paradox embracing the tensions of christianity

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Author : Matt Leroy
ISBN : 1632570912
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There are key truths essential to Christianity that can seem contradictory, yet authentic holiness not only embraces them, it is defined by them. This powerful and relevant study seeks to open disciples minds to God s paradoxes, deepening followers faith and challenging them to not be conformed to popular thinking. Transformational growth happens as we move from resisting what we perceive as spiritual opposites, to embracing what God has designed to be formative spiritual tension holding it all together. Five chapters engage key tensions: old and new, faith and works, grace and truth, holiness and love, and trust and reason."

Paradox Lost

Author : Richard P. Hansen
ISBN : 9780310518396
Genre : Religion
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Too often the tensions and unanswerable questions of Scripture and the Christian life are seen as barriers to faith. In Paradox Lost, pastor and author Richard Hansen shows that they are exactly the opposite -- indeed, God’s mysteries are one of the places where we may encounter him most closely. In exchange for Enlightenment-based rationalism that can stunt spiritual imagination, Hansen invites readers to: Discern that there is a hiddenness to God that can be inviting rather than threatening Appreciate that God is far greater than we sometimes assume, and to adjust our mental maps to make more space for awe Realize that faith and reason are not enemies but rather dance partners that complement one another Hansen examines three kinds, or “orders” of biblical paradox, each at a deeper level than the last, demonstrating for readers that paradox is both endemic to modern life and also a natural part of the landscape of Christian faith. Paradox Lost doesn’t seek to solve or justify paradox; instead, it looks through paradox toward what it reveals--namely a holy, mysterious, and awesome God.

The Mosaic Of Christian Belief

Author : Roger E. Olson
ISBN : 9780830851256
Genre : Religion
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"The story of Christian theology has often been divisive and disjointed. Providing a companion volume to his earlier work The story of Christian theology, Roger Olson thematically traces out Christian belief down through the ages, revealing a pattern of both unity and diversity. He finds a consensus of teaching that is both unitive and able to incorporate a faithful diversity when not forced into the molds of false either-or alternatives. The mosaic that emerges from Olson's work displays a mediating evangelical theology that is nonspeculative and irenic in spirit and tone. Specifically written with the nonspecialist in mind, Olson has masterfully sketched out the contours of Christian faith with simplicity while avoiding oversimplification."--

Paradox Lost

Author : Catherine Skurja
ISBN : 9780985310417
Genre : Religion
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What if there was a way to peel back the broken and tattered pieces of ourselves, and uncover a new life of freedom, adventure, and transformation? For many of us, our misconceptions about the nature and character of the triune God have kept us from the freedom and joy found in our true identity in Christ. Damaging cycles of shame and the endless effort to look the part keep us trapped in drama and fear. Unable to grasp the paradox of a God who is both Lion and Lamb, we end up feeling alone, stuck on the banks of the river while a life of passion and adventure beckons. Using stories of transformation, Paradox Lost presents a framework for understanding our patterns of “stuckness” and provides specific tools for getting off the riverbanks and into the current. With life-giving insight into God’s nature, readers will find the courage to uncover their own wounded places, as well as invite others to experience the wholeness of abundant life in Christ.

Human Embrace

Author : Ronald L. Hall
ISBN : 0271043091
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 78. 12 MB
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Starting from S&øren Kierkegaard's insight that fully accepting the human condition requires one to live with the persistent temptation to escape from it, Ronald Hall finds similar concerns reflected in the work of two modern-day philosophers, Stanley Cavell and Martha Nussbaum, who equally find in a philosophy of love and marriage the key to understanding how humans may achieve happiness in the acceptance of their humanity. All three thinkers follow a &"logic of paradox&" in showing how success in the human quest to be human depends crucially on the struggle humans experience with the ever-present opportunities to pursue alternative paths. What Kierkegaard called &"living existentially&" can be achieved only after confronting and refusing the possibilities of living in &"aesthetic,&" &"ethical,&" or even &"religious&" denial of one's true humanity. By creating this dialogue between the nineteenth-century Danish thinker and two eminent twentieth-century philosophers, Hall reveals the continuing relevance of Kierkegaard's thought to our own age and its cogency as an interpretation of the human predicament.

Community That Is Christian

Author : Julie A. Gorman
ISBN : 9781585585533
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75. 16 MB
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Over the past thirty years there has been a boom in small groups, both in society at large and within the church. From Bible studies to MOPS to Alcoholics Anonymous, it is estimated that four out of ten Americans belong to a small group that meets regularly for the care and support of its members. But are these groups creating true, biblical community, or do they settle for self-focus and personal gain? Julie Gorman has studied small groups for decades and presents her analysis, insights, and suggestions in Community That Is Christian, an essential resource for building community in church-based small groups. This comprehensive book serves both as a text for those who equip leaders or lead small groups and as an interactive manual for small-group members, helping them transform their relationships into Christ-centered community. The book begins with biblical support for coming together, contrasting it with our often individualistic mind-set that undermines community. Gorman then sets forth the goals of community and describes the process of transformation. She draws from extensive research to address the why and the how of small-group ministry, giving special attention to gender and cultural distinctions. Community That Is Christian provides readers with charts, discussion questions, and inventories to further help them establish community within their small groups.

Models For Youth Ministry

Author : Steve Griffiths
ISBN : 9780281070527
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Is it time to rethink the way we do youth ministry? What can we learn from Christ himself? In this provocative new book, Steve Griffiths argues that for far too long youth ministry has relied on an incarnational model. As a result, youth ministers have felt the need to spend large amounts of time hanging out with young people in order to 'earn the right' to share the gospel. But, Steve Griffiths argues, this is not how Jesus himself ministered to others. Rather, Christ operated with a model of kairos time - his encounters with people were brief but eternally significant. Youth ministers need to rethink and broaden their Christology in order to work more effectively. Models for Youth Ministry will show them how.

Rethinking Our Story

Author : G. Douglas Hammack
ISBN : 9781630871512
Genre : Religion
File Size : 79. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But it's no secret that the Christian church is broke, and does need fixing. Despite great effort, things are going badly for us. We've tried trendy and tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and coffee-house gritty. They're not helping. Our problem is deeper than that. Our problem is our instincts--instincts informed by our story. There was a time when the Christian church was a powerfully transformative presence in society. It can be again--but it will require radical rethinking of the story that informs our instincts. And it's time! It's been five hundred years since the Reformation, our last major update. Today is a pivotal moment in history. With our worldview upended by quantum physics, history is demanding we renew the Christian story for our times. Rethinking Our Story reframes the elements of the Christian narrative for the new era. It explores quantum ways of thinking about God, human nature, Jesus, salvation, and the afterlife. The future of the church and the health of our society depend on our willingness to rethink, retell, and live out a better story. We will either update our instincts and contribute to the earth's well-being--or disappear into oblivion.

Sexual Paradox

Author : Celia A. Hahn
ISBN : 0829808973
Genre : Religion
File Size : 42. 75 MB
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Presents an alternative to current sexual stereotypes, showing how creative use of male-female tension can be of benefit in the workplace, in personal life, and in the congregation.

Wholistic Christianity

Author : David O. Moberg
ISBN : 0871789310
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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