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Logistics And Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Strategy

Author : Edward H. Frazelle
ISBN : 0071418172
Genre : Business & Economics
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High-Tech and High-Touch Logistics Solutions for Supply Chain Challenges In today's fast-paced and customer-oriented business environment, superior supply chain performance is a prerequisite to getting and staying competitive. Supply Chain Strategy is based on world-class logistics practices in place in successful supply chain organizations, the latest academic breakthroughs in logistics system design, and the logic of logistics. It presents the proven pillars of success in logistics and supply chain management. Part of McGraw-Hill's Logistics Management Library, Supply Chain Strategy is organized according to author Dr. Ed Frazelle's breakthrough logistics master planning methodology. The methodology leads to metrics, process designs, system designs, and organizational strategies for total supply chain management, total logistics management, customer response, inventory planning and management, supply, transportation, and warehousing. Concise yet complete, Dr. Frazelle's book shows how to develop a comprehensive logistics and supply chain strategy, one that will both complement and support a company's strategic objectives and long-term success. Logisticsthe flow of material, information, and money between consumers and suppliershas become a key boardroom topic. It is the subject of cover features in business publications from Wall Street Journal to BusinessWeek. Annual global logistics expenditures exceed $3.5 trillion, nearly 20 percent of the world's GDP, making logistics perhaps the last frontier for major corporations to significantly increase shareholder and customer value. And at the heart of every effort to improve organizational logistics performance? Supply chain efficiency. Supply Chain Strategy is today's most comprehensive resource for up-to-the-minute thinking and practices on developing supply chain strategies that support a company's overall objectives. Covering world-class practices and systems, taken from the files of Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, General Electric, and other companies, it covers essential supply chain subjects including: Logistics data miningfor identifying the root cause of material and information flow problems, pinpointing opportunities for process improvements, and providing an objective basis for project-team decision making Inventory planning and managementpresenting metrics, processes, and systems for forecasting, demand planning, and inventory control, yielding lower inventory levels and improved customer service Logistics information systems and Web-based logisticshelping to substitute information for inventory and work content Transportation and distributionfor connecting sourcing locations with customers at the lowest cost by, among other things, leveraging private and third-party transportation systems Logistics organization developmentincluding the seven disciplines that link enterprises across the supply chain, as well as logistics activities within those enterprises Supply Chain Strategy explains and demonstrates how decision makers can use today's technology to enhance key logistics systems at every point in the supply chain, from the time an idea or product is conceived through its delivery to the final user. It describes the major steps in developing an effective, workable logistics management programone that will reduce operating expenses, minimize capital investment, and improve overall customer service and satisfaction.

Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Author : Martin Christopher
ISBN : 0273681761
Genre : Business & Economics
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In this book, Martin Christopher develops the idea that competition is no longer between stand-alone companies, but rather supply chain against supply chain. This practical guide provides information on auditing logistics systems and describes how greater responsiveness in the supply chain can be achieved through lead time reduction. Informative case-studies from a wide range of industries and markets illustrate the points discussed.

Global Cases In Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Author : David H. Taylor
ISBN : 1861523955
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About various cases of logistics and supply chain management from around the world.

Operations Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Author : Henk Zijm
ISBN : 9783319924472
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book provides an overview of important trends and developments in logistics and supply chain research, making them available to practitioners, while also serving as a point of reference for academicians. Operations and logistics are cornerstones of modern supply chains that in turn are essential for global business and economics. The composition, character and importance of supply chains and networks are rapidly changing, due to technological innovations such as Information and Communication Technologies, Sensors and Robotics, Internet of Things, and Additive Manufacturing, to name a few (often referred to as Industry 4.0). Societal developments such as environmental consciousness, urbanization or the optimal use of scarce resources are also impacting how supply chain networks are configured and operated. As a result, future supply chains will not just be assessed in terms of cost-effectiveness and speed, but also the need to satisfy agility, resilience and sustainability requirements. To face these challenges, an understanding of the basic as well as more advanced concepts and recent innovations is essential in building competitive and sustainable supply chains and, as part of that, logistics and operations. These span multiple disciplines and geographies, making them interdisciplinary and international. Therefore, this book contains contributions and views from a variety of experts from multiple countries, and combines management, engineering as well as basic information technology and social concepts. In particular, it aims to: provide a comprehensive guide for all relevant and major logistics, operations, and supply chain management topics in teaching and business practice address three levels of expertise, i.e., concepts and principles at a basic (undergraduate, BS) level, more advanced topics at a graduate level (MS), and finally recent (state-of-the-art) developments at a research level. In particular the latter serve to present a window on current and future (potential) logistics innovations in the different thematic fields for both researchers and top business practitioners integrate a textbook approach with matching case studies for effective teaching and learning discuss multiple international perspectives in order to represent adequately the true global nature of operations, logistics and supply chains.

E Logistics And E Supply Chain Management

Author : Deryn Graham
ISBN : 9781466639157
Genre : Business & Economics
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"This book explores the creation of integrated supply chains, the developments of virtual business, and the processes of re-engineering for business development"--Provided by publisher.

Global Logistics

Author : C. Donald J. Waters
ISBN : 074944813X
Genre : Business & Economics
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The field of logistics is developing at a remarkable pace and its role is now integral to the long term plans of almost all businesses. Communications and IT are offering ever more opportunities; world trade is growing; new markets are developing; yet at the same time there is increasing concern for the environment. The world of logistics is constantly evolving in response to these changes. In the same way, the fifth edition of this established book has evolved to represent the current trends, best practice and latest thinking on global logistics. It serves as a forum allowing the contributors, a range of acknowledged sector specialists, to discuss key logistics issues and give their authoritative views.

Logistics And Supply Chain Management Epub Ebook

Author : Martin Christopher
ISBN : 9780273760016
Genre : Business & Economics
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Effective development and management of a supply chain network is an invaluable source of sustainable advantage in today’s turbulent global marketplace, where demand is difficult to predict and supply chains need to be more flexible as a result. This updated 4th edition of the bestselling Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a clear-headed guide to all the key topics in an integrated approach to supply chains, including: • The link between logistics and customer value. • Logistics and the bottom line measuring costs and performance. • Creating a responsive supply chain. • Managing the global pipeline. • Managing supply chain relationships. • Managing risk in the supply chain. • Matching supply and demand. • Creating a sustainable supply chain. • Product design in the supply chain.

Supply Chain And Logistics In National International And Governmental Environment

Author : Reza Zanjirani Farahani
ISBN : 379082156X
Genre : Business & Economics
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Logisticsisan integralpartofoureverydaylife.Todayit in?uencesmorethanevera largenumberofhumanandeconomicactivities. Inthisbook,authorstryto illustrate some advanced logistics and supply chain management topics, recently mentioned by academic and industrial personnel. This book has been organized in 12 chapters such that the reader can study each chapter not only independently as shown in Fig. 1; but also as part of a whole. If someone wants to study the book more deeply, the suggested approach for this study is shown in Fig. 2. So the readers of this book may be divided into at least two groups: (1) students in Master’s courses or higher, who can use this book in their courses as a whole, and (2) experts who want to learn more about a new topic in logistics and supply chain management; this group may want to read a chapter about a special topic that is found in this book. In the context of global competition, the more latent topics in logistics supply chain management are fast growing. This book falls within this perspective and presents 12 chapters that well illustrate the variety and complexity of these topics. This book is organized as follows: Chapter 1 introduces logistics and supply chain management and contains some primal de?nitions about these two concepts; some obstacles, prerequisites and infrastructures of modernized logistics and supply chain management and global supply chain management are illustrated.

Logistics Supply Chain Management

Author : Martin Christopher
ISBN : 9781292083827
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29. 10 MB
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The UK’s bestselling book on logistics and supply chain management – over 100,000 copies sold. Effective development and management of supply chain networks helps businesses cut costs and enhance customer value. This updated 5th edition is a clear guide to all the key topics in an integrated approach to supply chains. As well as new and updated examples and case studies, there are two new chapters: Routes to Market: Many companies now have to manage multiple distribution channels - this chapter covers strategic issues on how companies “go to market” along with the cost implications of using alternative channels. Service Logistics: As companies begin to sell performance rather than physical product, this chapter explores the implications for logistics management as the need to provide higher levels of service and customer support becomes ever more critical.

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