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Don T Swear In Church Unless You Really Mean It

Author : Jean F. Larroux, III
ISBN : 9781490838779
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Many people join churches for the same reasons they would join a local country club: it is close to their home, their friends are members there, their kids like it, and it doesn't require much commitment as long as you are current on your dues. Church membership must mean more than that! Our reasons for becoming members of a particular church must be more philosophical than pragmatic. When someone stands before an entire congregation and becomes a member of a particular congregation, we should see that moment as a high and holy moment where the vows being taken are weighty and significant. There are usually only two times in someone's life that they stand before a congregation and say, "I do"--at their wedding and when they join the church. Don't Swear in Church (unless you really mean it!) is designed to help all of us consider and reconsider the significance of the vows we take as the Bride of Christ.

Living Like You Mean It

Author : Ronald J. Frederick, Ph.D.
ISBN : 0470496711
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 47. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In LIVING LIKE YOU MEAN IT, author Ronald J. Frederick, does a brilliant job of describing why people are so afraid of their emotions and how this fear creates a variety of problems in their lives. While the problems are different, the underlying issue is often the same. At the core of their distress is what Dr. Frederick refers to as feelings phobia. Whether it s the experience of love, joy, anger, sadness, or surprise, our inborn ability to be a fully feeling person has been hijacked by fear--and it s fear that s keeping us from a better life. The book begins with a questionnaire-style list that help readers take an honest look at themselves and recognize whether and how they are afraid of their feelings. It then moves on to explore the origins of fear of feeling and introduces a four-part program for overcoming the fear: (1) Become aware of and learn to recognize feelings--anger, sadness, joy, love, fear, guilt/shame, surprise, disgust. (2) Master techniques for taming the fear. (3) Let the feeling work its way all the way through to its resolution. (4) Open up and put those feelings into words and communicate them confidently. With wisdom, humor, and compassion, the book uses stories and examples to help readers see that overcoming feelings phobia is the key to a better life and more fulfilling relationships.

The End Is Nigh Again But This Time We Really Mean It

Author : Douglas Lee
ISBN : 9781446168967
Genre :
File Size : 64. 16 MB
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Working The Skies

Author : Drew Whitelegg
ISBN : 9780814794739
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 25. 56 MB
Format : PDF
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Get ready for takeoff. The life of the flight attendant, a.k.a., stewardess, was supposedly once one of glamour, exotic travel and sexual freedom, as recently depicted in such films as Catch Me If You Can and View From the Top. The nostalgia for the beautiful, carefree and ever helpful stewardess perhaps reveals a yearning for simpler times, but nonetheless does not square with the difficult, demanding and sometimes dangerous job of today's flight attendants. Based on interviews with over sixty flight attendants, both female and male labor leaders, and and drawing upon his observations while flying across the country and overseas, Drew Whitelegg reveals a much more complicated profession, one that in many ways is the quintessential job of the modern age where life moves at record speeds and all that is solid seems up in the air. Containing lively portraits of flight attendants, both current and retired, this book is the first to show the intimate, illuminating, funny, and sometimes dangerous behind-the-scenes stories of daily life for the flight attendant. Going behind the curtain, Whitelegg ventures into first-class, coach, the cabin, and life on call for these men and women who spend week in and week out in foreign cities, sleeping in hotel rooms miles from home. Working the Skies also elucidates the contemporary work and labor issues that confront the modern worker: the demands of full-time work and parenthood; the downsizing of corporate America and the resulting labor lockouts; decreasing wages and hours worked; job insecurity; and the emotional toll of a high stress job. Given the events of 9/11, flight attendants now have an especially poignant set of stressful concerns to manage, both for their own safety as well as for those they serve, the passengers. Flight attendants, originally registered nurses charged with attending to passengers' medical needs, now find themselves wearing the hats of therapist, security guard and undercover agent. This last set of tasks pushing some, as Whitelegg shows, out of the business altogether.

Does It Really Mean That Interpreting The Literary Ambiguous

Author : Kathleen Dubs
ISBN : 9781443827492
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 53. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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However disconnected the essays in the volume might appear to be at first glance, the unifying factor is the very notion of ambiguity—which is one of the essential features of the postmodern age: how it can be defined as opposed to what it means or is, where it can be found, to what purposes it can be put, including questions of whether it is a positive or negative factor. But this, of course, is not a new phenomenon. Writers have always depended on equivocation, multiplicity of meaning, uncertainty of meaning—deliberate mystification one might say. Language itself is the base of ambiguity not only in literature but in everyday public discourse. Thus the papers in the volume should appeal not only to scholars working in the fields of modern or postmodern literature, but those who see the importance of ambiguity in the earlier texts, and perhaps their influences in later writing. Finally the essays included here not only provide specific analyses and proposed solutions for specific works or authors they also open the reader to other appearances of ambiguity, often not simply in literature or critical theory, but in the kinds of social issues the literary works deals with.

Live Like You Mean It

Author : Ava Stone
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Bad boy Brody Campbell won't let anyone stand in the way of his pursuit for a music career, nonstop parties and arena tours. But when he meets single mom, Leah Willett, his outlook on life and his future start to change. Leah falls hard and fast for Brody, even though she knows that a guy like him can never be who she needs at the end of the day. But she can't help herself. He makes life exciting for the first time in forever. But does she love him too much to keep him from his dreams?

The Shield Of Faith And The Multi Manipulator

Author : Shannon Wilkins
ISBN : 9781450002738
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 50. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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First and foremost we give special thanks to our father who art in Heaven for being the Author and Finisher of our faith and for the gifts and talents that you have so graciously bestowed upon us to perform such duties as sharing the gospel by all means giving you the Glory, Honor and the praise for who you are in our lives, we love you in full effect for eternity thank you for your unconditional, unselfish love. We would also like to thank our lord and savior Jesus Christ for our union and for life health and strength and our children, parents, pastor, first lady, siblings, church family whom we love very much.

Without You There Is No Us

Author : Suki Kim
ISBN : 9781473527652
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 54. 23 MB
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It is 2011, and all universities in North Korea have been shut down for an entire year, except for the all-male Pyongyang University of Science and Technology. This is where Suki Kim has accepted a job teaching English. Over the next six months she will eat three meals a day with her young charges and struggle to teach them to write, all under the watchful eye of the regime. Life at the university is lonely and claustrophobic. Her letters are read by censors and she must hide her notes and photographs not only from her minders but also from her colleagues, evangelical Christian missionaries, whose faith she does not share. As the weeks pass she discovers how easily her students lie, and how total is their obedience to Kim Jong-il. She also, bravely, hints at the existence of a world beyond their own: the internet, free travel, democracy, and other ideas forbidden in a country where torture and execution are commonplace. Yet her pupils are also full of boyish enthusiasm, with flashes of curiosity not yet extinguished. Without You, There Is No Us offers a moving and incalculably rare glimpse of life inside the world's most inscrutable country.

Play Like You Mean It

Author : Rex Ryan
ISBN : 0385534450
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 57. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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No football fan will want to be without the book that delivers pure, unfiltered Rex Ryan—head coach of the New York Jets and one of the most popular, outspoken, well-liked, and widely respected personalities in the National Football League. Rex Ryan is known for his exuberance . . . and Play Like You Mean It explores every aspect of Ryan’s amazing passion for the game of football, plus the lessons he has learned in leadership and motivation during his years in and around the game. In his own words, Ryan takes readers behind the scenes of the NFL as he shares colorful football stories from his experiences with the Jets and the Ravens as well as his years recruiting players, coaching college foot­ball, and growing up as a child of legendary NFL coach Buddy Ryan. Rex’s unique brand of enthusiasm and motiva­tion comes through on every page. Most of all, fans will get insider access to Ryan’s headline-grabbing, brutally honest, and undeniably entertaining views on the NFL . . . and the very human side of the larger-than-life athletes who devote their lives to the game of foot­ball. From Ryan’s acceptance of the Jets head coaching job to his success in turning around a team that has long been number two in New York, from his drafting and believing in Mark Sanchez to kicking off the 2010 season with massive expectations (and a target on his back)—this book goes deep, and entertains on every level. From the Hardcover edition.


Author : Tamara Grantham
ISBN : 9781634221610
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Olive's to-do list: Pay the rent, feed the cat, save Faythander. Again. When the fairy realm faces a new, terrifying threat from a goblin Spellweaver, Olive Kennedy leaves her home in Houston to travel through the most dangerous places in Faythander in order to confront him. While there, she learns that history is a muddled subject, especially when elves are involved. Her only comfort comes from Kull, her Viking warrior sidekick—who somehow negates her bad fortune. Yet how long can their relationship last when his past is brought to light? Olive will be tested beyond anything she has endured so far as the secrets of Faythander's sordid and bloody past are exposed—one that could irrevocably alter the future and destroy the lives of everyone she loves. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Spellweaver is the riveting sequel to the award-nominated Dreamthief. Amazon reviewers are raving. "Spellweaver is every bit as gripping and enigmatic as its predecessor." -Leah Alvord, Amazon Reviewer. "Tamara Grantham's Midas touch has worked its charm again." -Courtney, The Moral of Our Stories. If you love fantasy, don't miss this irresistible read.

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