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My Only Great Passion

Author : Jean Drum
ISBN : 9780810836792
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 69. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The first full-length English language biography of Carl Th. Dreyer, the Danish film director best known for his 1928 film The Passion of Joan of Arc.

Seek Only Passion

Author : Deana James
ISBN : 0821742531
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Forced by her cruel father to wed his most despised enemy, the debauched Earl of Whitby, Lady Noelle Rivers is determined not to allow her spouse to win her love, much less her virtue

Only You Turn My Passion On

Author : N. J. Xaros
ISBN : 1946035289
Genre :
File Size : 48. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Zoe at a very young age moved to London to study abroad, leaving her family back in the United States, her curiosity for new things made her change countries where in a very short amount of time she met the man of her life and falling in love she gave herself to him, her wishes were to have a family after finishing school, but the same curiosity that took her to London once also made her return to the United States, where unexpectedly she stumbles upon a woman, the love of her life, and since then she has come across a side of herself she never knew, which has led her to the face the biggest battle of her very existence; a fight against love, challenging destiny, and walking hand in hand with love and pain."

The Psalms Of Lament In Mark S Passion

Author : Stephen Ahearne-Kroll
ISBN : 0521881919
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Ahearne-Kroll examines the literary interaction between Mark's passion narrative and four Psalms of Individual Lament.

Food My One And Only Passion

Author : Vibrant Sloth
ISBN : 9798640655728
Genre :
File Size : 62. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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It's time to put all your best family cooking tips and secret recipes between pages. This cooking journal is just the universal recipe book, meal planner, and collection of cooking notes you need to start organizing your recipes. This cooking journal is a great birthday or Christmas gift for every cooking lover or baking enthusiast. Blank templates for 50 recipes. Numbered pages for finding the right recipe quickly, when needed. Table of contents for the best organizing. Two page spreads leave you plenty of room to write down the recipe and notes. Room for photos or drawings. Glossy cover. Perfect size (dimensions: 6 x 9 inches) to keep it on the shelf, in a drawer on put it in the purse.

The Trove Of The Passion Room

Author : Marcia Lynn McClure
ISBN : 9780983525042
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Sharlamagne Dickens cherished her family, was intrigued by the past, adored antiques, and enjoyed working at the antique store owned by her parents. Her life, like most, had been touched by tragedy and loss, yet she was happy. Though her life was not void of romance, it was void of a certain emotional passion. Still, she was young and assumed that one day some man might manage to sweep her off her feet. Sharlamagne did not expect to be entirely bowled over, however. And the day she first set eyes on Maxim Tanner, she was! Elisaveta Tanner's grandson, Maxim, was the dreamiest, most attractive archetypal male Sharlamagne and her sister, Gwen, had ever seen! Tall, dark, and illegally handsome, Maxim Tanner possessed not only fabulous looks, money, and the sweetest grandmother in the world but also a fair amount of local fame. He was gorgeous, clever, and pathetically out of reach for any average girl. And so Sharlamagne went about her life happy and satisfied-for she had no idea what sort of emotional intensity the right man could inflame in her. She had no conception of how an age-old mystery and one man could converge to unleash a passion so powerful that it would be either the greatest gift she had ever known-or her final undoing.

A Passion For Truth

Author : Abraham Joshua Heschel
ISBN : 9781466800335
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88. 93 MB
Format : PDF
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In A Passion For Truth, Heschel delves into the exploration of hope and despair in Hasidism. Heschel drew on his own experiences from his study of the Kotzker and the Baal Shem Tov to create this classic work.

The Passion

Author : Jeanette Winterson
ISBN : 0802198716
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A magical, wonderful modern classic about the destinies of Napoleon’s faithful cook and the daughter of a Venetian boatman. Set during the tumultuous years of the Napoleonic Wars, The Passion intertwines the destinies of two remarkable people: Henri, a simple French soldier, who follows Napoleon from glory to Russian ruin; and Villanelle, the red-haired, web-footed daughter of a Venetian boatman, whose husband has gambled away her heart. In Venice’s compound of carnival, chance, and darkness, the pair meets their singular destiny. In her unique and mesmerizing voice, Jeanette Winterson’s “concentrated, beautifully detailed prose” (The New York Times) unfurls a “historical novel quite different from any other” (Vanity Fair). “Recalls García Márquez . . . Magical touches dance like highlights over the brilliance of this fairy tale about passion, gambling, madness, and androgynous ecstasy.” —Edmund White

Philosophy As Passion

Author : Karen Vintges
ISBN : 0253330599
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 81. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Philosophy as Passion refutes the commonly held view of Simone de Beauvoir as no more than an acolyte of Jean-Paul Sartre. Karen Vintges delineates Beauvoir's independent, original ethics and philosophy, drawing on the moral-philosophical treatises of the 1940s and '50s, The Second Sex, The Mandarins, and her autobiographical works. Vintges shows that Beauvoir's unique notions added an ethical dimension to existentialist philosophy. Drawing on Foucault's concept of ethics as an "art of living," Vintges shows how Beauvoir developed an individual ethic as an intellectual woman. Philosophy as Passion illustrates how closely Beauvoir's life and work were intertwined--how she lived her philosophy and philosophized her life.

Finding Passion And Purpose

Author : Keith Edward Brownfield
ISBN : 9781614481225
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 906
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Finding Passion and Purpose For Serving a Loving God offers a laymans perspective of our great spiritual journey that leads us to a rewarding eternal life in paradise. It explains the spiritual journey as a four-step process that begins with salvation and culminates with a lifestyle of ministry and evangelism. Finding Passion and Purpose For Serving a Loving God will lead the believer to discover their own passion for ministry while traveling this journey. It includes steps to discovering Gods purpose for their life along with guidelines for renewal and restoration.,

Hated With A Passion

Author : Lawanna Damous
ISBN : 9780557745104
Genre :
File Size : 20. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Passion Coley began life with the world at her fingertips, due to her father's wealth. When her father was arrested and sentenced to 10 years, she and her mother went from riches to rags within a matter of months. Passion was often left in her grandfather's care which was a big mistake. After being molested and other traumatic events at home, she was placed into foster care where she met her best friend...and worst enemy. When she met Dru Tidwell, her life seemed to be changing for the better. With his New York/Miami ties, they reigned over the streets of Youngstown. Unbeknownst to Dru, she caught him cheating with the only person she trusted in the world and plotted to secretly destroy them and conquer the game all at once...but her plan backfired, leaving Passion to make a devastating, life altering decision that threatened to ruin her career and take her off the streets...permanently. Ride with Passion as she attempts to beat the odds. Will she succeed or succumb to the rough streets of Youngstown, Ohio?

Unstoppable Passion

Author : Mike Murdock
ISBN : 9781563946462
Genre : Religion
File Size : 78. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 637
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Long description: You Will Never Have Significant Success With Anything Until It Becomes An Obsession With You. Uncommon Success is always accompanied by Uncommon Passion and, completing your Assignment on earth will require Uncommon Passion. You will only be remembered in life for your obsession. Begin your journey towards your passion today with the help of this book. You will be guided in areas such as: how the pain of your past will decide your passion for your future; and, how to treasure and protect your flow of passion. If you are serious about pursuing your passion then this book is a must. Short description: Passion is the power that decides your life legacy...Learn how to accept a new Mantle and Anointing for the new Season you are entering today.

On The Heights Of Despair

Author : E. M. Cioran
ISBN : 0226106705
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 73. 98 MB
Format : PDF
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It presents us with the youthful Cioran, who described himself as "a Nietzsche still complete with his Zarathustra, his poses, his mystical clown's tricks, a whole circus of the heights." It also presents Cioran as a connoisseur of apocalypse, a theoretician of despair. For Cioran, writing and philosophy are closely related to physical suffering: both share the "lyrical virtues" that alone lead to metaphysical revelation. The result is a book that becomes a substitute for as well as an antidote to suicide. By enacting the struggle of the Romantic soul against God, the universe, and itself, Cioran releases a saving burst of lyrical energy that carries him safely out of his desperation. On the Heights of Despair shows the philosopher's first grappling with themes he would return to in his mature works: despair and decay, absurdity and alienation, futility and the irrationality of existence.

Love As Passion

Author : Niklas Luhmann
ISBN : 0804732531
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 46. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Originally published: Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1986.

Progress Of Passion

Author : Alison Kelly
ISBN : 9781459252387
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75. 26 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 300
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A marriage reunion? Vanessa knew her shotgun wedding to Mitch had been a mistake—to be honest, it had been a disaster! So why was she now having so much trouble remembering that she and Mitch were divorced? Mitch wasn't helping. All Vanessa wanted to do was stop her daughter making the same mistakes in marriage that she had…. But Mitch would keep kissing Vanessa until she began to wonder if it was their divorce that had been a mistake, and they could be husband and wife again!

Power Passion And Pain

Author : Eric Jerome Shumpert
ISBN : 9781465307576
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 41. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 933
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Eric Shumpert was raised in Tupelo, Mississippi. He has been writing poetry over 10 years. Through the urging of friends, family, and fans of his work he has decided to take his work to the next level. Erics poetry is a reflection of his life experiences. He writes poetry that encompasses things people experience through everyday life. There is no subject off limits to him, he dares to push those limits and surpass them. He shows that he is capable of writing from more than one perspective. His poems have something for everyone to relate to no matter the gender, race, or social status. Eric looks to breathe new life into the poetry genre with his first offering, Power, Passion, and Pain.

A Preacher S Passion

Author : Lutishia Lovely
ISBN : 9780758258526
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 598
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Passion Perkins is hot to trot. After being celibate for five long years, she's ready, willing, and able to end her drought. But she's also determined to hold out for Mr. Right... a man her friends say doesn't exist-until Lavon Chapman walks into her life: a powerful and handsome man who has come to the community to film an inspirational DVD about Passion's minister, Doctor Stanley Lee, and his fiery wife, Carla Lee. But Lavon is only in town for eight weeks...

Life Passion

Author : Mark Gregory Washer
ISBN : 9781426966187
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 210
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Life Passion: Words Inspire Our Desire is an inspiring collection of poetry and short stories offering an alternative view of God and religion. Author Mark Gregory Washer gives a fresh perspective on life and Gods expectations of how we should live a spiritual life. He talks about the difference between right and wrong, both on a personal level along and with a more global approach. Many of the meditations offered in Life Passion are based upon Washers personal life experiences. From the sights and sounds of the romantic city of Odessa to fond memories of his great-grandmother, he envelopes himself in the spirituality of his life stories. Washer also considers the various religious writings and doctrines that bolster his strong religious beliefs. He offers a simpler view into Gods will that makes it more accessible to everyone, and he explores the timeless question so many ask: Why am I here? From Only Words Words can heal Words can hurt Words can make you lose your shirt Words are more Words are less In this deadly game of chess Words will lose Words will win Words will cause your soul to sin Does anyone hear me when I say I cant take another day Does anyone care when I shout Now its time to let me out

The Passion And Death Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Author : Alban Goodier
ISBN : 9781594170928
Genre :
File Size : 45. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 121
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Archbishop Alban Goodier, S.J. fills in the many blanks in the historical narratives about the Passion of Jesus Christ with a riveting account based on history, culture and his own deep spiritual insights. He brings to life and unifies the many observations, emotions and subtle and not-so-subtle actions that revolve around the person of God the Son as he faces his most tragic and triumphant moment.The author¿s unique approach intersperses Scripture accounts with the commentary of an incisive narrator who sifts and judges from the span of hundreds of years. He draws from the obvious as well as the obscure, and finds supernatural meaning in the most mundane actions that surround the suffering Christ. In the hands of this writer, the Lord¿s few words, accompanied by the author¿s commentary, challenge contemporary believers as much as they did those who first followed in the footsteps of Christ and his apostles.The author was born in 1869 in Lancashire, northern England and educated at the prominent Catholic college, Stonyhurst, which has been the source of many English Catholic politicians, intellectuals and business people. After a degree from the University of London, he was ordained a Jesuit in 1903. He served as archbishop of Bombay from 1919 to 1926 and returned to England to write and serve as a chaplain until his death in 1939.

Love Passion And Patriotism

Author : Raquel A. G. Reyes
ISBN : 9971693569
Genre : Philippine literature
File Size : 45. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 716
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Love, Passion and Patriotism is an intimate account of the lives and experiences of a renowned group of young Filipino patriots, the men whose propaganda campaign was a catalyst for the country's revolt against Spain. As writers, artists, and scientists who resided in Europe, they were exposed to new ideas. Reyes uses their paintings, photographs, political writings, novels, and letters to show the moral contradictions inherent in their passionate patriotism and their struggle to come to terms with the relative sexual freedom of European women, which they found both alluring and sordid.

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