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Limiting Harm In Health Care A Nursing Perspective

Author : Frank Milligan
ISBN : 9781405150989
Genre : Medical
File Size : 65. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Limiting Harm in Health Care highlights the potential forunnecessary harm in health care practice. This harm is mostlyunintentional, but it can result from many different aspects ofmedical treatment in a wide range of practice areas. Adverseevents, events or omissions during clinical care resulting inphysical or psychological injury, are increasingly being recognisedas significant problems in health care. Following clarification of the nature and extent of medical harmin health care, separate chapters explore the potential for medicalharm in diverse areas of practice. Topics include problems in theuse of medication, the treatment of acute heart disease, the roleof hospital routine and the potentially negative role of medicallydominated treatment in mental illness and palliative care. The bookincludes recommendations for reducing unnecessary harm within theexpanding boundaries of nursing practice. The reader is challengedto assess the potential risks inherent in the health care system,to reconsider established methods of treatment, and to re-examineprofessional working relationships.

Ethical Challenges For Military Health Care Personnel

Author : Daniel Messelken
ISBN : 9781317141570
Genre : History
File Size : 72. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book examines the issue of ethics in the context of the provision of military health care in an epidemic. Outbreaks of epidemics like Ebola trigger difficult ethical challenges for civilian and military health care personnel. This book offers theoretical reflections combined with reports from recent military and NGO missions in the field. The authors of this volume focus on military medical ethics adding a distinct voice to the topic of epidemics and infectious diseases. While military health care personnel are always crucially involved during disaster relief operations and large-scale public health emergencies, most of the current literature treats ethical issues during epidemics from a more general perspective without taking into account the specifics of the military context. The contributions in this volume provide first-hand insights into some of the ethical issues encountered by military health care personnel in missions during the Ebola outbreak in 2014/2015. This practical perspective is complimented by academic analyses and theoretical reflections on ethical issues associated with epidemics. This book will be of much interest to students of military studies, ethics and African politics.

Safety And Quality In Medical Transport Systems

Author : John W. Overton
ISBN : 9781317059974
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 28. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) has been accrediting air and ground transport services since 1991. One of the most significant needs the Commission has recognized is to assist transport services in creating a culture that supports safety and quality for both crews and patients. Most of the helicopter EMS (emergency medical service) accidents and many ground ambulance accidents can be attributed to human factors and systems designs that lead to poor decision-making. Management commitment is vital to create and maintain a culture that supports risk assessment, accountability, professionalism and organizational dynamics. This reference book has been created by CAMTS to address this need directly and comprehensively. It offers a groundbreaking collection of expert insights and practical solutions that can be used by EMS, Fire and Rescue, public and private services, and professional emergency and transport professionals worldwide. Quoting from the foreword written by the late Robert L. Helmreich, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at The University of Texas Human Factors Research Project, 'This is an important book which should be required reading for everyone involved in patient transport, from managers and dispatchers to those at the sharp end... The experienced and able authors and editors of this work use culture as the overarching concept needed to maximize safety while delivering patients expeditiously.'

Ethics In Health Administration A Practical Approach For Decision Makers

Author : Eileen E. Morrison
ISBN : 9781284156119
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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Given the many advances in technology as well as the ongoing discussion of health care reform post-Affordable Care Act, today's healthcare administrators require a strong foundation in practice-based ethics to confront the challenges of the current healthcare landscape. Ethics in Health Administration, Fourth Edition focuses on the application of ethics to the critical issues faced by today's healthcare administrators. After establishing a foundation in the theory and principles of ethics, the text encourages students to apply ethics to such areas change, regulation, technology and fiscal responsibility. Thoroughly updated, the Fourth Edition includes 12 new, contemporary case studies that encourage students to apply ethics. A new chapter on the Ethics in the Epoch of Change stresses major changes in healthcare, including the digital revolution, population health, ethics temptations and ethic resilience. Other chapters have been revised to include new cases, and more.

Preventing The Perfect Storm What Every Hospital And Nursing Home Needs To Know For A Natural Disaster

Author : John B. Vaterlaus
ISBN : 1618638378
Genre : Medical
File Size : 82. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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With the apparent increase in natural disasters occurring throughout the world, health care providers face a significant challenge in providing reasonable care and protecting their patients during and after natural disasters. Health care providers not only must meet the challenges of the natural disaster, but they must also confront the aftereffects of the catastrophe. However, providers must also brace themselves for a new looming storm. When the woeful unpreparedness of some nursing homes and hospitals combines with patient harm and injury, financial loss, and legal liability, these providers face an impending and menacing "perfect storm," one potentially created of their own doing. Providers should take action to deliver adequate care, protect patients and improve safety -- thus avoiding an additional disaster. Health care providers may do so by developing effective emergency plans, selecting appropriate building sites, conscientiously planning and designing facilities with natural disasters in mind, properly developing and sustaining communication plans and infrastructure, and constructing, operating, and maintaining health care facilities to withstand, or minimize, the effects of natural disasters. While taking these precautions is not without cost or drawback, hospitals and nursing homes must take additional steps to confront the increased challenges of the escalating occurrence of natural disasters and improve patient safety. By enhancing health care facilities and limiting patient harm, health care providers will prevent a natural disaster from becoming the provider's own "perfect storm."

Textbook Of Global Health

Author : Anne-Emanuelle Birn
ISBN : 9780199392292
Genre : Medical
File Size : 59. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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THE CRITICAL WORK IN GLOBAL HEALTH, NOW COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED "This book compels us to better understand the contexts in which health problems emerge and the forces that underlie and propel them." -Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu H1N1. Diabetes. Ebola. Zika. Each of these health problems is rooted in a confluence of social, political, economic, and biomedical factors that together inform our understanding of global health. The imperative for those who study global health is to understand these factors individually and, especially, synergistically. Fully revised and updated, this fourth edition of Oxford's Textbook of Global Health offers a critical examination of the array of societal factors that shape health within and across countries, including how health inequities create consequences that must be addressed by public health, international aid, and social and economic policymaking. The text equips students, activists, and health professionals with the building blocks for a contextualized understanding of global health, including essential threads that are combined in no other work: · historical dynamics of the field · the political economy of health and development · analysis of the current global health structure, including its actors, agencies, and activities · societal determinants of health, from global trade and investment treaties to social policies to living and working conditions · the role of health data and measuring health inequities · major causes of global illness and death, including under crises, from a political economy of health vantage point that goes beyond communicable vs. non-communicable diseases to incorporate contexts of social and economic deprivation, work, and globalization · the role of trade/investment and financial liberalization, precarious work, and environmental degradation and contamination · principles of health systems and the politics of health financing · community, national, and transnational social justice approaches to building healthy societies and practicing global health ethically and equitably Through this approach the Textbook of Global Health encourages the reader -- be it student, professional, or advocate -- to embrace a wider view of the global health paradigm, one that draws from political economy considerations at community, national, and transnational levels. It is essential and current reading for anyone working in or around global health.

Patient Safety And Quality Of Care In Intensive Care Medicine

Author : Jean-Daniel Chiche
ISBN : 9783941468115
Genre : Medical
File Size : 59. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The phrase "Primum non nocere" is almost as old as the practice of medicine. Together with the principles of beneficence, autonomy and justice, keeping in mind the confidence and dignity of the patient, it should constitute the basis of our behaviour as physicians and nurses. Since diagnostic and therapeutic interventions have become more complex and their risk/benefit ratio more difficult to access, the importance of safety and quality of care becomes more and more important. Avoiding the infliction of harm on our patients has become a priority. Patient safety is even viewed as a priority by the Presidency of the European Union. Physicians in intensive care medicine mostly deal with the most fragile and dependent of human beings, frequently at the extremes of age, with multiple co-morbid diseases, and with physiological derangements close to the limits of survival. These patients are often reliant on numerous invasive technologies for their survival. Moreover, the almost universal need for multiple pharmacological interventions, frequently in bundles and associations never scientifically tested before, places the critically ill patients at a very high risk of harm from the physician's interventions. The book is a valuable and useful education tool for physicians and nurses in intensive care medicine. It will help to improve the safety and overall care for critically ill patients.

Principles Of Health Care Ethics

Author : Richard Edmund Ashcroft
ISBN : 9781119184829
Genre : Medical
File Size : 25. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Edited by four leading members of the new generation of medical andhealthcare ethicists working in the UK, respected worldwide fortheir work in medical ethics, Principles of Health CareEthics, Second Edition is a standard resource forstudents, professionals, and academics wishing to understandcurrent and future issues in healthcare ethics. With a distinguished international panel of contributors workingat the leading edge of academia, this volume presents acomprehensive guide to the field, with state of the artintroductions to the wide range of topics in modern healthcareethics, from consent to human rights, from utilitarianism tofeminism, from the doctor-patient relationship toxenotransplantation. This volume is the Second Edition of the highly successful workedited by Professor Raanan Gillon, Emeritus Professor of MedicalEthics at Imperial College London and former editor of the Journalof Medical Ethics, the leading journal in this field. Developments from the First Edition include: Thefocus on ‘Four Principles Method’ is relaxed to covermore different methods in health care ethics. More material on newmedical technologies is included, the coverage of issues on thedoctor/patient relationship is expanded, and material on ethics andpublic health is brought together into a new section.

Harming Patient Access To Care

Author : United States
ISBN : PSU:000049664416
Genre : Health services accessibility
File Size : 20. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Law And Ethics In Nursing And Health Care

Author : Judith Hendrick
ISBN : 0748733213
Genre : Medical
File Size : 42. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In a clear and accessible way, the author highlights the relationship between law and ethics explaining how, if and when they overlap and how they diverge. Written in a non-technical, comprehensible and concise style, this topical text presents information and then encourages the reader to work through the differences and similarities between law and ethics. It teases out comparisons and examines how the 'moral' approach differs from the 'legal' one. Case studies at the beginning of each chapter demonstrate scenarios that health professionals may face in day-to-day practice. These are then developed with a theoretical discussion of the legal and ethical issues they reflect.

The Law Of American Health Care

Author : Nicole Huberfeld
ISBN : 9781543802931
Genre : Law
File Size : 86. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Law of American Health Care is the casebook for the new generation of health lawyers. It is a student-friendly casebook emphasizing lightly, carefully edited primary source excerpts, plain-language expository text, as well as focused questions for comprehension and problems for application of the concepts taught. The book engages topics in depth so students emerge with an understanding of the most important features of American health care law and hands-on experience working through cutting edge issues. Key Features: Focused on the needs of students who want to practice health care law in a post-ACA world. First health care law casebook to consider federal law as the baseline (as opposed to state law or common law). Intro chapter provides a set of organizing principles, illustrated with in-depth case studies, which are revisited and woven throughout the remaining chapters. “Pop-up” text boxes throughout with notes that highlight key lessons, or help to explain or enhance the material. Directed Questions and hypothetical Problems are provided as well as Capstone Problems at the end of each chapter. Approximately 800 pages, which is significantly more manageable than competitors. Focused directly on topics regularly encountered in the day-to-day practice of health law

Risk Education And Culture

Author : Andrew Hope
ISBN : 9781351149945
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 43. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In recent years education has become increasingly perceived as an area of risk. A number of highly publicized incidents have heightened awareness of the potential dangers to be found in teaching institutions. Although there is now a substantial conceptual literature on risk and the meaning of the risk society, such ideas have not to date been rigorously applied to the educational sector. The authors of this innovative volume address this gap, discussing the relevance of risk discourses to educational processes. They recognize that risk discourses themselves (both academic and political) do not necessarily relate to actual dangers within education and they examine the differences between the risk narratives of expert and layperson, teacher and student, practitioner and academic. This book will greatly interest both sociologists and educationalists interested in the interaction between education and contemporary trends in society.

Rejecting Retributivism

Author : Gregg D. Caruso
ISBN : 9781108484701
Genre : Law
File Size : 49. 1 MB
Format : PDF
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Within the criminal justice system, one of the most prominent justifications for legal punishment is retributivism. The retributive justification of legal punishment maintains that wrongdoers are morally responsible for their actions and deserve to be punished in proportion to their wrongdoing. This book argues against retributivism and develops a viable alternative that is both ethically defensible and practical. Introducing six distinct reasons for rejecting retributivism, Gregg D. Caruso contends that it is unclear that agents possess the kind of free will and moral responsibility needed to justify this view of punishment. While a number of alternatives to retributivism exist - including consequentialist deterrence, educational, and communicative theories - they have ethical problems of their own. Moving beyond existing theories, Caruso presents a new non-retributive approach called the public health-quarantine model. In stark contrast to retributivism, the public health-quarantine model provides a more human, holistic, and effective approach to dealing with criminal behavior.

Ethical And Legal Debates In Irish Healthcare

Author : Mary Donnelly
ISBN : 9781784996581
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 44. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is an in-depth study of the contentious issues in Irish healthcare and deals with issues such as assisted suicide, abortion, adolescent treatment refusal, end of life care, retention of biological samples, involuntary admission to care and the regulation of stem cell research.

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
ISBN : OSU:32437123600856
Genre : Law
File Size : 55. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Corporatization Of American Health Care

Author : J. Warren Salmon
ISBN : 9783030606671
Genre : Medical
File Size : 73. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this book, the authors, as policy analysts, examine the overall context and dynamics of modern medicine, focusing on the changing conditions of medical practice through the lens of corporatization of medicine, physician unionization, physician strikes, and current health policy directions. Conditions affecting the American medical profession have been dramatically altered by the continuing crises of cost increases, quality concerns, and lack of access facing our population, along with the ongoing corporatization toward bottom-line dictates. Pressures on practitioners have been intensifying with much greater scrutiny over their clinical decision-making. Topics explored among the chapters include: History of the Corporatization of American Medicine: The Market Paradigm Reigns Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Drug Store Chains, and Pharmacy Benefit Manager/Insurer Integration Medical Practice: From Cottage Industry to Corporate Practice Medical Malpractice Crisis: Oversight of the Practice of Medicine Big Data: Information Technology as Control over the Profession of Medicine Physician Employment Status: Collective Bargaining and Strikes The Corporatization of American Health Care offers different perspectives with the hopes that physicians will unite in a new awareness and common cause to curtail excessive profit-making, renew professional altruism, restore the charitable impulse to health provider institutions, and unite with other professionals to truly raise levels of population health and the quality of health care. It is also a necessary resource for health policy analysts, healthcare administrators, health law attorneys, and other associated health professions.

Hiv Prevention

Author : Kenneth H. Mayer
ISBN : 0080921299
Genre : Medical
File Size : 66. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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HIV/AIDS continues to be the pandemic of our times and there has not been a comprehensive medically based AIDS prevention book published in the last 5 years. It is estimated that 36 to 45 million people including 2-3 million children already are infected worldwide and an additional 4-7 million more are infected each year. There are about 6,000 new infections daily and about 12 million AIDS orphans. People receiving AIDS treatments feel well and have no detectable viral load, but still can infect others. And even when a vaccine is found, it will take many years before it can be administered across the developing world. * Discusses all aspects of AIDS prevention, from epidemiology, molecular immunology and virology to the principles of broad-based public health prevention interventions. * Special focus on the array of interventions that have been proven effective through rigorous study * Identifies new trends in HIV/AID epidemiology and their impact on creating and implementing prevention interventions * Incorporates virology, biology, infectious diseases, vaccinology, microbicides and research methodologies into AIDS prevention

Health Services Reports

Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112072082321
Genre : Audio-visual materials
File Size : 78. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Concepts And Cases In Nursing Ethics Fourth Edition

Author : Michael Yeo
ISBN : 9781460406892
Genre : Medical
File Size : 80. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 614
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A portion of the revenue from this book’s sales will be donated to Doctors Without Borders to assist the humanitarian work of nurses, doctors, and other health care providers in the fight against COVID-19 and beyond. Concepts and Cases in Nursing Ethics is an introduction to contemporary ethical issues in health care, designed especially for Canadian audiences. The book is organized around six key concepts: beneficence, autonomy, truth-telling, confidentiality, justice, and integrity. Each of these concepts is explained and discussed with reference to professional and legal norms. The discussion is then supplemented by case studies that exemplify the relevant concepts and show how each applies in health care and nursing practice. This new fourth edition includes an added chapter on end-of-life issues, and it is revised throughout to reflect the latest developments on topics such as global health ethics, cultural competence, social media, and palliative sedation, as well as ethical issues relating to COVID-19.

Working With Self Harm And Suicidal Behaviour

Author : Louise Doyle
ISBN : 9781137506276
Genre : Medical
File Size : 55. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 827
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Suicide and self-harm are world-wide public health issues that can have devastating effects on families, friends and communities. They are both a priority for anyone working in mental health, social work, emergency departments and related fields, however suicidal and self-harming behaviour can take place anywhere anytime- it may be a pupil in a school, an inmate in a prison or a colleague or family member. For this reason, this book has been written in a clear, accessible and practical style for anyone who wants to learn more about working with and preventing suicidal and self-harming behaviour. • It identifies common risk and protective factors as well as specific warning signs of imminent suicidal behaviour. • It provides essential communication skills for undertaking a risk assessment, illustrating how each skill can be used in real-life practice. • It looks specifically at the issue of self-harm and suicide in prisons, schools and emergency departments. • It lays out clear strategies for identifying and addressing issues of self-care when working with people who are suicidal or who self-harm. • It identifies how we can assist those who are bereaved following the death of a loved one by suicide. Packed with learning outcomes, case scenarios and reflective questions, this book acts as a toolkit for anyone working in this difficult field.

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