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Monthly Labor Review

Author : United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics
ISBN : UCBK:C005014304
Genre : Labor
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Publishes in-depth articles on labor subjects, current labor statistics, information about current labor contracts, and book reviews.

Economic Report The State Of South Carolina

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433022748176
Genre : South Carolina
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The Rise And Fall Of The White Republic

Author : Alexander Saxton
ISBN : STANFORD:36105003928855
Genre : History
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In this acclaimed historical study, Alexander Saxton establishes the centrality of white racism to American politics and culture. Examining images of race at a popular level - from blackface minstrelsy to the construction of the Western hero, from grassroots political culture to dime novels - as well as the philosophical constructions of the political elite, it is a powerful and comprehensive account of the ideological forces at work in the formation of modern America.

Labor Press Service

Author :
ISBN : MINN:30000002452070
Genre : Employees' magazines, newsletters, etc
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International Capital Transfers And The Choice Of Production Technique

Author : Susan I. Ranney
ISBN : UOM:39015006278215
Genre : Capital movements
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A two-country, two-factor, two-good world with incomplete specialization is explored in the context of international capital transfers, where the techniques of production of the same good differ between the two countries. It is shown that the terms of trade for the South will worsen with a capital transfer to the South under a wide range of assumptions about technology choice in the North, South, and North-owned sector of the South. The implied redistribution of world income, as well as the implications of a change in the production technique of the North-owned sector of the South are also examined.

Perspectives On The American South

Author : Merle Black
ISBN : 9781136764882
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87. 64 MB
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First Published in 1981. In Perspectives on the American South we hope to gather, yearly, essays that deal with the society, politics, and culture of the region. This first book in the series contains 27 articles, representing the work of some 30 scholars, and including the disciplines of history, sociology, anthropology, political science, and geography. The papers have been organized around four broad topics: violence in the region, southern politics, comparative studies of the region, and the South’s ethnic and cultural groups.

The Southern Quarterly

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X002097058
Genre :
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Freedpeople In The Tobacco South

Author : Jeffrey R. Kerr-Ritchie
ISBN : UVA:X004296204
Genre : History
File Size : 69. 48 MB
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Describes changes in tobacco-growing areas after emancipation, caused both by the end of slavery and by other economic currents

Labor Movement

Author : Harald Bauder
ISBN : 9780195346220
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 38. 29 MB
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Throughout the industrialized world, international migrants serve as nannies, construction workers, gardeners and small-business entrepreneurs. Labor Movement suggests that the international migration of workers is necessary for the survival of industrialized economies. The book thus turns the conventional view of international migration on its head: it investigates how migration regulates labor markets, rather than labor markets shaping migration flows. Assuming a critical view of orthodox economic theory, the book illustrates how different legal, social and cultural strategies towards international migrants are deployed and coordinated within the wider neo-liberal project to render migrants and immigrants vulnerable, pushing them into performing distinct economic roles and into subordinate labor market situations. Drawing on social theories associated with Pierre Bourdieu and other prominent thinkers, Labor Movement suggests that migration regulates labor markets through processes of social distinction, cultural judgement and the strategic deployment of citizenship. European and North American case studies illustrate how the labor of international migrants is systematically devalued and how popular discourse legitimates the demotion of migrants to subordinate labor. Engaging with various immigrant groups in different cities, including South Asian immigrants in Vancouver, foreigners and Sp?taussiedler in Berlin, and Mexican and Caribbean offshore workers in rural Ontario, the studies seek to unravel the complex web of regulatory labor market processes related to international migration. Recognizing and understanding these processes, Bauder argues, is an important step towards building effective activist strategies and for envisioning new roles for migrating workers and people. The book is a valuable resource to researchers and students in economics, ethnic and migration studies, geography, sociology, political science, and to frontline activists in Europe, North America and beyond.

The Revolution Of 1861

Author : Andre M. Fleche
ISBN : 9780807869925
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 77 MB
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It was no coincidence that the Civil War occurred during an age of violent political upheaval in Europe and the Americas. Grounding the causes and philosophies of the Civil War in an international context, Andre M. Fleche examines how questions of national self-determination, race, class, and labor the world over influenced American interpretations of the strains on the Union and the growing differences between North and South. Setting familiar events in an international context, Fleche enlarges our understanding of nationalism in the nineteenth century, with startling implications for our understanding of the Civil War. Confederates argued that European nationalist movements provided models for their efforts to establish a new nation-state, while Unionists stressed the role of the state in balancing order and liberty in a revolutionary age. Diplomats and politicians used such arguments to explain their causes to thinkers throughout the world. Fleche maintains that the fight over the future of republican government in America was also a battle over the meaning of revolution in the Atlantic world and, as such, can be fully understood only as a part of the world-historical context in which it was fought.

De Bow S Review

Author : James Dunwoody Brownson De Bow
ISBN : IOWA:31858033648431
Genre : Southern States
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Bulletin Of The United States Bureau Of Labor Statistics

Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112011574198
Genre : Labor
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Black Reconstruction In America The Oxford W E B Du Bois

Author : W. E. B. Du Bois
ISBN : 9780199385676
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 58 MB
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W. E. B. Du Bois was a public intellectual, sociologist, and activist on behalf of the African American community. He profoundly shaped black political culture in the United States through his founding role in the NAACP, as well as internationally through the Pan-African movement. Du Bois's sociological and historical research on African-American communities and culture broke ground in many areas, including the history of the post-Civil War Reconstruction period. Du Bois was also a prolific author of novels, autobiographical accounts, innumerable editorials and journalistic pieces, and several works of history. Black Reconstruction in America tells and interprets the story of the twenty years of Reconstruction from the point of view of newly liberated African Americans. Though lambasted by critics at the time of its publication in 1935, Black Reconstruction has only grown in historical and literary importance. In the 1960s it joined the canon of the most influential revisionist historical works. Its greatest achievement is weaving a credible, lyrical historical narrative of the hostile and politically fraught years of 1860-1880 with a powerful critical analysis of the harmful effects of democracy, including Jim Crow laws and other injustices. With a series introduction by editor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and an introduction by David Levering Lewis, this edition is essential for anyone interested in African American history.

Building An American Empire

Author : Paul Frymer
ISBN : 9781400885350
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 45. 64 MB
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How American westward expansion was governmentally engineered to promote the formation of a white settler nation Westward expansion of the United States is most conventionally remembered for rugged individualism, geographic isolationism, and a fair amount of luck. Yet the establishment of the forty-eight contiguous states was hardly a foregone conclusion, and the federal government played a critical role in its success. This book examines the politics of American expansion, showing how the government's regulation of population movements on the frontier, both settlement and removal, advanced national aspirations for empire and promoted the formation of a white settler nation. Building an American Empire details how a government that struggled to exercise plenary power used federal land policy to assert authority over the direction of expansion by engineering the pace and patterns of settlement and to control the movement of populations. At times, the government mobilized populations for compact settlement in strategically important areas of the frontier; at other times, policies were designed to actively restrain settler populations in order to prevent violence, international conflict, and breakaway states. Paul Frymer examines how these settlement patterns helped construct a dominant racial vision for America by incentivizing and directing the movement of white European settlers onto indigenous and diversely populated lands. These efforts were hardly seamless, and Frymer pays close attention to the failures as well, from the lack of further expansion into Latin America to the defeat of the black colonization movement. Building an American Empire reveals the lasting and profound significance government settlement policies had for the nation, both for establishing America as dominantly white and for restricting broader aspirations for empire in lands that could not be so racially engineered.

Dimensions Of Black Conservatism In The United States

Author : G. Tate
ISBN : 9780230108158
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 67. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Dimensions of Black Conservatism in the US is a collection of twelve essays by leading black intellectuals and scholars on varied dimensions of black conservative thought and activism. The book explores the political role and functions of black neoconservatives. The majority of essays cover the contemporary period. The authors have provided a historical context for the reader with several articles examining the origins and development of black conservatism.

Building Ships Building A Nation

Author : Hwasook Nam
ISBN : STANFORD:36105124190427
Genre : History
File Size : 41. 24 MB
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Examines the rise and fall, during the rule of Park Chung Hee (1961-79), of the combative labor union at the Korea Shipbuilding and Engineering Corporation (KESC). Inspired by legacies of labor activism from the colonial and immediate postcolonial periods, KSEC union workers fought for equality, dignity, and a voice of labor as they struggled to secure a family living wage. Faced with the severe repression of labor, the KSEC union was transformed into a pro-company body in the 1970s.

Employment And Wages Annual Averages

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106017002608
Genre : Labor supply
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Black Workers Struggle For Equality In Birmingham

Author : Horace Huntley
ISBN : UCSC:32106017877066
Genre : History
File Size : 44. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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They recount vividly their own experiences with sharecropping, migration to the city and adjacent mining towns, all-pervasive police brutality, and their tireless personal and collective efforts to improve their lives and those of their children."--Jacket.

Asian And Pacific Migration Journal

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822034010405
Genre : Asia
File Size : 42. 68 MB
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Area Trends In Employment And Unemployment

Author :
ISBN : MSU:31293010831604
Genre : Economic assistance, Domestic
File Size : 87. 17 MB
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