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In Pictopia

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ISBN : 9781683964575
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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In Pictopia is the legendary comic created in 1986, written b y the era's most adventurous mainstream comics writer and drawn by a bevy of indie cartoonists — helmed by Don Simpson, with Mike Kazaleh, Pete Poplaski, and Eric Vincent. Presented here for the first time, scanned from the original line art and full-color painted boards, in an appropriately oversized format. Pictopia is the allegorical city inhabited by old, forgotten, but once famous and iconic comics characters, now considered pitiable has-beens by the popular new comics characters who are cheerfully and inevitably taking their places in the pop culture panteon of celebrity. It is both a paean to timeless, beloved comics characters and a scathing critique of the then-contemporary comics sub-culture.


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ISBN : UOM:39015069207978
Genre : Comic books, strips, etc
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We Told You So

Author : Tom Spurgeon
ISBN : 9781606999332
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 61. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In 1976, a fledgling magazine held forth the the idea that comics could be art. In 2016, comics intended for an adult readership are reviewed favorably in the New York Times, enjoy panels devoted to them at Book Expo America, and sell in bookstores comparable to prose efforts of similar weight and intent. We Told You So: Comics as Art is an oral history about Fantagraphics Books’ key role in helping build and shape an art movement around a discredited, ignored and fading expression of Americana. It includes appearances by Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Harlan Ellison, Stan Lee, Daniel Clowes, Frank Miller, and more.

The Ages Of The Flash

Author : Joseph J. Darowski
ISBN : 9781476635668
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 46. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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While many American superheroes have multiple powers and complex gadgets, the Flash is simply fast. This simplicity makes his character easily comprehendible for all audiences, whether they are avid comic fans or newcomers to the genre, and in turn he has become one of the most iconic figures in the comic-book industry. This collection of new essays serves as a stepping-stone to an even greater understanding of the Flash, examining various iterations of his character—including those of Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen—and what they reveal about the era in which they were written.

The Routledge Companion To Science Fiction

Author : Mark Bould
ISBN : 9781135228361
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction is a comprehensive overview of the history and study of science fiction. It outlines major writers, movements, and texts in the genre, established critical approaches and areas for future study. Fifty-six entries by a team of renowned international contributors are divided into four parts which look, in turn, at: history – an integrated chronological narrative of the genre’s development theory – detailed accounts of major theoretical approaches including feminism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, cultural studies, postcolonialism, posthumanism and utopian studies issues and challenges – anticipates future directions for study in areas as diverse as science studies, music, design, environmentalism, ethics and alterity subgenres – a prismatic view of the genre, tracing themes and developments within specific subgenres. Bringing into dialogue the many perspectives on the genre The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction is essential reading for anyone interested in the history and the future of science fiction and the way it is taught and studied.

Alan Moore

Author : Eric L. Berlatsky
ISBN : 9781628467284
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 60. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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British comics writer Alan Moore (b. 1953) has a reputation for equal parts brilliance and eccentricity. Living hermit-like in the same Midlands town for his entire life, he supposedly refuses contact with the outside world while creating his strange, dense comics, fiction, and performance art. While Moore did declare himself a wizard on his fortieth birthday and claims to have communed with extradimensional beings, reticence and seclusion have never been among his eccentricities. On the contrary, for long stretches of his career Moore seemed to be willing to chat with all comers: fanzines, industry magazines, other artists, newspapers, magazines, and personal websites. Well over one hundred interviews in the past thirty years serve as testimony to Moore's willingness to be engaged in productive conversation. Alan Moore: Conversations includes ten substantial interviews, beginning with Moore's first published conversation, conducted by V for Vendetta cocreator David Lloyd in 1981. The remainder cover nearly all of his major works, including Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing, Marvelman, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Promethea, From Hell, Lost Girls, and the unfinished Big Numbers. While Moore's personal life and fraught business relations are discussed occasionally, the interviews chosen are principally devoted to Moore's creative practices and techniques, along with his shifting social, political, and philosophical beliefs. As such, Alan Moore: Conversations should add to any reader's enjoyment and understanding of Moore's work.

Breaking The Frames

Author : Marc Singer
ISBN : 9781477317129
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 79. 1 MB
Format : PDF
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Comics studies has reached a crossroads. Graphic novels have never received more attention and legitimation from scholars, but new canons and new critical discourses have created tensions within a field built on the populist rhetoric of cultural studies. As a result, comics studies has begun to cleave into distinct camps—based primarily in cultural or literary studies—that attempt to dictate the boundaries of the discipline or else resist disciplinarity itself. The consequence is a growing disconnect in the ways that comics scholars talk to each other—or, more frequently, do not talk to each other or even acknowledge each other’s work. Breaking the Frames: Populism and Prestige in Comics Studies surveys the current state of comics scholarship, interrogating its dominant schools, questioning their mutual estrangement, and challenging their propensity to champion the comics they study. Marc Singer advocates for greater disciplinary diversity and methodological rigor in comics studies, making the case for a field that can embrace more critical and oppositional perspectives. Working through extended readings of some of the most acclaimed comics creators—including Marjane Satrapi, Alan Moore, Kyle Baker, and Chris Ware—Singer demonstrates how comics studies can break out of the celebratory frameworks and restrictive canons that currently define the field to produce new scholarship that expands our understanding of comics and their critics.

Border Worlds

Author : Don Simpson
ISBN : 9780486808420
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 44. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"With nothing left to lose, Jenny Woodlore joins her brother's ramshackle trucking business on Chrysalis, a huge floating platform on the edge of the galaxy -- only to find herself in the middle of a cosmic conflict that could change the very fabric of the universe"--

Alan Moore Out From The Underground

Author : Maggie Gray
ISBN : 9783319665085
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book explores Alan Moore’s career as a cartoonist, as shaped by his transdisciplinary practice as a poet, illustrator, musician and playwright as well as his involvement in the Northampton Arts Lab and the hippie counterculture in which it took place. It traces Moore’s trajectory out from the underground comix scene of the 1970s and into a commercial music press rocked by the arrival of punk. In doing so it uncovers how performance has shaped Moore’s approach to comics and their political potential. Drawing on the work of Bertolt Brecht, who similarly fused political dissent with experimental popular art, this book considers what looking strangely at Alan Moore as cartoonist tells us about comics, their visual and material form, and the performance and politics of their reading and making.

Ancestry Magazine

Author :
Genre :
File Size : 72. 35 MB
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Ancestry magazine focuses on genealogy for today’s family historian, with tips for using, advice from family history experts, and success stories from genealogists across the globe. Regular features include “Found!” by Megan Smolenyak, reader-submitted heritage recipes, Howard Wolinsky’s tech-driven “NextGen,” feature articles, a timeline, how-to tips for Family Tree Maker, and insider insight to new tools and records at Ancestry magazine is published 6 times yearly by Ancestry Inc., parent company of

Prepare For Pictopia

Author : Lars Denicke
ISBN : 3981045874
Genre : Art
File Size : 71. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is the first-ever in-depth publication to combine works by 30 international artists, commissioned installations, and theoretical texts from the fields of philosophy, robotics, cultural history, psychoanalysis, and design theory.


Author : David Cohen
ISBN : 1402769024
Genre : Photography
File Size : 63. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Chronicles Obama's improbable journey from Springfield, Illinois to the White House, featuring newspaper front pages from across America and around the world. Also includes verbatim text of five historic speeches from the campaign, victory rally, and inauguration.

Heritage Signature Auction 811

Author : Ivy Press
ISBN : 193289912X
Genre :
File Size : 63. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Emoticons Kaomoji And Emoji

Author : Elena Giannoulis
ISBN : 9780429958847
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 90. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This collection offers a comprehensive treatment of emoticons, kaomoji, and emoji, examining these digital pictograms and ideograms from a range of perspectives to comprehend their increasing role in the transformation of communication in the digital age. Featuring a detailed introduction and eleven contributions from an interdisciplinary group of scholars, the volume begins by outlining the history and development of the field, situating emoticons, kaomoji, and emoji – expressing a variety of moods and emotional states, facial expressions, as well as all kinds of everyday objects– as both a topic of global relevance but also within multimodal, semiotic, picture theoretical, cultural and linguistic research. The book shows how the interplay of these systems with text can alter and shape the meaning and content of messaging and examines how this manifests itself through different lenses, including the communicative, socio-political, aesthetic, and cross-cultural. Making the case for further study on emoticons, kaomoji, and emoji and their impact on digital communication, this book is key reading for students and scholars in sociolinguistics, media studies, Japanese studies, and language and communication.

Mobile Marketing Management

Author : Hongbing Hua
ISBN : 9780429633898
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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With the development of mobile internet technology, people’s lifestyle and consumer behavior are changing rapidly. Nowadays, the products on the market are updating more and more frequently, and the traditional marketing theory and brand theory fail to get with the mobile internet. So, what’s the innovative marketing to take in the new era? Since 2012, China has entered into the mobile era, and became a major country of mobile internet application. The book summarizes the experience of the author accumulated from many trials and errors in management and marketing innovation, so as to form the pattern of management and marketing for the next 30 years. Mobile Marketing Management lays the foundation for the new era with four pillars: service, substance, superuser, space, known as 4S theory for short. In view of the concept of customer-first, it is all about service, and products become productized service concepts. In view of the failure of mass communication, the competition among all services becomes the competition of substance differentiation. Regarding the popularity of self-organization, it becomes a trend to cooperate with people rather than the company to develop the market. In view of the principle of fuzzy market boundary, the enterprises shall optimize their living space and evolve their development space. This book contains numerous case studies along with analysis and creates the discipline of mobile marketing management, providing innovative theories, methods and tools for the marketing of enterprises. Through this book, readers can master the marketing methods of the mobile internet era. They can apply the marketing theory in this book to guide the marketing practice, thus improving marketing efficiency and reducing marketing costs.

Entangled Geographies

Author : Gabrielle Hecht
ISBN : 9780262294751
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 34. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Investigations into how technologies became peculiar forms of politics in an expanded geography of the Cold War. The Cold War was not simply a duel of superpowers. It took place not just in Washington and Moscow but also in the social and political arenas of geographically far-flung countries emerging from colonial rule. Moreover, Cold War tensions were manifest not only in global political disputes but also in struggles over technology. Technological systems and expertise offered a powerful way to shape countries politically, economically, socially, and culturally. Entangled Geographies explores how Cold War politics, imperialism, and postcolonial nation building became entangled in technologies and considers the legacies of those entanglements for today's globalized world. The essays address such topics as the islands and atolls taken over for military and technological purposes by the supposedly non-imperial United States, apartheid-era South Africa's efforts to achieve international legitimacy as a nuclear nation, international technical assistance and Cold War politics, the Saudi irrigation system that spurred a Shi'i rebellion, and the momentary technopolitics of emergency as practiced by Medecins sans Frontières. The contributors to Entangled Geographies offer insights from the anthropology and history of development, from diplomatic history, and from science and technology studies. The book represents a unique synthesis of these three disciplines, providing new perspectives on the global Cold War.

Unconcept The

Author : Anneleen Masschelein
ISBN : 9781438435558
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 54. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Explores the conceptualization of the Freudian uncanny in various late-twentieth-century theoretical and critical discourses (literary studies, psychoanalysis, cultural studies, art history, trauma studies, architecture, etc.).


Author : Jochen Gros
ISBN : 9783842378643
Genre :
File Size : 59. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Pictoperanto proceeds with more than 1000 pictograms, icons and graphic metaphors beyond existing pictogram systems and icon collections. Visual grammar allows an initial image vocabulary that is designed in three different typefaces and assembled in icon-fonts like Arial or Helvetica.

Design User Experience And Usability Ux Research And Design

Author : Marcelo M. Soares
ISBN : 9783030782214
Genre :
File Size : 81. 86 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 447
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The History Of Public Library Access For African Americans In The South

Author : David M. Battles
ISBN : 9781461672937
Genre : History
File Size : 85. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 858
Read : 952

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This book examines the African American struggle for access to public libraries in the South, bringing together and examining the three distinct fields involved—Southern Studies, African American Studies, and Library Studies—to inform the historical survey.

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