nonequilibrium many body theory of quantum systems

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Nonequilibrium Many Body Theory Of Quantum Systems

Author : Gianluca Stefanucci
ISBN : 9780521766173
Genre : Science
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A pedagogical introduction to nonequilibrium theory, time-dependent phenomena and excited state properties, for graduate students and researchers.

Nonequilibrium Many Body Theory Of Quantum Systems

Author : Gianluca Stefanucci. Robert van Leeuwen
ISBN : 1107357071
Genre :
File Size : 25. 93 MB
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Quantum Field Theory Of Non Equilibrium States

Author : Jørgen Rammer
ISBN : 9781139465014
Genre : Science
File Size : 88. 45 MB
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Quantum field theory is the application of quantum mechanics to systems with infinitely many degrees of freedom. This 2007 textbook presents quantum field theoretical applications to systems out of equilibrium. It introduces the real-time approach to non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and the quantum field theory of non-equilibrium states in general. It offers two ways of learning how to study non-equilibrium states of many-body systems: the mathematical canonical way and an easy intuitive way using Feynman diagrams. The latter provides an easy introduction to the powerful functional methods of field theory, and the use of Feynman diagrams to study classical stochastic dynamics is considered in detail. The developed real-time technique is applied to study numerous phenomena in many-body systems. Complete with numerous exercises to aid self-study, this textbook is suitable for graduate students in statistical mechanics and condensed matter physics.

Quantum Theory Of Many Body Systems

Author : Alexandre Zagoskin
ISBN : 9783319070490
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 24. 69 MB
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This text presents a self-contained treatment of the physics of many-body systems from the point of view of condensed matter. The approach, quite traditionally, uses the mathematical formalism of quasiparticles and Green’s functions. In particular, it covers all the important diagram techniques for normal and superconducting systems, including the zero-temperature perturbation theory and the Matsubara, Keldysh and Nambu-Gor'kov formalism, as well as an introduction to Feynman path integrals. This new edition contains an introduction to the methods of theory of one-dimensional systems (bosonization and conformal field theory) and their applications to many-body problems. Intended for graduate students in physics and related fields, the aim is not to be exhaustive, but to present enough detail to enable the student to follow the current research literature, or to apply the techniques to new problems. Many of the examples are drawn from mesoscopic physics, which deals with systems small enough that quantum coherence is maintained throughout their volume and which therefore provides an ideal testing ground for many-body theories.

Dynamics Models And Kinetic Methods For Non Equilibrium Many Body Systems

Author : John Karkheck
ISBN : 9789401143653
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 60 MB
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Recent years have witnessed a resurgence in the kinetic approach to dynamic many-body problems. Modern kinetic theory offers a unifying theoretical framework within which a great variety of seemingly unrelated systems can be explored in a coherent way. Kinetic methods are currently being applied in such areas as the dynamics of colloidal suspensions, granular material flow, electron transport in mesoscopic systems, the calculation of Lyapunov exponents and other properties of classical many-body systems characterised by chaotic behaviour. The present work focuses on Brownian motion, dynamical systems, granular flows, and quantum kinetic theory.

Field Theory Of Non Equilibrium Systems

Author : Alex Kamenev
ISBN : 9781139500296
Genre : Science
File Size : 71. 26 MB
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The physics of non-equilibrium many-body systems is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of theoretical physics. Traditionally used in the study of laser physics and superconducting kinetics, these techniques have more recently found applications in the study of dynamics of cold atomic gases, mesoscopic and nano-mechanical systems. The book gives a self-contained presentation of the modern functional approach to non-equilibrium field-theoretical methods. They are applied to examples ranging from biophysics to the kinetics of superfluids and superconductors. Its step-by-step treatment gives particular emphasis to the pedagogical aspects, making it ideal as a reference for advanced graduate students and researchers in condensed matter physics.

Towards A Scalable Quantum Computing Platform In The Ultrastrong Coupling Regime

Author : Thi Ha Kyaw
ISBN : 9783030196585
Genre : Computers
File Size : 83. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This thesis devotes three introductory chapters to outlining basic recipes for constructing the quantum Hamiltonian of an arbitrary superconducting circuit, starting from classical circuit design. Since a superconducting circuit is one of the most promising platforms for realizing a practical quantum computer, anyone who is starting out in the field will benefit greatly from this introduction. The second focus of the introduction is the ultrastrong light-matter interaction (USC), where the latest developments are described. This is followed by three main research works comprising quantum memory in USC; scaling up the 1D circuit to a 2D lattice configuration; creation of Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum era quantum error correction codes and polariton-mediated qubit-qubit interaction. The research work detailed in this thesis will make a major contribution to the development of quantum random access memory, a prerequisite for various quantum machine learning algorithms and applications.​


Author : Avik Ghosh
ISBN : 9789813144514
Genre :
File Size : 52. 80 MB
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This book is aimed at senior undergraduates, graduate students and researchers interested in quantitative understanding and modeling of nanomaterial and device physics. With the rapid slow-down of semiconductor scaling that drove information technology for decades, there is a pressing need to understand and model electron flow at its fundamental molecular limits. The purpose of this book is to enable such a deconstruction needed to design the next generation memory, logic, sensor and communication elements. Through numerous case studies and topical examples relating to emerging technology, this book connects 'top down' classical device physics taught in electrical engineering classes with 'bottom up' quantum and many-body transport physics taught in physics and chemistry. The book assumes no more than a nodding acquaintance with quantum mechanics, in addition to knowledge of freshman level mathematics. Segments of this book are useful as a textbook for a course in nano-electronics.

Atomistic Simulation Of Quantum Transport In Nanoelectronic Devices

Author : Yu Zhu
ISBN : 9789813141445
Genre : Science
File Size : 37. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Computational nanoelectronics is an emerging multi-disciplinary field covering condensed matter physics, applied mathematics, computer science, and electronic engineering. In recent decades, a few state-of-the-art software packages have been developed to carry out first-principle atomistic device simulations. Nevertheless those packages are either black boxes (commercial codes) or accessible only to very limited users (private research codes). The purpose of this book is to open one of the commercial black boxes, and to demonstrate the complete procedure from theoretical derivation, to numerical implementation, all the way to device simulation. Meanwhile the affiliated source code constitutes an open platform for new researchers. This is the first book of its kind. We hope the book will make a modest contribution to the field of computational nanoelectronics. Contents:IntroductionThe NECPA TheoryThe NECPA-LMTO MethodNanoDsim: The Package DesignNanoDsim: Bulk SystemsNanoDsim: Two-Probe SystemsNanoDsim: Optimization and ParallelizationKaleidoscope of the Physics in Disordered SystemsAppendix Readership: Post-graduate students or professional researchers who are interested in computational physics, device physics, quantum transport, disorder systems, and overlap of the above.

Quantum Mechanics With Applications To Nanotechnology And Information Science

Author : Yehuda B. Band
ISBN : 9780444537874
Genre : Science
File Size : 58. 22 MB
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Quantum mechanics transcends and supplants classical mechanics at the atomic and subatomic levels. It provides the underlying framework for many subfields of physics, chemistry and materials science, including condensed matter physics, atomic physics, molecular physics, quantum chemistry, particle physics, and nuclear physics. It is the only way we can understand the structure of materials, from the semiconductors in our computers to the metal in our automobiles. It is also the scaffolding supporting much of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The purpose of this book is to present the fundamentals of quantum theory within a modern perspective, with emphasis on applications to nanoscience and nanotechnology, and information-technology. As the frontiers of science have advanced, the sort of curriculum adequate for students in the sciences and engineering twenty years ago is no longer satisfactory today. Hence, the emphasis on new topics that are not included in older reference texts, such as quantum information theory, decoherence and dissipation, and on applications to nanotechnology, including quantum dots, wires and wells. This book provides a novel approach to Quantum Mechanics whilst also giving readers the requisite background and training for the scientists and engineers of the 21st Century who need to come to grips with quantum phenomena The fundamentals of quantum theory are provided within a modern perspective, with emphasis on applications to nanoscience and nanotechnology, and information-technology Older books on quantum mechanics do not contain the amalgam of ideas, concepts and tools necessary to prepare engineers and scientists to deal with the new facets of quantum mechanics and their application to quantum information science and nanotechnology As the frontiers of science have advanced, the sort of curriculum adequate for students in the sciences and engineering twenty years ago is no longer satisfactory today There are many excellent quantum mechanics books available, but none have the emphasis on nanotechnology and quantum information science that this book has

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