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The Soul S Long Journey

Author : Edward Reaugh Smith
ISBN : 0880105356
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 87. 90 MB
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Here are amazing insights showing reincarnation to be deeply and powerfully revealed in the Bible's most fundamental aspects. How and why have these insights escaped attention for so long? At last, they are uncovered here by a confluence of conventional Bible study and the epochal spiritual discoveries of Rudolf Steiner. With particular emphasis on the organic provisions of the Old Testament, Smith shows both what the assumptions of the Master's hearers were and how the New Testament confirms the ancient heritage. Arising from the fullness of the canon is an exciting story of the long journey of humanity and every human soul, each a "beloved sheep" whom the Creator is unwilling to lose. Combining a lifetime of biblical study and teaching, fifteen years investigating and contemplating Rudolf Steiner's vast works, and almost three decades of applying the analytical skill required in an intense law practice, Smith has produced a potential classic the serious Bible student can ill afford to ignore. A partial list of the contents: The journey concept Karma as the law Christ came to fulfill Various Old Testament considerations, including: Three bodies Three who could not die Justness, Justice, and Judgment Melchizedek And more ... New Testament confirmation, including: The need to be born again Rebirth and resurrection distinguished Predestination and election The erroneous concept of "Eternity" Salvation as a gift of "Grace" through faith alone And much more ... Charts, tabulations, and a bibliography

The Long And Tumultuous Journey Of My Life

Author : A. Cyrus Tahernia
ISBN : 9781469102078
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This Memoir entitled The Long and Tumultuous Journey of My Life consists of 183 pages with 112 interior pictures, most of immediate family pictures. It contains 10 chapters. Chapter One: portrays the first 24 years of authors personal and professional life. It illustrates the difficulty of authors life living in desolated area because of his father military assignments. It shows authors anxiety about the Second World War and occupation of his beloved country by foreign troops. It also gives information about his personal life, his immediate family, Persian traditions and customs and his father being prisoner of war. It demonstrates his feeling toward living in different localities with different cultures and environments. It also describes his elementary, high school and medical schools and how he endured numerous examinations and hardships. Chapter Two: deals with his postgraduate study and training in different hospitals and difficulty to get familiar with American culture and society. How he finished Internship, Pediatric Residency and Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology, during latter of which, he met his future wife. He went through several examinations to be American Board Certified in the field of Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology by passing written part of Sub-Board of Pediatric Cardiology examination and to an academic career. Chapter Three: contains authors marriage and having three beautiful children. He obtained academic medical career and was promoted to associate professor. This was one of best part of authors personal and professional life in watching his children growth and success in his job. Chapter Four: portrays authors sabbatical leave from the University and being quite successful in training, and passing the oral portion of American Sub-Board of Pediatric Cardiology to become Board Certified in American Sub- Board of Pediatric Cardiology. Academically author published four scientific papers in the prestigious medical journals during one year. This academic achievement caused some difficulty in his work due to the jealousy and inferiority complex of his colleagues. Chapter Five: explains happy and successful life at the beginning of his highest career but it caused authors adverse health problems and nervous breakdown . This part of authors life dealt with hard work in administration, teaching medical students, training pediatric residents, patients care and conducting research as being Full Professor and Chairman of the Department. He was also as Visiting Professor in the University of Pennsylvania and establishment of exchange program for faculties and residents between our department and the department of pediatric at the University of Pennsylvania. This period was another productive life academically by publishing numerous scientific publications and expansion of the department in every direction but to encounter budgetary problem and nepotism by University administration. Chapter Six: describes my difficulty working in prejudiced, hostile and notorious medical community and facing a great of deal of jealousy and dishonesty in my profession. At least I and my family were well accepted in the community. This period was accompanied by great deal of authors childrens achievement academically and athletically. They brought a slew of trophies and awards and straight A. Author witnessed tremendous success in his children. This period also coincided with a lot of travel abroad and quite a few number of medical presentations locally, nationally and Internationally this chapter has been divided into Section A and B which represents two different era of authors personal and professional life. Chapter Seven: was the best part of my life personally and professionally. I had the best productivity academically and financially. I was treated as a celebrity and being popular, and liked by my patients and colleagues. There was a big demand for my work not in th

The Long Journey Home From Dak To

Author : Warren Denny
ISBN : 9780595288472
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 22. 6 MB
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The author fanaticized about combat and played war games in his youth. War is not a game. Combat wasn't this fantasy for him in real life. This book tells the story of a Kansas boy who grew up quickly serving as a combat platoon leader in the Vietnam War. It shares his exploits with A Company, 4/503, 173 Airborne Brigade. His platoon was very unlucky in the June/November 1967 campaign as the "Fire Brigade" took on the NVA in Dak To. His actions are reported in at least two documentary books dealing with individual firefights in the Central Highlands during that period. This is the unpolished truth about the brutal war and how really futile it was to go toe to toe against a better-prepared army and survive. The author gives unembellished reports of what his unit experienced and backs it up with the Battalion After Action Reports. He acknowledges he is alive today only because of superior tactical air support and artillery firepower. This book gives an entirely different viewpoint than most books authored by Vietnam veterans. While his observations may be controversial to some vets, it reflects the author's objective opinion of what he experienced there.

Long Journey Westward

Author : Janet Nicolet
ISBN : 9781849611008
Genre :
File Size : 20. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Long Journey Westward is an inspiring chronicle set in the late 1880s as an Irish emigrant family reluctantly leaves their poverty-stricken, but beloved, homeland for the sake of survival. The story centers on the adventures of the son, Robert, who sets out in the early 1900s to make a life for himself in the newly established area of Canada - Fraser Mills, British Columbia. There he obtains a position as cook with a sawmill company. He's tall and good-looking with a strong Christian upbringing, but definitely does not fit in with many of those in the workplace. They are burly, crude-speaking and heavy-drinking lumbermen that he must encounter daily while at work and living in the company's bunkhouse. He faces condemnation and confrontation for being a non-conformist to their lifestyle. Loneliness sets in, driving him to consider taking a mail-order bride for a wife. Through many challenges and adversities, Robert continues to uphold his Christian principles. Even so, at times he questions the choice he made in leaving home to work and survive in the environment in which he finds himself.

The Long Journey

Author : James G. Paharik
ISBN : 0814632211
Genre : History
File Size : 83. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Long Journey takes us into the heart of JerusalemMount Zion, the site of the Benedictine Dormition Monastery, a place where pilgrims, seekers, and peacemakers come for liturgies, prayer, and conversation. Our guide on this journey is James Paharik, who in nine closely woven essays, leads us through the labyrinthine spaces of Jerusalem. He also reveals hearts damaged by violence but also brimming with hope that Israel will one day soon live up to her calling, as expressed in Psalm 76.

The Long Journey Home

Author : Andrew J. Schmutzer
ISBN : 9781621893271
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Maybe the only thing new about sexual abuse is quality discussion from several professions (psychology, theology, and pastoral care). Here are the insights of over two dozen psychologists, theologians, and those in pastoral care, all targeting the issue of sexual abuse. Designed as a resource for Christian educators, therapists, pastors, social workers, group leaders, and survivors, The Long Journey Home combines current research in mental health with rich theological reflection, global concern with fervent pastoral wisdom for the local faith community. Whether you are a counselor, professor, pastor, or spouse of a survivor, you hold in your hand a fresh resource of information and advocacy for those suffering from the devastating effects of sexual abuse and rape. The breadth of material, biblical insight, discussion questions, and helpful resources gathered here just may be the tool of a generation.

Getting Through Life S Struggles Coming Out With The Victory

Author : Cassandra Regina Johnson Burse
ISBN : 9781609579289
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74. 7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book will be a total package for the person or person's that feel alone and think know one understand where they are. It does not matter how old you are or what color your skin type is we have to overcome whatever is in our way. Having the biblical prospect on how those in the bible had some of the same things you and I face today and only through God's word you can be strong and have the Victory Through Your Life's Struggle's!

Long Journey With Mr Jefferson

Author : William G. Hyland, Jr.
ISBN : 9781612341972
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 84. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The magisterial collaboration over half a lifetime between historian Dumas Malone and his subject, Thomas Jefferson, is the basis for William G. Hyland Jr.'s compelling Long Journey with Mr. Jefferson. Malone, the courtly and genteel historian from Mississippi, spent thirty-eight years researching and writing the definitive biography of the man who invented the United States of America. Hyland provides a surprising portrait of the man many consider America's greatest historian, recording in detail Malone's struggle to finish his towering six-volume work on Jefferson through excruciating pain and then blindness at the age of eighty-three. Hyland includes Malone's previously unpublished correspondence with such notables as John F. Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, George H. W. Bush, Felix Frankfurter, and Fawn Brodie. Readers are treated to an exclusive look at private family documents and Malone's unfinished memoir, which reflects on history, social commentary, and his life's accomplishments. Offering much more than most biographies, this book imparts extensive insight into Malone's earlier years in Mississippi and Georgia, and how they shaped his character. Through interviews with Malone's intimates, family members, rivals, and subordinates, Hyland generates a true portrait of the man behind the intellect and the myth.

Hinduism A Way Of Life

Author : Sitansu S. Chakravarti
ISBN : 8120808991
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is a book on Hinduism designed to explain many South Asian practices, some not confined to Hindus only, that have very often been misunderstood in North America. The book contains essential information on standard Hindu sacraments and rituals, on dress codes, customs and festivals, on worship practices and sacred images. It provides a sampler of prayers, points for reflection and liturgical formulae. It notes peculiarities of emigre Hindu experience in the United States and Canada and incorporates insights from the author`s experience as a Hindu chaplain. The book has been written in response to requests for information from hospitals, ethnic squads in police forces, schools and boards of education, chaplains, social workers, and Hindus themselves. It will be helpful to students as well.

A Cowboy S Journey Through My Eyes

Author : Mel Leslie
ISBN : 9781469140780
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 29. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Message from the Author I hope that you enjoy how I write and what I write. Some of the words and names will be foreign but the meaning should be evident as I write from the heart. Enjoy and one day I will write about the "butterfly cowboy, so until then draw your own conclusions. - Mel Leslie (Butterfly Cowboy)

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