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Nicholas Of Cusa And Times Of Transition

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Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) was active during the Renaissance, developing adventurous ideas even while serving as a churchman. The religious issues with which he engaged – spiritual, apocalyptic and institutional – were to play out in the Reformation

Nicholas Of Cusa And Times Of Transition

Author : Thomas M. Izbicki
ISBN : 9004375260
Genre : Philosophy
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Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) was active during the Renaissance, developing adventurous ideas even while serving as a churchman. The religious issues with which he engaged - spiritual, apocalyptic and institutional - were to play out in the Reformation. These essays reflect the interests of Cusanus but also those of Gerald Christianson, who has studied church history, the Renaissance and the Reformation. The book places Nicholas into his times but also looks at his later reception. The first part addresses institutional issues, including Schism, conciliarism, indulgences and the possibility of dialogue with Muslims. The second treats theological and philosophical themes, including nominalism, time, faith, religious metaphor, and prediction of the end times.

The Art Of Conjecture

Author : Clyde Lee Miller
ISBN : 9780813234168
Genre : Philosophy
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“Learned ignorance,” the recognition that God is beyond us and our knowing capacities is the theological concept for which Nicholas of Cusa is most famous. Despite God’s apparent absence Nicholas offers original ways to think about God that would unite his presence with his absence. He called these proposals “conjectures” (coniecturae). Conjecture and conjecturing are central to the methodology of Nicholas’s philosophical theology and to his thinking about human knowledge. By using concrete examples from the everyday life of his times as symbolic imagery Nicholas makes what we say about God imaginatively available and theoretically plausible. He called such conjectural symbols “aenigmata” (= “symbolic or ‘enigmatic’ conjectures”) because they partially clarify and likewise point to an exact truth that is beyond us. Novel and imaginative, Nicholas’s conjectural examples break with the traditional medieval Aristotelian examples and provide further evidence of his role as a figure bridging medieval and Renaissance thought. Following his earlier book, Reading Cusanus (The Catholic University of America Press, 2003), Clyde Lee Miller here examines and comments on the meaning of “conjecture” in Nicholas of Cusa. The Art of Conjecture: Nicholas of Cusa on Knowledge explores what Nicholas meant by conjecture and its import as demonstrated in his treatises and sermons. Beginning with Nicholas’ On Conjectures, Miller analyzes a series of conjectural symbols and proposals across Nicholas’s less frequently discussed texts and recently published sermons. This early Renaissance thinker offers an original and ground-breaking way of framing speculation in philosophical theology and more generally in philosophy itself.

Shakespeare And The Grace Of Words

Author : Valentin Gerlier
ISBN : 9781000582550
Genre : Drama
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Crossing the boundaries between literature, philosophy and theology, Shakespeare and the Grace of Words pioneers a reading strategy that approaches language as grounded in praise; that is, as affirmation and articulation of the goodness of Being. Offering a metaphysically astute theology of language grounded in the thought of Renaissance theologian Nicholas of Cusa, as well as readings of Shakespeare that instantiate and complement its approach, this book shows that language in which the divine gift of Being is received, apprehended and expressed, even amidst darkness and despair, is language that can renew our relationship with one another and with the things and beings of the world. Shakespeare and the Grace of Words aims to engage the reader in detailed, performative close readings while exploring the metaphysical and theological contours of Shakespeare’s art—as a venture into a poetic illumination of the deep grammar of the real.

Propaganda And Un Covered Identities In Treatises And Sermons Christians Jews And Muslims In The Premodern Mediterranean

Author : Ferrero Hernández, Cándida
ISBN : 9788449089183
Genre : Religion
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The eleven essays included in this collective volume examine a range of textual genres produced by Christians and Muslims throughout the Mediterranean, including materials from the Corpus Islamolatinum, Christian propaganda and polemical works targeting Muslims and Jews, Inquisition records, and Christian and Muslim sermons. Despite the diversity of the works under consideration and the variety of methodological and disciplinary approaches employed in their analysis, the volume is bound together by the common goals of exploring the propaganda strategies premodern authors deployed for specific aims, be it the unification of religious, cultural, and political groups through discourses of self-representation, or the invention of the political, cultural, religious, or gendered other. Many of the essays offer critical re-readings of works that are obscure or have never been studied, while others shed new light on the cultural and textual interactions between Christians, Muslims and Jews. The volume is divided into four sections, the first of which is comprised of three chapters on the Corpus Islamolatinum that furnish new evidence showing the important role this “encyclopedia” played in spreading knowledge about Islam and contributing to the creation of propaganda and polemics against Islam among European intellectual circles. The chapters in section two offer novel interpretations of the hermeneutical strategies underlying the composition of polemical works such as the lives of Muhammad and Pedro de la Cavalleria’s Zelus Christi. The essays in section three identify some common hermeneutical strategies in the use of anti-Jewish and anti-Islamic arguments to polemicize against religious others or edify Christians and illuminate intertextual relations between authors and genres (disputatio and praedicatio). Finally, section four introduces the gender perspective: the genered nature of the accusations of Judaizing in the analysis of the transcripts of the inquisitorial court of three sisters who were tried in Barcelona in 1496, on the one hand, and two studies that explore the constructions of identities and gender relations reflected in various Islamic sources from opposite ends of the Mediterranean. They offer glimpses of women as subject (s) and as object (s) of preaching and show how such texts can reify or subvert traditional binary gender roles.

Erasmus And The Other

Author : Nathan Ron
ISBN : 9783030249298
Genre : Religion
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This book investigates how Erasmus viewed non-Christians and different races, including Muslims, Jews, the indigenous people of the Americas, and Africans. Nathan Ron argues that Erasmus was devoted to Christian Eurocentrism and not as tolerant as he is often portrayed. Erasmus’ thought is situated vis-à-vis the thought of contemporaries such as the cosmographer and humanist Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini who became Pope Pius II; the philosopher, scholar, and Cardinal, Nicholas of Cusa; and the Dominican missionary and famous defender of the Native Americans, Bartolomé Las Casas. Additionally, the relatively moderate attitude toward Islam which was demonstrated by Michael Servetus, Sebastian Franck, and Sebastian Castellio is analyzed in comparison with Erasmus’ harsh attitude toward Islam/Turks.

Mysticism And Materialism In The Wake Of German Idealism

Author : W. Ezekiel Goggin
ISBN : 9781000555820
Genre : Religion
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This book argues that the rediscovery of mystical theology in nineteenth-century Germany not only helped inspire idealism and romanticism, but also planted the seeds of their overcoming by way of critical materialism. Thanks in part to the Neoplatonic turn in the works of J. G. Fichte, as well as the enthusiasm of mining engineer Franz X. von Baader, mystical themes gained a critical currency, and mystical texts returned to circulation. This reawakening of the mystical tradition influenced romantic and idealist thinkers such as Novalis and Hegel, and also shaped later critical interventions by Marx, Benjamin, and Bataille. Rather than rehearsing well-known connections to Swedenborg or Böhme, this study goes back further to the works of Meister Eckhart, Nicholas of Cusa, Catherine of Siena, and Angela of Foligno. The book offers a new perspective on the reception of mystical self-interrogation in nineteenth-century German thought and will appeal to scholars of philosophy, history, theology, and religious studies.

Nicholas Of Cusa S Brixen Sermons And Late Medieval Church Reform

Author : Richard J. Serina
ISBN : 9789004326767
Genre : History
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Nicholas of Cusa’s Brixen Sermons presents the concepts of church and reform that the fifteenth-century speculative thinker preached as a residential bishop and relates them to the challenges of late medieval church reform.

The Oxford Handbook Of Qur Anic Studies

Author : Mustafa Shah
ISBN : 9780191081415
Genre : Religion
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The Qur'an is the foundational sacred text of the Islamic faith. Traditionally revered as the literal word of God, its pronouncements and discussions form the bedrock of Islamic beliefs and teachings. Notwithstanding its religious pre-eminence and the fact that it is the sacred text for over one billion of the world's Muslims, the Qur'an is also considered to be the matchless masterpiece of the Arabic language. Its historical impact as a text can be discerned in all aspects of the heritage of the Arabic literary tradition. Over recent decades, academic engagement with the Qur'an has produced an impressive array of scholarship, ranging from detailed studies of the text's unique language, style and structure, to meticulous surveys of its contents, concepts and historical contexts. The Oxford Handbook of Qur'anic Studies is an essential reference and starting point for those with an academic interest in the Qur'an. It offers not only detailed reviews of influential subjects in the field, but also a critical overview of developments in the research discourse. It explores the tradition of Qur'anic exegesis and hermeneutics, making it a comprehensive academic resource for the study of the Qur'an. No single volume devoted to such a broad academic survey of the state of the field currently exists.

Renaissance Minds And Their Fictions

Author : Ronald Levao
ISBN : 9780520366343
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press’s mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1985.

How Do I Look?

Author : Dominic White
ISBN : 9780334060017
Genre : Religion
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We live in the age of the retouchable selfie. For those navigating the world of social media, the issue of how one presents oneself to the world has never been more critical. Psychological studies have shown the high impact of this selfie culture on the mental health of young people especially. How might the long tradition of the Christian gaze, found in scripture, art, theology and philosophy speak into this selfie generation? What, in this context, might be the significance of the doctrine of humankind’s creation in God’s image, or of the incarnation? On a more practical level, how might the monastic tradition of the ‘chaste gaze’ challenge or reinforce the selfie-culture? Putting such theological and ethical questions into dialogue with psychological studies and philosophical understandings, the book offers an important pastoral and scholarly resource for anyone seeking to understand theologically one of the most profound developments of the digital age.

History Of The Church From The High Middle Ages To The Eve Of The Reformation

Author : Hubert Jedin
ISBN : UOM:39015008168752
Genre : Church history
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The Religious Concordance

Author : Joshua Hollmann
ISBN : 9789004337466
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21. 85 MB
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This book offers a convincing examination of Nicholas of Cusa's Christ-centered approach to Islam and religious diversity and peace.

Toleration In Conflict

Author : Rainer Forst
ISBN : 9780521885775
Genre : History
File Size : 22. 37 MB
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This book represents the most comprehensive historical and systematic study of the theory and practice of toleration ever written.

Tracing Nicholas Of Cusa S Early Development

Author : Jovino de Guzman Miroy
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132851093
Genre :
File Size : 40. 11 MB
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Nicholas Of Cusa On The Trinitarian Structure Of The Innate Criterion Of Truth

Author : Paula Pico Estrada
ISBN : 9789004499560
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 69. 70 MB
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An analysis of Nicholas of Cusa’s conception of the power of judgment that shows it enables morality as well as cognition.

Proteus Im Spiegel

Author : Paul Geyer
ISBN : 3826026330
Genre : Critical theory
File Size : 74. 45 MB
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Einleitung - C. Jünke: Theorie und Praxis einer Kritischen Theorie des Subjekts - Grundlagenreflexion / Methodik - P. Geyer: Kritik des Kritikbegriffs - K. Meyer-Drawe: Zur Doppeldeutigkeit des Subjekts - R. Terdiman: The Subject of the Other: From Alterity to Heterology - K. Röttgers: Autonomes und verführtes Subjekt - Das Subjekt in den Diskursen der Wissenschaft - B. Görlich: Freuds Wissenschaft vom Unbewußten - ihre Bedeutung für eine kritische Theorie des Subjekts - R. Simon: Die nichtsubjektive Sprache des Subjekts in der ästhetischen Erfahrung. Überlegungen zum Begriff der Natur in Adornos Ästhetischer Theorie - P. Weber-Bockholdt: Über das musikalische Hören in Th. W. Adornos Philosophie der neuen Musik - M. Guérin: Visage, autoportrait, portrait (Réflexions sur le jeu des catégories: je, moi, individu, sujet) - B. Gruber: Zur Rolle des Erfahrungsbegriffes in der neueren Literaturwissenschaft. Eine wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Überlegung - M. Klein: Das Menschenbild in der Begriffsjurisprudenz und in der Interessenjurisprudenz - A. Schmitt: Subjektivität und Evolution. Kritische Anmerkungen zu einer kognitionspsychologischen Erklärung von Subjektivität - A. Gierer: Brain, mind, and limitations of a scientific theory of human consciousness - Erscheinungsweisen des Subjekts im 20. Jh. / Archäologie des modernen Subjekts - S. Büttner: Sophokles' Modernität? Subjektivität und Tragik in der Sophokleischen Elektra - V. Ehrich-Haefeli: Transformationen des Begehrens am Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts: Zur psychohistorischen Archäologie der modernen Individualität (Lessing, Wieland, Maler Müller) - G. Mensching: "Urgeschichte des Subjekts" - Variationen über ein Thema von Adorno - F. Spadini: Kulturelles Gedächtnis. Thomas Manns Auseinandersetzung mit der deutschen Identität - Entwürfe des 20. Jahrhunderts - M. Schmitz-Emans: Subjekt und Sprache - J. Leenhardt: Subjektkonstitution im literarischen Austausch - R. Zaiser: Prousts A la recherche du temps perdu: Die epistemologische Krise des Subjekts und ihre Aufhebung in der Leibhaftigkeit des Seins - S. Friedrich: Fokussierungen: Sinnliche Wahrnehmung und ihre Medialisierung in der spanischen Lyrik des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts - N. Würzbach: Identitätskonstitution durch Raumerleben in der englischen Erzählliteratur des Modernismus - M. Messmer: Intersubjectivity as a Way toward Ideology Critique in Virginia Woolf's The Waves - L. Higgins & M.-Chr. Leps : Writing subjects of governance - Woolf and Foucault - H.-G. Pott: Das Subjekt bei Robert Musil - V. Kapp: Individuelles und historisches Bewußtsein in Malraux' La Condition humaine - H. Antor: International Involvement and the Growth of a Canadian Identity in Hugh MacLennan's Barometer Rising - K. Kramer: Praktiken des Raumes: Zur topologischen Konstitution des ästhetischen Subjekts im Prosagedicht Henri Michaux' - P. Geyer: Der existenzielle Ernst des Absurden. Das menschliche Subjekt angesichts seiner Auslöschung - P. Oster: Nathalie Sarraute und Jean-Paul Sartre oder Subjektkonstitution im Zeitalter des Mißtrauens - C. Jünke: Unzuverlässiges Erzählen und Subjektkritik - Cinco horas con Mario von Miguel Delibes - W. Matzat: Subjektivitätsmodellierung im Roman: Eine gattungsgeschichtliche Skizze mit einem Blick auf das Verhältnis von Individuum und Gesellschaft bei Jean-Philippe Toussaint - R. Emans: Personalstil versus Zeitstil in der Musik - Versuchungen der Postmoderne - A. Gutenberg: Uneasy Alliances: The Subject of Feminism and Postmodernism in Theory and the Novel - P. Torrin: De la Crypte aux Fantômes. La transmission historique de l'inconscient - A. v. Graevenitz Der tatsächliche Tod des Subjekts in der Inszenierung seines Kunstwerks als Herausforderung an das wahrnehmende Subjekt - R. Hagenbüchle: Das Ende des 'bürgerlichen' Subjekts: Kulturwandel als Paradi

Heresy In Transition

Author : John Christian Laursen
ISBN : 9781317122470
Genre : History
File Size : 74. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The concept of heresy is deeply rooted in Christian European culture. The palpable increase in incidences of heresy in the Middle Ages may be said to directly relate to the Christianity's attempts to define orthodoxy and establish conformity at its centre, resulting in the sometimes forceful elimination of Christian sects. In the transition from medieval to early modern times, however, the perception of heresy underwent a profound transformation, ultimately leading to its decriminalization and the emergence of a pluralistic religious outlook. The essays in this volume offer readers a unique insight into this little-understood cultural shift. Half of the chapters investigate the manner in which the church and its attendant civil authorities defined and proscribed heresy, whilst the other half focus on the means by which early modern writers sought to supersede such definition and proscription. The result of these investigations is a multifaceted historical account of the construction and serial reconstruction of one of the key categories of European theological, juristic and political thought. The contributors explore the role of nationalism and linguistic identity in constructions of heresy, its analogies with treason and madness, the role of class and status in the responses to heresy. In doing so they provide fascinating insights into the roots of the historicization of heresy and the role of this historicization in the emergence of religious pluralism.

Nicholas Of Cusa And The Making Of The Early Modern World

Author :
ISBN : 9789004385689
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 61. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The authors focus on four major thematic areas – the reform of church, the reform of theology, the reform of perspective, and the reform of method – which together encompasses the breadth and depth of Cusanus’ own reform initiatives.

Introducing Nicholas Of Cusa

Author : Bellitto, Christopher M.
ISBN : 9781616433680
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A primer on the the vocabulary, ideas, and works of this leading Renaissance thinker of the fifteenth century who wrote on everything from papal politics to astronomy to interreligious dialogue.

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