lab on a chip devices and micro total analysis systems a practical guide

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Lab On A Chip Devices And Micro Total Analysis Systems

Author : Jaime Castillo-León
ISBN : 9783319086873
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 25. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book covers all the steps in order to fabricate a lab-on-a-chip device starting from the idea, the design, simulation, fabrication and final evaluation. Additionally, it includes basic theory on microfluidics essential to understand how fluids behave at such reduced scale. Examples of successful histories of lab-on-a-chip systems that made an impact in fields like biomedicine and life sciences are also provided. This book also: · Provides readers with a unique approach and toolset for lab-on-a-chip development in terms of materials, fabrication techniques, and components · Discusses novel materials and techniques, such as paper-based devices and synthesis of chemical compounds on-chip · Covers the four key aspects of development: basic theory, design, fabrication, and testing · Provides readers with a comprehensive list of the most important journals, blogs, forums, and conferences where microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip news, methods, techniques and challenges are presented and discussed, as well as a list of companies providing design and simulation support, components, and/or developing lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic devices.

Cardiac Cell Culture Technologies

Author : Zbigniew Brzozka
ISBN : 9783319706856
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 51. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides an introduction to the biological background of heart functioning and analyzes the various materials and technologies used for the development of microfluidic systems dedicated to cell culture, with an emphasis on cardiac cells. The authors describe the characterization of microfluidic systems for cardiac cell culture and center their discussion of the use of stem cell stimulation based on four different types: electrical, biochemical, physical, and mechanical. This book is appropriate for researchers focused on on-chip technologies and heart studies, students in bioengineering and microengineering courses, and a variety of professionals, such as biotechnologists, biomedical engineers, and clinicians working in the cardiac diseases field.

Microsystem Engineering Of Lab On A Chip Devices

Author : Oliver Geschke
ISBN : 9783527606368
Genre : Science
File Size : 54. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Written by an interdisciplinary team of chemists, biologists and engineers from one of the leading European centers for microsystem research, MIC in Lyngby, Denmark, this book introduces and discusses the different aspects of (bio)chemical microsystem development. Unlike other, far more voluminous and theoretical books on this topic, this is a concise, practical handbook, dealing with analytical applications, particularly in the life sciences. Topics include: * microfluidics * silicon micromachining * glass and polymer micromachining * packaging * analytical chemistry illustrated with examples taken mainly from ongoing research projects at MIC.

Microfluidics For Pharmaceutical Applications

Author : Helder A. Santos
ISBN : 9780128126608
Genre : Science
File Size : 66. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Microfluidics for Pharmaceutical Applications: From Nano/Micro Systems Fabrication to Controlled Drug Delivery is a concept-orientated reference that features case studies on utilizing microfluidics for drug delivery applications. It is a valuable learning reference on microfluidics for drug delivery applications and assists practitioners developing novel drug delivery platforms using microfluidics. It explores advances in microfluidics for drug delivery applications from different perspectives, covering device fabrication, fluid dynamics, cutting-edge microfluidic technology in the global drug delivery industry, lab-on-chip nano/micro fabrication and drug encapsulation, cell encapsulation and delivery, and cell- drug interaction screening. These microfluidic platforms have revolutionized the drug delivery field, but also show great potential for industrial applications. Presents detailed coverage on the fabrication of novel drug delivery systems with desired characteristics, such as uniform size, Janus particles, and particular or combined responsiveness Includes a variety of case studies that explain principles Focuses on commercialization, cost, safety, society and educational issues of microfluidic applications, showing how microfluidics is used in the real world

Sensors Handbook

Author : Sabrie Soloman
ISBN : 9780071605717
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 22. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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Complete, State-of-the-Art Coverage of Sensor Technologies and Applications Fully revised with the latest breakthroughs in integrated sensors and control systems, Sensors Handbook, Second Edition provides all of the information needed to select the optimum sensor for any type of application, including engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, military, agricultural, geographical, and environmental implementations. This definitive volume discusses a wide array of sensors, including MEMS, nano, microfabricated, CMOS, smart, NIR, SpectRx(tm), remote-sensing, fiber-optic, light, ceramic, and silicon sensors. Several in-depth application examples from a variety of industries are included. The comprehensive details in this authoritative resource enable you to accurately verify the specifications for any required component. This is the most through, up-to-date reference on sensing technologies available.

Technical Digest

Author : Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ISBN : 0780377443
Genre : Microelectromechanical systems
File Size : 29. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112060208219
Genre : Microelectromechanical systems
File Size : 22. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Advanced Semiconductor And Organic Nano Techniques

Author : Hadis Morkoç
ISBN : 0125070632
Genre : Nanoparticles
File Size : 90. 16 MB
Format : PDF
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Physical sciences and engineering, as well as biological sciences have recently made great strides in their respective fields. More importantly, the cross-fertilization of ideas, paradigms and methodologies have led to the unprecedented technological developments in areas such as information processing, full colour semiconductor displays, compact biosensors and controlled drug discovery to name a few. Top experts in their respective fields have come together to discuss the latest developments and the future of micro-nano electronics. They investigate issues to be faced in ultimate limits such as single electron transitors; zero dimensional systems for unique properties; thresholdless lasers, electronics based on inexpensive and flexible plastic chips; cell manipulation; biosensors; DNA based computers; quantum computing; DNA sequencing chips; micro fluidics; nanomotors based on molecules; molecular electronics and recently emerging wide bandgap semiconductors for emitters, detectors and power amplifiers. Contributions from top experts in this field Covers a wide range of topics

Separation Methods In Microanalytical Systems

Author : Jorg P. Kutter
ISBN : 9781420027938
Genre : Science
File Size : 73. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Focusing on what has been one of the driving forces behind the development of lab-on-a-chip devices, Separation Methods in Microanalytical Systems explores the implementation, realization, and operation of separation techniques and related complex workflows on microfabricated devices. The book details the design, manufacture, and integration of diverse components needed to perform an entire analytical procedure on a single miniaturized device. The content applies to a diversity of disciplines including chemical analysis, biomedical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and drug discovery. Separation Methods in Microanalytical Systems lays its theoretical background in a way that scientists from varied disciplines can approach. The book describes factors that influence the performance of separation, such as microfluidic handling, sample pre-treatment, and detection. It also conveys fabrication and material issues, design challenges, and practical considerations. Several chapters describe specific separation techniques that are central to micro-Total Analysis Systems (μ-TAS) as well as novel methods and emerging trends in microchip-based separations. The book also provides an applications overview that supplies a wealth of examples that help scientists put their ideas in perspective with already existing solutions. This multi-authored volume offers different styles, approaches, and opinions for a given problem, reflecting the various angles researchers take to handle the same issues. A one-stop guide for understanding, designing, and working with separation techniques in microanalytical devices, Separation Methods in Microanalytical Systems is a valuable reference for scientists and engineers already preparing to meet the anticipated demand for function-specific chemical separation systems.

Handbook Of Analytical Instruments

Author : R S Khandpur
ISBN : 9780071487467
Genre : Science
File Size : 22. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Select the Right Analytical Instruments to Optimize Scientific and Engineering Projects and Research The Handbook of Analytical Instruments offers scientists and engineers a complete guide to the principles and building blocks of today's high-tech instruments, so that they can select the right analytical tools to optimize their projects and research. This expert resource covers instrumentation basics and recent advances, such as biosensors...gamma spectrometers... and visualization methods for electrophoresis. The book takes readers through flame photometers, radiochemical instruments, automated chemical analysis systems, blood gas analyzers, digital circuits, and much more. Filled with 100 detailed illustrations, the Handbook of Analytical Instruments fully explores: The integration of microcontrollers and personal computers, resulting in improved recording techniques and display systems Advances in spectrophotometry, leading to ever-decreasing sample size and multi-sample analytical techniques The latest electrochemical instruments_with greater speed, accuracy, and automation Get Quick Access to Today's Most Powerful Analytical Instruments • Fundamentals of Analytical Instruments • Colorimeters and Spectrophotometers • Infrared Spectrophotometers • Flame Photometers • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers • Fluorimeters and Phosphorimeters • Raman Spectrometers • Photoacoustic and Photothermal Spectrometers • Mass Spectrometers • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers • Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometers • Electron and Ion Spectroscopy • Radiochemical Instruments • X-Ray Spectrometers • Automated Chemical Analysis Systems • Gas Chromatographs • Liquid Chromatographs • Thermo-Analytical Instruments • Electrophoresis Apparatus and Densitometers • Electrochemical Instruments • pH Meters and Ion Analyzers • Blood Gas Analyzers • Industrial Gas Analyzers • Environmental Pollution Monitoring Instruments • Electronic Devices and Circuits • Digital Circuits • Computer-Based Analytical Instruments

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