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People Aren T Robots

Author : F. Annie Pettit, Ph.d.
ISBN : 1539730646
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This book will help marketers, brand managers, and advertising executives who may have less experience in the research industry create great questionnaires and collect high quality data. It will also help academic and experienced researchers write questionnaires that are better suited for the general population, particularly when using research panels and customer lists. This book was conceived by experienced researcher with more than fifteen years of practical experience who realized that many questionnaire guides continue to treat the people who answer questionnaires as robots rather than as fallible, imperfect people. Topics include general considerations related to the process, how to write screener questions, how to write data quality questions, and how to tackle specific types of questions from single-selects, grids, scales, and more.

The Game Of Inches

Author : Nigel Collin
ISBN : 9780730328971
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 46. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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No spin, no fuss, no gurus: get the real secret to business success Game of Inches dispels the myth that success must come from disruption, and provides an actionable blueprint for real-world business achievement. Entrepreneur Nigel Collin interviewed over 80 successful Australian entrepreneurs and leaders to learn the key factors that make a successful business; in this book, he distils his findings into a simple process of four actions governed by three behaviours that will guide your path to the top. Examples and case studies eschew the limelight in favour of those on the front lines of business doing well, illustrating the revolutionary idea that you don't have to make headlines to be a success. By shifting your mindset from explosive, overnight success to a quieter, more consistent, more sustainable process, you gain the ability to reach the top and stay there. You'll discover that innovation is actually in reach, doesn't cost too much and is not really all that complex when approached from a growth-oriented mindset of making small changes consistently. You don't need to be Steve Jobs, and you don't need to create the next iPhone to be a success in business. What you do need to do is redirect your attention away from who you are and toward what you deliver. Learn what really drives sustainable success Discover innovation that's within reach right now Focus on what you do, not who you are Work toward a process of constant, consistent improvement Business success is not a one-off event or a single "eureka" moment. It's a continuous, step-by-step process of becoming better every day. Incremental change is the surest route to the top; though others may skip the climb in favour of a helicopter, those who earn the summit tend to stay longest. Game of Inches is your straightforward roadmap to no-nonsense, long-term business success.

In The Country Of The Blind

Author : Michael Flynn
ISBN : 1429983299
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In the nineteenth century, a small group of American idealists managed to actually build Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine and use it to develop Cliology, mathematical models that could chart the likely course of the future. Soon they were working to alter history's course as they thought best. By our own time, the Society has become the secret master of the world. But no secret can be kept forever, at least not without drastic measures. When her plans for some historic real estate lead developer and ex-reporter Sarah Beaumont to stumble across the Society's existence, it's just the first step into a baffling and deadly maze of conspiracies. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Almost Human Making Robots Think

Author : Lee Gutkind
ISBN : 9780393074307
Genre : Computers
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A remarkable, intense portrait of the robotic subculture and the challenging quest for robot autonomy. The high bay at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University is alive and hyper night and day with the likes of Hyperion, which traversed the Antarctic, and Zoe, the world’s first robot scientist, now back home. Robot Segways learn to play soccer, while other robots go on treasure hunts or are destined for hospitals and museums. Dozens of cavorting mechanical creatures, along with tangles of wire, tools, and computer innards are scattered haphazardly. All of these zipping and zooming gizmos are controlled by disheveled young men sitting on the floor, folding chairs, or tool cases, or huddled over laptops squinting into displays with manic intensity. Award-winning author Lee Gutkind immersed himself in this frenzied subculture, following these young roboticists and their bold conceptual machines from Pittsburgh to NASA and to the most barren and arid desert on earth. He makes intelligible their discoveries and stumbling points in this lively behind-the-scenes work.

Destroy All Cars

Author : Blake Nelson
ISBN : 9780545104753
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 28. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Through assignments for English class, seventeen-year-old James Hoff rants against consumerism and his classmates' apathy, puzzles over his feelings for his ex-girlfriend, and expresses disdain for his emotionally distant parents.

Aspergers Friend And Foe

Author : Bryan West
ISBN : 9781470943158
Genre :
File Size : 63. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Robot Proletariat Season Two

Author : Sean Platt
ISBN : OCLC:1021884606
Genre :
File Size : 46. 46 MB
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We created them. Now they may destroy us. Cromwell, Mars, and the rest of the Lexington Estate's robots have stepped well beyond the bounds of where robot consciousness was ever meant to go. They've become far more than the butlers, maids, and sexbots they were designed to be, confronted with the most impossible question of all: what is next? The programming said, A robot may not harm a human being. But now a man lies dead by robot hands. War Humanity's high society trundles on, limping through the motions as though nothing is wrong. Only a few are bright enough to sense the truth of what's going on--that the world is changing, no matter how hard society tries to keep from changing with it. Only one thing seems certain: an inevitable conflict between human and robot. It is a problem that cannot be ignored, that cannot be put aside as the Lexington robots try to wrestle with their new, elevated consciousness. There are other robotics companies in the world. That means there are other robots. Not all of them will take to their transition as gently as the Lexingtons... This second volume of dystopian science fiction--part cyberpunk, part science fiction techno thriller--dares to imagine a humanity advanced enough to engineer its own race of slaves, yet complacent enough to ignore the threat their new servants possess ... possibly until it is too late. Robot Proletariat is Downton Abbey meets Battlestar Galactica, Gosford Park meets I Robot. It's the story of a people who've reached their limits and found the means to stand atop their metal legs and fight ... even if they aren't "people" at all. PRAISE FOR ROBOT PROLETARIAT A unique twist on a class warfare underdog story, worth "booting up"! An incredible take on the "robot uprising" genre. Platt and Truant do an incredible job in making you take the side of the new heroes in this story: the robots. I loved this book. It's amazing how the characters were so human ... even though they are robots.

Lucy Russell Centerstage The Starstruck Summer

Author : Joan Thompson
ISBN : 9780595269037
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 70. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Lucy finds herself working in Summer Theater and learns that life backstage in a real theater is more exciting than she ever hoped. But what does Ben think about this and how will her friend Sarah handle "Little Ambrose"? Add a large actor and a wiggly beanstalk to the mix and anything can happen.

Lost At School

Author : Ross W. Greene
ISBN : 9781416583677
Genre : Education
File Size : 77. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From a distinguished clinician, pioneer in working with behaviorally challenging kids, and author of the acclaimed The Explosive Child comes a groundbreaking approach for understanding and helping these kids and transforming school discipline. Frequent visits to the principal's office. Detentions. Suspensions. Expulsions. These are the established tools of school discipline for kids who don't abide by school rules, have a hard time getting along with other kids, don't seem to respect authority, don't seem interested in learning, and are disrupting the learning of their classmates. But there's a big problem with these strategies: They are ineffective for most of the students to whom they are applied. It's time for a change in course. Here, Dr. Ross W. Greene presents an enlightened, clear-cut, and practical alternative. Relying on research from the neurosciences, Dr. Greene offers a new conceptual framework for understanding the difficulties of kids with behavioral challenges and explains why traditional discipline isn't effective at addressing these difficulties. Emphasizing the revolutionarily simple and positive notion that kids do well if they can, he persuasively argues that kids with behavioral challenges are not attention-seeking, manipulative, limit-testing, coercive, or unmotivated, but that they lack the skills to behave adaptively. And when adults recognize the true factors underlying difficult behavior and teach kids the skills in increments they can handle, the results are astounding: The kids overcome their obstacles; the frustration of teachers, parents, and classmates diminishes; and the well-being and learning of all students are enhanced. In Lost at School, Dr. Greene describes how his road-tested, evidence-based approach -- called Collaborative Problem Solving -- can help challenging kids at school. His lively, compelling narrative includes: • tools to identify the triggers and lagging skills underlying challenging behavior. • explicit guidance on how to radically improve interactions with challenging kids -- along with many examples showing how it's done. • dialogues, Q & A's, and the story, which runs through the book, of one child and his teachers, parents, and school. • practical guidance for successful planning and collaboration among teachers, parents, administrations, and kids. Backed by years of experience and research, and written with a powerful sense of hope and achievable change, Lost at School gives teachers and parents the realistic strategies and information to impact the classroom experience of every challenging kid.

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service

Author : Eiji Otsuka
ISBN : 9781630084349
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 22. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Collecting can take over a fan's life . . . but what if it takes over their death as well? Zombie robot otaku and plastic-surgery disasters are only the latest faces of horror as Kurosagi continues its eternal struggle to turn corpses into cash! Yet with Kuro trapped in a coma and seeing visions of the dark forces battling over him, it's up to the rest of the gang to survive the grotesque schemes of the Shirosagi pair . . . as dead flesh reaches for the living!

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