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Hurting Too Much

Author : Harry Keeble
ISBN : 9780857208491
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 71. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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Detective Sergeant Harry Keeble's bestselling books, Baby X and Little Victim described his early years in Hackney's Child Protection Unit, as he battled to get to grips with cases of unimaginably horrific child abuse. In Broken Angels, a more experienced Harry relates a series of extraordinary cases he encountered with Ella, a young and newly qualified social worker. Together, Harry and Ella faced the violence of forced marriage, the horror of maternal incest and the cruelty of child slavery. Their investigations took them into a mosque, a drug den and a recording studio. Just as the unrelenting caseload threatened to push the inexperienced Ella over the edge, Harry uncovered one of the most shocking cases of child abuse he'd ever encountered, forcing the duo to tread new ground in the search for justice. Broken Angels reveals why working in Child Protection has never been so tough. It also shows why, despite the fact that so many courageous people are ready and willing to meet impossible challenges, we are still unable to reach all of the broken angels that so desperately need our help.

When Growing Up Hurts Too Much

Author : Scott O. Harris
ISBN : 0029140552
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 38. 19 MB
Format : PDF
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Discusses what is and is not normal teen behavior, types of therapy, and the therapeutic process

Obsessive Love

Author : Susan Forward
ISBN : 0553381423
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 82. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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A guide to overcoming obsessive love presents case histories of men and woman caught in the grip of obsessive passion and describes a step-by-step program that shows readers how to have healthy, lasting, pain-free relationships. Reprint.

When It Hurts Too Much To Wait

Author : Larry Richards
ISBN : 0849904897
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Letters From Women Who Love Too Much

Author : Robin Norwood
ISBN : 9781473519312
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 82. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The internationally bestselling author Robin Norwood responds to letters from women who need advice and help in their recovery from addiction - whether drugs, alcohol or dangerous men In her bestselling self-help book, Women Who Love Too Much, Robin Norwood revolutionised the way we look at love, with a compassionate, intimate book offering a detailed psychological recovery programme for women who love too much – women who are attracted to the wrong men, who neglect their own interests and friends and who are unable to leave tormented relationships for fear of being 'empty without him'. It is a book that speaks to nearly every woman who has ever loved and lost. In this follow-up to her bestselling book, Robin Norwood presents selected letters from readers about their reactions to the book. Norwood, a Dallas therapist, responds to her correspondents with diagnoses of the maladies they describe. The book, "a closer look at relationship addiction and recovery," is divided into 10 sections involving women who are battered, in therapy, addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, as well as to dangerous men. Although the letters are filled with pain, they also express hope for new beginnings, together with thanks from women who say they have learned that they are not alone in their suffering. The closing chapter is devoted to letters from men describing their own destructive relationships.

When It Hurts Too Much To Cry

Author : Jerry Falwell
ISBN : 9781939348456
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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We know the what of suffering, but we don’t always understand the why. Regardless of our age, ability, or attitude, we wonder what purpose it accomplishes. Is pain a part of some immutable law of the universe as is the law of gravity? Has it always existed? Will it continue to hound our steps as long as we live? Does it serve any good purpose? Some partial answers to these very basic questions will be attempted in the pages to follow—partial, I say, because the full reason for pain and suffering remains a dark, undeclared secret, locked in the bosom of God, to be revealed only on the other side of eternity. This book deals with the suffering experienced by the child of God. Such horrors as the Nazi holocaust, the starvation of millions of innocent children in the world, the horrors of war, or other tragedies demand their own explanations. Right now, let us limit ourselves to a discussion of pain and sorrow in the lives of believers

Wanted One Surrogate Mother

Author : Las Chance
ISBN : 9781477262818
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 50. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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Austin Blackburn a wealthy businessman and his best childhood friend Dr. Bo Brooks lived next door to each in New York City. Both men always had a very large number of women who were doing their very best to get their hooks into them, but so far they had managed to dodge the bullet. Lately Austin had started to want more out of life than the usual love and leave them life, he and his friend Bo had been living. He wanted an heir. However he did not want a wife only an heir. Austin decided that a surrogate mother was the only way to go. Karen was a young woman who had moved to New York from a small Southern town right out of high school. Shortly after arriving in New York she got a job at a well established church on the out skirts of the city as the secretary to the good Reverend St. Johns. Who proved not to be such a good reverend after all.

The Boy Who Wanted Too Much

Author : Greg L. Hines
ISBN : 9781465330512
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 34. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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The Boy Who Wanted Too Much is a collection of poems that form a story. There is prose to support the poetry and frame the story but at its heart, poetry is the key. Subject matter touches upon the realms of myth, religion, fantasy, the human condition and love. Each poem speaks with the authors unique voice. Book Review Author 'reaches into his soul' to explore life,love Hillside poet 'reaches out' to readers in his first book When one dis deep enough into one's feelings, dreams, thoughts and experiences, one can create a poetic effect. And the poetic effect, literally speaking, for Greg L. Hines of Hillside, has emerged into a book called "The Boy Who Wanted Too Much". Hines has introduced an interesting compilation of poetry and prose, examining his own apparent state of growing into He has constructed his deepest dreams of reality into a manuscript that is separated in three sections: "The House of Emasculation", "Fairy Dust" and the final section, which is titled "The Pleasure Letters." And in all three, he reaches into his innermost soul to decipher and to understand all that is happening to him in life and love. Some of the poems that Hines has inlcuded in the book are extremely well written and find their way into a persons's heart and soul. Others, however, appear to have been written just for the moment- and then cast aside. Hines, in a comment from the author in his opening pages, explains that "...this is a novel written in a new writing form...developing...over a period of five years. It is known as an abstracted reality." He begins the book with a poem, "The Boy Who Wanted Too Much," and an introduction that says it all. He writed of enemies, lost dreams, girls, angels, love, fear, hate, lust, God and peace, ecstacy, doom -- every emotion that, through the growing years, turns a boy into a man, And as a man, he struggles with all these confrontations. Hines reaches out to his readers to have them delve into their own feelings from boyhood to manhood and to know just what it is really like to grow up and face the world of reality. "The Boy Who Wanted Too Much" is well worth perusing. Some of the poetry actually sounds as if Hines had lyrics in mind for songs to be written. And this reviewer really would'nt mind if it is placed on the shelf in a new category of poetry. It will, however, need more of its kind upon which to lean. --Bea Smith [email protected] Article About the Book Poet 'grew with his material' for first book By Bea Smith Staff Writer The reason it took Greg L. Hines of Hillside 10 years to write "The Boy Who Wanted Too Much," a book of emotional poetry, was because he grew along with the material. "Actually," Hines explained, "I started writing the book when I was younger, in my early 20s. I wanted to be as authentic as possible. And as my perspective changed, so did the character of the book. I call it a novel of abstract reality. It felt like a story although not one that read from A to B." Hines, who is a musician by profession, mentioned that "I've been writing since I was 9 years old. And with a book such as this, for me, a lot of it had to do with my life experiences. It was pretty much a way of getting my feelings out and coping with a lof of things I had going on then. With "The Boy Who Wanted Too Much, 'you can come away with the exact same story." Hines said he takes great pride in the fact that "this is my first published work, even though it is self published by my own publishing company. Hardkandy Publishing, here in Hillside." He also publishes his own music through Hardkandy Records Inc. "I'm self-employed, have my own record label, and m

I Know You Re Hurting

Author :
ISBN : 1455606170
Genre :
File Size : 35. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Jesus Never Wastes Pain

Author : Keturah C. Martin
ISBN : 9781493162833
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 54. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is a credit to Jesus Christ, who sustained the author through repeated and prolonged abuses of unmentionable proportions for several decades. The #1 purpose of this book is to glorify Jesus who is the Great Physician of impossible shatters, abuse, and heart-shreds, even amid emotional comatose and poly-fragmented dissociation. The #2 purpose of the book is to identify with the broken, rejected, and abused and to commend you all for your strength and survival. It is written as a voice for all the survivors of abuse and for those who may be currently trapped as a victim. It is written as a source of inspiration to offer hope to those who are on the healing journey, or desire to begin this journey to hope, healing, and freedom. The #3 purpose of the book is as a resource for those who are open-minded enough to be willing to learn how to understand and help the broken and abused and receive a deeper comprehension of the realities they face. We cannot correctly represent Jesus if we cannot see the abused and brokenhearted through His eyes and heart. When we truly see them through His heart and eyes, we will be propelled into compassionate action just as Jesus was. This book addresses and gives hope for abuse issues and aftermath on every level that many may prefer to shove under the carpet. This includes not only the various abuses out there but some of the aftermath such as extreme emotional agony, suicide, dissociation, rejection, PTSD, and satanic bondage. The enemy of our soul loves darkness and delights to feed on the unresolved anguish and footholds that are buried in his closets. With God’s help, the enemy and his tactics must be exposed and those whom he has wounded and/or holds captive must be freed, for he is defeated through the blood of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ!

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