homemaking as a social art

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Homemaking As A Social Art

Author : Veronika Van Duin
ISBN : 9781855844339
Genre : Religion
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In recent years, social and economic pressures have combined to affect the traditional role of the homemaker. With emphasis being placed on the world of work as opposed to the life of home, many people now struggle to fulfil several functions simultaneously. This increasingly busy and hectic climate has led to an apparent downgrading of the work of the homemaker. Taking a spiritual perspective inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, Veronika van Duin suggests that homemaking needs to be undertaken consciously as an honoured and valued task - as nothing less than a 'social art'. If we are to enjoy happy and contented family and home lives, the role of homemaker ought to be regarded highly. Without claiming that there is a blueprint for perfect homemaking, the author offers principles and observations based on a study of the seven 'life processes' and how they work on us. She addresses the significance of rhythm, relationships, artistic environment, caring, self development, and much more besides in this invaluable book.

Homemaking And Personal Development

Author : Veronika Van Duin
ISBN : 9781855843691
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 70. 61 MB
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"What decides why things go well one day and badly another? The events are the same, the homemaker is the same, yet on one occasion nothing works out for her and on another everything seems miraculously to fall into place. Is there a special ingredient within us that we can tap into and cultivate to generate the longed-for equilibrium?" Veronika van Duin began her career as a homemaker forty years ago. Setting out with love, enthusiasm and idealism, she soon discovered that she had no idea of the magnitude of the task, feeling herself to be 'very, very wanting'. As she writes: "...I felt guilty, pressurised and inadequate much of the time. I became increasingly conscious of my personal shortcomings. I also felt very alone, and sometimes lonely too..." It is from such humbling feelings that van Duin writes, offering support and hope for fellow homemakers. She reveals the discoveries that have provided her, and many others she has taught in workshops and courses, with the basic life tools for overcoming personal hindrances. In this wonderfully uplifting book, van Duin gives exercises for restoring balance, maintaining equilibrium, discovering understanding, creating joy, validating feeling, maintaining vitality and drive, developing insight, finding freedom, and much more.

The Art Of Homemaking

Author : Daryl V. Hoole
Genre :
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It is intended that women be happy and successful in their homemaking. Being a homemaker is a divine appointment and is a woman’s greatest calling. It should be rich in the rewards of joy, satisfaction and accomplishment. All too often, however, women feel confused, distraught or bored with their role as homemakers. They frequently dread each day, live for the time when their children will be raised so they can be released from it all, or they escape from their responsibilities to their home and family and return to the business world. Other women do enjoy their homemaking activities but find their work consumes most of their day and there is little time for other interests. Many women are wonderful homemakers and managers but are eager for new ideas and skills to make their homemaking even more effective and satisfying. To all of these women, this book offers a practical guide to happier homemaking. It recalls to mind the significance of homemaking and gives their attitude a lift. When the suggestions concerning order and efficiency, methods and approaches are applied, coupled with the workable plan which systematizes the routine duties, women will find their interest in homemaking greatly increasing and that there will be time to get their work done and enjoy creative activities, family fun and personal development. This is not just a book on how to keep house; it offers a way of life which will bring joy and satisfaction to the homemaker and rich, happy experiences to every family member.

The Social Spirit In America

Author : C. R. Henderson
ISBN : 9781596058583
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 30. 72 MB
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In New York City, in a population of 255,033 persons, only 306 had access to a bathroom in the houses in which they lived. In the old, dilapidated, filth-soaked, dark, unventilated buildings the death-rate among children under five years of age ran up to 254.4 in a thousand, while under wholesome conditions it might be reduced to thirty in a thousand. Christendom still shudders when it reads of Herod's "slaughter of the innocents," but that butchery was insignificant in proportions when compared with the murderous effects of city tenement life. -from "Better Houses for the People" Before muckrakers like Upton Sinclair came upon the scene, C.R. HENDERSON, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Chicago, published this assessment of the state of American society for the poorest of the poor, the most downtrodden of the neglected. First published in 1897, it examines everything from the sorry state of women in the workforce and the terrible conditions of tenement life to the necessity of keeping city roads and sidewalks in fine condition and the vital need for civic-sponsored arts and recreation... and then offers suggestions and ideas for religious organizations to help enact municipally minded change for the betterment of all. This is a fascinating look at the spirited and enthusiastic approach to reform that fired early-20th-century social activists. OF INTEREST TO: students of social history, readers of religious activism

Earthly Death And Cosmic Life 1927

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 0766183858
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 79. 49 MB
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Seven lectures given in Berlin during January, February and March 1918. The following lectures were given at a time during the first world war when many souls were passing through the gate of death. The desire for knowledge that will help to realize true links between the living and the dead is no less intense today. Contents: Present Position of Spiritual Science; A Contribution to our Knowledge of the Human Being; Living and the Dead; Cosmic Thoughts and Our Dead; Man's Connection with the Spiritual World; Feelings of Unity and Sentiments of Gratitude: a Bridge to the Dead; Confidence in Life and Rejuvenation of the Soul: a Bridge to the Dead.

The Teaching Of Homemaking

Author : Hazel Maurine Hatcher
ISBN : UCAL:B3594129
Genre : Home economics
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Rosicrucian Wisdom

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 1855840634
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 59. 19 MB
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14 lectures, Munich, May 22- June 6, 1907 (CW 99) The work of Rudolf Steiner is unique in the way it combines esoteric teaching with practical suggestions for the development of social life. Indeed, we know Steiner today mostly because of the various applications of his ideas in such areas as education, medicine, and agriculture. However, society could not have developed any of these without the coherent and profound body of spiritual knowledge at the core of Steiner's work. In Rosicrucian Wisdom--one of Rudolf Steiner's most complete introductions to modern spirituality--he speaks from the very stream of Rosicrucian teaching. Rather than borrowing old ideas from historical tradition, however, he presents a wholly new contribution that arises from the results of his own experiential, spiritual research. Steiner discusses of the Rosicrucian path as the one appropriate for modern spiritual seekers in the West. He warns the reader that Rosicrucian teaching should not be taken as abstract theory; rather than remaining in the head, or even in the heart, spiritual ideas should reach into daily action and transform all aspects of life. He goes on to describe many facets of spiritual truth, including the law of destiny, the fact of life after death, means of developing spiritual vision, humanity's past and future evolution, and much more. This volume contains one of the best lecture courses for gaining a deeper understanding of the spiritual principles behind Anthroposophy. Listen to lecture 1 (mp3) Rosicrucian Wisdom is a translation from the German Die Theosophie des Rosenkreuzers (GA 99). A previous translation was titled The Theosophy of the Rosicrucians.

Man And The World Of The Stars

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 0880100087
Genre : Anthroposophy
File Size : 30. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The actions of spiritual beings in relation to the rhythm of the course of the year are brought to light in these inspiring lectures, showing how we are challenged to consciously integrate these rhythms into our earthly life. Steiner reveals that the concepts of spiritual science serve as our eyes in the spiritual world after death. He shows that we change the world when we communicate with it out of our spiritual nature, which is the true spiritual communion of humanity.

The Principle Of Spiritual Economy In Connection With Questions Of Reincarnation

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 0880101628
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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11 lectures, various cities, January-May, 1909 (CW 109) These talks reveal a particular aspect of how humankind have been guided spiritually throughout history--by the life forces and astral bodies of the great initiates and avatars that were preserved, duplicated, and interwoven with the leading personalities of history. Steiner gives numerous examples of this process, but he says that such inspired people are rare today. Nevertheless, we have the possibility of elevating ourselves in the future to the point where we can receive into ourselves the "I-being" of the Christ, which is indeed our greatest goal--"not I but Christ in me." Contents: The Principle of Spiritual Economy in Connection with Questions of Reincarnation Christianity in Human Evolution, Leading Individualities, and Avatar Beings More Intimate Aspects of Reincarnation Results of Spiritual Scientific Investigations of the Evolution of Humanity On the Occasion of the Dedication of the Francis of Assisi Branch The Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Fire: The Spiritualization of Breath and Blood The Event of Golgotha -- The Brotherhood of the Holy Grail Ancient Revelations and Learning: How to Ask Modern Questions The God of the Alpha and the God of the Omega From Buddha to Christ


Author : University of California, Berkeley
ISBN : UCSF:31378008233556
Genre :
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