proceedings and addresses of the american philosophical association

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Proceedings And Addresses Of The American Philosophical Association

Author : American Philosophical Association
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Genre : Philosophy
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List of members in v. 1- .

Proceedings And Addresses Of The American Philosophical Association 1947 1948 Vol 21 Of The Combined Proceedings Of The Several Divisions

Author : American philosophical association
ISBN : OCLC:461196462
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Theorizing Backlash

Author : Anita M. Superson
ISBN : 0742513742
Genre : Philosophy
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2nd EDITION --This book is part of a series of books with a simple twofold objective:The first aim is to expose young people to the fact that there are many careers out there. Some that you may not have considered, others you may have thought about but have rejected for various reasons. We are here to tell you that once you approach your career choice in a professional, logical and business manner there is no reason why you should not pursue your dream.The second aim is: Get educated!!!! If you are in school; stay in school. The longer you can stay in school and get a formal education the easier it will be to market yourself. Make no mistake the level of your education: primary, secondary, college or university will decide the level of the job that you end up with.Finally, this book like all the others I have written is in plain, ole, simple English so that we can all understand.So I present you the reader with the age old question.... What do you want to be when you grow up?

Positivism And Christianity

Author : K.H. Klein
ISBN : 9789401020145
Genre : Philosophy
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This essay is conceived as a critical exposition of the central issues that figure in the ongoing conversation between Logical Positivists and neo Positivists on the one hand and Christian apologists on the other. My expository aim is to isolate and to describe the main issues that have emer ged in the extended discussion between men of Positivistic turn of mind and men sympathetic to the claims of Christianity. My critical aim is to select typical, influential stands that have been taken on each of these issues, to assess their viability, and to isolate certain dilemmas which discussion of these issues has generated. I am convinced that the now commonly rejected verifiability theory of meaning is very commonly misunderstood and has been rejected by and large for the wrong reasons. Before it is cast off-if it is to be cast off-what is needed is a reconsideration of that theory and of the objections that its several formulations have elicited. Furthermore, at least partially because of a misconstruing of the verifiability doctrine, there have been some interesting-though in my opinion unsuccessful-claims advanced about the testability-status of sentences expressive of Christian belief. Moreover, in their haste to vindicate Christianity, some apologists have been fairly cavalier, in my opinion, about what "Christianity" involves. This volume offers what I hope will be a clear statement and analysis of the principle points at issue between Positivism and Christianity, together with my own assessment of where the argument stands now.

The Image In Mind

Author : Charles Taliaferro
ISBN : 9781441148827
Genre : Religion
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A philosophical inquiry into the strengths and weaknesses of theism and naturalism in accounting for the emergence of consciousness, the visual imagination and aesthetic values. The authors begin by offering an account of modern scientific practice which gives a central place to the visual imagination and aesthetic values. They then move to test the explanatory power of naturalism and theism in accounting for consciousness and the very visual imagination and aesthetic values that lie behind and define modern science. Taliaferro and Evans argue that evolutionary biology alone is insufficient to account for consciousness, the visual imagination and aesthetic values. Insofar as naturalism is compelled to go beyond evolutionary biology, it does not fare as well as theism in terms of explanatory power.

The Rorty Reader

Author : Christopher J. Voparil
ISBN : 9781405198318
Genre : Philosophy
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"In the last sentence of a posthumously published article, Richard Rorty wrote: "...individual men and women are more fully human when their memories are amply stocked with verses". Equally, we might say that they are more humane and wide-ranging thinkers when their minds are amply stocked with Rorty's subtle thoughts. We should be grateful for the editors of this anthology for giving us so many." Philip Kitcher, Columbia University "Pragmatist," "historicist," "literary," "anti-analytical," "postmodernist," "neo-liberal," "humanist," "ethnocentric" ù all these (and many other) terms have been applied to Richard Rorty, both as compliments and as insults. This careful selection from his writings, along with Christopher Voparil's excellent introduction, explains why. It charts Rorty's many philosophical twists and turns and it illuminates the intellectual and political commitments that provide his thinking with a deep continuity. And it brings back, for a broad audience, Rorty's characteristic voice: both simple and sophisticated, witty and passionate, light-handed and erudite, controversial and accommodating, detailed and sweeping, critical and hopeful ù above all, unmistakably individual and deeply missed." Alexander Nehamas, Princeton University "The Rorty Reader is a remarkable editorial accomplishment. By bringing together a wide variety of Richard Rorty's controversial and yet inspiring writings, Bernstein and Voparil provide an excellent introduction to this important thinker. The addition, their own insightful introductory chapter, makes the collection essential reading for everyone who wants to gain a better understanding of not just the significance of Rorty's philosophical contribution, but that of modern thought in general." Alan Malachowski, University of Stellenbosch The Rorty Reader represents the first comprehensive collection of the writings of Richard Rorty, one of the twentieth century's most influential thinkers, best known for the controversial Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (1979). Gathering together key essays from over four decades of writings, the volume offers an in-depth introduction to the philosopher's life and prolific body of work. Topics addressed include the continuities and transformations that span Rorty's early training in the history of philosophy, his engagement with the analytic tradition, and the 1979 publication that brought him international renown. Particular attention is devoted to his later political writings, including his turn to literature as the vehicle of moral reflection most suitable to democratic life, and his embrace of philosophy as cultural politics. With selections from The Linguistic Turn (1967), Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature (1979), Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity (1989), Achieving Our Country (1998), and his four volumes of philosophical papers, including Philosophy as Cultural Politics (2007), as well as in-depth interviews and revealing autobiographical pieces, The Rorty Reader offers a compelling and representative view of Rorty's relationship with American pragmatism and the overall intellectual trajectory of his philosophical and political thought. Christopher J. Voparil is on the Graduate Faculty of Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, OH, where he teaches philosophy and political theory. He is the author of Richard Rorty: Politics and Vision (2006), and has published articles in Contemporary Pragmatism, Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Philosophy and Social Criticism, and Education and Culture. He is also the current Secretary of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy. Richard J. Bernstein is Vera List Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research, New York. His most recent book is The Pragmatic Turn (Polity, 2010).

Warrant And Proper Function

Author : Alvin Plantinga
ISBN : 9780199879601
Genre : Philosophy
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In this companion volume to Warrant: The Current Debate, Alvin Plantinga develops an original approach to the question of epistemic warrant; that is what turns true belief into knowledge. He argues that what is crucial to warrant is the proper functioning of one's cognitive faculties in the right kind of cognitive environment. Although this book is in some sense a sequel to its companion volume, the arguments do not presuppose those of the first book and it stands alone as a stimulating contribution to epistemology.

Manifesto Of A Passionate Moderate

Author : Susan Haack
ISBN : 0226311376
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 21. 78 MB
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Forthright and wryly humorous, philosopher Susan Haack deploys her penetrating analytic skills on some of the most highly charged cultural and social debates of recent years. Relativism, multiculturalism, feminism, affirmative action, pragmatisms old and new, science, literature, the future of the academy and of philosophy itself—all come under her keen scrutiny in Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate. "The virtue of Haack's book, and I mean virtue in the ethical sense, is that it embodies the attitude that it exalts. . . Haack's voice is urbane, sensible, passionate—the voice of philosophy that matters. How good to hear it again."—Jonathan Rauch, Reason "A tough mind, confident of its power, making an art of logic . . . a cool mastery."—Paul R. Gross, Wilson Quarterly "Few people are better able to defend the notion of truth, and in strong, clear prose, than Susan Haack . . . a philosopher of great distinction."—Hugh Lloyd-Jones, National Review "If you relish acute observation and straight talk, this is a book to read."—Key Reporter (Phi Beta Kappa) "Everywhere in this book there is the refreshing breeze of common sense, patiently but inexorably blowing."—Roger Kimball, Times Literary Supplement "A refreshing alternative to the extremism that characterizes so much rhetoric today."—Kirkus Reviews

An Introduction To Kant S Moral Philosophy

Author : Jennifer K. Uleman
ISBN : 9781139484466
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 84. 12 MB
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Immanuel Kant's moral philosophy is one of the most distinctive achievements of the European Enlightenment. At its heart lies what Kant called the 'strange thing': the free, rational, human will. This introduction explores the basis of Kant's anti-naturalist, secular, humanist vision of the human good. Moving from a sketch of the Kantian will, with all its component parts and attributes, to Kant's canonical arguments for his categorical imperative, this introduction shows why Kant thought his moral law the best summary expression of both his own philosophical work on morality and his readers' deepest shared convictions about the good. Kant's central tenets, key arguments, and core values are presented in an accessible and engaging way, making this book ideal for anyone eager to explore the fundamentals of Kant's moral philosophy.

Theory And Practical Issues On Cellular Automata

Author : S. Bandini
ISBN : 9781447107095
Genre : Computers
File Size : 54. 58 MB
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This book contains all full papers presented at ACRI 2000, the Fourth International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry, held at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany), 4 - 6 October, 2000. The continuation of and growing interest in research on Cellular Automata models for real world phenomena indicates the feasibility of this approach. A quick glance at the table contents of this book shows that results came from such different areas as biology, economics, physics, traffic flow and urban development. This work is complemented by contributions on the implementation and evaluation of software for Cellular Automata simulation, which is a necessary (but of course in no way sufficient) ingredient for the successful application of Cellular Automata. Applying Cellular Automata without trying to understand their behavior, in depth would be an unfortunate development. But as properties and power in earlier years it was again one of the strong points of ACRI to bring together researchers not only from different application areas but also from theory. Of course, this is reflected by the list of accepted contributions which also comprise theoretical papers and even papers which certainly belong to the intersection of several fields. Examples are the generation and recognition of geometrical patters and the influence of possible failures on the power of CA which obviously are of relevance also to applications.

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