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I Heart Beat

Author : Edyth Bulbring
ISBN : 9781471400629
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 46. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Romance is what happens when you're busy doing something else Beatrice has got a deadbeat mum, an addiction to online messaging and an aversion to the sun. If she could stay inside all summer she most absolutely would. Except she's being shipped off to stay with her 'Grummer' - a grandmother she barely knows - while her mum has another go at rehab. If Beatrice is going to have any chance of having some peace she will need to distract Grummer with a husband. Unfortunately there aren't many eligible bachelors hanging around this cranky old dorp. Her plan is simple: identify the target, establish contact and ensure eternal love. But all does not go to plan for control-freak Beat. Suddenly she finds herself ditching the factor 50 for freckles from swimming in the reservoir; her cucumber and tea-only diet is overtaken by peanut butter sandwiches, and the very important 'rely on no-one' policy has to make room for Toffie; a boy with a bike, a shock of red hair and a love for the natural fauna of South Africa. Beat always knew that love was found in unexpected places. She just never thought that it might find her.

I Heart Parenting

Author : H. Wallace Webster
ISBN : 9781621899556
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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If you have ever looked into the eyes of a parent who is heartbroken over a wayward child, then you have seen one of the worst types of pain imaginable. When the parent comes to that point, there is little you can do. As a pastor, I have seen that look in far too many parents' eyes. I have prayed with them, cried with them, and listened to them as they shared their pain. This book is written to help keep parents from ever having to endure that pain. If you can capture the hearts of your children early, it can prevent them from breaking your heart later! That battle is worth waging, and it can be won! Learn how to win the hearts of your kids to the Lord so that He may use them for His glory . . . and your joy.

Writing Lesson Level 1 People I Love

Author : Richard Gentry, Ph.D.
ISBN : 9781480770133
Genre :
File Size : 20. 66 MB
Format : PDF
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Incorporate writing instruction in your classroom as an essential element of literacy development while implementing best practices. Simplify the planning of writing instruction and become familiar with the Common Core State Standards of Writing.

Poetry From My Heart

Author : Ebony Queen Freeman
ISBN : 9781465327116
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 44. 53 MB
Format : PDF
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Poetry From My Heart Is urban poetry with a seductive twist, It keeps it real as the Artist lets her audience take a deeper look at her beliefs, desires, love , and her pain.even her thoughts on the upcoming election. Ebony Queen's First book, Loving Me...Finally started it all, Now Here is The Sequel.....

I Heart Me

Author : David Hamilton
ISBN : 9781781802205
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 79. 72 MB
Format : PDF
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How much love do you have for yourself? Not the narcissistic 'Aren't I wonderful' kind of love, but the essential regard for self that empowers you and helps you navigate through life. The type of love that enables you to feel safe and secure in who you are and inspires you to make choices that are good for your authentic self. When scientist David Hamilton realized that his own lack of self-love was sabotaging him in hundreds of subtle ways and more than a handful of major ways, he devised an experiment using himself as the guinea pig. For more than a year David studied the latest research into brain chemistry, neuroscience, and psychotherapeutic and personal development techniques. He realized that self-love was as much about biology as psychology - that self-worth is in our genes, but trained out of us. The biological drive to seek connection with others often leads us to try to be 'someone else' to win love and approval. But the brain can be reprogrammed, and David devised 27 powerful exercises that he tested on himself and presents in the book to help you: • Increase your own level of self-worth • Connect powerfully with your authentic self • Attain a greater sense of happiness and general wellbeing • Create stronger and more real connections with others

I Heart Sex Workers

Author : Lia Claire Scholl
ISBN : 9780827216624
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 286
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Paying for sex - engaging in "the oldest profession" - is everywhere, even in your church. The factors leading individuals into sex work are as varied as hair colors, yet sex workers are viewed as powerless individuals who must be rescued. I Heart Sex Workers offers another perspective, one where the characters defy stereotypes and solutions are hard to find. Author Lia Scholl firmly believes the Christian response to sex work should be one of building agency for women, through education, through fighting injustice, by listening to the voices of sex workers. I Heart Sex Workers examines the forces leading individuals into prostitution, whether through coercion, choice, or circumstance. And it provides a Christian response, answering the question, "Are you my neighbor?" How do we respond to woman trading sex for a place to live tonight when she asks, "Where will I sleep?" This book discusses these issues and many more.

I Heart Grocery Pickup 52 Week Meal Planner Shopping List

Author : Healthy Eating Books
ISBN : 1704781906
Genre :
File Size : 87. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This 52 week meal planner and grocery shopping list notebook allows you to write out your meals and your grocery needs every week. It is 7 x 10 in size and 53 pages long.

I Heart Logs

Author : Jay Kreps
ISBN : 9781491909355
Genre : Computers
File Size : 38. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Why a book about logs? That’s easy: the humble log is an abstraction that lies at the heart of many systems, from NoSQL databases to cryptocurrencies. Even though most engineers don’t think much about them, this short book shows you why logs are worthy of your attention. Based on his popular blog posts, LinkedIn principal engineer Jay Kreps shows you how logs work in distributed systems, and then delivers practical applications of these concepts in a variety of common uses—data integration, enterprise architecture, real-time stream processing, data system design, and abstract computing models. Go ahead and take the plunge with logs; you’re going love them. Learn how logs are used for programmatic access in databases and distributed systems Discover solutions to the huge data integration problem when more data of more varieties meet more systems Understand why logs are at the heart of real-time stream processing Learn the role of a log in the internals of online data systems Explore how Jay Kreps applies these ideas to his own work on data infrastructure systems at LinkedIn

Open My Heart Heal My Soul

Author : David P. Mann
ISBN : 9781621896494
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 113
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Living in this world can be hazardous to one's health. Struggles to deal with pain and suffering drive a number of people to counselors, pastors, and popular how to books on Christian living to find healing. The experience of feeling deeply wounded by life's events not only hinders people from enjoying life, it also undermines the idea that God has a plan for our lives that surpasses many of our wildest dreams. Grappling with the place of God's grace in our lives, how to effectively deal with our problems, and attaining authenticity of being and purpose in life blend into our daily walk as followers of Christ. Building upon the belief that there is far more to the Christian life than simply making it into heaven, Open My Heart, Heal My Soul: Living the Grace-Saturated Life helps readers who have found the journey of life to be frustrating and painful gain new insight into living. This book will inspire those who have felt discouraged by their attempts to overcome problems and provide guidelines for dealing with life's challenges as a Christian.

I Love Long Lists And I Cannot Lie

Author : Niade Roceittre
ISBN : 1661833640
Genre :
File Size : 44. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 512
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Do you love writing lists as much as I do? Long lists of things to get done, or places to go, movies to watch and TV shows to review. If you or someone you know loves to write lists then have fun getting them all down in this 120 page, lined notebook. Show off your list making skills and make a list of your brilliant ideas. Write a travel list, a wedding planner list, a list about who to invite to your next chocolate, strawberry and wine party. As long as you love to write lists you have the freedom and the space to scribble to your heart's content.

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