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Requirements By Collaboration

Author : Ellen Gottesdiener
ISBN : 0321630084
Genre : Computers
File Size : 79. 47 MB
Format : PDF
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Requirements by Collaboration: Workshops for Defining Needs focuses on the human side of software development--how well we work with our customers and teammates. Experience shows that the quality and degree of participation, communication, respect, and trust among all the stakeholders in a project can strongly influence its success or failure. Ellen Gottesdiener points out that such qualities are especially important when defining user requirements and she shows in this book exactly what to do about that fact. Gottesdiener shows specifically how to plan and conduct requirements workshops. These carefully organized and facilitated meetings bring business managers, technical staff, customers, and users into a setting where, together, they can discover, evolve, validate, verify, and agree upon their product needs. Not only are their requirements more effectively defined through this collaboration, but the foundation is laid for good teamwork throughout the entire project. Other books focus on how to build the product right. Requirements by Collaboration focuses instead on what must come first--the right product to build.

Discovering Real Business Requirements For Software Project Success

Author : Robin F. Goldsmith
ISBN : 1580537715
Genre : Computers
File Size : 66. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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While a number of books on the market deal with software requirements, this is the first resource to offer you a methodology for discovering and testing the real business requirements that software products must meet in order to provide value. The book provides you with practical techniques that help prevent the main causes of requirements creep, which in turn enhances software development success and satisfaction among the organizations that apply these approaches. Complementing discovery methods, you also learn more than 21 ways to test business requirements from the perspectives of assessing suitability of form, identifying overlooked requirements, and evaluating substance and content. The powerful techniques and methods presented are applied to a real business case from a company recognized for world-class excellence. You are introduced to the innovative Problem Pyramidtm technique which helps you more reliably identify the real problem and requirements content. From an examination of key methods for gathering and understanding information about requirements, to seven guidelines for documenting and communicating requirements, while avoiding analysis paralysis, this book is a comprehensive, single source for uncovering the real business requirements for your software development projects.

Scenarios Stories Use Cases

Author : Ian F. Alexander
ISBN : 9780470861950
Genre : Computers
File Size : 72. 84 MB
Format : PDF
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Extending the scenario method beyond interface design, this important book shows developers how to design more effective systems by soliciting, analyzing, and elaborating stories from end-users Contributions from leading industry consultants and opinion-makers present a range of scenario techniques, from the light, sketchy, and agile to the careful and systematic Includes real-world case studies from Philips, DaimlerChrysler, and Nokia, and covers systems ranging from custom software to embedded hardware-software systems

The Requirements Engineering Handbook

Author : Ralph Rowland Young
ISBN : 1580536182
Genre : Computer software
File Size : 52. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A concise and thorough handbook on requirements analysis, this invaluable book is the perfect desk guide for your systems or software development work. This first-of-its-kind handbook enables you to identify the real customer requirements for your projects and control changes and additions to these requirements. The books helps you understand the importance of requirements, leverage effective requirements practices, and better utilize resources. You also learn how to strengthen interpersonal relationships and communications which are major contributors to project effectiveness.

Just Enough Requirements Management

Author : Alan Davis
ISBN : 9780133491319
Genre : Computers
File Size : 49. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the digital version of the printed book (Copyright © 2005). If you develop software without understanding the requirements, you're wasting your time. On the other hand, if a project spends too much time trying to understand the requirements, it will end up late and/or over-budget. And products that are created by such projects can be just as unsuccessful as those that fail to meet the basic requirements. Instead, every company must make a reasonable trade-off between what's required and what time and resources are available. Finding the right balance for your project may depend on many factors, including the corporate culture, the time-to-market pressure, and the criticality of the application. That is why requirements management—gathering requirements, identifying the "right" ones to satisfy, and documenting them—is essential. Just Enough Requirements Management shows you how to discover, prune, and document requirements when you are subjected to tight schedule constraints. You'll apply just enough process to minimize risks while still achieving desired outcomes. You'll determine how many requirements are just enough to satisfy your customers while still meeting your goals for schedule, budget, and resources. If your project has insufficient resources to satisfy all the requirements of your customers, you must read Just Enough Requirements Management.

Collaboration Support For The Distributed Development Of Ontologies

Author : Fan Bai
ISBN : 9783844102284
Genre :
File Size : 43. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The development of ontologies which aims at capturing knowledge as a formal structural framework, is an important foundation for a wide range of applications. Since ontology development is usually a collaborative activity which may span a long period of time, it is critical to provide developers with a suitable development environment that supports collaboration in a flexible manner and that facilitates the building of robust and accurate ontologies. In this dissertation, the author focusses his effort on providing an easy-to-use collaborative ontology development environment that supports both synchronous and asynchronous collaborative activities. Two prototype systems were developed to reach the goal based on an extensive requirement study. The first prototype system servers numerous functions in supporting synchronized cooperation. A Java based application provides developers with several functions. For example, with the help of group-awareness and a locking mechanism, involved developers become aware of actions from other users, which enables them to work without conflict in terms of editing the same ontology resources. Based on the experiences gathered from implementing the first prototype system, the requirement of supporting asynchronous cooperation was studied. A version control system especially in the fields of coping with ontology data structure is a central component to satisfy the requirement. This second approach primarily supports local workspaces that can be synchronized with a central server-based ontology store and is capable of controlling versions on the level of individual ontology resources. Although working in their own workspace ontology developers can achieve a consensual shared ontology through committing, updating and merging activities. Each version of an ontology resource will be preserved in the form of a snapshot. The evolution of either a single ontology resource or the entire ontology can further be illustrated to developers in a

More Agile Testing

Author : Janet Gregory
ISBN : 9780133749564
Genre : Computers
File Size : 48. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin pioneered the agile testing discipline with their previous work, Agile Testing. Now, in More Agile Testing, they reflect on all they’ve learned since. They address crucial emerging issues, share evolved agile practices, and cover key issues agile testers have asked to learn more about. Packed with new examples from real teams, this insightful guide offers detailed information about adapting agile testing for your environment; learning from experience and continually improving your test processes; scaling agile testing across teams; and overcoming the pitfalls of automated testing. You’ll find brand-new coverage of agile testing for the enterprise, distributed teams, mobile/embedded systems, regulated environments, data warehouse/BI systems, and DevOps practices. You’ll come away understanding • How to clarify testing activities within the team • Ways to collaborate with business experts to identify valuable features and deliver the right capabilities • How to design automated tests for superior reliability and easier maintenance • How agile team members can improve and expand their testing skills • How to plan “just enough,” balancing small increments with larger feature sets and the entire system • How to use testing to identify and mitigate risks associated with your current agile processes and to prevent defects • How to address challenges within your product or organizational context • How to perform exploratory testing using “personas” and “tours” • Exploratory testing approaches that engage the whole team, using test charters with session- and thread-based techniques • How to bring new agile testers up to speed quickly–without overwhelming them The eBook edition of More Agile Testing also is available as part of a two-eBook collection, The Agile Testing Collection (9780134190624).

Facilitating To Lead

Author : Ingrid Bens
ISBN : 0787986445
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 77. 30 MB
Format : PDF
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Of all the skill sets that support the shift from a traditional management role to a more collaborative approach, none is more relevant than that of the role of the facilitator. The beliefs, behaviors, and practices of facilitation are precisely what all leaders need to acquire and put into action. In Facilitating to Lead! renowned facilitation expert Ingrid Bens applies her proven concepts of facilitation to the leadership role and demonstrates that facilitation is an effective work style, not merely a meeting technique. Throughout the book, Bens outlines the organizational and personal benefits of facilitative leadership and includes useful checklists to help leaders determine the situations when facilitative leadership is most appropriate to apply. Because empowerment is a core issue in the implementation of facilitative leadership, the book presents a four-level model that reframes empowerment from a vague concept to a concrete structuring tool.

Business Services In Support Of Farm Enterprise Development A Review Of Relevant Experiences

Author : Kahan, D.G.
ISBN : 9251058652
Genre : Agricultural services
File Size : 34. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This Occasional Paper presents the study findings of approaches to the design and delivery of business services to farmers and rural entrepreneurs. Interventions aimed at business service provision and designed and developed by donors have commonly been termed Business Development Services (BDS). BDS has largely focused on reducing poverty by raising the incomes of farmers and rural entrepreneurs. The term business services, refers to the range of non financial services provided to micro and small enterprises (MSEs) at various stages in their development. They embody a market development approach to the provision of support services1. This Occasional Paper presents findings from a study conducted on approaches to the design and delivery of business services to farmers and rural entrepreneurs. The paper is based upon an extensive literature review of BDS and other business-related service interventions, supported by selected case studies in Asia and Africa. Business services are aimed at assisting farmers and rural entrepreneurs to overcome internal and external constraints to their farm business start-up, development and performance. Contained within the broad concept are such activities as group training, individual counselling, advice, the development of new commercial entities, technology development and transfer, information provision, business links and policy advocacy.

A Best Practice Process For Collaboration Based On Knowledge Created By Internal Coaches And Six Sigma Green Belts

Author :
ISBN : 9781612334127
Genre :
File Size : 24. 19 MB
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