never thought id love a dope boy

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Behind The Eight Ball

Author : Tanya Telfair Sharpe
ISBN : 0789024578
Genre : Medical
File Size : 73. 45 MB
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Inner-city black women open their hearts to share the pain of crack addiction and its consequences Behind the Eight Ball: Sex for Crack Cocaine Exchange and Poor Black Women documents an American tragedy that highlights the widening gap between social and economic classes. In their own words, poor black women--nameless, faceless, and marginalized by poverty--share the details of their lives before and after crack cocaine invaded their communities, each recalling the circumstances of her introduction to the drug and her first experience using sex to support her addiction. These candid interviews expose the socioeconomic changes in inner-city neighborhoods that created the perfect conditions for a crack stronghold; the crack cocaine economy's impact on the lives of inner-city residents; and the social and familial consequences of crack addiction among poor, black women. Behind the Eight Ball: Sex for Crack Cocaine Exchange and Poor Black Women places crack addiction, crack-related prostitution and its consequences, STDs, HIV, and pregnancy into the context of the larger social issues of inner-city poverty, race, gender, and class. This unique book reveals the sex-for-crack barter system as evidence of a long-term social exclusion and systemic racism that has worked to destroy the self-image of poor black American women. The women interviewed reflect this negative image, exchanging sex for crack on a regular basis to support their addictions at the risk-and reality-of unplanned pregnancies. "The baby I am carrying now, I don't know who the father is. There are a few (men) that I had sex with around the time I got pregnant--that day. But which one it is, I don't know who." Behind the Eight Ball: Sex for Crack Cocaine Exchange and Poor Black Women examines: why poor black women addicted to crack are disproportionately at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, and unplanned pregnancies how the social and economic characteristics of poor black communities support crack distribution and consumption how crack use and the exchange of sex for crack damages struggling black families why the care of many children is entrusted to child welfare agencies how and why women are marginalized in the crack culture Behind the Eight Ball: Sex for Crack Cocaine Exchange and Poor Black Women is an insightful and enlightening look at the motivations behind the decision to risk illness, injury, disease, death, and pregnancy to support addiction.

Loving A Dope Boy

Author : Toy
ISBN : 0997415126
Genre : African American women
File Size : 57. 33 MB
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Come take this wild ride with the Lane girls. They are four cousins/sisters who have lived their lives not needing a man as a companion. That is until they all run into men who will not only make them feel things that never thought they could, but they will also be there for them when they need it most. Madison, Lisa, Alexus, and Marie will have their world rocked when they find out that things are not what they thought they were for so long. Taiwan came back to Virginia thinking that the situation he left in California would fix itself sooner or later. Only to find out that he has to handle it or give up on the future he wants. Saigon doesn't want to step on his twin brother's toes, so until Taiwan handles his situation, he has to watch her from a distance. Will the brothers be able to have a future with the women they desire, without the past coming back to haunt them? Rooke learns that a secret that has been kept from him and his brothers will soon come out. How will the brothers react to the truth that will change all of their lives?


Author : Dave Lemay
ISBN : 9781304703637
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59. 35 MB
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How long does it take to change a bad law and why is it so important that it gets changed? I’ve seen first hand that it can take nearly a half-century and maybe longer. Damage occurs on many levels, creating a criminal record where there never should have been one. The general consensus is that marijuana will be legal in the next few years, which sure beats, two to three years in State prison for possession of less than one ounce. My recourse was to make a statement that said loud and clear, “I do not accept your law or your punishment, because it does not fit the crime.” Unfortunately, I probably paid ten fold for what I did next. What I never saw coming was “medical marijuana.” Oddly, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one, since I’m now living with prostrate cancer. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if I could at last be rewarded with a cure and know that my stance finally paid off. Chances are slim but it’s something to hope for.

Pretty Gurls Love Dope Boys 2

Author : Precious T
ISBN : 1072016346
Genre :
File Size : 45. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The crew alone has been through the most in the past year, taking heavy hit after heavy hit. Cambria is so headstrong that she's decided to take a different path in her life and step up in her father's business, leaving her love life with Cash up in the air.Josie following right behind as her right hand and best friend has no problem stepping up to handle business. Josie has become so adapted to the Atlanta streets that she's running shit just as if she is part of the William's family. Ever since Josie moved to Atlanta, she had been through things she never thought she would ever experience in her life, some things she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy.When Cambria, Josie, Fab, and Frost put their heads together to complete a mission, it puts Fab in a hard place because this is something he hadn't planned on doing, but when being pushed to that point, he has no choice. Sex, money, and drugs make the world go around but would the love that these pretty gurls have for dope boys set them back or hinder them?

I Am That Man

Author : Remo Kareem
ISBN : 9781105641787
Genre :
File Size : 33. 17 MB
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The Blessing And The Curse

Author : Shatiera Holman
ISBN : 9781304761057
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33. 28 MB
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From birth it just seems that Serene cannot get a break. Her grandfather cursed her as a baby and now she must struggle to succeed by any means necessary. She spends her whole life looking for real love, in every aspect. Fighting to make a name for herself and escape the troubles of her past. She battles with the demons that come with men, drugs, and the pursuit of wealth. Just when she feels she has found all that she was looking for, her world comes crumbling down. She learns her beauty and determination are definitely a Blessing and a Curse!

My Life Cursed Or Blessed

Author : Karla Johnson
ISBN : 9781475979015
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 28. 94 MB
Format : PDF
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Graduated High School in 1971, three months pregnant. I left my mother's house with my Fiance. The only thing I took with me were the clothes on my back, the things I read in books, the things my Grandmother taught me which mainly involved cooking and cleaning, the Bible quotes and old folks tales my Grandmother used to say over and over, the few things my mother taught me during her brief and few periods of time into my life, and also a very special gift from God, which was the ability to play any musical instrument I chose to play. I thought I was grown and knew everything. What I didn't know was although I was very smart, I was also very naive. I got married in 1972 and had another baby in 1974. I worked for a police department from 1977 to 1985. I was in the Army National Guard from 1979 to 1985. So many unbelievable things happened to me during that time, both good and bad. So many more bad things happened than good that I started to think my life was cursed for some reason. It started to happen so much that finally I did not want to live any longer.

She Fell In Love With A Dope Boy 2

Author : Miss Candice
ISBN : 1720563977
Genre : African Americans
File Size : 64. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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It was no secret that Ryann was infatuated with Cassim. After all, she did take a gun charge for him. In the midst of falling for a dope boy, her relationship with Dinero had begun to suffer. Ryann, with intentions to finally leave him, finds out that it won't be as easy as she had hoped. Trust didn't come easy for Cass, so the moment he found out that it was Ryann creeping through the bushes, it enraged him to a level he thought he could never come down from. On top of that, the FEDs had infiltrated his organization and someone was snitching. With so many people in his camp, it was hard to narrow it down to who was stupid enough to go against the grain. In part two of She Fell in love with a Dope boy, snakes come out of the grass, hearts break, tempers flare, and blood will be shed. But, through it all, will the love between Ryann and Cassim finally blossom? Find out how it all unfolds in this jaw dropping sequel.

Thick As Thieves

Author : Patrick Quinn
ISBN : 9780307815897
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The sensational debut of a crime novelist who will remind readers of how thrilling it was to read Carl Hiassen, Robert B. Parker, or Elmore Leonard for the first time. This novel features Mackin, a rogue and a professional thief who survives by being the very best--and by never breaking his own rules.

Twilight Nights

Author : PAUL D. JONES
ISBN : 9781477139226
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 88. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In writing this book I felt a need to explain how important it is that one knows himself/herself while growing up in life which as you can see I didn’t. That inner feeling that I kept getting was the enemy trying to put me in a position I could never come out of. It controlled me during most of my life. There were always signs pointing to the right choices to make but when you are caught up in what you feel is the success of your life, you never pay attention to those signs, you go with the flow of the moment. Twilight Nights has a second part to it that will explain in detail that recognition of signs and how to respond to them so you are aware of who is leading you. It shouldn’t take a life time to here your calling unless you’ve been transformed into one that has become a part of this world. Thank God he let me know I was not apart of this world just in this world and that’s what saved me. This book is a very interesting read and for those that just like entertainment you will get a thrill out of this book but for those looking for something else there is a message in this message that only the spirit of God can reveal. The word of God says “we fight against principalities and wicked spirits in high places.” Learn to know God so you can stand against the wiles of the enemy and his Spirit will guide you into his truth. ENJOY!

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