practical gamma ray spectroscopy

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Practical Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

Author : Gordon Gilmore
ISBN : 9781119964698
Genre : Science
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The Second Edition of Practical Gamma-Ray Spectrometry has been completely revised and updated, providing comprehensive coverage of the whole gamma-ray detection and spectrum analysis processes. Drawn on many years of teaching experience to produce this uniquely practical volume, issues discussed include the origin of gamma-rays and the issue of quality assurance in gamma-ray spectrometry. This new edition also covers the analysis of decommissioned nuclear plants, computer modelling systems for calibration, uncertainty measurements in QA, and many more topics.

Practical Considerations For Gamma Ray Spectroscopy With Nai Tl

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051398230
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Abstract : Abstract: Gamma ray spectroscopy enables the identification of radioactive sources, and, with proper calibration, their activities. In use since the 1950s, NaI(Tl) spectroscopic systems remain popular due to their affordability and high detection efficiency. The crystals and accompanying electronics may vary, and there are practical choices necessary to produce the best possible spectra for a given application or correctly interpret system performance. An overview of the scintillation mechanism as well as the common features of a gamma ray spectrum are presented in this paper. This includes a discussion of the impacts of the size and shape of detector crystals on the spectrum and counting efficiency. A description of supporting electronics is included along with techniques for arranging and optimizing them. Coaxial cables become part of the circuit and can degrade the detector signal if they have mismatched impedance or excessive length. A discussion is included of tradeoffs involved in selecting combinations of individual electronics components for NaI(Tl) spectroscopic applications. Lastly, a comprehensive energy calibration procedure is provided. This paper thus serves as a tutorial on several practical aspects of a NaI(Tl) gamma ray spectroscopy system.

Gamma Ray Spectrometry Of Rocks

Author : John A. S. Adams
ISBN : 9781483257341
Genre : Nature
File Size : 28. 6 MB
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Gamma-Ray Spectrometry of Rocks: Methods in Geochemistry and Geophysics provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of the gamma-ray spectrometry of rocks. This book discusses the increasing interest in using gamma spectrometry in the search for uranium ore. Organized into seven chapters, this book begins with an overview of the approximate frequency and wave length of electromagnetic radiations. This text then examines the quantitative detection of X and gamma photons, which is based upon their interactions with matter. Other chapters consider the inorganic scintillation crystals as the most favorable detectors due to its requirement of a high intrinsic efficiency. This book discusses as well the shape of the spectrum of a monoenergetic gamma-ray beam, which is dependent on the photon energy. The final chapter deals with the determination of the abundances of natural radioisotopes and their stable end products in a rock or mineral. This book is a valuable resource for radiological health physicists, chemists, geochemists, and exploration geologists.

Applied Gamma Ray Spectrometry

Author : C. E. Crouthamel
ISBN : 9781483280561
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Applied Gamma-Ray Spectrometry covers real life application of the gamma-ray and the devices used in their experimental studies. This book is organized into 9 chapters, and starts with discussions of the various decay processes, the possible interaction mechanisms of gamma radiation with matter, and the intrinsic and extrinsic variables, which affect the observed gamma-ray and X-ray spectra. The subsequent chapters deal with the properties and fabrication of scintillation detectors, semiconductor detectors, and proportional gas counters. These chapters present some of the most widely utilized applications of these detectors, with a particular emphasis to the activation analysis. These topics are followed by reviews of the description of basic equipment, such as amplifiers, analyzers, special spectrometer arrangements, and detector shielding. Other chapters describe energy and time resolution and quantitative calibration. The quantitative and qualitative interpretation of the spectra is also explained, along with the calibration of the detectors. The last chapter considers the analytical applications of gamma-ray and X-ray spectrometry in tracer studies, activation analysis, fission product studies, and X-ray fluorescence analysis. This book will be of value to analytical chemists and analytical chemistry researchers.

Alpha Beta And Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

Author : K. Siegbahn
ISBN : 9780444596994
Genre : Science
File Size : 70. 14 MB
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Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Volume 1 offers a comprehensive account of radioactivity and related low-energy phenomena. It summarizes progress in the field of alpha-, beta- and gamma-ray spectroscopy, including the discovery of the non-conservation of parity, as well as new experimental methods that elucidate the processes of weak interactions in general and beta-decay in particular. Comprised of 14 chapters, the book presents experimental methods and theoretical discussions and calculations to maintain the link between experiment and theory. It begins with a discussion of the interaction of electrons and alpha particles with matter. The book explains the elastic scattering of electrons by atomic nuclei and the interaction between gamma-radiation and matter. It then introduces topic on beta-ray spectrometer theory and design and crystal diffraction spectroscopy of nuclear gamma rays. Moreover, the book discusses the applications of the scintillation counter; proportional counting in gases; and the general processes and procedures used in determining disintegration schemes through a study of the beta- and gamma-rays emitted. In addition, it covers the nuclear shell model; collective nuclear motion and the unified model; and alpha-decay conservation laws. The emissions of gamma-radiation during charged particle bombardment and from fission fragments, as well as the neutron-capture radiation spectroscopy, are also explained. Experimentalists will find this book extremely useful.

Neutron Capture Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

Author : Robert E. Chrien
ISBN : 0306401665
Genre : Science
File Size : 21. 69 MB
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Practical X Ray Spectrometry

Author : JENKINS
ISBN : 9781468462821
Genre : Science
File Size : 54. 36 MB
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X-ray fluorescenct" spectrometry is now widely accepted as a highly versatile and potentially accurate method of instrumental elemental analysis and so it is somewhat surprising that although the volume of published work dealing with the technique is high the number of textbooks dealing exclusively with its application is relatively few. Without wishing to detract from the excellence of the textbooks which are already available we have both felt for some time, that a great need exists for a book dealing with the more practical aspects of the subject. For a number of years we have been associated with the provision and arrangement of X-ray schools for the training of new X-ray spectroscopists as well as in the organisation of conferences and sym posia whose aims have been to keep the more experienced workers abreast with the latest developments in instrumentation and techniques. In all of these ventures we have found a considerable dearth of reference work dealing with the reasons why an X-ray method has not succeeded as opposed to the multitude of success stories which regularly saturate the scientific press. In this book, which is based on lecture notes from well established courses in X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, we have tried to cover all of the more usual practical difficulties experienced in the application of the method and we have endeavoured to keep the amount of purely theoretical data at a minimum.

Practical Gamma Spectrometry

Author : A. J. Duivenstijn
ISBN : WISC:89037117074
Genre : Gamma ray spectrometry
File Size : 55. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Radiation Detection And Measurement

Author : Glenn F. Knoll
ISBN : 9780470131480
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 23. 61 MB
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This is the resource that engineers turn to in the study of radiation detection. The fourth edition takes into account the technical developments that continue to enhance the instruments and techniques available for the detection and spectroscopy of ionizing radiation. New coverage is presented on ROC curves, micropattern gas detectors, new sensors for scintillation light, and the excess noise factor. Revised discussions are also included on TLDs and cryogenic spectrometers, radiation backgrounds, and the VME standard. Engineers will gain a strong understanding of the field with this updated book.

Proceedings Of The Eleventh International Symposium Capture Gamma Ray Spectroscopy And Related Topics

Author : Pavel Cejnar
ISBN : 9789812795151
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 40. 53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume is a collection of invited talks, oral contributions and poster contributions devoted to advances in gamma-ray spectroscopy of various capture reactions. In agreement with the trend of previous meetings in the series, the symposium paid special attention to theoretical and experimental studies of nuclear structure at low energies and to nuclear astrophysics. Among the other topics covered are: statistical properties of nuclei and other quantum many-body systems, fundamental physics, nuclear data, practical application of capture reactions, and new techniques and facilities for capture gamma-ray spectroscopy. Contents: Nuclear Structure; Nuclear Reactions; Nuclear Astrophysics; Statistical Properties of Nuclei; Experimental Facilities; Nuclear Data; Applications; Fundamental Physics. Readership: Graduate students and researchers in nuclear physics.

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