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Mongolia In The Twentieth Century

Author : Stephen Kotkin
ISBN : 9781317460107
Genre : Political Science
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The remote vastness of Mongolia has remained somewhat of a mystery to most Westerners - no less so in the 20th century. Homeland of the legendary conqueror Chingiz Khan, in modern times Mongolia itself has been the object of imperial rivalry. For most of the 20th century it was under Soviet domination. Mikhail Gorbachev began the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Mongolia in 1989, a process completed in 1992. By 1996 a coalition of opposition parties triumphed in national elections, and Mongolia launched itself on a new course. It is perhaps the most intriguing of the post-community "transition" societies. This volume examines Mongol history over the past century, embracing not only Mongolia proper but also Mongol communities in Russia and China. Contributions, based on new archival research and the latest fieldwork, are from the world's top experts in the field - including four authors from Mongolia and others from Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Great Britain and the United States. Stephen Kotkin's introductory chapter is an overview of Mongol studies. The essays in part 1 examine Sino-Russian competition over Outer Mongolia. Part 2 looks at international diplomacy in Mongolia, including the role of Japan. Part 3 focuses on contemporary issues ranging from economic and cultural change to emergent elites. A concluding essay surveys Mongolian foreign policy.

Twentieth Century Mongolia

Author : Baabar
ISBN : UOM:39015045659193
Genre : Political Science
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This is the first history of Mongolia available in English which benefits from access to historic data that only became available following the collapse of the socialist regime in 1990. Accordingly, it highlights the role of international politics, especially the former Soviet Union, Russia, China and Japan, in the shaping of modern Mongolia s history. The volume actually comprises three books . Book One, entitled 'The Steppe Warriors', offers a history of Mongolia up to the 1911 revolution; Book Two, entitled Incarnations and Revolutionaries addresses political developments in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (1920s); Book Three, entitled A Puppet Republic provides an in-depth analysis of the 1920s and 30s, concluding with the 1939 Haslhyn Gol Incident, The Second World War, the Post-war Map of Asia and the Fate of Mongolia s Independence.

Mongolian Memories

Author : Maaike van Hoeflaken
ISBN : 9997833430
Genre : Mongolia
File Size : 44. 13 MB
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The Horse Head Fiddle And The Cosmopolitan Reimagination Of Tradition In Mongolia

Author : Peter K. Marsh
ISBN : 9781135874889
Genre : Music
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Few other nations have undergone as profound a change in their social, political, and cultural life as Mongolia did in the twentieth century. Beginning the century as a largely rural, nomadic, and tradition-oriented society, the nation was transformed by the end of this century into a largely urban, post-industrial, and cosmopolitan one. This study seeks to understand the effects that Western-inspired modernity has had on the nature of cultural tradition in the country, focusing in particular on development of the morin khuur or "horse-head fiddle," a two-stringed bowed folk lute that features a horse’s head carved into its crown. As well as being one of the most popular instruments in the contemporary national musical culture, it has also become an icon of Mongolian national identity and a symbol of the nation’s ancient cultural heritage. In its modern form, however, the horse-head fiddle reflects the values of a modern, cosmopolitan society that put it profoundly at odds with those of the traditional society. In so doing, it also reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the nation’s contemporary national musical culture.

Socialist Revolutions In Asia

Author : Irina Y. Morozova
ISBN : 9781135784379
Genre : Political Science
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Contemporary Mongolia is often seen as one of the most open and democratic societies in Asia, undergoing remarkable post-socialist transformation. Although the former ruling party, the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (the MPRP), has fundamentally changed its platform, it holds leadership and frames nation-building policy. This book re-conceptualises the socialist legacy of Mongolia and explains why in the 1920s a shift to socialism became possible. Furthermore, the role of Mongolian nationalism in the country's decision to ally with the USSR in the 1920-1930s and to choose a democratic path of development at the end of the 1980s is explored. Focusing on social systems in crisis periods when the most radical differentiation in social relationships and loyalties occur, the book describes the transformation of the elite and social structures through the prism of the MPRP cadres’ policy and the party’s collaborations with the Third Communist International and other Soviet departments that operated in Mongolia. Based on original sources from former Soviet and Mongolian archives the author offers a critique of the post-modernist approaches to the study of identity and its impact on political change. This book will be of interest to academics working on the modern history of Central and Inner Asia, socialist societies and communist parties in Asia, as well as the USSR’s foreign policy.

Mongolian Heroes Of The Twentieth Century

Author : Urgunge Onon
ISBN : UOM:39015014628609
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 23. 73 MB
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Modern Mongolia

Author : Paula L. W. Sabloff
ISBN : 0924171901
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 13 MB
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"Dr. D. Bumaa, 20th-century historian at the National Museum of Mongolian History, then presents the exciting history of Mongolia's century-long struggle to establish independence, first from Manchu Chinese feudal overlords and then from Soviety Communists.".

History Of Civilizations Of Central Asia Towards The Contemporary Period From The Mid Nineteenth To The End Of The Twentieth Century

Author : Chahryar Adle
ISBN : 9789231039850
Genre : History
File Size : 57. 19 MB
Format : PDF
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This major six-volume project, co-published with Macmillan, covers the historical experience of the peoples and societies of the Caribbean region from the earliest times to the present day. The sixth volume brings this series to an end as it takes in the whole of the modern period from colonial conquest and domination to decolonization; the Cold War from start to finish; the disintegration of the Soviet Union; and the renewed instability in certain areas. Not only did the colonial regimes lay a new patina over the region, but nationalism remoulded all old identities into a series of new ones. That process of the twentieth century was perhaps the most transformative of all after the colonial subjugation of the nineteenth. While it has been the basis of remarkable stability in vast stretches of the region, it has been a fertile source of tension and even wars in other parts. The impact and the results of such changes have been astonishingly variable despite the proximity of these states to each other and their being subject to, or driven, by virtually the same compulsions.

Memory History And Opposition

Author : Rubie S. Watson
ISBN : 085255902X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69. 79 MB
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This collection of articles focuses on the contest and contrast between official versions of history and historical events as remembered by actual participants or witnesses. The articles cover socialist regimes in the 20th century.

Nationalism And Hybridity In Mongolia

Author : Uradyn Erden Bulag
ISBN : 0198233574
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Uradyn Bulag presents a unique study of what it means to be Mongolian today. Mongolian nationalism, emerging from a Soviet-dominated past and facing a Chinese-threatened future, has led its adherents to stress purity in an effort to curb the outside influences on Mongolian culture and identity. This sort of nationalism views the Halh (the 'indigenous' Mongols) as 'pure' Mongols, and other Mongol groups as 'impure'. This Halh-centrism excites and exploits fears that Mongolia will be swallowed by China; it stands in opposition to pan-Mongolism, the view that links between Mongols of all kinds should be strengthened. Bulag draws on an abundance of illuminating research findings to argue that Mongols are facing a choice between a purist, racialized nationalism, inherited from Soviet discourses of nationalism, and a more open, adaptive nationalism which accepts diversity, hybridity, and multiculturalism. He calls into question the idea of Mongolia as a homogeneous place and people, and urges that unity should be sought through acknowledgement of diversity.

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