in search of the highest truth adventures in yoga philosophy

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In Search Of The Highest Truth

Author : Hari-Kirtana Das
ISBN : 0998077305
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If you want to understand the philosophy of yoga, this book is for you. In Search of the Highest Truth is a trip into yoga's spiritual dimension that offers readers an unconventional approach to discovering the enduring relevance of ancient yoga wisdom. This book is a must for yoga teachers who want to integrate the philosophy of yoga into their classes and yoga practitioners who want deepen their experience of yoga. Here's what you'll learn: - A brief history of yoga philosophy - The functions of yoga philosophy - The relationship of yoga and religion - The ethics of yoga - How yoga philosophy reconciles destiny and free will - Strategies for reading traditional yoga wisdom texts - How to develop spiritual vision - How to apply the principles of traditional yoga philosophy to life in the modern world. Yoga philosophy provides compelling answers to life's most important questions, offers practical solutions to life's greatest challenges, and radically transforms our experience of the world. In Search of the Highest Truth will deepen your experience of yoga and clear a joyous path to living a spiritual life in the material world. "Here is a carefully conceived book that will be appreciated by students and teachers alike as an excellent introduction to yoga philosophy." - Joshua M. Greene, author of Swami in a Strange Land: How Krishna Came to the West "Hari-kirtana das makes central ideas from the classic texts of yoga easy to grasp and, with just enough cheeky style, shows us how several commonplace 'truths' of yoga trip over their philosophical shoelaces." - Jayadvaita Swami, author of Vanity Karma: Ecclesiastes, the Bhagavad-gita, and the meaning of life "In Search of the Highest Truth is eminently readable, engaging, and definitely fills a gaping hole in the popular literature on yoga." - Carol Horton, author of Yoga, Ph.D.: Integrating the Life of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Body "This companion to the most seminal yoga texts is full of wit and clarity - an excellent resource for advanced trainings or individual study." - Beth Filla, owner and director of yoga teacher training at Yogawood in Collingswood, New Jersey

The Serpent Grail The Truth Behind The Holy Grail The Philosopher S Stone And The Elixir Of Life

Author : Philip Gardiner
ISBN : 9781780282411
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 26. 33 MB
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Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn trace the extraordinary influence of the snake cult which was prevalent all over the world in ancient times. They demonstrate how a central rite in which snake venom was mixed with snake blood in a ceremonial mixing bowl, which came to be called "the grail", produced a healing elixir which formed the basis of myriad religious and symbolic rituals, including the Christian Eucharist. These rituals operated on a number of levels. On a physical level, the powerful healing properties of this elixir, which is now proven by modern science to enhance t-cell replication, was in fact the basis of the "Elixir of Life". But there is a deeper level for the symbolism of these rituals which can be found in all the great mystery traditions of the world, though shrouded in myth and symbolism. Whether it be the quest to find the elusive "Philosopher's Stone" or indeed the Holy Grail, the Ultimate Quest is in fact to achieve true enlightenment.

The Truth Behind The Christ Myth

Author : Mark Amaru Pinkham
ISBN : 1931882029
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 66. 18 MB
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Return of the Serpents of Wisdom and Conversations With the Goddess author Pinkham tells us the Truth Behind the Christ Myth and presents radically new information regarding Jesus Christ and his ancient legend, includes: The legend of Jesus Christ is based on a much earlier Son of God myth from India, the legend of Murrugan, the Peacock Angel; The symbol of the Catholic Church is Murrugan's symbol, the peacock, a bird native to south-east Asia; Murrugan evolved into the Persian Mithras, and Mithras evolved into Jesus Christ Saint Paul came from Tarsus, the centre of Mithras worship in Asia Minor. He amalgamated the legend of the Persian Son of God onto Jesus' life story; The Three Wise Men were Magi priests from Persia who believed that Jesus was an incarnation of Mithras; While in India, Saint Thomas became a peacock before he died and merged with Murrugan, the Peacock Angel; The Emperor Constantine, the first 'Christian' Emperor of the Roman Empire, was a lifelong devotee of Mithras. He was baptised Christian on his deathbed; The myth of the One and Only Son of God originated with Murrugan and Mithras.

The Spirituality Of The Future

Author : Kaikhushru Dhunjibhoy Sethna
ISBN : 0838620280
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 68. 42 MB
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Corrects errors and redresses a balance in Zaehner's 1971 Evolution in Religion: A Study in Sri Aurobindo and Teilhard de Chardin, in which Dr. Sethna finds some lack of comprehension of Aurobindo and feels that Teilhard comes off better. Aurobindo emerges in this study as the more spiritually advanced of the two.

The Oneness Of The Eastern Heart And The Western Mind

Author : Sri Chinmoy
ISBN : 9781938599422
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 89. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This historic collection of all of Sri Chinmoy’s university lectures in eBook form has been released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in the West on 13 April 1964. Sri Chinmoy’s very first university lecture was given at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, on 10 January 1968. It was entitled “Spirituality: What It Is and What It Is Not.” This inaugurated a whole era of talks which saw Sri Chinmoy travelling ceaselessly across the length and breadth of America and around the world to address the youth of each country. He would spend countless hours travelling by car or train to reach far- flung universities, sometimes visiting two or even three in the course of a single day. After many of these sublimely inspiring discourses, he would answer questions from the audience or spend time instructing sincere seekers in the age-old practices of concentration, meditation and contemplation. By the mid-seventies, Sri Chinmoy had spoken volumes and he began to include longer and longer periods of silent meditation in his lectures. Then, in 1984, in a significant departure from the spoken word, he introduced the theme of Peace Concerts. At these concerts, Sri Chinmoy would play his own soulful and devotional compositions on a variety of instruments of both Eastern and Western origin, meditating between each instrument and sometimes giving aphorisms on peace and related themes. In 2003 yet another form of Sri Chinmoy’s self-offering unfolded when he travelled to a number of universities to honour distinguished professors for their significant contributions to the betterment of humanity by physically lifting them overhead. This remarkable endeavour was part of his “Lifting Up the World With a Oneness-Heart” award programme. Thus, through words, silence, music and a combination of physical and spiritual upliftment, Sri Chinmoy has shared his profound spiritual message with the aspiring Truth- seekers and God-lovers of the university-world for four decades. Sri Chinmoy’s words are mantras for the modern age, reverberating in our hearts with their timeless and truly life-transforming wisdom. In his exquisite prose, which is suffused with the very breath and cadence of poetry, Sri Chinmoy has revealed all the many stages of the seeker’s journey towards the Golden Shores of the ever-transcending Beyond. For generations to come these three volumes will awaken the inner mounting cry of seekers everywhere to achieve the highest Goal of Yoga—union with God—in this life.

Mother India

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015058005169
Genre : Yoga
File Size : 37. 51 MB
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Power Of Mantra And The Mystery Of Initiation

Author : Rajmani Tigunait
ISBN : 0893891762
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 72. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The yogic tradition calls mantra "the word which protects by being repeated." Connecting us to the Divine, mantras transform our lives. Making this esoteric science accessible and practical, Pandit Tigunait explains the process of mantra initiation and how the use of mantra can bring about peace and the unfolding of our spiritual selves.

The New York Times Book Review

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015034639529
Genre : Books
File Size : 46. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Eternal Values For A Changing Society Education For Human Excellence

Author : Swami Ranganathananda
ISBN : UVA:X001506493
Genre : Hinduism
File Size : 81. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Between The Twilight And The Rim

Author : sharon l anderson
ISBN : 0996857397
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The meditative life and the search for God are encapsulated here in a story. It is not the saga of a renowned Saint or Sage, but the simple and pure expression of love in a small native boy as he discovers truths that blossom out of his own ancient traditions and are experienced anew. Ali sets out from the prairies of his homeland, through a settlement of town-folk and far beyond, seeking to become a man. He learns that in the process, finding happiness is the key. Inspired by the teachings of Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda. This story is illustrated with a vibrancy of charming characters and color, by Sharon's sister Ollie Anderson. They grew up in northwestern Canada where the pristine majesty of nature would serve as the perfect inspirational backdrop for this timeless wilderness quest. brief excerpt: forward -- "Grandfather.. do all Holy People experience the same God?" "Of course Ali --truth is truth." "What is the truth?" "That God brought everything into existence out of himself." "So.. there is only one God?" "Yes, the one in you And everywhere." Full excerpt and audio reading companion to Between the Twilight and the Rim can be found at the Sharon Lenore Anderson site. Inspirations for this work includes Native American inspirational nature truth infinitesimal infinite one God or the universe tribal ceremony susan aglukark astronomy inner life the Great Spirit Divine Mother spiritual journey awakening God in Nature Spirit in Nature brave new world frontier pioneer enchanted trails Practicing the Presence of God calming the mind story of hope transforming habit self help traditional folklore family saga inspirational romance gulliver's travels Call of the wild It's a wonderful life A Christmas Carol Norman Rockwell Charles Dickens lewis carrol mother goose fairy tales multicultural Grimms Folk tale highest potential absolute super consciousness awareness inner divine freedom jivanmukta resurrection reincarnation prodigal son inner joy in tune with the universe the four agreements modern classic warrior of the light the pilgrimage the Celestine prophecy the power of now the untethered soul a new earth the fifth mountain man's search for meaning Hiawatha the gifts of imperfection the mastery of love Krishna and radha moral law Finding happiness kriya yoga meditation aboriginal folklore Disney spiritual adventure story Richard Bach inner freedom ananda awake the wayshower the answer Ollie Anderson illustrations native children pictures aboriginal the Imitation of Christ the yugas youtube video evolution creation Christianity Buddhism eastern philosophy educational search for truth Coconuggets the Time Tunnel Who moved my Cheese Love Perfected Life Divine Crystal Clarity God is for Everyone Out of the Labyrinth Illusions shaman ancient tribal tradition understanding the universe time ecstasy religion wish upon a star peter pan the iron giant Pocahontas Bambi Kung Fu Panda Essence of the Bhagavad Gita Revelations of Christ The Alchemist the Power of the Heart Paul Coelho robin hood Jungle Book Harry Potter Frozen Jonathan Livingston Seagull Mulan Pinocchio Alice in Wonderland Born Free Omar Khayyam Moby Dick The Sword in the Stone The Wizard of Oz The Magic Flute The Polar Express Davinci Code the Hobbit Lord of the Rings discovery Moses Graham Greene beloved the little Prince Narada Antony of the Desert Saint Francis Padre Pio The Path Autobiography of a Yogi Raja Yoga Ramachrishna Anandamayi Ma enlightenment Love is the Dawn of Understanding Canadian Wilderness Inuit Samadhi yogic spiritual teaching Makunda Babaji Pilgrim's Progress Kahlil Gibran The Prophet Tale Of The Princess Kaguya, Little House on the Prairie Pilgrims Progress

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