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Peripheral Light Selected And New Poems

Author : John Kinsella
ISBN : 9780393254518
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 83. 76 MB
Format : PDF
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"We are poised before...what I prophesy will be a major art."—Harold Bloom "One of Australia's most vivid, energetic and stormy poets, a writer who turns to the natural world with a fierce light."—Edward Hirsch, Washington Post Highly Recommended Poetry Books of 2003

Peripheral Endovascular Interventions

Author : Thomas J. Fogarty
ISBN : 9781475731057
Genre : Medical
File Size : 50. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The state-of-the-art in endovascular surgical technology and applications. The editors, renowned endovascular pioneers, have brought together an internationally renowned group of contributors to discuss the components of an endovascular practice, facilities and equipment for endovascular intervention, endovascular instrumentation and devices, and specialised endovascular techniques. New to this edition are chapters detailing recent advances in brachiocephalic, renal and cerebral vascular angioplasty, endovascular prostheses, and a section dealing with the treatment of complications. Approximately 500 illustrations, including 50 in colour, round out the 40 chapters of text. In short, a must-have, cutting edge compendium for all vascular surgeons and trainees as well as for practising general surgeons.

Advances In Infancy Research

Author : Lewis P. Lipsitt
ISBN : 1567502873
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 52. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is part of a series of integrative work by infancy researchers of both humans and animals. The articles seek to serve as references on programmatic series of studies, critical correlations of diverse data that yield to a common theme, and constructive attacks on old issues.

Selection And Application Of Warning Lights On Roadway Operations Equipment

Author : Ronald Bruce Gibbons
ISBN : 9780309117579
Genre : Signal lights
File Size : 39. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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TRB¿s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 624: Selection and Application of Warning Lights on Roadway Operations Equipment explores recommended guidelines for the selection and application of warning lights on roadway operations equipment.

Equine Ophthalmology

Author : Brian C. Gilger
ISBN : 9781119047742
Genre : Medical
File Size : 67. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Now available in a fully updated third edition, Equine Ophthalmology is the most comprehensive and current clinical resource for the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic disease in horses. Provides complete, authoritative information on the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic disease in horses Fully updated with improved figures, the latest research, and new chapters on advanced diagnostics, foal ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, national and international regulations, and an expanded chapter on inherited ocular disease Features contributions from an international group of equine experts, under the editorship of a leading equine veterinary specialist Offers comprehensive coverage of clinical and reference information ideal for specialists, general equine practitioners, and veterinary students alike Includes access to a companion website with expanded content and figures

Symposium On Light Coagulation

Author : J. François
ISBN : 9789401026956
Genre : Medical
File Size : 58. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The purpose of this symposium on light-coagulation is not to show the superi ority of the argon-laser-coagulation or, on the contrary, of the classical photo coagulation, but rather to see, if possible, which are the respective indications and contraindications for xenon-are-coagulation as well as for argon-laser coagulation. So, for instance, the argon-Iaser-coagulator is perhaps more appropriate to treat the lesions at and around the macula and the optic disc, but for the peripheral lesions of the retina the xenon-arc photocoagulator is surely as effective. For the conservative treatment of intraocular tumours, the xenon arc-coagula tor is beyond doubt more efficacious than the argon-Iaser-coagu lator. We were very happy to have at this symposium Professor MEYER-SCHWICKE RATH, the creator and the pioneer of light-coagulation, his coworker, Professor WESSING, and Doctor HUNTER LITTLE, one of the pioneers of the laser-therapy. We thank them very warmly for having brought to us the results of their promi nent clinical experiments. After general considerations on laser-photocoagulation, we will have a discussion on macular alterations and their treatment as well as on peripheral retinal vascular or non vascular diseases. The most important part concerns the treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Finally the prevention of complications in argon laser retinal photocoagulation will be reviewed.

Environmental Signal Processing And Adaptation

Author : Gerhard Heldmaier
ISBN : 3540437940
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 59. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Animals and plants live in changing environmental conditions which require adaptation in order to cope with this. Some of these environmental changes serve as signals which have to be "sensed" and interpreted correctly by the organisms to initiate the adaptation. This signal processing is based on biochemical, molecular and neuronal processes which are discussed in this book. All examples given underline that continuous adjustment of physiological functions is an essential requirement for life and survival in complex changing environments.

Molecular Clocks And Light Signalling

Author : Derek J. Chadwick
ISBN : 9780470090824
Genre : Science
File Size : 24. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The ability at the molecular level to keep track of time is a property shared by organisms ranging from the simplest unicells to humans. The primary feature of these biological clocks is their ability to entrain to environmental stimuli. The dominant stimulus comes from environmental light cues, which requires the existence of photopigments sensitive to light. The exact identity of the molecules involved in circadian photoreception has remained elusive. The classical view of the circadian system is of diverse physiological rhythms regulated by a centralized clock structure. This book presents evidence that challenges this view. Experiments in both vertebrate and invertebrate systems demonstrate that the circadian timing system is dispersed throughout the animal and suggest that possibly every cell contains an autonomous clock mechanism. A variety of tissues and cells contain have been shown to maintain an oscillation when placed in vitro and removed from any external cues or signals that originate from the classical clock structures and/or the environment. This book draws together contributions from an international and interdisciplinary group of experts whose work is focused on all aspects of the topic. Coverage includes the mechanisms of light signalling to the vertebrate clock, the connections between central and peripheral clocks, circadian gene expression patterns and output pathways of clock mechanisms.

A Practical Guide To Stage Lighting Third Edition

Author : Steven Louis Shelley
ISBN : 9781135902353
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 44. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the first edition of A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Steve Shelley cracked open his production book and showed how to prepare a lighting design and create the paperwork needed to mount a production. In the second edition, he pulled back the curtain and showed the methods and processes that go on before the light plot is finalized and ready to go to into the shop, even dealing with cutting the plot in half. In this third edition, Shelley throws the door wide open and shows step-by-step how to construct every lighting system in the Hokey light plot. Combining his diacritical analysis, killer drafting, and analytic use of the Slinky Method and Slinky Calculations, he presents the Periodic Table of Fundamental Lighting Systems and shows the basic methods used to create multi-instrument lighting systems. Highlights include: -Over 100 new topics, including analysis and application of the three categories of collaboration; a detailed examination of production meetings and one-on-one meetings; and meeting checklists with management and the creative team. -Over 50 new illustrations, including Shelley's Periodic Table of Fundamental Lighting Systems; groundplans, sections, and front elevations that illustrate basic system wash configurations for each direction of light. -Analysis, calculation, and step-by-step technical construction of each lighting system in the Hokey light plot. -Explanation of a manufacturer's cut sheet, and how to apply basic formulas to determine the beam size, footcandles, and gel transmission for lighting instruments. -Updated process of pre-programming computer lighting consoles prior to the load-in. -Comprehensive overview of archiving paperwork and softcopy for a production.

The Colour Light And Contrast Manual

Author : Keith Bright
ISBN : 1444319833
Genre : Medical
File Size : 47. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Endorsed by the Society of Light and Lighting, this practical bookoffers comprehensive guidance on how colour, light and contrast canbe incorporated within buildings to enhance their usability. Thebook provides state-of-the-art, clear guidance as well as avaluable information source for busy professionals involved in thedesign or management of new and existing environments. The ways colour, light and contrast are used within builtenvironments are critical in determining how people interact withthe space, and how confident, safe, and secure they will feel whendoing so. They also have a major influence on a person’ssense of well-being and their ability to use the environmentindependently and without undue effort. Understanding how to use colour and contrast and how they areinfluenced by both natural and artificial lighting is vital for allthose involved in the design and management of the environments andspaces we all use. In recent years there has been a considerable amount of workundertaken to further our understanding of how colour, light andcontrast affect emotion and sensory abilities, and how they canassist or hinder people in their everyday lives. Other publications consider these issues individually but TheColour, Light and Contrast Manual: designing and managing inclusivebuilt environments draws knowledge and information together toproduce a unique, comprehensive and informative guide to how thethree elements can work together to improve the design andmanagement of environments for us all. Supporting website at:

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