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Research Handbook On Intellectual Property And Competition Law

Author : Josef Drexl
ISBN : 9781848443853
Genre : Law
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The volume offers an outstanding collection of studies on the interaction of IP and competition policy and is highly recommended for academics, graduate students, and practitioners with an interest in more theoretical studies. Ioannis Lianos, World Competition Each chapter in the Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Competition Law is written so lucidly that it will be of great interest to law professors and post graduate students of intellectual property and competition law, as well as those interested in innovation and competition theory, and legal practices in intellectual property and competition law. Madhu Sahni, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights This is a book that delivers on its promise. With a strong cast of contributors from a variety of countries, economies and disciplines, it makes the reader wonder how any commercially attractive IP ever gets exploited at all. IPKAT Here it comes: the book that I have been waiting for! This will surely be an inspiring source of knowledge in my Masters Programme in European Intellectual Property Law at Stockholm University. While promoting intellectual property protection as an important means for innovations and cultural developments, a critical analysis and a flexible approach to the needs for free creative space and effective competition is crucial. As this book so well illustrates, this delicate balance is no either or. Marianne Levin, Stockholm University, Sweden This comprehensive Handbook brings together contributions from American, Canadian, European, and Japanese writers to better explore the interface between competition and intellectual property law. Issues range from the fundamental to the specific, each considered from the angle of cartels, dominant positions, and mergers. Topics covered include, among others, technology licensing, the doctrine of exhaustion, network industries, innovation, patents, and copyright. Appropriate space is devoted to the latest developments in European and American antitrust law, such as the more economic approach and the question of anti-competitive abuses of intellectual property rights. Each original chapter reflects extensive comments by all other contributors, an approach which ensures a diversity of perspectives within a systematic framework. These cutting edge articles will be of great interest to law professors and postgraduate students of intellectual property and competition law, as well as those interested in innovation and competition theory, and legal practices in intellectual property and competition law.

International Review Of Intellectual Property And Competition Law

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105063249549
Genre : Antitrust law
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Intellectual Property And Competition Law

Author : Peter Chrocziel
ISBN : 9789041166838
Genre : Law
File Size : 32. 21 MB
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Inevitably, every marketed product or service can always be located at the intersection of intellectual property law and competition law, a nexus rife with potential problems throughout the ‘life’ of an intellectual property (IP) right. This important book is the first to focus in depth on this intersection in the European context, masterfully elucidating the consequences for IP rights owners from the right’s inception to its transfer, sale, or demise. The authors describes and analyses the following topics and more in detail: • characteristics, purpose and theoretical justifications of IP rights; • obtaining, maintaining, and exploiting an IP right; • effects of provisions of European competition law regarding cartels, block exemptions, abuse of dominant position, free movement of goods, and merger control; • competition between originator companies and generic companies; • licensing, especially the problem of refusal to grant a license; and • enforcement of an IP right. The book analyses all major cases affecting aspects of the intersection, supported by an examination of the historical background and political influence concerning the two areas of European law. There are also special chapters on the prominent and influential national legal systems of Germany, the United States, China, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. An annex provides texts of the major antitrust regulations dealing with European IP rights. As a ‘biography’ of IP rights focusing on areas of entanglement with European competition law, this book is without peer. Its clear-sighted view of the status quo and emerging trends in the two fields will be of immeasurable value to practitioners, policymakers, and academics dealing with issues at the intersection of intellectual property law and competition law in Europe and elsewhere.

Intellectual Property And Eu Competition Law

Author : Jonathan D. C. Turner
ISBN : 0198708246
Genre : Law
File Size : 39. 2 MB
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The interface between intellectual property rights and competition policy is one of the most important and difficult areas of EU commercial law and corresponding national laws. The exploitation of exclusive rights can conflict with competition law, which aims to preserve competition as the driving force in efficient markets. These conflicts have to be resolved against the background of a complicated relationship between EU law, national laws, and international treaties relating to intellectual property. This second edition of an extremely well-reviewed work covers numerous developments that have taken place since the first edition, including the revision of the Technology Transfer Block Exemption and Guidelines, the adoption of a new block exemption for Research and Development, revised Guidelines on horizontal co-operation, the implications of the UsedSoft judgment on exhaustion of rights, EU legislation regulating collecting societies, and cases concerning the abuse of dominant position by misuse of the patent system such AstraZeneca v Commission. The book contains a detailed explanation of the application of EU competition law to all types of intellectual property and the resulting regulatory framework for the exploitation and licensing of intellectual property rights. It has practical analysis of such issues as technology transfer and pools, standards, research and development, collecting societies, franchising, and merchandising. The first edition was quoted with approval by the English Court of Appeal.

The Interplay Between Competition Law And Intellectual Property

Author : Gabriella Muscolo
ISBN : 9789041186904
Genre : Law
File Size : 56. 1 MB
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Although competition law and intellectual property are often interwoven, until this book there has been little guidance on how they work together in practice. As the intersection between the two fields continues to grow worldwide, both in case law and in regulation, the book's markets-based approach, focusing on sectors such as pharmaceuticals, IT, telecoms, energy and agriculture in eleven of the world's most active jurisdictions, provides a much-needed in-depth understanding of how this interplay reveals itself among the different legal systems. Written by a range of authors including judges, regulators, academics, economists and practitioners in both fields, the book provides an international comparative perspective as well as detailed analysis of specific cases, policies and proposals for change. Among the issues and topics covered are the following: – free movement of goods and the protection of intellectual property rights; – standard essential patents & injunction in patent cases; – intellectual property rights between technological development and consumer protection; – geo-blocking; – online platforms and antitrust; – excessive prices. In this context, special attention is paid throughout to the increasing dialogue among Competition Authorities and between Judges and Competition Authorities around the world. As matchless remedy for the lack of uniformity heretofore, the book's investigation of the nexus between competition law and intellectual property in different sectors and in various countries takes a giant step towards a more-balanced approach and more-levelled regulation and practices. It will be warmly appreciated by policy makers, decision makers, regulators, practitioners and academics in both competition law and intellectual property fields

Intellectual Property And Competition Law

Author : Gustavo Ghidini
ISBN : 9781845429935
Genre : Competition, Unfair
File Size : 65. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The book ends with a comprehensive selection of the relevant bibliography. This part is all the more valuable to the reader as Ghidini does not simply list the relevant literature but puts it in it general context and comments on it. Ghidini s book is a fascinating trip through the system of IP laws. Beatriz Conde Gallego, Intellectual Property and Competition Law Intellectual Property and Competition Law by Gustavo Ghidini provides a persuasively presented descriptive analysis of a distinctively European perspective on intellectual property law and its relationship to competition law. Professor Ghidini expertly presents the evolution of intellectual property laws and its contemporary manifestations with respect to the expansion copyright law in technological fields and the inevitability conflict with patent law, the attempt at creating monopolies (such as in biotechnology), and so much more. A seminal work of impressive and articulate scholarship, Intellectual Property and Competition Law should be considered mandatory reading for students and researchers in the field of intellectual property rights and a very strongly recommended addition to academic library International Economics and Judicial Studies reference collections. The Economics Shelf, Midwest Book Review . . . the provocative nature of this book is one of its great strengths, as are its cohesiveness and erudition. Mel Marquis, European Competition Law Review We in the United States have much to learn not only from Gustavo Ghidini s careful analysis of modern trends in the European IP regime but also from his thoughtful development of the thesis that free competition should be understood as the overarching principle guiding both IP protection and what we call antitrust law. Rudolph J.R. Peritz, New York Law School, author of Competition Policy in America and American Antitrust Institute, US This rich and challenging book offers a critical appraisal of the relationship between intellectual property law and competition law, from a particularly European perspective. Gustavo Ghidini highlights the deficiencies in studying each of these areas of law independently and argues for a more holistic approach, insisting that it is more useful, and indeed essential, to consider them as interdependent. He does this first by examining how competition and intellectual property (IP) converge, diverge, and inform one another. Secondly, he assesses how IP law can be interpreted through the guiding principles of competition law antitrust and unfair competition and within the overarching principle of free competition. The book traces the evolution of modern IP law, which it claims is marked heavily both by over-protectionist trends such as the extension of copyright law to technological fields, where it trespasses on the territory of patent law and by attempts to monopolize the achievements of basic research, such as in the example of biotechnology. Through an examination of such emerging issues as access to standards of information and patenting of genetic materials, the author makes a clear case for a reading of IP law that promotes dynamic processes of innovation by competition , and competition by innovation , with related benefits to consumer welfare such as wider choices, greater access to culture and information, and lower prices. Advanced students and researchers in all areas of intellectual property will find this book a stimulating alternative to traditional interpretations of the subject.

Competition Law And Intellectual Property Rights Is The Property Rights Approach Right

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051428918
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Abstract : The intersection between competition law and intellectual property has been a contentious issue since the very beginnings of European Communities (EC) competition law. Both intellectual property and competition law pursue the aim of enhancing economic welfare and innovation, but their direct objectives seem to be in conflict. Whereas intellectual property focuses on the reward of inventive effort and the inventor's incentives to innovate by conferring an exclusive right on the use of the invention, competition law emphasises the dissemination of innovation by ensuring diffusion and access.

The Interface Between Intellectual Property Rights And Competition Policy

Author : Steven D. Anderman
ISBN : 9781139462693
Genre : Law
File Size : 45. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The purpose of this book is to examine the experience of a number of countries in grappling with the problems of reconciling the two fields of competition policy and intellectual property rights. The first part of the book indicates the variation in legislative models as well as the wide variety of judicial and administrative doctrines that have been used. The jurisdictions selected for study are the three major trading blocks with the longest experience of case law (the EU, the USA and Japan) and three less populous countries with open economies (Australia, Ireland and Singapore). In the second part of the book we look at a number of issues closely related to the interface between competition law and intellectual property rights. Separate chapters analyse the issue of parallel trading and exhaustion of IPRs, the issue of technology transfer, and the economics of the interface between intellectual property and competition law.

Intellectual Property Competition Law And Economics In Asia

Author : R Ian McEwin
ISBN : 9781847318398
Genre : Law
File Size : 25. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book results from a conference held in Singapore in September 2009 that brought together distinguished lawyers and economists to examine the differences and similarities in the intersection between intellectual property and competition laws in Asia. The prime focus was how best to balance these laws to improve economic welfare. Countries in Asia have different levels of development and experience with intellectual property and competition laws. Japan has the longest experience and now vigorously enforces both competition and intellectual property laws. Most other countries in Asia have only recently introduced intellectual property laws (due to the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement) and competition laws (sometimes due to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or free trade agreements). It would be naïve to think that laws, even if similar on the surface, have the same goals or can be enforced similarly. Countries have differing degrees of acceptance of these laws, different economic circumstances and differing legal and political institutions. To set the scene, Judge Doug Ginsburg, Greg Sidak, David Teece and Bill Kovacic look at the intersection of intellectual property and competition laws in the United States. Next are country chapters on Asia, each jointly authored by a lawyer and an economist. The country chapters outline the institutional background to the intersection in each country, discuss the policy underpinnings (theoretically as well as describing actual policy initiatives), analyse the case law in the area, and make policy prescriptions.

Personal Data In Competition Consumer Protection And Intellectual Property Law

Author : Mor Bakhoum
ISBN : 9783662576465
Genre : Law
File Size : 76. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book analyses the legal approach to personal data taken by different fields of law. An increasing number of business models in the digital economy rely on personal data as a key input. In exchange for sharing their data, online users benefit from personalized and innovative services. But companies’ collection and use of personal data raise questions about privacy and fundamental rights. Moreover, given the substantial commercial and strategic value of personal data, their accumulation, control and use may raise competition concerns and negatively affect consumers. To establish a legal framework that ensures an adequate level of protection of personal data while at the same time providing an open and level playing field for businesses to develop innovative data-based services is a challenging task.With this objective in mind and against the background of the uniform rules set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the contributions to this book examine the significance and legal treatment of personal data in competition law, consumer protection law, general civil law and intellectual property law. Instead of providing an isolated analysis of the different areas of law, the book focuses on both synergies and tensions between the different legal fields, exploring potential ways to develop an integrated legal approach to personal data.

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