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Nature Reborn

Author : H. Paul Santmire
ISBN : 1451409257
Genre : Nature
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Santmire's much-acclaimed The Travail of Nature: The Ambiguous Ecological Promise of Christian Theology documented the unfortunate legacy of many Christian theological notions in the use, abuse, and destruction of the natural world, along with its positive aspects. This new brief, but penetrating, look at Christian theological concepts of nature returns to the fray, this time to reclaim classic, mostly pre-modern Christian themes and re-envision them in light of the global environmental and cultural crisis. This revisionist work-"to revise the classical Christian story in order to identify and to celebrate its ecological and cosmic promise"-mines Christian cosmology (the Great Chain of Being), Christology, Creation, and Eucharist, so that the Christian "story" can be then rediscovered (history), reshaped (theology), re-experienced (spirituality), and re-enacted (ritual).

Human Significance In Theology And The Natural Sciences

Author : Christopher L. Fisher
ISBN : 9781621892311
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71. 14 MB
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The medieval worldview that regarded human beings as at the center of God's plans for His universe has long been regarded as obsolete; its synthesis of Christian theology and Greek philosophy having collapsed under the weight of Copernicus, Galileo, and Darwin. The popular stereotype is that Science, both in the Copernican revolution that dethroned the earth-centered view of the cosmos and in subsequent developments in evolutionary theory and general relativity, has marginalized and trivialized human existence, revealing humanity's place in the cosmos to be accidental, peripheral, and ultimately meaningless. However, an investigation into both modern Christian theology and contemporary twenty-first century Science reveals just the opposite, providing solid evidence in the interdisciplinary dialogue concerning the significance of humanity within the universe. In this important study, Christopher Fisher analyzes several modern theologians, including Wolfhart Pannenberg, Karl Rahner, and John Zizioulas, to reveal how contemporary ecumenical theology is deeply and intrinsically committed to a high view of human cosmic significance as a consequence of Christianity's indelible Trinitarian and incarnational faith. Fisher then demonstrates how research in contemporary natural Science confirms this finding in its own way, as recent primate intelligence studies, artificial intelligence research, and even the quest for extra-terrestrial intelligence reveal the wonder of human uniqueness. A contemporary version of the teleological argument also resurfaces in consideration of cosmic evolutionary perspectives on human existence. Even ecological concerns take on a new poignancy with the realization that, among material creatures, only human beings are capable of addressing the world's situation. This interdisciplinary study uncovers the surprising coherence and convergence of Christian Theology and Natural Science on the subject of human existence and significance here at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and it highlights the very unique role of humanity in global and cosmic history.

Barth S Doctrine Of Creation

Author : Andrew Gabriel
ISBN : 9781620329542
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45. 28 MB
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Theologians working on the doctrine of creation are compelled to wrestle with Karl Barth's explication of this doctrine. And yet, studies on Barth have not paid a significant amount of attention to this aspect of his theology. To help fill this gap, Gabriel introduces and clarifies Barth's doctrine of creation by outlining its contours and evaluating three prominent critiques of Barth--critiques that focus on questions regarding the place of nature, the Trinity, Jesus, and history in his doctrine. Gabriel finds value in these critiques, while also identifying ways in which Barth's theology sometimes adequately addresses them. Through this, Gabriel mines insights from Barth that can contribute to a theology of nature or ecological theology and a Trinitarian theology of creation.

Light From The East

Author : Alexei V. Nesteruk
ISBN : 1451403577
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this unique volume, a new and distinctive perspective on hotly debated issues in science and religion emerges from the unlikely ancient Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition. Alexei Nesteruk reveals how the Orthodox tradition, deeply rooted in Greek Patristic thought, can contribute importantly in a way that the usual Western sources do not. Orthodox thought, he holds, profoundly and helpfully relates the experience of God to our knowledge of the world. His masterful historical introduction to the Orthodox traditions not only surveys key features of its theology but highlights its ontology of participation and communion. From this Nesteruk derives Orthodoxy's unique approach to theological and scientific attribution. Theology identifies the underlying principles (logoi) in scientific affirmations. Nesteruk then applies this methodology to key issues in cosmology: the presence of the divine in creation, the theological meaning of models of creation, the problem of time, and the validity of the anthropic principle, especially as it relates to the emergence of humans and the Incarnation. Nesteruk's unique synthesis is not a valorization of Eastern Orthodox thought so much as an influx of startlingly fresh ideas about the character of science itself and an affirmation of the ultimate religious and theological value of the whole scientific enterprise.

Self Emptying Love In A Global Context

Author : Robert T. Sears
ISBN : 9781630874230
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37. 92 MB
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Care for the environment is an ever more pressing concern in today's world in which narrow self-interest has blinded us to the growing pollution of atmosphere and seas and the destruction of animal species caused by our indifference and neglect. Christianity has been blamed in part for this because of a misunderstanding of the Biblical call to have dominion over creation. Our spiritual tradition has indeed so focused on human salvation that the Earth has been seen simply as a transient environment that will be left behind in the end. In response, this little book highlights another spiritual tradition within Western Christianity that affirms that creation itself will also be transformed with humanity through the self-emptying love of God. God's dominion, after all, is service rather than despotic control, the raising up of the lowly of this Earth and of the Earth itself as part of a cosmic community. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius are examined in this light as a call not only to join Christ in redeeming humanity, but also in extending Christ's care and love to all creation that longs for the freedom of the children of God.

The Travail Of Nature

Author : H. Paul Santmire
ISBN : STANFORD:36105037959843
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 62. 22 MB
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The Travail of Nature shows that the theological tradition in the West is neither ecologically bankrupt, as some of its popular and scholarly critics have maintained, nor replete with immediately accessible, albeit long-forgotten, ecological riches hidden everywhere in its deeper vaults, as some contemporary Christians, who are profoundly troubled by the environmental crisis and other related concerns, might wistfully hope to find. This is why it is appropriate to speak of the ambiguous ecological promises of Christian theology.

Wrestling With The Divine

Author : Christopher C. Knight
ISBN : STANFORD:36105110312944
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Knight extends the dialogue begun in John Polkinghorne's and Arthur Peacocke's work to explore new possibilities. Their stress on natural processes as the form of divine immanence and the locus of divine action opens the way to Knight's rethinking the psychology of religious experience as a medium of divine revelation. Knight employs the paradigmatic instance of revelation -- the early Christian experience of the risen Jesus -- to investigate the psychological basis of revelatory experience. He addresses its referentiality, authentication, implications for propositional truth, and historical models of revelation. Advancing to a new notion yields (a) an affirmation of the sacramental and revelatory potential of the created order and (b) a new understanding of natural theology that opens up to other faiths of the world. --from publisher description.

Aristotle And The Theology Of The Living Immortals

Author : Richard Bodeus
ISBN : 0791447278
Genre : Religion
File Size : 68. 73 MB
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Bodeus argues that Aristotle is more closely aligned with popular Greek religion than is usually thought, and attention to the ethical and political writings reveals more about Aristotle's resources for conceiving the gods than study of his theoretical works.".

Creation Is Groaning

Author : Mary L. Coloe
ISBN : 9780814680902
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33. 33 MB
Format : PDF
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If, as some scholars attest, Christianity has been complicit in the destruction of the environment, then Christianity can and must also have a role in changing human behavior in a way that helps to solve this massive problem. In Creation is Groaning, a set of highly regarded theologians and Scripture scholars offer a theology and spirituality of creation based on principles of eco-justice and environmental responsibility. Contributors to this volume are Denis Edwards, Antoinette Collins, Dermot Nestor, Laurie Woods, Mary Coloe, and Anthony Kelly. Key elements of their project include: tracing the development of Israel's view of creation through different historical situations and key writings, with a particular focus on what ethical responsibilities toward creation emerge from its theology examining Israel's theology of Sabbath" and its developing understanding of the end time, thus encompassing creation in its origins and its final destiny considering the cosmic impact of the Jesus event as Paul and John understood it Together, the authors establish a firm foundation for a new ethic that promotes the flourishing of all planetary life and a just global community.

Christian Theology For A Secular Society

Author : Mark G. McKim
ISBN : 9781597528290
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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It's hard to be the only one. That single sentence from a teenage congregant sums up the conviction that motivated Christian Theology for a Secular Society. In these dying days of Christendom, the reality that most Western Christians face is living out their faith as a minority in the midst of a culture that is at every level--personal, institutional, and societal--secular in nature. While most living in Western societies still affirm belief in God and often other vaguely recognizable Christian beliefs, these affirmations frequently have little to do with how daily life is lived. The idea that the God best known to us in Jesus Christ is actually in charge of life is foreign. For most, Christianity simply does not form an overarching system of meaning that shapes life. Instead, life is lived largely without reference to God. And to live any other way is often hard. In this volume, Mark McKim sets out to do theology in this context. How does one explain the core historic Christian doctrines in a way that makes sense in a secular culture--and in a way that will gain a hearing? What does it mean to be the church in this new situation? Throughout, McKim asks the question, so what? as he relates Christian teachings to a secular society and to what is actually happening in the local church. McKim's goal is to enable the singing of the Lord's song in the new and strange land of a secular society.

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