and how to be most helpful to them.If you've lost your mother, please know this: If you're grieving, you're healing - and you are not alone.

Healing After Loss

Author : Martha W. Hickman
ISBN : 0061925772
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 59. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, here are strength and thoughtful words to inspire and comfort.

After Parents Die

Author : Chantelle Barrientez
ISBN : 9798716683044
Genre :
File Size : 28. 96 MB
Format : PDF
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We deeply regret your loss. If you have found this book, you are probably going through the most painful and difficult time of your life. Losing a parent or relative is inevitable because no one is immortal. There are irreversible truths that you can only accept even though they are difficult. This book is here to help you overcome your present loss and heal your emotional pain with the true stories of the person who experienced the loss and the psychologist's approach. This book will help you: Gain some context by learning about the 7 stages of grief, which stage you might be in currently, and get an idea about what you might experience nex Guided exercises will help you work through your grief in a healthy way Understand how complicated or prolonged grief is common, and gain insight into how to try and move on Understand that it's okay to have confusing or unexpected thoughts and emotions, that people react differently to losing a parent, and that you are most likely 'normal' in how you're feeling Feel less isolated in your grief, by reading the stories of how other people felt, and how they dealt with their loss This is such a good book for this difficult time. this book would have been a valuable aid to help you understand or anticipate the effects of bereavement

Dear Mom Here S What I Wish I Could Tell You

Author : Caring Heart
ISBN : 1700403796
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File Size : 50. 71 MB
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Instead of a regular sympathy card, this journal will be much more appreciated! Great gift under $10 A Journal to help with the healing and grieving process after the loss of a Mother. This journal will make a nice gift for young kids, teens and adult children that are dealing with grief and are in the process of healing after the loss of their mom. Death of someone dear will leave many children with feelings and thoughts that they will never be able to express to them as they are gone. By writing letters to their loved ones who passed away, their pain and aching heart will be healed faster.

Comfort For The Grieving Adult Child S Heart

Author : Gary Roe
ISBN : 1950382281
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 33. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"The author's ability to connect with the those grieving the loss of a parent is so evident. Readers will see themselves on almost every page and find the comfort they need in Gary's compassionate empathy and counsel." - Paul Casale, Licensed Professional Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist The loss of a parent is painful. The loss of a mother or father can be traumatic. Oblivious to our suffering, the world around us speeds on as if nothing happened. Stunned, shocked, sad, confused, and angry, we blink in disbelief. Our hearts are broken. We've known them all our lives. How could they be gone? We look for comfort. Our broken, grieving hearts need it to survive. Multiple award-winning author, hospice chaplain, and grief counselor Gary Roe is a trusted voice who has been helping wounded, grieving hearts find hope and healing for more than three decades. Written with heartfelt compassion, this warm, easy-to-read, and practical book reads like a caring conversation with a friend and will become a comforting companion as you navigate the turbulent waters of grief. Gary's desire is to meet you in your grief and walk with you there. Composed of brief chapters, Comfort for the Grieving Adult Child's Heart is designed to be read one chapter per day, giving you bite-sized bits of comfort, encouragement, and healing over a period of time. You do not have to read it this way, of course. We all grieve differently. Read in the way that is most natural for you. In Comfort for the Grieving Adult Child's Heart, you will discover how to... Process complicated grief emotions (sadness, anger, guilt, confusion, guilt, anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, etc). Navigate all the relational changes - feeling alone, misunderstood, isolated, and even rejected by those around you. Handle the increased stress and uncertainty that this heavy loss can bring. Deal with physical and mental health issues, illnesses, and new symptoms that often arise. Take care of yourself through diet, hydration, fitness, and rest. Deal with a myriad of practical issues (financial challenges, parenting, family activities), Handle the intense sense of being orphaned that comes with this loss. You will also find hope in how to... Think through the challenging spiritual and faith questions that frequently surface. Relate well to the people around you - those who are helpful and those who aren't. Overcome the tendency to run from emotional pain with unhealthy habits or compulsive behaviors. Deal well with triggers and the grief bursts that will come. Find the support you need for survival, recovery, and healing (safe people, fellow grievers, counseling, etc.). Develop a simple, realistic plan for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Use your grief for good - for yourself, your family, and others. Allow this loss to give you greater perspective and motivate you to live more effectively than ever before. Make your life count, one day, one moment at a time. Please don't grieve alone. Let Comfort for the Adult Child's Heart join you on this arduous, tasking journey. Be kind to yourself. Take your heart seriously. Death has invaded, but it doesn't have to win. Read on. Comfort awaits you in these pages of this book.

Dear Angel Mom Healing After Loss

Author : Healing Journals
ISBN : 1701737663
Genre :
File Size : 31. 67 MB
Format : PDF
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Dear Angel Mom...This grieving book journal is for someone who has suffered the loss of a mother. Free write your inner thoughts after your daily meditations as you work through the process of grief and healing. Add to cart nowThis journal is a great way to free write and express your undeniable, memorable moments with your loved one or just free write your inner thoughts as you mourn your loved one.FeaturesLined journal pagesNumbered pagesProduct Description6X9100 PagesUniquely designed matte coverHeavy paperWe have lots of journals. So be sure to checkout our other listings by clicking on the "Author Name" just below the title of this trackerIdeas on how to use this journal- Bereavement or grief gift book for a son or daughter- Write a memoir, poetry or letter- Gift for a loss of a mom, grandma or mother figure.- Use this along with healing scriptures as part of your meditations

Healing After Parent Loss In Childhood And Adolescence

Author : Phyllis Cohen
ISBN : 9781442231764
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 56. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Healing after Parent Loss in Childhood and Adolescence: Therapeutic Interventions and Theoretical Considerations, experts explore the varied, often complex, and always tragic circumstances under which young people face losing a parent. Profound grief and feelings of powerlessness may accompany loss of a parent at any age, but distinctly so when such loss is experienced during formative years. Whenever these individuals seek help, therapists must be psychically prepared to enter into arenas of trauma, bereavement, and mourning. The children, teens, and adults presented are diverse in age, culture/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. A diverse group of contributors showcase a wide range of effective approaches—from traditionally structured short- and long-term psychotherapies and psychoanalysis, to psycho-educational, supportive, and preventive interventions. The writers in this volume do not shy away from tough matters such as urban violence, AIDS, and war; they address concerns practicing clinicians face, such as when to work with children, adolescents, and adults individually, and when and how to involve their surviving parents and families. Included in this book are issues related to the self-care and professional development needs of therapists who take on this difficult but essential work, including peer support and supervision. This volume is likely to spark important re-examinations across all fields of mental health practice. It will equip and empower clinicians of all kinds who undertake work with those who are grieving. Healing after Parent Loss in Childhood and Adolescence promises to be a vital and stimulating read for supervisors, teachers, and trainers of child, adolescent, and family clinicians.

Healing After The Suicide Of A Loved One

Author : Ann Smolin
ISBN : 1439123985
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 46. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Too often people suffering the aftermath of a suicide suffer alone. As the survivor of a person who has ended his or her own life, you are left a painful legacy -- and not one that you chose. Healing After the Suicide of a Loved One will help you take the first steps toward healing. While each individual becomes a suicide survivor in his or her own way, there are predictable phases of pain that most survivors experience sooner or later, from the grief and depression of mourning to guilt, rage, and despair over what you have lost. You may be torturing yourself with repetitive questions such as "What if...?" "Why didn't we...?" and "Why, why, why?" Healing After the Suicide of a Loved One will steer you away from this all-too-common tendency to blame yourself and will put you on the path to healing and recovery. Remember, your wounds can heal and you can recover. Filled with case studies, excellent information, valuable advice, and a completely up-to-date reading list and directory of suicide support groups nationwide, this valuable book will give you the strength and hope to go on living.

Before And After

Author : Michele Trumpour
ISBN : 9781525592768
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 67. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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On April 24th 2015, author Michele Trumpour learned that her son Tyler had died at the age of 25 from a fentanyl overdose. And in a blink, her life was forever changed. In the course of the book, Trumpour shares the intimate story of her efforts to rescue her son from the tight grip of addiction and her hopes when recovery seemed imminent. Just when she thought the worst was behind her, she was faced with the devastation of his death and the ensuing trauma of grieving for a child. As Trumpour shares the raw emotion of her journey, learn how she courageously faced her grief and ultimately found peace and acceptance. “Before and After” is a story of a mother’s deep love for her son. It’s a poignant account of sorrow and courage. Most of all, it is a story of hope and healing—an inspiring testament for anyone navigating grief, trauma, or loss.

Hope And Healing After Stillbirth And New Baby Loss

Author : Kevin Gournay
ISBN : 9781847094681
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 56. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 223
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'Offering wisdom and understanding, written with sensitivity, this book has much practical help within its pages for a loss like that feels like few others.' - Sands Whether it happens before or shortly after birth, the loss of a baby brings overwhelming grief and parents often struggle to access the professional help they need. In this book, Professor Kevin Gournay - who himself lost a child to stillbirth - and distinguished midwife Dr Brenda Ashcroft offer understanding of what it means to go through this bereavement, and healing advice on how to make sense of it. They give important information about parents' rights, and cover such difficult topics as post mortems and inquests. The book considers parents' reactions, not least feelings of anger, as well as offering help for, and insight into, the relationship difficulties that often follow the loss of a baby. There is support for anyone who might be experiencing anxiety or depression, advice on how other children in the family might be affected, and possible prevention and treatment for future pregnancies. Sympathetic, expert and warmly supportive of any bereaved parent, this book also provides a guide to good practice for professionals in all relevant fields.

Journey To Healing

Author : Lisa Boehm
ISBN : 1640855041
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 21. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 393
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This unique self-help book for bereaved mothers offers hope and healing after child loss. It is filled with the experiences of 31 mothers plus tips and strategies to cope with the pain that accompanies grief. Author Lisa K. Boehm shares everything that has helped her on her own journey through grief to help the reader find peace and comfort.

Joy For Josie

Author : Molly Windschill
ISBN : 1546750274
Genre :
File Size : 62. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 482
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Joy for Josie is a real, raw account of a mother writing her way through grief after experiencing an early miscarriage, followed by the stillbirth of their daughter, Josie, just two weeks before her due date. Through writing, she is able to navigate through these debilitating losses and begin to heal. She hopes that through sharing her own story, other grieving mothers will know that they are not alone, and others who may know someone experiencing a loss will be better able to understand the pain that they are going through. It is a dark road that no one should have to experience, but in the end, there is always hope.

Recovering After Loss

Author : Bob Deits
ISBN : 1567313914
Genre : Bereavement
File Size : 86. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Christian Library of Lancaster Collection.

After Mom

Author : Diane Michael
ISBN : 1986152057
Genre :
File Size : 57. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 812
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How is life now that mom is gone? How are you getting by? Have you been able to move forward and are you the best version of yourself? Is her memory alive and well? How have your relationships with family turned out? If you had blame or guilt, have you handled forgiveness in a healthy way? If you're anything like me, you may feel that life has really robbed you of so much love and possibility by taking your mom away prematurely. Are you brave enough to dig deeper to find peace again? Are you one of the strong, brave women who desires to go inward to heal, forgive, and live a successful life filled with fulfillment and gratitude? These guided insights will help examine your relationship with your mom, discover forgotten memories of her death, embrace her teachings, and learn to accept apologies and practice forgiveness in order to keep her alive. If you're willing to dig deeper to truly heal from losing your mom, then come take the journey! This is a powerful read for those that haven't lost their moms yet, too. Mothers are finding that the insights and "dig deepers" provide them with things to ponder while they're still alive. There are many stories that may encourage conversations before it's too late. Daughters can learn from my personal experience to embrace emotions, confront feelings and learn from my mistakes before unforeseen loss happens. Thank you very much for sharing your feedback by reviewing on Amazon after reading so more people can forgive, heal and keep mom's memory alive!

A Mother S Heart

Author : Valerie Inanna
ISBN : 173558570X
Genre :
File Size : 88. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 503
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A transmission from the Angels took me on a life journey I had not expected. Opening my heart through my children to learn and grow in. When tragedy happened the Angels were there supporting me to go forward. I have witnessed extraordinary things that were heart breaking at the same time. This is my story to share with others to give Hope, show choice and ignite healing in all hearts. I can only share my story, through my heart, and this is mine.

Grief Labyrinth

Author : Carole Lindroos
ISBN : 0595477127
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 32. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 133
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Grief Labyrinth is the journey I began with my daughter Inga's breast cancer diagnosis and her death at the age of thirty. I felt so heartbroken I did not think I would survive. In time, I discovered and walked the labyrinth, a profound metaphor for the grief process. The only way through is forward, with many twisting turns and going back and forth over what seems like the same territory. Walking the labyrinth path with my grief repeatedly, I ultimately discovered healing, trust, hope and joy. A transforming path "With the wisdom that comes only from personal experience, Carole offers to others a transforming path through grief. Her deep sharing highlights the benefit of turning towards one's grief. What she refers to as "The 4 R's"-reviewing, releasing receiving and returning are specific reflections that lead toward healing and integration. I recommend this book to anyone who has lost a loved one." -Ange Stephens, MA LMFT, Psychotherapist specialist in grief "This honest, heartfelt, and encouraging book offers the labyrinth as a comfort for the journey of grief." -Marcia Lattanzi-Licht, author of The Hospice Choice "This book is a moving testimony of a mother's path through grief. A path that takes us from fragmentation to wholeness. It reminds us that in the intense grief surrounding the loss of someone we love we rediscover the pool of grief that we have always carried. The ordinary, everyday grief that inhabits all our lives." -Frank Ostaseski, founder Metta Institute

Facing Into The Wind

Author : Faith Fuller Wilcox
ISBN : 1425773613
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 71. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 118
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Facing Into The Wind: A Mother's Healing After The Death Of Her Child is a collection of poems written for parents and families who are coping with the terminal illness of a child. The poems are written about Elizabeth, a 14-year-old child, who battles a rare form of bone cancer, and her mother, Faith, who struggles to survive after her daughter's death. Drawing upon metaphors with the natural world, Faith remembers the transcending wisdom imparted by her dying daughter, healing Faith's brokenness and awakening her strength to reach out and comfort others who are suffering. Facing Into The Wind is about the alienation of being in a hospital where the doctors speak a language that Faith does not understand and the fear she feels following each new, devastating diagnosis. Faith writes about Elizabeth's exhaustion after 12 months of medical treatments and how Elizabeth slowly loses her connection to this world. Struggling in an abyss of loss, Faith realizes that her ability to survive depends on her ability to find moments and places of comfort and peace, to release her lost dreams and to develop new understandings from the lessons of loss and suffering. Facing Into The Wind poetically reflects a devastated mother's slow transformation as she begins to recognize the eternal rhythms of the natural world and connects to the new world around her. Facing Into The Wind will offer the readers the solid presence of a parent who has endured similar pain yet has survived; someone who knows that loss is a profound teacher about the preciousness of living.

The Retrospect Of Practical Medicine And Surgery Being A Half Yearly Journal Containing A Retrospective View Of Every Discovery And Practical Improvement In The Medical Sciences Volume 1 Cxxiii 1840 July 1901

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015073477922
Genre :
File Size : 89. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 529
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The Rocket

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105128585010
Genre :
File Size : 42. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 287
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Life After Mom

Author : Tresa Roberts
ISBN : 1079739351
Genre :
File Size : 36. 51 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 798
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Losing a loved one feels like losing yourself. Losing a mom feels like losing life. Tresa L. Roberts knows this feeling all too well and takes readers on the journey of her mom's vibrant life and her fight to live despite a terminal illness. Tresa explores life after losing her mom and transfers that hurt into offering solace and empathy for others. She invites readers into the gates of her heart as she relives sacred moments with mom through her writing. Life after Mom is not just a for those who lost a mom; it's for anyone who wants to learn to help others cope and deal with a loss. It's a welcomed chance for humanity to take form and manifest in others' lives. Tresa concludes you never heal from the death of a loved one--you learn to live without them. Time may pass and memories may fade but love never dies. She offers a process to deal with death and soothing recollections of her mother as she conveys a path to coping and healing. Losing does not mean letting go. In time you will live again, and there is life after mom. This memoir was written for who are dealing and coping with the loss of a mother.

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