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The History Of Paris In Painting

Author : Georges Duby
ISBN : 0789210460
Genre : Art
File Size : 87. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Presents a comprehensive history of painting in Paris, from illuminated manuscripts in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries to revolutionary paintings, Paris in the age of Impressionism, and contemporary French painting.

Public Access To Art In Paris A Documentary History From The Middle Ages To 1800

Author :
ISBN : 0271044349
Genre : Art
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Public Access to Art in Paris explores public accessibility to art (mainly painting and sculpture) on exhibit in Paris from the High Middle Ages to the year 1800. The topic is important, because from such displays emerged the familiar institutions and practices of the modern world: public museums and sculpture gardens, exhibitions of contemporary art, and popular art journalism. This book traces the origins and development of these familiar components in the city of Paris, where Robert Berger believes all the crucial elements first appeared together. The documentary format offers the reader an extensive array of source writings, many translated for the first time. This book focuses on the settings where art objects were on view to a general public, whether these objects were monumental carvings permanently affixed to church façades, or small cabinet paintings temporarily displayed at an exhibition. Berger is interested in how the visual arts were made available to a public that, by and large, did not commission art, did not purchase or collect it, and was not concerned with it in a scholarly or intellectual sense, but, like the public of today, approached art as pleasurable entertainment or distraction. During the eighteenth century in Paris, this public came to be recognized as a force influencing the display of art and its critical reception. Public Access to Art in Paris both documents how this decisive shift in culture occurred and offers a panorama of artistic life in Paris over seven centuries.

The History Of Rome In Painting

Author : Maria Teresa Caracciolo
ISBN : 0789211033
Genre : Art
File Size : 30. 70 MB
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Traditionally founded by its namesake Romulus in 753 BC, Rome began modestly, as a little village of thatched huts on the Palatine Hill. By the third century BC, it controlled the entire Italian peninsula, and by the first century BC, much of the known world. RomeGÇÖs fortunes have stumbled more than once since thenGÇöindeed, there have famously been times when cows grazed on the ForumGÇöbut it has always reemerged as a leading city, thanks to its status as the seat of Christendom. Through the centuries, artists from all over Europe have been drawn to Rome, both to work in the service of the Church and to learn from the accumulated masterpieces.This luxuriously oversized book uses RomeGÇÖs artistic riches to chronicle the eventful history of the city itself. We are shown the customs and beliefs of the ancient Romans through their own frescoes and mosaics, and their greatest deeds in the history paintings of later masters such as Poussin and David. We follow the fitful rise of Rome, which eventually blossoms forth into the supreme achievements of Michelangelo and Raphael. With eyes uplifted to frescoed vaults, we watch the great decorators of the Baroque add to the cityGÇÖs store of monuments, which are then deftlyGÇöand sometimes quite imaginativelyGÇörecorded by the vedutisti of the eighteenth century. Finally, in canvases by a surprising range of nineteenth- and twentieth-century artistsGÇöfrom Sargent to de Chirico, and even de KooningGÇöwe see Rome in its role as the capital of a unified Italy, and of the modern Western imagination.With its more than three hundred full-color illustrations, including four spectacular gatefolds; its insightful text, written by leading art historians; and its valuable apparatus, including capsule biographies of 175 artists; The History of Rome in Painting is an important achievement in scholarship and publishing and a fitting tribute to the Eternal City. Like its predecessors The History of Venice in Painting and The History of Paris in Painting, it belongs in every art loverGÇÖs library.

The History Of Florence In Painting

Author : Antonella Fenech Kroke
ISBN : 0789211459
Genre : Art
File Size : 84. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Located at the heart of the Italian peninsula, Florence was already a centre of commerce and fine craftsmanship by 1252, when it began to mint its own currency, the gold florin, the "dollar of the Middle Ages." The great wealth amassed by the Medici, the Strozzi, the Pitti, and other merchant and banking families was in some part responsible for the flowering of the arts, literature, philosophy, and science in the period that followed a phenomenon that even then was recognised as, and called, a renaissance. The legacy of this great epoch, both tangible and spiritual, ensured that Florence would remain a beacon of culture through its succeeding centuries of ducal rule, eventually becoming an essential stop on the Grand Tour and a font of inspiration for figures like Stendhal and Ruskin. And Florence was all along a city of painters, whose works not only record and interpret its history--its sights; the likenesses of its leaders and luminaries; its battles, civic myths, and patron saints--but are also an integral part of that history themselves. In this magnificent volume are assembled a wide variety of artworks, both familiar and rarely seen, that, interwoven with an authoritative text, chronicle the changing fortunes of Florence--from the age of Cimabue and Giotto, through the High Renaissance of Leonardo and Michelangelo, to the Mannerism of Vasari and Bronzino, and even to the era of modern travelers like Sargent and Degas. 'The History of Florence in Painting' is a feast for the eyes and the intellect, and a worthy companion to the previous volumes in this series, which present the histories of Venice, Paris, and Rome in painting. AUTHOR: Antonella Fenech Kroke is a historian of Renaissance art, specializing in Giorgio Vasari, and a member of the Centre d'Histoire de l'Art de la Renaissance in Paris. 342 colour illustrations

The Judgment Of Paris

Author : Emeritus Professor of the History and Theory of Art Hubert Damisch
ISBN : 0226135101
Genre : Art
File Size : 56. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Drawing on Freudian theories of sexuality and Kant's conception of the beautiful, French art historian Hubert Damisch considers artists as diverse as Raphael, Picasso, Watteau, and Manet to demonstrate that beauty has always been connected to ideas of sexual difference and pleasure. Damisch's tale begins with the judgment of Paris, in which Paris awards Venus the golden apple and thus forever links beauty with desire. The casting of this decision as a mistake—in which desire is rewarded over wisdom and strength—is then linked to theories of the unconscious and psychological drives. In his quest for an exposition of the beautiful in its relation to visual pleasure, Damisch employs what he terms “analytic iconology,” following the revisions and repetitions of the motif of the judgment through art history, philosophy, aesthetics, and psychoanalysis. This translation brings an important figure of the French art historical tradition to Anglo-American audiences.

Paris And The Clich? Of History

Author : Catherine E. Clark
ISBN : 9780190681647
Genre : Art
File Size : 67. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"This book turns a compelling new lens on thinking about the history of Paris and photography. The invention of photography changed how history could be written. But the now commonplace assumptions--that photographs capture fragments of lost time or present emotional gateways to the past-- that structure today's understandings did not emerge whole cloth in 1839. Focusing on one of photography's birthplaces, 'Paris and the Clichâe of History' tells the story of how photographs came to be imagined as documents of the past. Author Catherine E. Clark analyzes photography's effects on historical interpretation by examining the formation of Paris's first photo archives at the Musâee Carnavalet and the city's municipal library, their use in illustrated history books and historical exhibitions and reconstructions such as the 1951 celebration of Paris's 2000th birthday, and the public's contribution to the historical record in amateur photo contests. Despite the photograph's growing importance in these forums, it did not simply replace older forms of illustration, visual documentation, or written text. Photos worked in complex and shifting relation to other types of pictures as photographers, popular historians, and publishers built on the traditions and iconography of painting and engraving in order to both document the past scientifically and objectively and to reconstruct it romantically. In doing so, they not only influenced how Parisians thought about the city's past and how they pictured it; they also ensured that these images shaped how Parisians lived their own lives--especially in deeply charged moments such as the Liberation after World War II. This history of picturing Paris does not simply reflect the city's history: it is Parisian history"--

Memoirs Of Painting With A Chronological History Of The Importation Of Pictures By The Great Masters Into England Since The French Revolution

Author : William Buchanan
ISBN : OXFORD:600001648
Genre : Painting
File Size : 31. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The History Of Modern Painting Volume 3 Of 4

Author : Richard Muther
ISBN : 9783752418057
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Reproduction of the original: The History of Modern Painting, Volume 3 (of 4) by Richard Muther

The Student S Pocket Dictionary; Or Compendium Of Universal History Chronology And Biography Etc

Author : Thomas MORTIMER (Vice-Consul for the Austrian Netherlands.)
ISBN : BL:A0018040574
Genre :
File Size : 58. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Napoleon And History Painting

Author : Christopher Prendergast
ISBN : 0198174225
Genre : Art
File Size : 71. 19 MB
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"Christopher Prendergast's study is an inquiry into the fortunes, in both theory and practice, of the idea of history painting during the Napoleonic period. His main argument is that under Napoleon, French history painting, especially battle painting, encountered a series of questions as to its nature and function. These questions arose in part from the (often contradictory) demands of a propaanda - machine operating within a post-revolutionary crisis of political legitimation, but also from changes in artistic taste which both retained and re-directed an earlier notion of the civic responsibilities of the history painter. This is a resolutely interdisciplinary book: drawing on perspectives from political thought and history, military theory and practice, and art history, it centres on the work of the painter, Antoine-Jean Gros, and his controversial painting, La Bataille d'Eylau." --Book Jacket.

The Painting Of Modern Life

Author : T.J. Clark
ISBN : 9780525520511
Genre : Art
File Size : 61. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From T.J. Clark comes this provocative study of the origins of modern art in the painting of Parisian life by Edouard Manet and his followers. The Paris of the 1860s and 1870s was a brand-new city, recently adorned with boulevards, cafés, parks, Great Exhibitions, and suburban pleasure grounds—the birthplace of the habits of commerce and leisure that we ourselves know as "modern life." A new kind of culture quickly developed in this remade metropolis, sights and spectacles avidly appropriated by a new kind of "consumer": clerks and shopgirls, neither working class nor bourgeois, inventing their own social position in a system profoundly altered by their very existence. Emancipated and rootless, these men and women flocked to the bars and nightclubs of Paris, went boating on the Seine at Argenteuil, strolled the island of La Grande-Jatte—enacting a charade of community that was to be captured and scrutinized by Manet, Degas, and Seurat. It is Clark's cogently argued (and profusely illustrated) thesis that modern art emerged from these painters' attempts to represent this new city and its inhabitants. Concentrating on three of Manet's greatest works and Seurat's masterpiece, Clark traces the appearance and development of the artists' favorite themes and subjects, and the technical innovations that they employed to depict a way of life which, under its liberated, pleasure-seeking surface, was often awkward and anxious. Through their paintings, Manet and the Impressionists ask us, and force us to ask ourselves: Is the freedom offered by modernity a myth? Is modern life heroic or monotonous, glittering or tawdry, spectacular or dull? The Painting of Modern Life illuminates for us the ways, both forceful and subtle, in which Manet and his followers raised these questions and doubts, which are as valid for our time as for the age they portrayed.

A Brief History Of Painting

Author : Roy Bolton
ISBN : 9781472110220
Genre : History
File Size : 57. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The urge to create pictures of our world has been with us ever since early man daubed a fingerful of pigment on a rock, or used primitive colours to create exquisite images of the beasts he hunted - images so breathtakingly powerful they have never been surpassed, however sophisticated we have become. This book tells the story of what painting has meant to us, and how its role has changed over the centuries. In the crisp, unstuffy commentary on each of 150 landmark works, Christie's art expert Roy Bolton leads us through the development of painting until our own age, where painting as a painterly craft has been overtaken by a proliferation of new forms introduced by contemporary art. To the question, 'Is the death of painting upon us?' the introductory chapter by Matthew Collings, the multi-award-winning TV art presenter, art historian and cultural critic, gives an inspiring answer: 'Painting justifies itself. Rather than pathetically struggling to keep up with the new freak-show culture of videos and installations, painting will only be worth having if it reconnects with its own inner life, where the old and the new are the same.' Roy Bolton's selection takes us from the Ancient World, via the Italian Renaissance, Rococo and Classicism to Impressionism, Modernism and the Contemporary World. Each painting, with its context and artist, is explained in terms designed to encourage us to judge art for ourselves. Written with authority and full of original and helpful insights, this is a history of art for our times. 'While I find it interesting to think about all sorts of art, I prefer painting to any of it. Painting is soulful, important, serious and humane.' Matthew Collings 'We need to de-mystify art by stripping it down to its bare essentials, then rebuilding it ourselves, using our own minds and eyes, without all the pompous clutter.' Roy Bolton

The Art Of Painting Of Charles Alphonse Du Fresnoy

Author : Charles-Alphonse Dufresnoy
ISBN : HARVARD:32044033875980
Genre : Painters
File Size : 85. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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History Of Painting Ancient And Modern Interspersed With Anecdotes

Author :
ISBN : BL:A0018966174
Genre : Painting
File Size : 40. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Author : Virginia Spate
ISBN : UCSC:32106005059099
Genre : Orphism (Art)
File Size : 87. 63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A New History Of French Literature

Author : Denis Hollier
ISBN : 0674615662
Genre : History
File Size : 82. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This splendid introduction to French literature from 842 A.D. to the present decade is the most imaginative single-volume guide to the French literary tradition available in English. Conceived for the general reader, this volume presents French literature not as a simple inventory of authors or titles, but rather as a historical and cultural field viewed from a wide array of contemporary critical perspectives. The book consists of 164 essays by American and European scholars, and covers the history of French literature from 842 to 1989.

The Impressionist And The City

Author : Richard R. Brettell
ISBN : 9780300053500
Genre : Art
File Size : 56. 75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Examines the problematic serial nature of ... [Pissarro's] urban works"--Foreword.

A Pictorial History Of Costume From Ancient Times To The Nineteenth Century

Author : Wolfgang Bruhn
ISBN : 0486435423
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 89. 69 MB
Format : PDF
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A collection of annotated illustrations depicting examples of regional attire throughout history.

Revolutionary Paris And The Market For Netherlandish Art

Author : Darius A. Spieth
ISBN : 9789004276758
Genre : Art
File Size : 80. 75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Revolutionary Paris and the Market for Netherlandish Art restores attention to the aesthetic, intellectual, and economic link between two key periods in the history of art: the “Golden Age” of Dutch and Flemish painting and that of the French Revolution.

Works Containing 1 The Theory Of Painting 2 Essay On The Art Of Criticism So Far As It Relates To Painting 3 The Science Of A Connoisseur A New Edition Corrected With The Additions Of An Essay On The Knwoledge Of Prints And Cautions To Collectors

Author : Jonathan Richardson
ISBN : ONB:+Z170843608
Genre : Art criticism
File Size : 58. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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