pretend you don t see her

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Pretend You Don T See Her

Author : Mary Higgins Clark
ISBN : 9780073180809
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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What happens when a young woman is accidentally caught up in a dangerous murder investigation, having merely been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Lacey Farrell, a rising star on the Manhattan real estate scene, is witness to a murder - and to the final words of the victim. The dying woman is convinced her attacker was after her dead daughter's journal, which Lacey gives to the police, but not before making a copy for herself. It's an impulse that later proves nearly fatal. Placed in the witness protection programme and sent to live in Minneapolis, Lacey must assume a fake identity, at least until the killer can be brought to trial. There she meets Tom Lynch, a radio talk-show host whom she tentatively begins to date - until the strain of her deception makes her break it off. Then she discovers the killer has traced her whereabouts. Armed with nothing more than her own courage and clues from the journal, Lacey heads back to New York determined to uncover who is behind the deaths of the two women… before she is the next casualty.

Pretend You Don T See Her

Author : Random House
ISBN : 0099891778
Genre :
File Size : 83. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Revisiting Mary Higgins Clark

Author : Linda De Roche
ISBN : 031332039X
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 28. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Examines the works of the mystery and suspense novelist, describing her characters, narrative and strategies, plot development, literary devices, settings, and major themes from her works since 1996.

You Don T Look Like Anyone I Know

Author : Heather Sellers
ISBN : 9781101444481
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 57. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An unusual and uncommonly moving family memoir, with a twist that give new meaning to hindsight, insight, and forgiveness. Heather Sellers is face-blind-that is, she has prosopagnosia, a rare neurological condition that prevents her from reliably recognizing people's faces. Growing up, unaware of the reason for her perpetual confusion and anxiety, she took what cues she could from speech, hairstyle, and gait. But she sometimes kissed a stranger, thinking he was her boyfriend, or failed to recognize even her own father and mother. She feared she must be crazy. Yet it was her mother who nailed windows shut and covered them with blankets, made her daughter walk on her knees to spare the carpeting, had her practice secret words to use in the likely event of abduction. Her father went on weeklong "fishing trips" (aka benders), took in drifters, wore panty hose and bras under his regular clothes. Heather clung to a barely coherent story of a "normal" childhood in order to survive the one she had. That fairy tale unraveled two decades later when Heather took the man she would marry home to meet her parents and began to discover the truth about her family and about herself. As she came at last to trust her own perceptions, she learned the gift of perspective: that embracing the past as it is allows us to let it go. And she illuminated a deeper truth-that even in the most flawed circumstances, love may be seen and felt. Watch a Video

Forever Love

Author : Shirley Mary Fish
ISBN : 1452544425
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64. 87 MB
Format : PDF
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What if you awoke one morning and everything was different? What if your path collided with that of a man you had known for lifetimes, a man you had loved for lifetimes—a forever love? What if reincarnation and past life traumas ran like a movie before your open eyes, and what if all this happened when you were an ordinary person—a wife and mother like Nancy? Forever Love answers the questions why some people, meeting for the first time, feel they have known each other before and why some people have inexplicable phobias and problems. “Forever Love is very timely. As we move more and more deeply into the evolution of human consciousness, more and more people are experiencing spontaneous past life recalls. Forever Love lets you know you aren’t alone and you aren’t crazy. ” -Elmdea Bean, bestselling author of Liberating Incarnations: Twenty-Five Stories of Past Life Regression, Speaker, Past Life Therapist. “Engaging, articulate, and compelling, anyone who has ever met their twin soul in this lifetime while committed to another will resonate to the longing for union again, the power of the love connection built through myriad lifetimes together, and the explosive spiritual growth the contact sets off!” Barbara Stone, PhD, author of Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Our Present

Clay Jar Cracked

Author : Cortney Donelson
ISBN : 9781483426495
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 38. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Clay Jar Cracked is the emotional and honest story of how one woman pushed logic, expectations, and her raging anger aside in order to lean on the only one who could save her marriage. Perhaps you will see yourself in her story. Perhaps you will see a friend. Clay Jar Cracked was written to help guide you and those you love through some of life’s most painful and traumatic experiences. Those who have faced financial ruin, the loss of a child, a daunting diagnosis, addiction, loss of faith, or a spouse’s secret and double life are like fragile jars made of clay. Each of these experiences leaves a crack in that jar. Some are wider and deeper than others, but each weakens the whole. As these cracks occur, how do we keep from shattering? Clay Jar Cracked provides bold, thoughtful, and compelling answers to these questions and more. It also suggests an answer to the most intriguing question of all: Could even the biggest cracks be worth it?

Who Is Who In American Literature

Author :
ISBN : 9781627722971
Genre :
File Size : 42. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Spy Game

Author : Georgina Harding
ISBN : 9781408806746
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47. 72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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'If you were a sleeper, how long do you think it would take before you forgot who you really were? If you were living undercover for years and years. Which person would be you?' On a freezing January morning in 1961, eight-year-old Anna's mother disappears into the fog. A kiss that barely touches Anna's cheek, a rumble of exhaust and a blurred wave through an icy windscreen, and her mother is gone. Looking back, Anna will wish that she could have paid more attention to the facts of that day. The adult world shrouds the loss in silence, tidies the issue of death away along with the things that her mother left behind. And her memories will drift and settle like the fog that covers the car. That same morning a spy case breaks in the news - the case of the Krogers, apparently ordinary people who were not who they said they were; people who had disappeared in one place and reappeared in another with other identities, leading other lives. Obsessed by stories of the Cold War, and of the Second World War which is still a fresh and painful memory for the adults about them, Anna's brother Peter begins to construct a theory that their mother, a refugee from eastern Germany, was a spy working undercover and might even still be alive. As life returns to normal, Anna struggles to sort between fact and fantasy. Did her mother have a secret life? And how do you know who a person was once she is dead? The Spy Game is a beautifully wrought novel about loss, history, memory and imagination, and the way in which we shape these to construct our own identities. It is a painful and tender reminder of the importance of understanding the past and, in turn, the importance of letting go.

Two Weddings And A Baby

Author : Scarlett Bailey
ISBN : 9781448176823
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From reluctant bridesmaid, to accidental mother... Tamsyn Thorne has not been back to her home town of Poldore for five long years. But now her brother, Ruan, is about to get married and she has no excuses left. Her plans to arrive in Cornwall looking chic and successful are dashed when a huge storm turns her from fashion goddess to a drowned rat. Worse, she ends up insulting the local hunky vicar – and then finds a tiny baby abandoned in his churchyard...

How To Survive Online Embarrassment

Author : Lisa Miles
ISBN : 9781477707142
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 80. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 261
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Despite the warnings and media publicity regarding one's "digital footprint" in recent years, many people--especially teens--are not getting the message. In this needful guide, readers discover not only about how to survive online embarrassment but how to prevent it altogether. Each spread is dynamically designed and bursting with textual enhancements, such as girl-to-girl talks, top five best/worst lists, Keeping It Real lists, All About You activities, Quick Facts, Quick Quizzes, Talking Points, Fact Files, and real teen comments. Of indispensable utility to teens, this resource is also a wonderful tool for teachers seeking to meet Common Core Curriculum Standards for the reading of informational texts, satisfying those standards relating to determining the central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through supporting details, summarizing a text without opinions or judgments, tracing and evaluating the argument and specific claims, determining the validity of the author's reasoning and evidence, and determining an author's point of view and purpose.

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