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Dear Hannah A Collection Of Letters Depicting Quaker Life In Rural Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1850 1860

Author : C. B. Frederick
ISBN : 9781257024049
Genre : History
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A collection of 145 letters written to Hannah Fells Wilson Roberts from 35 correspondents, containing over 1,000 unique family names, written between 1850 and 1860, and transcribed with original spellings and annotated markings by C. B. Frederick. They tell the story of Quaker life in rural counties near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These letters reveal the local history of Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties and the increasingly dominant trend of women's participation in the pre-Civil War society. Hannah Fells Wilson was born in 1828 to George Maris Wilson (1780-1866) and Sarah Fells Schofield (1802-1866) and raised in Gwynedd, Montgomery County. The letters end the year after her marriage to Guy Roberts in 1859. Of special interest are letters from Martha Schofield, who would later found the first school for black boys in South Carolina in 1868, although that endeavor is not mentioned in this collection.

Quaker Life

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89082519604
Genre : Society of Friends
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An Encounter Between Quaker Mysticism And Taoism In Everyday Life

Author : Cho-Nyon Kim
ISBN : 9781921869693
Genre : Religion
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In this lecture, Cho-Nyon Kim explores his spiritual journey in the Korean religious environment, in which Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity have all influenced cultural practices and been integrated into daily life. He is inspired by the life and thoughts of Ham Sok Hon, a prominent Korean peace activist and Quaker. He asks how we can live a simple life in a complex world. He wants to focus on how we can create a peaceful society in the face of nationalism and self-centredness. Quakerism has similarities to Taoism in its mysticism and its sense of waiting in a meditative way. Cho-Nyon Kim concludes that he must lead his life 'in the manner of those who always seek truth with an open mind'.

Elizabeth Fry

Author : Elizabeth Gurney Fry
ISBN : 0759108994
Genre : History
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From her picture on the British _5 note to the numerous Elizabeth Fry Societies worldwide, Elizabeth Fry (1780D1845) is well known for her work for prison reform. But less well known is how her Quaker faith inspired this work, leading her to see the light within the impoverished and imprisoned. With Elizabeth Fry: A Quaker Life, noted Quaker historian Gil Skidmore has brought together Fry's essential writings--some previously unpublished--from her journals, letters, and published work into a single volume. The result is a rich portrait of the struggles and anxieties behind the public persona of this _Quaker saint._

The Quakers In America

Author : Thomas D. Hamm
ISBN : 9780231508933
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41. 24 MB
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The Quakers in America is a multifaceted history of the Religious Society of Friends and a fascinating study of its culture and controversies today. Lively vignettes of Conservative, Evangelical, Friends General Conference, and Friends United meetings illuminate basic Quaker theology and reflect the group's diversity while also highlighting the fundamental unity within the religion. Quaker culture encompasses a rich tradition of practice even as believers continue to debate whether Quakerism is necessarily Christian, where religious authority should reside, how one transmits faith to children, and how gender and sexuality shape religious belief and behavior. Praised for its rich insight and wide-ranging perspective, The Quakers in America is a penetrating account of an influential, vibrant, and often misunderstood religious sect. Known best for their long-standing commitment to social activism, pacifism, fair treatment for Native Americans, and equality for women, the Quakers have influenced American thought and society far out of proportion to their relatively small numbers. Whether in the foreign policy arena (the American Friends Service Committee), in education (the Friends schools), or in the arts (prominent Quakers profiled in this book include James Turrell, Bonnie Raitt, and James Michener), Quakers have left a lasting imprint on American life. This multifaceted book is a concise history of the Religious Society of Friends; an introduction to its beliefs and practices; and a vivid picture of the culture and controversies of the Friends today. The book opens with lively vignettes of Conservative, Evangelical, Friends General Conference, and Friends United meetings that illuminate basic Quaker concepts and theology and reflect the group's diversity in the wake of the sectarian splintering of the nineteenth century. Yet the book also examines commonalities among American Friends that demonstrate a fundamental unity within the religion: their commitments to worship, the ministry of all believers, decision making based on seeking spiritual consensus rather than voting, a simple lifestyle, and education. Thomas Hamm shows that Quaker culture encompasses a rich tradition of practice even as believers continue to debate a number of central questions: Is Quakerism necessarily Christian? Where should religious authority reside? Is the self sacred? How does one transmit faith to children? How do gender and sexuality shape religious belief and behavior? Hamm's analysis of these debates reveals a vital religion that prizes both unity and diversity.

A Quaker Warrior The Life Of William Hobson

Author : W.K. Baker
ISBN : 9785870918204
Genre : History
File Size : 27. 61 MB
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The Quaker Condition

Author : Pink Dandelion
ISBN : 9781443807166
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 37. 93 MB
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This book focuses primarily on what we have termed the ‘Quaker Condition’. It looks sociologically at the condition of present-day British Quakerism. This original and innovative collection contributes to several different, though obviously connected, fields within the study of religion. It operates on five levels. In the first place, the volume is the first to represent, substantially, the contribution of social science to the study of Quakerism and therefore provides useful comparative material for those whose focus is on other faith groups. Second , the book focuses largely on British Quakerism and so enriches the pool of resources relating to the sociology of British religion and British culture more generally Third , there are very few sociological volumes dedicated to the analysis of a single faith group. Fourth, the book represents an in-depth study of a liberal faith group, when liberal religion is the focus of much scholarly debate at present particularly with reference to the secularisation thesis. The study of British Quakerism is especially fascinating in this regard, given how the group can be described almost as hyper- or ultra-liberal, prefiguring many of the developments which may overtake currently more conservative groups. Fifth, the volume represents a particularly collective way of working of interest to all those concerned with the methodology of social research, with the design and construction of the volume jointly agreed by all the authors. Regular meetings of the group and a conference based on these chapters has culminated in a book far more interwoven and layered than a typical ‘edited collection.’

The Oxford Handbook Of Quaker Studies

Author : Stephen W. Angell
ISBN : 9780191667350
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26. 54 MB
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Quakerism began in England in the 1650s. George Fox, credited as leading the movement, had an experience of 1647 in which he felt he could hear Christ directly and inwardly without the mediation of text or minister. Convinced of the authenticity of this experience and its universal application, Fox preached a spirituality in which potentially all were ministers, all part of a priesthood of believers, a church levelled before the leadership of God. Quakers are a fascinating religious group both in their original 'peculiarity' and in the variety of reinterpretations of the faith since. The way they have interacted with wider society is a basic but often unknown part of British and American history. This handbook charts their history and the history of their expression as a religious community. This volume provides an indispensable reference work for the study of Quakerism. It is global in its perspectives and interdisciplinary in its approach whilst offering the reader a clear narrative through the academic debates. In addition to an in-depth survey of historical readings of Quakerism, the handbook provides a treatment of the group's key theological premises and its links with wider Christian thinking. Quakerism's distinctive ecclesiastical forms and practices are analysed, and its social, economic, political, and ethical outcomes examined. Each of the 37 chapters considers broader religious, social, and cultural contexts and provides suggestions for further reading and the volume concludes with an extensive bibliography to aid further research.

Quaker Business Man

Author : Anne Vernon
ISBN : 9781136605475
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

This We Can Say

Author : Australian Friends
ISBN : 0975157922
Genre : Christian life
File Size : 44. 30 MB
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