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Veruca Salt Goes To College Selected Songs Poems 2014 2015

Author : Trevor Patrick
ISBN : 9781329458871
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 37. 17 MB
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The fourth chapter of an ongoing poetic journey, which began with ""Shattered Images,"" and continued with ""The Problem With Revolution,"" and ""Sooner or Later, They'll Turn on You!"" As Karl Marx famously said: ""The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions."" Indeed, quite often, over time, the best of intentions eventually yield the most repugnant of results, such as the unfortunate tendency for many progressive social movements to eventually mutate into little more than crude instruments of revenge...

European Hours

Author : Anthony Rudolf
ISBN : 9781784102098
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 44. 84 MB
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Every poem like a new geometry - of surprises. A strange voice of cat's cradles in a Kafkaesque half-light- very strange and unpredictable.' TED HUGHES. For more than five decades Anthony Rudolf has been active as translator, critic, editor, and publisher: all in all, an enabler of writers and readers. His own poems come to him gradually, under pressure of real themes and subjects, refined by the disciplines of translation and co-translation. European Hours represents a life's work severely curated. The poems, prose texts and prose poems which make the cut, from 1964 to 2016, are diverse in form, and run parallel to his highly praised volumes of memoirs. George Mackay Brown, reviewing Rudolf in the Scotsman, noted his 'fine exact craftsmanship: no word or syllable wasted, so that each image is stark and true'. Robin Skelton in the Malahat Review spoke of his work as 'witty, precise, beautifully cadenced, and courageously exploratory'. Reflecting on his own influences, Rudolf mentions James Wright, Robert Creeley and Ian Hamilton early on; and later, Central and East European poets including Paul Celan, Miroslav Holub and Vasko Popa, as well as the American Objectivists.

2 International Poetry Festival

Author : Anna Santoliquido
ISBN : OCLC:1102380639
Genre :
File Size : 60. 25 MB
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From Suffering To Peace

Author : Mark Coleman
ISBN : 9781608686032
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 85. 22 MB
Format : PDF
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Like yoga before it, mindfulness is now flourishing in every sector of society. It is a buzzword in everything from medicine to the military. Mark Coleman, who has studied and taught mindfulness meditation for decades, draws on his knowledge to not only clarify what mindfulness truly means but also reveal the depth and potential of this ancient discipline. Weaving together contemporary applications with practices in use for millennia, his approach empowers us to engage with and transform the inevitable stress and pain of life, so we can discover genuine peace — in the body, heart, mind, and wider world. While profound and multilayered, the mindfulness teachings Coleman shares have proved effective in a wide variety of settings. From Suffering to Peace will help readers of all kinds access and benefit from the "true promise of mindfulness."

Pocket Poems And Pedagogy Inspired Lessons For Guidance A Workbook For Young Peace Practitioners

Author : Dale Benjamin Drakeford
ISBN : 9781257777532
Genre :
File Size : 63. 89 MB
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Peace Talks

Author : Andrew Motion
ISBN : 9780571325498
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 79. 4 MB
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The second half of Andrew Motion's new collection returns to the sequence begun in Laurels and Donkeys, completing a body of work recognised by the Wilfred Owen Poetry Award in 2014. These meditations on combat and the people caught up in it look back to conflicts of the past: to the 'war to end all wars'; to Rupert Brooke on his final journey; to Wilfred Owen at Craiglockhart War Hospital; to Archduke Franz Ferdinand on the day of his fatal shooting. But Motion also depicts the ravages of modern warfare through reported speech, redacted documents, and vivid evocations of place, his plain understatement bringing the magnitude of war home to our own shores. These poems are moving and measured, delicate and clear-eyed, and bear witness to the futility of war and the suffering of those left behind. Elsewhere we find biographies in miniature, dreams and visions, family histories, which in their range of forms and voices consider questions of identity, and character. These are poems of remembrance in which Motion's war poems, all in their own way elegies, find a natural partner. Peace Talks is a wise and compassionate work.

The Best American Poetry 2014

Author : David Lehman
ISBN : 9781476708188
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 37. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Edited by the National Book Award-winning poet Terrance Hayes, the foremost annual anthology of contemporary American poetry returns: “A ‘best’ anthology that really lives up to its title” (Chicago Tribune). The first book of poetry that Terrance Hayes ever bought was the 1990 edition of The Best American Poetry, edited by Jorie Graham. Hayes was then an undergrad at a small South Carolina college. He has since published four highly honored books of poetry, is a professor of poetry at the University of Pittsburgh, has appeared multiple times in the series, and is one of today’s most decorated poets. His brazen, restless poems capture the diversity of American culture with singular artistry, grappling with facile assumptions about identity and the complex repercussions of race history in this country. Always eagerly anticipated, the 2014 volume of The Best American Poetry begins with David Lehman’s “state-of-the-art” foreword followed by an inspired introduction from Terrance Hayes on his picks for the best American poems of the past year. Following the poems is the apparatus for which the series has won acclaim: notes from the poets about the writing of their poems.

5 Steps To A 5 Ap English Literature 2014 2015 Edition

Author : Estelle Rankin
ISBN : 9780071803793
Genre : Study Aids
File Size : 31. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides a study plan for the AP English literature test, discusses study skills and strategies, reviews key concepts, and includes full-length practice tests.

Once In The West

Author : Christian Wiman
ISBN : 9780374713546
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 43. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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One of The New York Times' 10 Favorite Poetry Books of 2014 National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist A searing new collection from one of our country's most important poets Memories mercies mostly aren't but there were I swear days veined with grace —from "Memory's Mercies" Once in the West, Christian Wiman's fourth collection, is as intense and intimate as poetry gets—from the "suffering of primal silence" that it plumbs to the "rockshriek of joy" that it achieves and enables. Readers of Wiman's earlier books will recognize the sharp characterizations and humor—"From her I learned the earthworm's exemplary open-mindedness, / its engine of discriminate shit"—as well as his particular brand of reverent rage: "Lord if I implore you please just please leave me alone / is that a prayer that's every instant answered?" But there is something new here, too: moving love poems to his wife, tender glimpses of his children, and, amid the onslaughts of illness and fear and failures, "a trace / of peace."

A War Of Love

Author : William Elliott
ISBN : 9781514401866
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 65. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The first two sections of this book, Poems and Pretty and the Rascals, were written by the author in 1982 and 1983. The Humorous and the Melancholy was written in 2014. The other three works and the additional poems were all written in 2015. I started writing poems in 1982 because of panic attacks and because I wanted to reach out and touch someone, as the saying goes. This publishing effort, which is financed by me, is an additional effort to reach out to people. My poems are pretty poems, humorous poems, and spiritual poems primarily. The original work was compiled into booklets. The six booklets I compiled and had printed out, ten to fifteen poems to a booklet, were as follows: Poems, by William T. Elliott The Pretty and the Rascals, Poems by William T. Elliott The Humorous and the Melancholy, Poems by William T. Elliott A War of Love, Poems by William T. Elliott Peace, Poems by William T. Elliott Reverence, Poems by William T. Elliott Since he had completed the last set, Reverence, the author had finished six more poems, which are in the section "Additional Poems."

We Care For Humanity Poetry 2015

Author : Princess Maria Amor Maureen Brindle
ISBN : 1659560632
Genre :
File Size : 55. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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We Care for Humanity Poetry expresses in poetry the values of humanitarians and their stories. Princess Maria uses her high royal status for the promotion of peace and humanitarian ideals. Her ideals unite countries and religions. Money raised by We Care for Humanity goes to fund the charity's work in many countries including war torn Africa. Education, vaccinations, health, food, clothing and shelter are priorities. The tasks that We Care for Humanity is asked to support continually grow in diversity, abandoned children, refugees, acid attack survivors and victims of natural disasters. The Traveling Princess Global T. V. Show is broadcast internationally and raises the profile of the many charities and issues they address. Traveling Princess Maria has been welcomed by the lowly and the most high in all the countries in her royal visits 2014/2015 illustrating this book.Princess Maria sees pain that other people would rather not and tries to improve it with her registered charity We Care for Humanity. Her global charity has spread to India; Pakistan; Sri Lanka; Morocco; Malaysia; Nepal; Philippines and Egypt this year. The Traveling Princess stands for peace between nations, uniting faiths with love of humanity and improving conditions for the needy. A truly noble princess in touch with progressing humanity in a changing world. She walks in love and humility addressing needs. We Care for Humanity is a world team addressing world problems. The peace of the world is in the eyes of the child. The Traveling Princess is a beacon of light.. It includes in its pages Presidents Royalty and those in need.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Author : Yoni Schwartzman
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 50. 75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Published in August of 2015, Yoni Schwartzman’s “The Pursuit of Happiness” contains a dazzling array of poems spanning from the writer’s early formative years (2009-2013) which include A Meaningful Journey and An Idea to his more recent works (2014-2015) such as Morning Rising and Something New. During a span of over 5 years, Yoni not only blossomed into a writer, but as an artist as well. His most prominent works in lighting are his Stained Tree, Hand Lamp, Yogurt Cup Chandelier, and Desk Lamp. His most notable works in clay are Fang, Stained Tree Base, and Dotted Bowl. Yoni Schwartzman is also a veteran photographer who mainly focuses on scenery and nature. This book encompasses his passion for creativity, love of photography, and veneration for the power of language.

The Complete Poetry

Author : Maya Angelou
ISBN : 9780812997880
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 73. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The beauty and spirit of Maya Angelou’s words live on in this complete collection of poetry. Throughout her illustrious career in letters, Maya Angelou gifted, healed, and inspired the world with her words. Now the beauty and spirit of those words live on in this new and complete collection of poetry that reflects and honors the writer’s remarkable life. Every poetic phrase, every poignant verse can be found within the pages of this sure-to-be-treasured volume—from her reflections on African American life and hardship in the compilation Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ’fore I Diiie (“Though there’s one thing that I cry for / I believe enough to die for / That is every man’s responsibility to man”) to her revolutionary celebrations of womanhood in the poem “Still I Rise” (“Out of the huts of history’s shame / I rise / Up from a past that’s rooted in pain / I rise”) to her “On the Pulse of Morning” tribute at President William Jefferson Clinton’s inauguration (“Lift up your eyes upon / The day breaking for you. / Give birth again / To the dream.”). Maya Angelou: The Complete Poetry also features her final long-form poems, including “A Brave and Startling Truth,” “Amazing Peace,” “His Day Is Done,” and the honest and endearing Mother: “I feared if I let you go You would leave me eternally. You smiled at my fears, saying I could not stay in your lap forever” This collection also includes the never-before-published poem “Amazement Awaits,” commissioned for the 2008 Olympic Games: “We are here at the portal of the world we had wished for At the lintel of the world we most need. We are here roaring and singing. We prove that we can not only make peace, we can bring it with us.” Timeless and prescient, this definitive compendium will warm the hearts of Maya Angelou’s most ardent admirers as it introduces new readers to the legendary poet, activist, and teacher—a phenomenal woman for the ages.

The Key To The Cage Collected Poems 2012 To 2014

Author : Armando Hazaveh
ISBN : 1491751088
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 80. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Armando Hazaveh presents a collection of poems inspired by art, daily life activities, nature, humor, and the hope for peace. Do You See the Roses? Do you see the roses? Inhale their sickly sweet perfumes. Grasp their lush, silky petals and their piercing thorns. Do you watch them hour by hour, in silence, as they wait for an unsuspecting victim to puncture? Tick tock, tick. Tick tock, tick. Their time is growing scarce. Do you spy the midnight sparrows? Catch their fierce battle cries. Sniff the rotting decay of their aching souls. Do you watch them wither slowly before death reaches out and snatches them in its cold, dark fingers? Tick tock, Tick. Their time is running out. Do you behold the trees? Evade their colorless leaves? Take in their sacred whispers swept away by the never-ending breeze. Watch them sway at the strike of an axe, before tumbling down with a deadly finality. Tick tock. Their time is trickling by. Do you perceive the apples? Taste the deadly poison within. Ignore the rotten portion in a crumpled heap beneath your feet. Do you watch them wither, turning black within until their once fresh, juicy core has gone dry? Tick. Their time has almost gone. Do you see the humans? Taste the blood lingering in the frosty silence. Hear the rustle of fabric as they turn against each other? Do you watch them drive their companions to death with their cruelties strung up like a banner of pride? Silence. Their time has passed.

The New Oxford Book Of War Poetry

Author : Jon Stallworthy
ISBN : 9780198704478
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 78. 58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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There can be no area of human experience that has generated a wider range of powerful feelings than war. Jon Stallworthy's classic anthology spans centuries of human experience of conflict, from David's Lament for Saul and Jonathon, and Homer's Iliad to the finest poems of the First and Second World Wars, and beyond. The roll-call of writers is huge - more than 150 celebratory 'war-songs' to the twentieth century's darker poetic responses to 'man's inhumanity to man'. Here are Virgil and Chaucer, Spenser and Donne, Marvell and Dryden; Coleridge, Shelley, and Browning; Hugo, Whitman, and Rike, as well as the whole sweep of twentieth-century writers. Ten years on from the first edition, Jon Stallworthy has now included more poems on the wars of the twentieth century. The 42 additional poems include works by David Harsent, Anthony Hecht, Miroslav Holub, John Jarmain, Stanley Kunitz, Michael Longley, Czeslaw Milosz, Andrew Motion, and Patrick Shaw-Stewart.


Author : Ŭn Ko
ISBN : 1780372426
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 22. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ko Un has long been a living legend in Korea, both as a poet and as a person. Allen Ginsberg once wrote, 'Ko Un is a magnificent poet, combination of Buddhist cognoscente, passionate political libertarian, and naturalist historian.' Maninbo (Ten Thousand Lives) is the title of a remarkable collection of poems by Ko Un, filling thirty volumes, a total of 4001 poems containing the names of 5600 people, which took 30 years to complete. Ko Un first conceived the idea while confined in a solitary cell upon his arrest in May 1980, the first volumes appeared in 1986, and the project was completed 25 years after publication began, in 2010. Unsure whether he might be executed or not, he found his mind filling with memories of the people he had met or heard of during his life. Finally, he made a vow that, if he were released from prison, he would write poems about each of them. In part this would be a means of rescuing from oblivion countless lives that would otherwise be lost, and also it would serve to offer a vision of the history of Korea as it has been lived by its entire population through the centuries. A selection from the first 10 volumes of Maninbo relating to Ko Un's village childhood was published in the US in 2006 by Green Integer under the title Ten Thousand Lives. This edition is a selection from volumes 11 to 20, with the last half of the book focused on the sufferings of the Korean people during the Korean War. Essentially narrative, each poem offers a brief glimpse of an individual's life. Some span an entire existence, some relate a brief moment. Some are celebrations of remarkable lives, others recall terrible events and inhuman beings. Some poems are humorous, others are dark commemorations of unthinkable incidents. They span the whole of Korean history, from earliest pre-history to the present time.

Inspired Poetry

Author : Jason Hein
ISBN : 9781600346460
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The 17-year-old author's poetry, written from his struggles growing up on a farm in Oklahoma, reflect how God was always present.

A Poet By Accident

Author : Ayesha
ISBN : 9781646780242
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 50. 93 MB
Format : PDF
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‘A Poet by Accident’ is a collection of poems that will take you on a journey from adolescent angst to self-discovery, written across a decade. Filled with universal themes like joy, confusion, loneliness, finding comfort in words and a heart in search of love, the anthology will touch a chord with every person you might be. It is an anthology articulating the human experience by a writer looking for peace and turning into a ‘Poet by Accident.’

A Library Of The World S Best Literature Ancient And Modern Synopses Of Books General Index

Author : Charles Dudley Warner
ISBN : UIUC:30112117999976
Genre : Literature
File Size : 22. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Library Of The World S Best Literature

Author : Charles Dudley Warner
ISBN : STANFORD:36105012127945
Genre : Literature
File Size : 71. 57 MB
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