intimacy and solitude

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Intimacy And Solitude

Author : Stephanie Dowrick
ISBN : 9781740510752
Genre : Intimacy (Psychology)
File Size : 58. 90 MB
Format : PDF
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Through a rare interweaving of ideas and personal stories, this absorbing and immensely accessible international bestseller offers an unparalleled chance to explore, understand and balance two key emotional concerns in everyone's life: intimacy and independence. We all want to be able to give love and receive it. We want to feel easy and confident with friends, family and the people we work with. We also want to be able to enjoy and benefit from our own company. Yet sometimes things go mysteriously wrong. In this wise, inclusive and genuinely healing book, we learn that at the heart of many of our most painful problems is a need to strengthen our confidence from within so that with a more dependable and mature sense of self, we can relate to others without feeling invaded, anxious or insecure, and we can be alone without feeling off-balance or needy. In this book - six years in the making -Stephanie Dowrick offers a uniquely insightful and compassionate understanding of how to live with a far greater sense of inner security, immediately and positively changing the way we relate to others and to ourselves. 'Intelligent, eloquent and wise' METRO 'Offers penetrating insights into some of the most basic paradoxes of human relationships' THE GUARDIAN 'A book of tremendous depth and power' MAXINE McKEW 'She leads the reader from restriction to freedom through self-reliance' THE AUSTRALIAN 'Like the great sages, Dowrick is aware that...true wisdom comes from experiencing all that life can bring, and reflecting deeply upon it' ANNE FRENCH, THE LISTENER

Intimacy And Solitude

Author : Stephanie Dowrick
ISBN : 9781743438152
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 79. 70 MB
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Why do we behave as we do - if it doesn't get us what we want? Can we balance our needs for closeness and for independence? Can we understand our emotional history - and go beyond it? How do we negotiate our needs with those of other people? Can we become the lover, partner or friend we long to be? Gay, straight, old, young; we want our relationships 'to work'. Through a variety of moving, personal stories, a rare breadth of well-founded ideas and her own inspiring belief in the rewards of love, Stephanie Dowrick shows how possible it is to experience the pleasures of self-acceptance - and the last joy of satisfying connections with others.

Intimacy Solitude

Author : Stephanie Dowrick
ISBN : 0704347547
Genre : Interpersonal relations
File Size : 33. 58 MB
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Love is the most natural thing in the world. Yet we make and break relationships routinely, often without understanding why. Unravelling the desire for rewarding relationships, we must start with ourselves.

The Couple Intimacy Workbook

Author : William E. Krill
ISBN : 9781615993871
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 20. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Is the intimacy in your relationship as rich as it could be? Expand your understanding of the power of intimacy in couples.Learn new and stimulating ways to interact with your partner to enhance bonding.Explore the possibilities of pushing the limits of six kinds of intimacy.Advance your relationship with exercises you can do together or solo.Relate at a deeper level than you may have thought possible.Recharge passion for your relationship and partner."This workbook encourages us to take a step back and rethink our intentions and help us remember why we love our partners and continue to strengthen our relational bonds." -- Sarah Davinsizer, B.A. "Growing Couple Intimacy is well done, filled with concrete ways for couples to explore and grow individually and in their intimacy with one another." -- Pastor Mary J. Hendricks "A wonderful, practical guide to further develop intimacy, including helpful activities that are both individual and couple focused." -- Melody Ray "Growing Couple Intimacy sums up many poignant topics most humans could use some help with and presents suggestions in very workable and understandable ways. I will be using this workbook in my own marriage. I also believe this will give me another useful tool in my clinical practice." -- Michael Stubler, MA, CRC, LPC "Very insightful and engaging! The exercises help to break down walls and explore intimacy in ways you might not have known existed." -- Chris Schneider, Worship Leader, Manchester, CT "Growing Couple Intimacy is a useful tool that I can apply to individuals as well as couples. I found the practical applications outlined a helpful step towards intimacy growth." -- Nicole Behe, wife and mother Learn more at

Couples Intimacy Issues And Addiction

Author : Barbara Jo Brothers
ISBN : 9781317719304
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 62. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Explore effective, innovative ways to foster healthy relationships! This thoughtful book discusses fresh and innovative ways to treat partners in distress. It suggests creative therapeutic ways to approach a range of problems and inner needs. Encompassing case studies, theoretical concepts, and original research, Couples, Intimacy Issues, and Addiction offers an intimate glimpse into the painful journey to marital healing. Couples, Intimacy Issues, and Addiction reveals the secret dynamics of marriages in trouble. It offers models for nontraditional relating, insight for handling such devastating crises as adultery, and a fascinating analysis of the marital crisis in the film Eyes Wide Shut. It shows how to use powerfully effective techniques including facilitated imagery, self-psychology, and a phasic model of handling adultery. Couples, Intimacy Issues, and Addiction addresses the tough issues that can shatter a marriage, including: balancing privacy and relatedness handling the intrusive memory of a late spouse facing one partner’s addiction healing from adultery and other disloyalties Though the problems presented in these pages are potentially devastating to any marriage, this book offers an attentive, respectful approach that will be beneficial to both partners. Couples, Intimacy Issues, and Addiction offers solid, tested advice on ways to encourage clients to confront their genuine needs and deal with the ghosts of the past. With these techniques, psychologists, social workers, and couples counselors can help partners on the brink of divorce can build a healthy marriage on a solid foundation of love and trust.

Sounding Solitude

Author : Sr. Mary Paul Cutri, OCD
ISBN : 9780935216813
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Solitude is not foreign to anyone. It is a universal reality that permeates all our experiences. But why write a book about it? One answer: God. God is the One we seek in solitude. Solitude, which is a listening to God, a being with God, an attentiveness to God’s word and wisdom, and a being-in-love with God, is worth the journey into it. Persons who enter into solitude and taste its fruits will no longer see as they saw before. Solitude offers another way of seeing. When we are open to discover and to receive, the mystery of solitude purifies the sight, the seeing, the beholding of each person. When solitude brings us to God, God brings us into new vision. This book is directed to all who seek God and who long to “see” God and to know God’s ways more truly. This book is for those who are so eager to be transformed in Christ that they are willing to wade into the waters of solitude. This book invites you to an exploration that begins with the desires to pray: to pray because the hunger for God pursues you; to pray because you believe the value of prayer. Solitude is a milieu of prayer: it beckons us to seek God. Prayer will lead you into the solitude God wants for you. Prayer opens the door to a solitude which will open you to God. Once you read this book, solitude will not be a solitude of emptiness; love will be near.

Objects Of Hope

Author : Steven H. Cooper
ISBN : 9781134898947
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 64. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Despite the importance of the concept of hope in human affairs, psychoanalysts have long had difficulty accepting responsibility for the manner in which their various interpretive orientations and explanations of therapeutic action express their own hopes for their patients. In Objects of Hope: Exploring Possibility and Limit in Psychoanalysis, Steven Cooper remedies this longstanding lacuna in the literature, and, in the process, provides a thorough comparative analysis of contemporary psychoanalytic models with respect to issues of hope and hopefulness. Cooper's task is challenging, given that the most hopeful aspects of human growth frequently entail acceptance of the destructive elements of our inner lives. The analysis of hope, then, implicates what Cooper sees as a central dialectic tension in psychoanalysis: that between psychic possibility and psychic limit. He argues that analysts have historically had difficulty integrating the concept of limit into a treatment modality so dedicated to the creation and augmentation of psychic possibility. And yet, it is only by accepting the realm of limit as a necessary counterpoise to the realm of possibility and clinically embracing the tension between the two realms that analysts can further their understanding of therapeutic process in the interest of better treatment outcomes. Cooper persuasively demonstrates how each psychoanalytic theory provides its own logic of hope; this logic, in turn, translates into a distinctive sense of what the analyst may hope for the patient, and what the patient is encouraged to hope for himself or herself. Objects of Hope brings ranging scholarship and refreshing candor to bear on the knotty issue of what can and cannot be achieved in the course of psychoanalytic therapy. It will be valued not only as an exemplary exercise in comparative psychoanalysis, but also as a thoughtful, original effort to place the vital issue of hope at the center of clinical concern.

Intimacy Performance And The Lied In The Early Nineteenth Century

Author : Jennifer Ronyak
ISBN : 9780253035806
Genre : Music
File Size : 45. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The German lied, or art song, is considered one of the most intimate of all musical genres—often focused on the poetic speaker’s inner world and best suited for private and semi-private performance in the home or salon. Yet, problematically, any sense of inwardness in lieder depends on outward expression through performance. With this paradox at its heart, Intimacy, Performance, and the Lied in the Early Nineteenth Century explores the relationships between early nineteenth-century theories of the inward self, the performance practices surrounding inward lyric poetry and song, and the larger conventions determining the place of intimate poetry and song in the public concert hall. Jennifer Ronyak studies the cultural practices surrounding lieder performances in northern and central Germany in the first quarter of the nineteenth century, demonstrating how presentations of lieder during the formative years of the genre put pressure on their sense of interiority. She examines how musicians responded to public concern that outward expression would leave the interiority of the poet, the song, or the performer unguarded and susceptible to danger. Through this rich performative paradox Ronyak reveals how a song maintains its powerful intimacy even during its inherently public performance.

The Art Of Intimacy

Author : Patrick T. Malone
ISBN : 0671761528
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 71. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Discusses the nature of intimacy, describes how we interact with our spouses, children, and friends, and gives practical advice on how to improve personal relationships

Lovely Lonely Life A Woman S Village Journal 1973 1982 Volume I

Author : Mary Kelly Black
ISBN : 1462802001
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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These journal entries comprise two volumes of selections (Vol. I, 1973-1982, Vol. II, 1983-2003). Volume I includes an Introduction and some biographical memories. As Stephane Mallarme considered literature the antithesis of journalism, a journal is often the antithesis of a diary. It is of less interest to record moods and events, or barriers to self-realization, than to have ideas and insights about these. As a journal-keeper, I am generally disinterested in diurnal details, unless these form the compost of deeper exploration or revelation, seeking insight into my condition, not simply its description. A journal, therefore, is often more complex and difficult than a diary, far less personal in depictions of daily fortune, using everyday experiences as a stepstool (at the least) to peer beyond the walls of psychological enclosure. I did not choose the journal form to mask the personal, to belittle or avoid it, but to reflect my most intimate assessment of the personal as contributing to something greater: comprehension. It is not enough merely to record the frustrations, joys or barriers of living, without appraising these for what they represent and suggest, where we learn not merely reiterate. The ideal criteria of selection and discrimination apply not only to ones journal, but to life as well, adding a mythological drama and perspective that immersion alone does not permit. In some ways, journalizing is similar in impulse to the pastoral ethos or motif familiar in contemplative writing from Virgil to Thoreau: one withdraws from active society, toward natural or rural settings, in search of some form of respite, then returns to tell of their discoveries. Some critics have seen this as the organizing design of most North American fables--in fact, as the American mythology, seeking to heal the serious schism between our natural psyche and its more devastated environment; that is, a search for a middle ground (or via media) between the primitive and the technologically complex. This volume of journal selections resembles that motif, focusing on the withdrawal phase of a generally recuperative metaphysical cycle. Such solitude is intentional, a critical phase in the live/withdraw/live-again cycle of spiritual refreshment. A recuperative isolation can be experienced daily, if one is discriminating in how their time is spent, but is usually gained more intensely over long, purposefully reclusive periods. The motivations for my withdrawal were several, perhaps the strongest a propensity (as described of another Irish writer) for being nearly overcome by the variety of life. If not overcome, certainly fatigued by events in and of themselves. A reflective silence seemed essential to examine the roots of this propensity. An ideal of pure time, free of most distractions (human or otherwise), was also necessary for writing of the sort that interested me, the personally contemplative or mystical. Only through such reflection could I ever achieve a meaningful connection with the more active life that surrounded me. The predominant experience of solitude--especially in a society where the value of withdrawal is suspect or sporadic--is the figurative isolation one experiences throughout the entire cycle of withdrawal and re-emergence. It is generally difficult for lovers of action to comprehend this attraction to non-doing. One of the aims of solitude is to reunite philosophy and religion, or rather philosophy and awe, to not accept the social impoverishment of these universal needs for knowledge and worship. The asceticism of retreat was not solely the traditional and philosophical appeal of simplicity, but the freedom from income-producing and time-consuming work it permitted. For the solitary, however, an ideal of pure time must be united with an ideal of intimate association, if the mystical quest is to be emotionally as well a

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