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Mindset Makeover Guide 2021

Author : Viktor Dorsey
ISBN : 148341616X
Genre :
File Size : 46. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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**55% OFF for Bookstores!! LAST DAYS*** Mindset Makeover Guide 2021 Your Customers Never Stop to Use this Awesome Book! Whether you are looking to improve your daily habits, build better relationships, or make more money, it all starts with your outlook. It stands to reason that the number one thing you can do to improve your chances of success in any endeavor is to improve your mindset. Here is just a fraction of the information you will learn in this book: Techniques to fast-track your emotional growth through self awareness The characteristics of highly emotional intelligent people, and how you can develop them Exactly how to tap into your natural leadership abilities Specific habits that you can start today that will rewire your brain for happiness The best technique for managing negative emotions The three lifestyle habits that will make focus a permanent skill Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

You Re Kind Of A Big Deal Level Up By Unlocking Your Audacity

Author : Erin King
ISBN : 9781264266845
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Unlock your inner audacity and become the leader you were born to be Women are often told that dreaming bigger and exuding confidence is the key to achieving professional success. While big dreams and confidence might get you started, they won’t fuel you throughout the marathon and over the finish line. In order to keep going through thick and thin, you need audacity. You’re Kind of a Big Deal provides the strategies, tools, and inspiration you need to power up your potential, break free from limiting beliefs, and make your biggest dreams a reality. International keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur Erin King helps you step into the role of CEO of your own life and better execute your responses to challenging feedback from the world around you, so you can: Move through any and all obstacles between you and your goals Be more present, honest, and authentic in your professional and personal life Increase your energy to take on the toughest challenges Develop greater clarity on your place and purpose in life Handle social settings and meet new people with a new sense of confidence Drop the automatic negative thoughts and stay positive even in the face of adversity You’re Kind of a Big Deal dares you to listen more closely to your intuition when it comes to pulling the trigger on big, courageous business decisions―even if those decisions might initially shock those in your orbit. Get ready to finally break through all barriers standing between you and the goals you were born to absolutely crush because the fact is, You’re Kind of a Big Deal.

The Ultimate Family Business Survival Guide

Author : Priyanka Gupta Zielinski
ISBN : 9789390742011
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Family businesses are vital to the health of a nation’s economy, but distresses such as economic downturns and the Covid-19 pandemic can put them at grave existential risk. Drawing from her dynamic experience working with her family-owned company MPIL Steel Structures Ltd, Priyanka Gupta Zielinski presents a unique manual to help family businesses thrive, even in times of crisis. Central to it is a survival toolkit – featuring a metaphorical multipurpose hat, a flashlight, a superhero cape, a Swiss Army knife and a parachute – which prepares business owners to face any challenge head on. The book also reveals how the improvisational style of family enterprises can be leveraged better for sustainability, while identifying in their close-knit structure and community-driven approach avenues for meaningful social change. Replete with anecdotes and effective strategies – with an occasional Haryanvi idiom thrown into the mix – The Ultimate Family Business Survival Guide is a must-read for family business and MSME owners everywhere.

Living Well With Diabetes

Author : Marty Munson
ISBN : 9781951274795
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 64. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Along with tonnes of healthy recipes, this is a bright, visual, positive book on a diagnosis that is typically received in a negative manner, and it illustrates how to manage (and even reverse) diabetes, and how to use the disease as a turning point to live our best lives. The Diabetes Advantage brings people with diabetes and prediabetes the information and tools they need, from recipes for quick and delicious meals to easy ways to move more, to the top useful tips for managing the emotional and physical rough spots. Our aim is to help anyone who has diabetes or is on the verge of it manage easier and live better.

You Are A Badass At Making Money

Author : Jen Sincero
ISBN : 9780735222977
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 39. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“A cheerful manifesto on removing obstacles between yourself and the income of your dreams.” —New York Magazine From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of You Are a Badass®, a life-changing guide to making the kind of money you’ve only ever dreamed of. You Are a Badass at Making Money will launch you past the fears and stumbling blocks that have kept financial success beyond your reach. Drawing on her own transformation—over just a few years—from a woman living in a converted garage with tumbleweeds blowing through her bank account to a woman who travels the world in style, Jen Sincero channels the inimitable sass and practicality that made You Are a Badass an indomitable bestseller. She combines hilarious personal essays with bite-size, aha concepts that unlock earning potential and get real results. Learn to: • Uncover what's holding you back from making money • Give your doubts, fears, and excuses the heave-ho • Relate to money in a new (and lucrative) way • Shake up the cocktail of creation • Tap into your natural ability to grow rich • Shape your reality—stop playing victim to circumstance • Get as wealthy as you wanna be “This book truly crystallizes the concept that financial abundance is an inside job—in that it all begins with your mindset—and Sincero gets serious (in the funniest ways possible) about helping you identify your particular limiting beliefs surrounding money.” —PopSugar

Crystal Wright S Hair Makeup And Fashion Styling Career Guide

Author : Crystal Wright
ISBN : 0997065214
Genre :
File Size : 57. 8 MB
Format : PDF
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Planning The Primary National Curriculum

Author : Keira Sewell
ISBN : 9781529756210
Genre : Education
File Size : 60. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A complete guide for trainees and teachers To prepare to teach the new Primary National Curriculum, you need more than just the Programmes of Study. You need a resource to help you understand, plan for, teach and assess the curriculum. This is it! Your guide to planning the Primary National Curriculum. This book explores how to plan in primary schools. It covers curriculum design and structure, challenges to learning, and how children learn. New in this edition is a piece on Decolonising the Curriculum. For each curriculum subject the programme of study is included, with notes to help you interpret it for your own class. The text covers how the teaching of each subject can be organised, assessment opportunities, key and essential resources in each subject, and how ICT can best be used in each subject to enhance teaching. Sequenced lesson examples in all subject chapters link theory to practice and highlight progression. The final section of the book explores the many ways in which the curriculum can be delivered. It includes the creative curriculum, dialogic teaching, cross-curricular learning and more current thinking about interpreting the curriculum.

Dear Hartley

Author : Jedediah Bila
ISBN : 9781546001423
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 54. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A mother writes honest, reflective letters to guide her son as he navigates through life with a common-sense appeal to the next generation: Drop the worst and take the best of what you're given. In these days of nonstop, round-the-clock division, where confrontation is our most prevalent form of entertainment, we’ve forgotten the more fundamental things that unite us. We’ve lost track of the importance of conversations that foster growth, self-reflection, and discovery of one another while cultivating our sense of shared humanity. In her new book, Dear Hartley, Jedediah Bila reignites much-needed conversations about everything from character and empathy to parenting and friendship, from education and family to fitness and food. Through fifty-two heartwarming letters to her son, Bila shares a road map she hopes he will revisit often, one he can turn to for strength and guidance throughout his life. Connecting her love for her child with her hopes and dreams for the next generation, Bila’s letters reveal an exciting path forward. Jam-packed with quick wit and authentic, unpredictable insights, these letters welcome us into Bila’s personal journey of mistakes made and lessons learned. Dear Hartley presents a chance for us to find common ground and unite in our wish for a better, brighter world, especially for the children in our lives. An independent thinker, Bila has always been an outspoken proponent of common sense and truth, even when she found herself in situations where it wasn’t always welcome. Here, in these pages, she has an open platform to tell it like it is, and she does. Readers are invited to travel beside her with an open mind and an open heart as she explores the themes that touch us all.

30 Day Kickass Single Mom Money Makeover

Author : Emma Johnson
ISBN : 1732800928
Genre :
File Size : 34. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The world tells single moms they are destined for poverty, sacrifice and sacrifice. Instead, just like millions of women, you can torpedo this story and create your own wealthy life abundant with a meaningful, high-paying career, comfortable savings, and time to invest in a balanced life full of family, hobbies, friends, community and romance. This action-packed guide will jumpstart your desire to make the lifestyle and mindset changes to: Stop being BROKE! Get beyond MAKING ENDS MEET! Be DEBT FREE! Enjoy the confidence that comes with a solid emergency fund! INVEST LIKE A PRO! Take your career and business to the next level! Create a positive, abundant money mindset to share with your kids! Feel IN CONTROL of your money! Travel, buy a house, start that business, and most of all: Feel confident about NOT BEING A BURDEN ON YOUR CHILDREN? Get ready for the 30-Day Kickass Single Mom Money Makeover!

So You Want To Start A Side Hustle Build A Business That Empowers You To Live Your Life Your Way

Author : Carrie Bohlig
ISBN : 9781264258697
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 792
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It takes more than a great idea to make your side hustle a success. Here, two experts show you how to build one that creates the autonomy you desire and changes the way you live. Carrie Bohlig and Craig Clickner started side hustles to make their lives better—to break free from the limitations of corporate America and have more time with their kids and each other. Today, they’re entrepreneurs who have built multiple thriving businesses and helped thousands of people through mentoring, coaching and sharing their insights across the globe. In So You Want to Start a Side Hustle, you’ll learn all the secrets of their successes: Through real-life stories, lessons learned from personal wins and losses, and illuminating anecdotes about their experiences speaking to solopreneurs and other small business owners, Carrie and Craig show you how to get your idea from the thinking and planning stages to the life-changing, revenue-producing venture you want it to be. Designed as a “traveling adventure guide,” So You Want to Start a Side Hustle lays out how to establish a clear Life Vision and develop the right Lifeset for ongoing success. This foundation, say Carrie and Craig, is crucial. It’s the framework that allows you to sharpen your focus, overcome challenges and obstacles, and create a side hustle that has ongoing impact on your life and generates lasting success and revenue. Will you find smart ways to handle marketing, decision making, and funding? Absolutely. But with its emphasis on building the right mindset, Lifeset, and support structure, So You Want to Start a Side Hustle is more than a how-to book: It’s an essential guide to helping you establish a vision for your life—and to leverage your side hustle to create the life you truly want.

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