plutocrats united campaign money the supreme court and the distortion of american elections

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Plutocrats United

Author : Richard L. Hasen
ISBN : 9780300216745
Genre : Political Science
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Campaign financing is one of today’s most divisive political issues. The left asserts that the electoral process is rife with corruption. The right protests that the real aim of campaign limits is to suppress political activity and protect incumbents. Meanwhile, money flows freely on both sides. In Plutocrats United, Richard Hasen argues that both left and right avoid the key issue of the new Citizens United era: balancing political inequality with free speech. The Supreme Court has long held that corruption and its appearance are the only reasons to constitutionally restrict campaign funds. Progressives often agree but have a much broader view of corruption. Hasen argues for a new focus and way forward: if the government is to ensure robust political debate, the Supreme Court should allow limits on money in politics to prevent those with great economic power from distorting the political process.

The American Supreme Court Sixth Edition

Author : Robert G. McCloskey
ISBN : 9780226296920
Genre : History
File Size : 29. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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For more than fifty years, Robert G. McCloskey’s classic work on the Supreme Court’s role in constructing the US Constitution has introduced generations of students to the workings of our nation’s highest court. As in prior editions, McCloskey’s original text remains unchanged. In his historical interpretation, he argues that the strength of the Court has always been its sensitivity to the changing political scene, as well as its reluctance to stray too far from the main currents of public sentiment. In this new edition, Sanford Levinson extends McCloskey’s magisterial treatment to address developments since the 2010 election, including the Supreme Court’s decisions regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, the Affordable Care Act, and gay marriage. The best and most concise account of the Supreme Court and its place in American politics, McCloskey's wonderfully readable book is an essential guide to the past, present, and future prospects of this institution.

Is This Any Way To Run A Democratic Election

Author : Stephen J. Wayne
ISBN : 9781000650587
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 53. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The 2016 and 2018 elections are over, but looking ahead to the 2019–2020 election cycle, the debate over the fairness and accuracy of our electoral process has never been more contentious. Hacking, fake news, a "rigged system," voter ID challenges, Super PACs, and an Electoral College defying the popular vote count all lead to a common question and concern: Is this any way to run a democratic election? New to the Seventh Edition: New data and timely illustrations from the 2016 and 2018 elections, looking ahead to 2020 election. The growing importance of social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) and its impact, good and bad, on recent campaigns. Foreign interference in the 2016 and 2018 national elections. The integrity of campaign communications—hacking, rumoring, instantaneous news, and the effect of fact-checking. Money: the role of Super PACs and billionaire donors; the impact of campaign spending on the candidates and on election outcomes. New connections between the "Did you know that" chapter introductions to the exercises at the end. More online references in the suggested readings.

Unequal And Unrepresented

Author : Kay Lehman Schlozman
ISBN : 9781400890361
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37. 32 MB
Format : PDF
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How American political participation is increasingly being shaped by citizens who wield more resources The Declaration of Independence proclaims equality as a foundational American value. However, Unequal and Unrepresented finds that political voice in America is not only unequal but also unrepresentative. Those who are well educated and affluent carry megaphones. The less privileged speak in a whisper. Relying on three decades of research and an enormous wealth of information about politically active individuals and organizations, Kay Schlozman, Henry Brady, and Sidney Verba offer a concise synthesis and update of their groundbreaking work on political participation. The authors consider the many ways that citizens in American democracy can influence public outcomes through political voice: by voting, getting involved in campaigns, communicating directly with public officials, participating online or offline, acting alone and in organizations, and investing their time and money. Socioeconomic imbalances characterize every form of political voice, but the advantage to the advantaged is especially pronounced when it comes to any form of political expression--for example, lobbying legislators or making campaign donations—that relies on money as an input. With those at the top of the ladder increasingly able to spend lavishly in politics, political action anchored in financial investment weighs ever more heavily in what public officials hear. Citing real-life examples and examining inequalities from multiple perspectives, Unequal and Unrepresented shows how disparities in political voice endanger American democracy today.

The Middle East Abstracts And Index

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000085308751
Genre : Middle East
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Wilshire S Magazine

Author :
ISBN : HARVARD:32044095135422
Genre : Socialism
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Author : Knights of Labor
ISBN : UOM:39015091744725
Genre : Labor
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Chicago Daily News Almanac And Year Book

Author : George Edward Plumbe
ISBN : CHI:29891029
Genre : Almanacs, American
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Collier S

Author :
ISBN : UCLA:31158004505953
Genre : Popular culture
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How Our Politics Helps The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer

Author : Rufus O. Jimerson
ISBN : 1482630133
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 66. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The purpose of this book is to provide a rational respond to the enormous right-wing echo chamber that inundates the airways with self-serving misinformation that obstructs the truth regarding progressivism, its initiatives, political ideology, and pragmatic application implemented by the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress. The book endeavors to present Americans with a choice between the overwhelming distortions and misinformation of the toxic right and appeals to consensus, inclusiveness, and socioeconomic justice desired by most Americans. This work consists of numerous analyses, commentaries, and interpretations of the efforts of some Americans to use fear, bias, and money to continue to extract or loot from the public tax dollars to gain untold wealth and power at the expense of the neediest Americans and the middle-class.At the time of the completion of this book, the greediest and wealthiest Americans and their surrogates were close to sealing the Republican nomination for Mitt Romney (R-MA), one of the nation's most prominent vultures capitalist who formerly headed Bain Capital a leading equity buy-out firm. Romney a former moderate governor transformed into an extreme conservative with a tax cut plan that would radically shift the tax burden to the middle-class and poor while making historic cuts to the taxes of the wealthiest Americans. His ultra-conservative fiscal policies and adherence to extreme social conservative values is designed to appeal to the Republican Party's far right-wing base. Unscrupulously, he is willing to say anything to win the highest office. The book examines his candidacy, among others, for the Republican nomination and explains the dangers his and competing candidates and positions exposed to the majority and democracy itself. The problem is not simply his “flip-flops” on issues to win office but the enormous right-wing echo chamber unleashed by the “Citizens United” decision by the ultra-conservative leaning Robert's court. This decision has made the auctioning of political office a means for the wealthiest Americans to takeover the democracy and transforms it into a plutocracy or a fascist state ruled by money. This means that the Republican Party, representing the majority of the nation's social and fiscal conservatives, as well as a third of the wealthiest Americans could deny the majority a government that serves the interest of the neediest and aspiring working-class. This book assesses how the Reagan Revolution, succession of Republican presidents, including “coup d'état” of the election process by George W. Bush, packing the courts with activist conservative judges, legalization of political auctioneering through anonymously-funded Super Paces inundating the electronic airways with misleading and confusing political advertisements designed to obscure their intentions to transfer power, tax and subsidy support to their largest contributors contrary to the public interest. The book explains how this “democracy for sale” has made most American's victims and made the most discriminated socioeconomic group self-destructive. It also provides knowledge and strategies to overcome the overt and subliminal seduction of appeals to fears, biases, envy, etc., used to deny the least among us and immorally extract wealth fare and power from the government on behalf of the super rich. At stake, is the American Dream that hard work, education, and wise decisions will bring Americans prosperity rather than connections, birth and inheritance, “Citizen United” graft to politicians and surrogates, exclusively. One of the many questions raised is whether capitalism will build the nation as a whole or assets of the wealthy few who invest in politicians at the expense of the many and the future of the planet.

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