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Ultralow Electrical Percolation In Melt Compounded Polymer Composites Based On Chemically Expanded Graphite

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Abstract: It has been difficult to construct electrical percolation networks in melt-compounded polymer composites due to shear-induced network destruction, especially for low graphene content composites. To overcome this issue, here we employ chemically expanded graphite (CEG) to construct conductive networks in which the polymer molecules would penetrate into the inner part of CEG to form a polymer entrapped in CEG structure. This novel polymer entrapped in CEG structure is very useful for the effective charge transfer and further construction of conductive networks in the process of melt compounding. The final polymer composites exhibit an ultralow electrical conductive percolation threshold of 0.29vol% after melt compounding which is almost among the lowest level compared with those of other melt-compounded polymer composites. Besides, the thermal conductivity of the composites is also significantly enhanced. This strategy here has provided a new way to maintain the conductive networks and decrease the electrical percolation threshold in the melt-compounded polymer composites through constructing polymer entrapped in conductive fillers structure.

Constitutive Modeling Of Nanotube Reinforced Polymer Composite Systems

Author : Gregory M. Odegard
ISBN : NASA:31769000643323
Genre : Continuum mechanics
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In this study, a technique has been proposed for developing constitive models for polymer composite systems reinforced with single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT). Since the polymer molecules are on the same size scale as the nanotubes, the interaction at the polymer/nanotube interface is highly dependent on the local molecular structure and bonding. At these small length scales, the lattice structures of the nanotube and polymer chains cannot be be considered continuous, and the bulk mechanical properties of the SWNT/polymer composites can no longer be determined through traditional micromechanical approaches that are formulated using continuum mechanics. It is proposed herein that the nanotube, the local polymer near the nanotube, and the nanotube/polymer interface can be modeled as an effective continuum fiber using an equivalent-continuum modeling method.

Ferroelectric Polymers And Ceramic Polymer Composites

Author : D.K. Das-Gupta
ISBN : 9783035703450
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book gives perspective of an exciting area of new and intelligent materials for electroactive sensor applications for microelectronics (and possibly in the nanometer scale) for the twenty-first century.

Tribology Of Natural Fiber Polymer Composites

Author : Mohammed Fahim
ISBN : 9781845695057
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Environmental concerns are driving demand for bio-degradable materials such as plant-based natural fiber reinforced polymer composites. These composites are fast replacing conventional materials in many applications, especially in automobiles, where tribology (friction, lubrication and wear) is important. This book covers the availability and processing of natural fiber polymer composites and their structural, thermal, mechanical and, in particular, tribological properties. Chapter 1 discusses sources of natural fibers, their extraction and surface modification. It also reviews the thermal, structural, mechanical, spectroscopic and morphological properties of unmodified and chemically modified natural fibers such as sisal, jute, wood, bamboo and cotton together with their potential applications. Chapter 2 gives a brief introduction to the tribology of polymer composites and the role of fiber reinforcement and fillers in modifying their tribological properties. Further chapters discuss the chemical composition, physical structure, mechanical properties and tribological behaviour of polymer composites reinforced with sisal, jute, cotton and bamboo fibers. The tribological behaviour of wood polymer composites (WPCs) is also discussed. Tribology of natural fibre polymer composites is a useful reference guide for engineers, scientific and technical personnel involved in the development of natural fiber composites. In particular it will give an insight into mechanical properties and failure mechanisms in situations where wear, lubrication and friction are a problem. Examines the availability and processing of natural fiber composites and their structural, thermal, mechanical and tribological properties Explores sources of natural fibers, their extraction and surface modification as well as properties of chemically modified natural fibers Provides an overview of the tribology of polymer composites and the role of fiber reinforcement and filters in modifying tribological composites

Fabrication Morphologies And Properties Of Single Polymer Composites Based On Lldpe Pp And Cnt Loaded Pbt

Author : Md. Zillur Rahman
ISBN : OCLC:857253055
Genre : Composite materials
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Research into and development of single polymer composites (SPCs) have increased consistently over the last decade, due to growing concerns for the environment. SPCs are an emerging class of materials of composites which have improved mechanical properties compared with their larger homogeneous counterparts. These SPCs have economic and environmental benefits and are fully recyclable. This research aimed to produce fibrillar SPCs of low linear density polyethylene (LLDPE), polypropylene (PP) (lower melt flow grade) and carbon nanotubes loaded poly(butylene terephthalate) (PBT-CNT) by using the concept of microfibrillar reinforcement composites (MFCs) manufacturing technique via a simple extrusion, drawing and processing technique. Microfibrillar single polymer composites (MF-SPCs) were prepared by the hot-compaction of PBT-CNT, LLDPE and PP555G fibrils extracted by using selective solvents from the immiscible drawn blends of PP (higher melt flow grade)/PBT-CNT, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/LLDPE and PVA/PP555G respectively, and were then characterised by their thermal, morphological, mechanical, and electrical behaviour (only for PBT-CNT MF-SPCs samples). LLDPE MF-SPCs and PP555G MF-SPCs can potentially be used in automotive and construction, and consumer products such as suitcases and sporting apparel. The resulting uniaxial composites showed excellent improvements in stiffness of 65% for PBTCNT (30%) MF-SPCs, 194% for PBT-CNT (50%) MF-SPCs, 307% for LLDPE MF-SPCs and 367% for PP (lower melt flow grade) MF-SPCs over their respective neat isotropic PBT-CNT, LLDPE and PP samples. The microfibrillar structure and excellent orientation with high aspect ratios were maintained and observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). PBT-CNT MFSPCs demonstrated moderately electrical conductive behaviour, which probably could be used in a variety of industrial applications such as in sensors, self-regulating heaters and electromagnetic interference shielding. The thesis concludes with suggestions for further research in the future, based on the findings of this study.

Thermo Mechanical Properties Of Polymer Composites

Author : Dr. Inamuddin
ISBN : 9783035732719
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This volume contains papers describing the results of some research in the area of application diffusion and transport phenomena in polymer composite materials and substances for the industrial and engineering goals. We hope that the presented papers will be interesting and useful for many engineers and researchers.

Structural Design Of Polymer Composites

Author : J.L. Clarke
ISBN : 9780203475133
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Independent, practical guidance on the structural design of polymer composites is provided for the first time in this book. Structural designers familiar with design of conventional structural materials such as steel and concrete will be able to use it to design a broad range of polymeric composites for structural applications, using glass fibre reinforced plastic materials, components, connections and assemblies.

Friction And Wear Of Polymer Composites

Author : Klaus Friedrich
ISBN : 9780444597113
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Providing a useful summary of current knowledge on the friction and wear properties of composite materials, this book fills the gap between publications on fundamental principles of tribology and those on the friction and wear behavior of metals and polymers. Detailed coverage is given of: the fundamental aspects of tribology in general and polymer composites in particular; the effects of the microstructure of composites on friction and wear behavior under different external loading conditions; and the problem of the control of friction and wear behavior in practical situations. Although emphasis is on polymer composites associated with bearing-type applications, part of the book is also devoted to the friction and wear of metal-based composites and rubber compounds. The data are represented in the form of 277 figures, diagrams and photographs, and 68 tables. The author index covers more than 670 references, and the subject index more than 1,000 keywords. The book will be of particular interest to: those involved in research on some aspects of polymer composites tribology (material scientists, physical chemists, mechanical engineers); those wishing to learn more methods for solving practical friction or wear problems (designers, engineers and technologists in industries, dealing with selection, reprocessing and application of polymer engineering materials); and teachers and students at universities.

Polymer Composites

Author : Klaus Friedrich
ISBN : 0387241760
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 84. 72 MB
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The use of polymer composites in various engineering applications has become state of the art. This multi-author volume provides a useful summary of updated knowledge on polymer composites in general, practically integrating experimental studies, theoretical analyses and computational modeling at different scales, i. e. , from nano- to macroscale. Detailed consideration is given to four major areas: structure and properties of polymer nanocomposites, characterization and modeling, processing and application of macrocomposites, and mechanical performance of macrocomposites. The idea to organize this volume arose from a very impressive workshop - The First International Workshop on Polymers and Composites at IVW Kaiserslautern: Invited Humboldt-Fellows and Distinguished Scientists, which was held on May 22-24,2003 at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. The contributing authors were invited to incorporate updated knowledge and developments into their individual chapters within a year after the workshop, which finally led to these excellent contributions. The success of this workshop was mainly sponsored by the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation through a Sofia Kovalevskaja Award Program, financed by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research within the "Investment in the Future Program" of the German Government. In 2001, the Humboldt Foundation launched this new award program in order to offer outstanding young researchers throughout the world an opportunity to establish their own work-groups and to develop innovative research concepts virtually in Germany. One of the editors, Z.

Machining Of Polymer Composites

Author : Jamal Ahmad
ISBN : 0387686193
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This excellent volume will serve as an indispensable reference and source book for process design, tool and production engineers in composite manufacturing. It provides the reader with a comprehensive treatment of the theory of machining as it applies to fiber reinforced polymer composites. It covers the latest technical advances in the area of machining and tooling, and discusses the applications of fiber reinforced polymer composites in the aircraft and automotive industries.

Structure And Properties Of Conducting Polymer Composites

Author : V. E. Gul
ISBN : 9067642045
Genre : Science
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Particulate Filled Polymer Composites

Author : Roger Rothon
ISBN : 1859573827
Genre : Science
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This is an updated version of the book first published in 1995. The use of particulate fillers in polymers has a long history, and they continue to play a very important role today. In the relatively short time since the publication of the first edition of this book, much has changed and all the chapters have been updated and revised, and a completely new chapter covering the latest developments in nano-filler technology is included. The aim of this book is to provide a guide to the fundamentals of the use of particulate fillers, which is accessible to people from the many different industries and disciplines who have an interest in the subject. Chapters cover: Selection and Use of Particulate Fillers Types of Particulate Filler Filler Surfaces and their Characterisation Surface Modification and Surface Modifiers Preparation and Mixture Characterisation of Mineral Filler Polymer Compounds Particulate Fillers as Flame Retardants Particulate Fillers in Elastomers Particulate Fillers in Thermoplastics Particulate Fillers in Thermosets Composites Using Nano-Fillers

Manufacturing Of Polymer Composites

Author : B. Tomas Astrom
ISBN : 0748770763
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 51. 55 MB
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The potential application areas for polymer composites are vast. While techniques and methodologies for composites design are relatively well established, the knowledge and understanding of post-design issues lag far behind. This leads to designs and eventually composites with disappointing properties and unnecessarily high cost, thus impeding a wider industrial acceptance of polymer composites. Manufacturing of Polymer Composites completely covers pre- and post-design issues. While the book enables students to become fully comfortable with composites as a possible materials choice, it also provides sufficient knowledge about manufacturing-related issues to permit them to avoid common pitfalls and unmanufacturable designs. The book is a fully comprehensive text covering all commercially significant materials and manufacturing techniques while at the same time discussing areas of research and development that are nearing commercial reality.

Cellulose Fibers Bio And Nano Polymer Composites

Author : Susheel Kalia
ISBN : 3642173691
Genre : Nature
File Size : 20. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The current era of green science and technology has made the field of bio- and nano-polymer composite materials for advanced structural and medical applications a rapidly emerging area of research. This volume covers all the essential issues and topics.

Polymer Composites For Civil And Structural Engineering

Author : L. Hollaway
ISBN : 9789401121361
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 32. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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New materials and methods within the construction industry offer substantial advantages in terms of cost, durability, ease of design, and ease of fabrication. This new book looks at the multitude of uses of polymer composites in construction and discusses fabrication methods, suitability of materials, design methods, construction methods, performance and practical applications.

Polymer Composites Iii 2004

Author : Robert C. Creese
ISBN : 1932078355
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 56. 59 MB
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Polymer Composites Conference series is unique in its focus on practical, current applications of polymer composites in transportation infrastructure and military research.

3d Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites

Author : L. Tong
ISBN : 0080525822
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 58. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are used in almost every type of advanced engineering structure, with their usage ranging from aircraft, helicopters and spacecraft through to boats, ships and offshore platforms and to automobiles, sports goods, chemical processing equipment and civil infrastructure such as bridges and buildlings. The usage of FRP composites continues to grow at an impessive rate as these materials are used more in their existing markets and become established in relatively new markets such as biomedical devices and civil structures. A key factor driving the increased applications of composites over the recent years is the development of new advanced forms of FRP materials. This includes developments in high performance resin systems and new styles of reinforcement, such as carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. This book provides an up-to-date account of the fabrication, mechanical properties, delamination resistance, impact tolerance and applications of 3D FRP composites. The book focuses on 3D composites made using the textile technologies of weaving, braiding, knitting and stiching as well as by z-pinning.

Handbook Of Polymer Composites For Engineers

Author : L C Hollaway
ISBN : 1855731290
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 86. 74 MB
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Tables, Schematics, Photographs Extensive reference data is provided in tables. Diagrams and flow charts illustrate designs, design procedure and manufacturing methods. Photographs illustrate components and structures. Here is a small sampling of this material. Tables: Typical properties of fully cured cast polyester resins Typical properties of cast flexibilised . . . polyester resin Typical properties of fully cured cast epoxy resin Typical measured mechanical properties of composite materials compared with steel and aluminium alloy Details of each layer and predicted properties for a specific laminate Physical properties, occupation exposure limits and health hazards for polyester resins based on various monomers Composites process data sheet: filament winding Composites process data sheet: cold press moulding Design data for typical polymer composite material Schematics: Filament winding Cold press Pultrusion Design process for composite structures Comparative weights of sandwich structure with varying cores and skin reinforcing-resin systems

Oligomers Polymer Composites Molecular Imprinting

Author :
ISBN : 9783540468295
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 82. 8 MB
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With contributions by numerouis experts

Structure And Properties Of Wood Polymer Composites Wpc

Author : Andrey Askadskii
ISBN : 1527527964
Genre :
File Size : 79. 65 MB
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At present, the use of polymer composites filled with wood (WPC) is becoming increasingly popular. In particular, flooring of terraced premises, siding, decorative fences, fence systems, steps, universal profiles, among others are made from WPC. In 1977, the first enterprise for the production of WPC appeared in Sweden. The first experience was not very successful the demand turned out to be low, and the wear of technological equipment was very high. Therefore, developments in this field were resumed only in the 1990s and continue to this day. This book describes the basic physical and mechanical properties of modern WPC, such as tensile and compression strength, and hardness. Also, the influence of climatic factors on the performance properties of products from WPC is described, while the thermal and rheological properties of WPC materials are considered, which directly affect the consumer characteristics of the products. The book contains theoretical developments related to the prediction of the mechanical and thermal properties of polymers and composites. The Van der Waals volume and the energy of the intermolecular interaction are estimated. This book will be of interest to representatives of the WPC market, designers, and architects, as well as technology engineers, students and post-graduate students of higher educational institutions in the fields of chemistry and physics of composite polymer materials.

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