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Knives 2019

Author : Joe Kertzman
ISBN : 1946267554
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 69. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Discover stunning custom knives! Throughout history, knives of untold numbers of styles, materials and designs have been carried as tools, weapons and adornments--and each knife has a distinct attraction all its own. That allure has helped custom knifemaking evolve, and continue to grow and thrive today. The pages of Knives 2019, 39th Edition give you the most elite crop of knives and makers that the world of blades has to offer. Knives 2019 showcases blades of every class and style with more than 800 spectacular full-color images, along with descriptions of the makers who created them. Inside this 39th edition of Knives you will find captivating feature articles on a wide variety of knife styles and designs, the latest trends and state of the art in materials, patterns and fabrication that will not disappoint any knife enthusiast--whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned edge aficionado. In addition, you can utilize the completely updated Custom Knifemaker Directory to find the creator of your next favorite blade. Enthralling articles about the legendary Bowie knife, Wharncliffe edges, tomahawk evolution, dive knives, traveling with blades, tactical folders and more. Trends chapter with the hottest designs for flippers, daggers, sushi knives, fighters, straight razors, tantos, folding saws, ultra-thin setups and pocketknives. State of the Art chapter parades carved, sculpted, damascus, engraved, san mai steel and artisan knives from some of the world's most skilled craftsmaen. The comprehensive Custom Knifemaker Directory includes contact information, websites, specialties, materials, price ranges, tools, tang stamps and comments. Knives 2019 is your go-to resource for all things knives, blades and edges. Dive into the world's greatest knife book and discover the wonderful universe of custom blades.

Knives 2020

Author : Joe Kertzman
ISBN : 1946267880
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 24. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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Discover blades of every class and style with more than 800 spectacular full-color images, along with descriptions of the makers who created them. The go-to resource for all things knives, blades, and edges.

Old Knives Xx And More

Author : Tom McCandless
ISBN : 9781532068447
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 58. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Knife collecting has grown tremendously in the last thirty years, and the most collected brand by far is Case. The long history of Case knives dates to 1896, when brothers John, Jean, and Andrew Case began producing knives with their stampings. Author Tom McCandless, a longtime knife collector, explores the history of Case knives from their beginning to 1920 in Old Knives, XX, and More. He also chronicles his own experiences as a collector in building knowledge, networking with dealers and vendors, and finding answers to questions of value and authentication. Early Case knives, current-production knives, or knives from any period between are all collectible. Some collectors focus on patterns such as whittlers, stockman, or trappers. Other collections are based on handle materials such as stag, bone, pearl, greenbone, and redbone. If you want to know more about collecting knives—including pattern numbers, handle materials, grading conditions, and pricing—this book is an essential resource.

The Big Book Of Knives

Author : Oliver Lang
ISBN : 0764357395
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 49. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The knife--a staple in every household and long considered one of mankind's most important tools. Despite our long history, in today's fast-paced world many no longer know how to recognize a good knife or the characteristics that define one. This book details the differences between types of knives, the characteristics a capable knife must have, the different locking systems for folding knives, and more! A must-have reference for anyone who uses their knife on a daily basis.

Introduction To Knifemaking

Author : Jason Northgard
ISBN : 1095024671
Genre :
File Size : 66. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides everything you need to know to get a head start on becoming a blade smith. This book is heavily illustrated with over 250 full-color photographs. The text details every aspect of the craft and provides step-by-step instructions as well as teaches tricks of the trade that will make each build a little easier. The book is designed to not only explain each step but also visually depict the process. The book is written for the layman and details making a full tang fixed blade knife by using the stock removal method, hand forging a hidden tang blade, and crafting a knife from a pre-cut commercially available knife blank. Learn what tools you will need, what steel is the best choice, how to profile the knifes shape, how to grind flat bevels, hollow grinds and full flat bevels, how to harden the steel blade so it will be hard enough to hold and edge and strong enough not to break. The book also covers creative aspects of the craft like decorative blade etching and blade textures which allow the maker to transform a standard knife into a one of a kind piece of metal art. Whether it's for hunting or kitchen use, anyone interested in learning how to make a knife will surely find this book informative and indispensable.

Intermediate Guide To Bladesmithing

Author : Wes Sander
ISBN : 1792966180
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 57. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Powerful bladesmithing techniques for the intermediate knife maker Have you made your first knife, a few maybe, but you feel like you could improve and expand your bladesmithing skills? Are your knives losing their edge after sharpening them a few times? Are small details of imperfection in your blades bothering you? Are you tired of making the same boring and flawed knife? I, Wes Sander, will share with you powerful techniques to take your bladesmithing skills to the next level. In this book you will learn about: - The most cost-effective way to make a knife - The secrets of making a Damascus knife in just 9 steps - How you can make your first sword, in just 17 steps, start to finish - The secrets of Japanese blade making - A simple technique, used by master bladesmiths, that will prevent your blade from shattering - The #1 high-performance steel that you should use to make knives - Lost wax casting, an important technique that is rarely included in smithing books - 10 essential tools that you need to have when bladesmithing - 1 blade sharpening tip, to help you create the perfect edge - How to build a simple but effective forge Are you frustrated with the archaic and cryptic language of higher level bladesmithing authors? This book has been designed to have simple language so that it is easy for you to grasp even the most complex concepts. The assorted collection of techniques in this book can help you add a unique touch to your creations. Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this book: Q: What is this book about? A: This book is an intermediate guide to forging knives and swords. Q: Who should read this book? A: If you are interested in making knives and swords of any kind, you would want to read this book. Anyone looking to learn various unique bladesmithing techniques should also read this book. Q: Do I need to have tools before I read this book? A: Only the bare minimum are required. The rest you can make or acquire along your bladesmithing journey. The book even has a step-by-step guide to making your own forge, so you don't have to start out with one. Q: What am I going to learn in this book? A: As the title suggests, the main focus of this book is to help you make knives and swords. I also teach you how to forge Damascus. More than anything, what this book can do for you is that it can guide you throughout every step of every process that is included, simple or complex. You can learn and improve as a bladesmith by expanding your smithing knowledge and skills, with this guide to help you do it. ☆★☆ Buy the $12.97 paperback version and get the $2.99 Kindle version for absolutely FREE! ☆★☆ Every day that you delay improving your bladesmithing skills is another day that you spend resources on making the same boring and flawed knife. Take action and buy now by clicking the 'Buy now with 1-click' button

The Complete America S Test Kitchen Tv Show Cookbook 2001 2019

Author : America's Test Kitchen
ISBN : 9781945256554
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 54. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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19 Years of the Hit TV Show Captured in One Complete Volume Here is your last chance to find every recipe prepared on public television's top-rated cooking show over 19 seasons all in a single compendium, including the new season that debuts in January 2019. You'll also get up-to-date equipment and ingredient ratings drawn from the show's equipment testing and taste-testing segments. And you'll see the behind-the-scenes action--how the show comes together, what it takes to be a test cook, and more. Cook along wiht the latest season as it airs with these new recipes: Next-Level Chicken Piccata, Beef Short Rib Ragu, Roasted Whole Side of Salmon, One-Hour Pizza, Chinese Pork Dumplings, Crispy Ground Beef Tacos, Roasted Poblano and Black Bean Enchiladas, Falafel, Skillet-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chile, Peanuts, and Mint, Ultimate Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits, Best Lemon Bars, Brazilian Cheese Bread, Chocolate Cream Pie, and more.

Fleet Of Knives

Author : Gareth L. Powell
ISBN : 9781785655227
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From award-winning author Gareth L. Powell, the second book in the critically acclaimed Embers of War space opera series. The former warship Trouble Dog and her crew of misfits is called upon by the House of Reclamation to investigate a distress call from the human starship the Lucy's Ghost. Her crew abandon their crippled ship and seek refuge abroad an abandoned, slower-than-light generation ship launched ten thousand years before by an alien race. However, the enormous ship contains deadly secrets of its own. Recovered war criminal, Ona Sudak, faces a firing squad for her actions in the Archipelago War. But, at the last moment, she is smuggled out of her high security prison. The Marble Armada has called for her to accompany its ships as observer and liaison, as it spreads itself across the human Generality, enforcing the peace at all costs. The alien ships will not tolerate resistance, and all dissenters are met with overwhelming and implacable force. Then her vessel intercepts messages from the House of Reclamation and decides the Trouble Dog has a capacity for violence which cannot be allowed to endure. As the Trouble Dog and her crew fight to save the crew of the Lucy's Ghost, the ship finds herself caught between chaotic alien monsters on one side, and on the other, destruction at the hands of the Marble Armada.

E C Atkins Company Saws Saw Tools And Machine Knives No 19 1923

Author : Don Wilwol
ISBN : 9780359513697
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 33. 39 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A reprint of the 269 page E.C. Atkins & Company Saws, Saw Tools and Machine Knives No 19 1923 catalog showing the complete line of saws and other tools in the E.C. Atkins line. . Tool collectors use original catalogs to identify the vintage tools they find. Since the original catalog are sometimes difficult to find and an original copy of this publication is hard to find at a reasonable price, reprinted catalogs work well.

Shades Of Magic The Steel Prince 5

Author : V.E. Schwab
ISBN : 9781787732346
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 716
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Having vanquished the Pirate Queen, Prince Maxim Maresh has now been tasked with commanding the Verose military barracks. However, the young, headstrong prince finds it hard to be accepted by the regular soldiers billeted there who see him as nothing more than a spoiled royal playing at being a soldier, and he yearns to earn their respect and be judged for his skills as a warrior and leader and not because of the privilege of his royal title.

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