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How England Made The English

Author : Harry Mount
ISBN : 9780670919154
Genre : History
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Harry Mount's How England Made the English: From Why We Drive on the Left to Why We Don't Talk to Our Neighbours is packed with astonishing facts and wonderful stories. Q. Why are English train seats so narrow? A. It's all the Romans' fault. The first Victorian trains were built to the same width as horse-drawn wagons; and they were designed to fit the ruts left in the roads by Roman chariots. For readers of Paxman's The English, Bryson's Notes on a Small Island and Fox's Watching the English, this intriguing and witty book explains how our national characteristics - our sense of humour, our hobbies, our favourite foods and our behaviour with the opposite sex - are all defined by our nation's extraordinary geography, geology, climate and weather. You will learn how we would be as freezing cold as Siberia without the Gulf Stream; why we drive on the left-hand side of the road; why the Midlands became the home of the British curry. It identifies the materials that make England, too: the faint pink Aberdeen granite of kerbstones; that precise English mix of air temperature, smell and light that hits you the moment you touch down at Heathrow. Praise for Harry Mount: 'Highly readable, encyclopeadic, marvellous, illuminating. Mount portrays England via dextrous excavations of its geography, geology, history and weather' Independent 'Fascinating. Mount's an intelligent, funny and always interesting companion' Daily Mail 'Charming and nerdily fact-stuffed' Guardian Harry Mount is the author of Amo, Amas, Amat and All That, his best-selling book on Latin, and A Lust for Window Sills - A Guide to British Buildings. A journalist for many newspapers and magazines, he has been a New York correspondent and a leader writer for the Daily Telegraph. He studied classics and history at Oxford, and architectural history at the Courtauld Institute. He lives in north London.

Good For Society

Author : Martin Parsons
ISBN : 9781973683490
Genre : History
File Size : 77. 86 MB
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Good for Society: Christian Values and Conservative Politics In ‘Good for Society’ Martin Parsons has written a book well worthy of its sub title ‘Christian Values and Conservative Politics.’. Good for Society is a robust defence of both our Christian heritage and the Conservative Party. Rt Hon Lord Tebbit CH, former Chairman of the Conservative Party, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and Secretary of State for Employment This is a magnificent, detailed and authoritative examination of the relevance of Christian teaching to today’s Conservative Party. Even when you do not agree with a deduction you are still challenged. Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe, former Conservative MP and Shadow Home Secretary Dr Parsons brings together expertise in politics, careful biblical study, research in Islam and experience of life under the Taliban in Afghanistan. He mounts a powerful case for identifying Christian values and view of the world in the development of the laws, liberties and institutions of the English speaking peoples. He also identifies these values in the approaches of Conservative politics and politicians. These must be recovered in order to develop a narrative and values to address the threat of Islamism which seeks to impose sharia both subtly and violently. Liberal secularists who might disagree with Dr Parsons need to demonstrate a more convincing case than he presents on all fronts. Canon Dr Chris Sugden, Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life Christians in many parts of the world, who are influenced by progressivism, reject Conservative values on social policy by default. They uncritically assume that big government, redistribution of wealth and other leftist policies are closer to the teaching of Scripture, while capitalism, wealth creation, individualism and other Conservative values represent greed, oppression and injustice. Dr Martin Parsons turns this myth on its head. Exploring the great philosophical and historical traditions of Conservatism and expounding the teaching of the Bible, he demonstrates that Conservatism is firmly rooted in the Judeo-Christian worldview. Dr Parsons has written the definitive book on Conservatism and Christianity. I wish this book were written years ago. It would have saved me from years of wandering in the desert of progressivism. Rev. Dr Jules Gomes, theologian and political journalist

New Model Island

Author : Alex Niven
ISBN : 9781912248636
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 79. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A study of place, identity, music, politics and regionalism which calls for a radical restructuring of the British Isles. In the early twenty-first century, "Englishness" suddenly became a hot topic. A rash of art exhibitions, pop albums and coffee table books arrived on the scene, all desperate to recover England’s lost national soul. But when we sweep away the patriotic stereotypes, we begin to see that England is a country that does not — and perhaps should not — exist in any essential sense. In this provocative text combining polemic and memoir, Alex Niven argues that the map of the British Isles should be torn apart completely as we look towards a time of radical political reform. Rejecting outdated nationalisms, Niven argues for a renovated model of culture and governance for the islands — a fluid, dynamic version of regionalism preparing the way for a new "dream archipelago".

The Long Fuse

Author : Don Cook
ISBN : 0871136619
Genre : History
File Size : 31. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An account of the Revolution from the British side reveals political blunders and eloquent opponents of King George's policies


Author : Peter Ackroyd
ISBN : 9781250013675
Genre : History
File Size : 33. 12 MB
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The first book in Peter Ackroyd's history of England series, which has since been followed up with two more installments, Tudors and Rebellion. In Foundation, the chronicler of London and of its river, the Thames, takes us from the primeval forests of England's prehistory to the death, in 1509, of the first Tudor king, Henry VII. He guides us from the building of Stonehenge to the founding of the two great glories of medieval England: common law and the cathedrals. He shows us glimpses of the country's most distant past--a Neolithic stirrup found in a grave, a Roman fort, a Saxon tomb, a medieval manor house--and describes in rich prose the successive waves of invaders who made England English, despite being themselves Roman, Viking, Saxon, or Norman French. With his extraordinary skill for evoking time and place and his acute eye for the telling detail, Ackroyd recounts the story of warring kings, of civil strife, and foreign wars. But he also gives us a vivid sense of how England's early people lived: the homes they built, the clothes the wore, the food they ate, even the jokes they told. All are brought vividly to life in this history of England through the narrative mastery of one of Britain's finest writers.

Do We Need A Constitutional Convention For The Uk

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Political and Constitutional Reform Committee
ISBN : 0215055578
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 88. 4 MB
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The ability of the foundations and rules of the UK to evolve and in doing so adapt to changing circumstances has been a great strength. England, despite being home to 83% of the population of the UK, is yet to join the other nations of the Union in having effective devolution. Outside London, most decisions about England are still taken centrally by the UK Parliament though many decisions in the devolved parts of the Union are also taken centrally in the sense that they are made by the devolved Administrations and Legislatures for the whole of that part of the Union. 'Prospects for codifying the relationship between central and local government' (HC 656-I, ISBN 9780215052544) outlined a way in which devolution for England could be taken forward using local councils as the vehicle. Among the options is a national forum, or pre-convention, for England to discuss the most appropriate method to address the English Question. A strong, lasting democratic settlement for the UK must be built upon two principles: those of devolution and union. That is to say, a broad acceptance of the role and powers of the Union, allied to a respect for different but agreed forms of devolution for the nations that make up the Union. The development of bespoke devolution, rather than one size fits all, is welcomed but the more this is within a context of an agreed role for the UK, the more sustainable the settlement will be

The Book Of English Place Names

Author : Caroline Taggart
ISBN : 9781409034988
Genre : Travel
File Size : 52. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Take a journey down winding lanes and Roman roads in this witty and informative guide to the meanings behind the names of England's towns and villages. From Celtic farmers to Norman conquerors, right up to the Industrial Revolution, deciphering our place names reveals how generations of our ancestors lived, worked, travelled and worshipped, and how their influence has shaped our landscape. From the most ancient sacred sites to towns that take their names from stories of giants and knights, learn how Roman garrisons became our great cities, and discover how a meeting of the roads could become a thriving market town. Region by region, Caroline Taggart uncovers hidden meanings to reveal a patchwork of tall tales and ancient legends that collectively tells the story of how we made England.

The Return Of England In English Literature

Author : M. Gardiner
ISBN : 9781137026026
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 51. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This lively study provides an account of the 'fall and rise' of the English nation within the British discipline of English Literature between the late eighteenth century and the present day, offering a reconceptualisation of the relationship between English Literature and the formation of English cultural identity.

Beckett In Black And Red

Author : Alan Warren Friedman
ISBN : 9780813161624
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 44. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In 1934, Nancy Cunard published Negro: An Anthology, which brought together more than two hundred contributions, serving as a plea for racial justice, an exposé of black oppression, and a hymn to black achievement and endurance. The anthology stands as a virtual ethnography of 1930s racial, historic, artistic, political, and economic culture. Samuel Beckett, a close friend of the flamboyant and unconventional Cunard, translated nineteen of the contributions for Negro, constituting Beckett's largest single prose publication. Beckett traditionally has been viewed as an apolitical postmodernist rather than as a willing and major participant in Negro's racial, political, and aesthetic agenda. In Beckett in Black and Red, Friedman reevaluates Beckett's contribution to the project, reconciling the humanism of his life and work and valuing him as a man deeply engaged with the greatest public issues of his time. Cunard believed racial justice and equality could be achieved only through Communism, and thus "black" and "red" were inextricably linked in her vision. Beckett's contribution to Negro demonstrates his support for Cunard's interest in surrealism as well as her political causes, including international republicanism and anti-fascism. Only in recent years have Cunard's ideas begun to receive serious consideration. Beckett in Black and Red radically revalues Cunard and reconceives Beckett. His work in Negro shows a commitment to cultural and individual equality and worth that Beckett consistently demonstrated throughout his life, both in personal relationships and in his writing.

Between Two Worlds

Author : Malcolm Gaskill
ISBN : 9780199672967
Genre : Civilization
File Size : 85. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Out of this World - the story of modern America's first century. Beginning with the shaky start at Jamestown in 1607, and ending with the cultural crisis of the Salem witch-trials in 1692, Malcolm Gaskill recreates the fascinating transatlantic story of the English plantations in north America. From Maine in the north right down to the Caribbean, the book charts the evolving attitudes to transatlantic adventures in England as the colonies grew in size,wealth and confidence, as well as the evolving attitudes to the mother country in the colonies themselves. It is a story teeming with people on the move, making decisions, indulging or resisting their desires anddreams - and one which has often been neglected or misunderstood on both sides of the Atlantic in the centuries since.

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