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Leases Rental Agreements

Author : Marcia Stewart
ISBN : 9781413326727
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Create a solid, binding lease that complies with your state laws If you rent out residential real estate, you need to create documents that are legally valid where your rental property is located. Every state’s rules are different when it comes to what landlords must include in their leases, and stationery store forms don’t tell you what you need to know. Not only does this book contain instructions on how to tailor your rental documents to your state’s laws, it also gives you customizable copies of key rental forms you need, including: a fixed-term lease a month-to-month rental agreement a rental application tenant reference and credit check forms move-in and move-out letters, and a property inspection checklist. The 13th edition is completely updated to reflect the latest state landlord-tenant laws—find out what your state requires regarding security deposits, entry to rental property, disclosures, termination notices, and much more. This new edition also covers topics relevant to today’s landlords, such as how to handle online transactions, how to make sure e-signatures are valid, and how to comply with laws protecting your tenants’ private information.

Accounting Concepts And Applications

Author : W. Albrecht
ISBN : 9780324376159
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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No matter what your career plans or future goals, ACCOUNTING: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS, 10e helps you develop a solid understanding of accounting and its importance in business today that will put you well ahead of the competition. Organized around business activities, the text balances an introduction to accounting procedures with an emphasis on decision making. You not only learn the mechanics of preparing accounting information, but also how to use what you're learning to make stronger business decisions. This edition's lively, intriguing writing style is packed with actual examples showing how real, leading companies throughout the country use accounting information to make better business decisions. New Experience Accounting videos bring accounting principles to life within organizations such as Hard Rock Cafe. Proven learning features emphasize the relevance of what you're learning, help you refine your accounting skills, and assist you in learning how to effectively analyze accounting information. Reorganized, streamlined chapters help build a strong, practical context around the procedures of accounting. To maximize each minute of study and help you efficiently complete homework, the new CengageNOW online learning system provides interactive tools and a personalized learning path that focuses only on the accounting procedures and concepts you still need to master for business success. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Landlord And Tenant Guide To Colorado Residential Leases And Evictions

Author : Victor M. Grimm
ISBN : 9781932779578
Genre : Eviction
File Size : 45. 25 MB
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Decisions Of The Comptroller General Of The United States

Author : United States. General Accounting Office
ISBN : IND:39000007338705
Genre : Finance, Public
File Size : 30. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Contains a selection of major decisions of the GAO. A digest of all decisions has been issued since Oct. 1989 as: United States. General Accounting Office. Digests of decisions of the Comptroller General of the United States. Before Oct. 1989, digests of unpublished decisions were issued with various titles.

An Introduction To Islamic Finance

Author : Muhammad Taqi Uusmani
ISBN : 9041116192
Genre : Law
File Size : 25. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Although the principles of Shari'ah require banks and financial institutions to be structured on an interest-free basis, this does not mean that such institutions are charitable concerns. As long as a person advancing money expects to share in the profits earned (or losses incurred) by the other party, a stipulated proportion of profit is legitimate. The philosophy is enshrined in the traditional Islamic concepts of musharakah and mudarabah, along with their specialized modern variants murabahah, ijarah, salam, and istisna'. This guide to Islamic finance clearly delineates the all-important distinctions between Islamic practices and conventional procedures based on interest. Justice Usmani of Pakistan, who chairs several Shari'ah supervisory boards for Islamic banks, clearly explains the various modes of financing used by Islamic banks and non-banking financial institutions, emphasizing the necessary requirements for their acceptability from the Shari'ah standpoint and the correct method for their application. He deals with practical problems as they arise in the course of his presentation, and offers possible solutions in each instance. Investors and others doing business (or intending to do so) in Islamic countries have in this book a practical guide to a crucial factor in the success of their endeavours.

How To Break An Apartment Lease A Step By Step Guide

Author : Bruce Marks
Genre : Law
File Size : 84. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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HOW TO BREAK AN APARTMENT LEASE WITH NO PENALTY OR DAMAGE TO YOUR CREDIT – A STEP BY STEP GUIDE. Read in an hour, take immediate action and be on your way. An excellent, comprehensive and practical guide to getting out of a lease. Great for those in a lease contract and need to get out of it. Lease terms and conditions are stringent. Learn to navigate around them and break your lease without coughing up hefty fines and penalties or damage your credit history. Breaking a lease has other severe consequences as well. You want to avoid a lawsuit at all costs. You want to maintain a good credit score, especially if you plan on applying for a credit card, car loan or a mortgage in the near future. Maintaining a good rental history with previous landlords benefits you with future landlord and lenders. This book has been compiled with years of rental real estate experience. After years of giving personal advice to tenants in a bind, the author has compiled this practical and more importantly actionable guide for anyone in a similar situation who’d like to get out of a lease early without incurring fines, penalties and damaging their credit. The author hopes that this “do it yourself guide” helps every tenant in need of it. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1: TENANCY AGREEMENTS (LEASES) AND FALSE CLAIMS A. UNDERSTANDING YOUR TENANCY AGREEMENT B. FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT TENANCY AGREEMENTS C. RENTING WITHOUT SIGNING A TENANCY AGREEMENT D. IT IS NOT MANDATORY TO RENEW YOUR LEASE AGREEMENT BEFORE IT EXPIRES E. YOU CANNOT COMPOSE A TENANCY AGREEMENT F. THE MINIMUM TENANCY AGREEMENT MUST BE 6 MONTHS G. TENANCY AGREEMENTS ARE 100% CUSTOMIZABLE H. TENANCY AGREEMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED BY REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS CHAPTER 2: CONSEQUENCES OF BREAKING A LEASE A. LAWSUITS B. JUDGMENTS C. FUTURE IMPLICATIONS CHAPTER 3: BREAKING A LEASE – CONTRACTS, PENALTIES, GROUNDS/REASONS A. CONTRACTS ARE BREACHED ALL THE TIME B. PENALTIES CAN BE MINIMIZED OR ELIMINATED ALL TOGETHER C. REASONS LEASE AGREEMENTS CAN BE BROKEN CHAPTER 4: PRELIMINARY ACTIONABLE STEPS TO TAKE TO BREAK OF A LEASE WITHOUT PENALTY AND CREDIT DAMAGE A. BREACH OF CONTRACT B. LOOK FOR FAVORABLE CLAUSES IN THE FINE DETAIL C. BE HUMAN – DISCUSS YOUR SITUATION WITH YOUR LANDLORD D. OFFER TO PAY THE LEASE IN INSTALLMENTS E. OFFER YOUR LANDLORD TO KEEP THE SECURITY DEPOSIT F. SUBLEASING YOUR RENTAL PROPERTY CHAPTER 5: ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS CHAPTER 6: SPECIFIC AREAS TO LOOK INTO FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT POSSIBILITIES CHAPTER 7: STEP BY STEP PROCESS OF FILIGN A COMPLAINT CHAPTER 8: SAMPLE LETTER TO LANDLORD CHAPTER 9: A QUICK RECAP CHAPTER 10: FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS DISCLAIMER

New Lease On Life

Author : Catherine Anne Wilson
ISBN : 9780773564282
Genre : History
File Size : 81. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In Part 1 Wilson reconstructs the family circumstances and estate management of two landlords, Stephen Moore, third earl of Mount Cashell, and Major Robert Perceval Maxwell. Each owned several estates in Ireland and the estate known as Amherst Island in Ontario. She examines how the management of these estates changed over time and highlights the differences between management in the north and south of Ireland, particularly in Counties Down, Antrim, and Cork. She looks at the form the landlord-tenant relationship took in the New World to determine whether tenancy arrangements in the New World offered landlords an opportunity to start afresh or, instead, were influenced by the traditions and financial circumstances of their Irish estates. The second part of the study follows more than one hundred tenant families who, between 1820 and 1860, migrated from the Ards Peninsula in County Down to Amherst Island, where they rented land from Mount Cashell and, later, from Maxwell. Wilson reveals what life was like in the United Parish of St Andrews, why families emigrated and rented on Amherst Island, and what it meant socially and economically to be a tenant in the New World, where most farmers were freeholders. Wilson sets her study firmly in the framework of British, Irish, and American writing on land tenure, and in this comparative context opens the discussion of tenancy among Canadians more widely than anyone has done heretofore. She concludes that both landlords and tenants were more successful in the New World. Wealth and land ownership might be slow in materializing, but the opportunity, the choices, and the attainment of security were all greater than they had been in Ireland.

Financial Services

Author : M. Y. Khan
ISBN : 0070585857
File Size : 79. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Accidental Landlord

Author : Danielle Babb, Ph.D., MBA.
ISBN : 9781440652219
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Don't sell for less! The fastest-growing opportunity this side of the real estate bubble. For everyone who needs to move but doesn't want to sell their house for less than they paid, this book outlines a profitable new option that many desperate sellers fail to consider: rent it and become a landlord, at least until a market re-boom. This book alleviates every fear, and outlines every step of the way to a real estate success. Includes: ?rental agreements ?preparing the rental property ?assessing personal responsibilities ?working with a management company or by one's Self ?evaluating potential renters ?collecting rent ?insurance coverage, and more.

Accounting For Real Estate Transactions

Author : Maria K. Davis
ISBN : 9781118162828
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 64. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Accounting for Real Estate Transactions, Second Edition is an up-to-date, comprehensive reference guide, specifically written to help professionals understand and apply the accounting rules relating to real estate transactions. This book provides financial professionals with a powerful tool to evaluate the accounting consequences of specific deals, enabling them to structure transactions with the accounting consequences in mind, and to account for them in accordance with US GAAP. Accountants and auditors are provided with major concepts, clear and concise explanations of real estate accounting rules, detailed applications of US GAAP, flowcharts, and exhaustive cross-references of the authoritative literature.

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