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Sacred Plant Medicine

Author : Stephen Harrod Buhner
ISBN : UCSC:32106013463259
Genre : Medical
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The historical use of plants by indigenous peoples is explored, and how this connects to universal experiences of the sacred in everyday life.

Sacred Plant Medicine

Author : Stephen Harrod Buhner
ISBN : 9781591439639
Genre : Health & Fitness
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The first in-depth examination of the sacred underpinnings of the world of Native American medicinal herbalism • Reveals how shamans and healers “talk” with plants to discover their medicinal properties • Includes the prayers and medicine songs associated with each of the plants examined • By the author of The Secret Teachings of Plants As humans evolved on Earth they used plants for everything imaginable--food, weapons, baskets, clothes, shelter, and medicine. Indigenous peoples the world over have been able to gather knowledge of plant uses by communicating directly with plants and honoring the sacred relationship between themselves and the plant world. In Sacred Plant Medicine Stephen Harrod Buhner looks at the long-standing relationship between indigenous peoples and plants and examines the techniques and states of mind these cultures use to communicate with the plant world. He explores the sacred dimension of plant and human interactions and the territory where plants are an expression of Spirit. For each healing plant described in the book, Buhner presents medicinal uses, preparatory guidelines, and ceremonial elements such as prayers and medicine songs associated with its use.

The Sacred Plant Medicine Of Aotearoa

Author : Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber
ISBN : 0473156407
Genre : Essences and essential oils
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"Holistic healing manual with New Zealand native flower, fern, tree, seed and plant essences. This book is the 'definitive ethnobotanical reference that restores the ancient teachings of indigenous medicine that are the basis of the sacred plant medicine of Aotearoa." --Publisher.

Ayahuasca Unveiling

Author : A. Karim Darwish
ISBN : 1535556994
Genre :
File Size : 84. 8 MB
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A. Karim Darwish is a mystic and initiate in many spiritual paths. He has taught Stress Elimination Level 1 at Temple University for eight years and consulted for American Heart Association, as well as a myriad of other organizations in the Philadelphia area. He is deeply rooted in the New York and Philadelphia Shaman Underground where he has been assisting others in Ayahuasca Vision Quest and helping them to make major breakthroughs for direction in their lives. He has embarked on writing books based on his life's experiences to share with the world. He currently is doing lectures on Sacred Plant Medicine. Aqtab Publishing

Ayahuasca Medicine

Author : Alan Shoemaker
ISBN : 9781620551943
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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An insider’s account of the journey to become an ayahuasquero, a shaman who heals with the visionary vine ayahuasca • Details the author’s training and life as a curandero using ayahuasca medicine, San Pedro cactus, tobacco purges, psychedelic mushrooms, and other visionary plants • Offers first-hand accounts of miraculous healing where ayahuasca revealed the cause of the illness, including how the author healed his mother from liver cancer • Shows how “ayahuasca tourism” symbolizes the Western world’s reawakening need to connect with the universal life force For more than 20 years American-born Alan Shoemaker has apprenticed and worked with shamans in Ecuador and Peru, learning the traditional methods of ayahuasca preparation, the ceremonial rituals for its use, and how to commune with the healing spirit of this sacred plant as well as the spirit of the San Pedro cactus and other sacred plant allies. Now a recognized and practicing ayahuasquero, or ayahuasca shaman, in Peru, he offers an insider’s account of the ayahuasca tradition and of its use for expanding consciousness and achieving healing through access to other dimensions of being. Shoemaker details his training and his own curandero practice using ayahuasca medicine, tobacco purges, psychedelic mushrooms, and other visionary plants. He discusses the different traditions of his two foremost teachers and mentors, Don Juan in the Peruvian Amazon, an ayahuasquero, and Valentin in Ecuador, a San Pedro shaman. He reveals the indispensable role played by icaros, the healing songs of the plant shaman, and offers firsthand accounts of miraculous healing resulting from ayahuasca’s ability to reveal the cause of an illness, including how he healed his mother from liver cancer. The author also addresses the rising popularity of Northerners traveling to the Amazon to seek healing and mind expansion through ayahuasca and shows how this fascination is triggered by humanity’s reawakening need to connect to the universal life force.


Author : Naomi Harper
ISBN : 1698888732
Genre :
File Size : 88. 48 MB
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**Buy the paperback version of this book and get the kindle version FREE** Ayahuasca: Sacred Plant Medicine of the Amazon Jungle provides a quick yet comprehensive look into a sacred topic that is often intimidating to discuss. Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that has been used by Amazonian shamans for thousands of years and is surrounded by an extremely dense web of spiritual lore and cultural protocols. It can be scary to dive into this world, but the chapters in this book make the world of ayahuasca easy and accessible. It will provide you with everything the prospective psychonauts might need to know before journeying into the realm of the plant spirits... In this book you'll learn: A thorough understanding of the history and cultural importance of the ayahuasca plant. The spiritual mythos surrounding ayahuasca, providing a thorough look at the different spirits associated with the plant. These include, but are not limited to: the ayahuasca plant itself, the spirit of the jaguar, and the spirit of the anaconda. Define the role and training of the shaman, and the rigorous training they must undergo before being permitted to administer and oversee ayahuasca experiences. The ways in which the shaman facilitates and steers the experience, including but not limited to their use of sacred songs called icaros, the purifying substance known as Florida water, and the sacred tobacco called mapacho. The psychoactive components of the plant and a detailed account of how ayahuasca works in the body and affects brain chemistry. Which medications are contraindicated with ayahuasca, and the potential interactions and side effects that can occur if one mixes prescription drugs with the medicine. Information regarding the preparatory diet, as well as an explanation of what tyramine is, its dangerous interactions with ayahuasca, and why one must avoid eating foods that contain it. Other aspects of the preparation regimen, including behavioral protocols that must be followed prior to ayahuasca ingestion. These protocols involve avoiding sexual contact of all kinds, as well as taking up a daily mindfulness practice. Some common experiences people undergo after drinking the medicine of ayahuasca, and how to handle the experiences as they arise. The long-term benefits ayahuasca has been shown to effect in people suffering from various kinds of mental illnesses, including PTSD, depression, and addiction. This book is a one-stop shop for anything the potential journeyer might need to know about this amazing and transformative sacrament. It has been used in the jungle for countless generations, and only in modern times have Westerners been able to access this life-changing experience. With this book as your guide, you'll have everything you need to know to begin planning your own experience... --- Get your copy of Ayahuasca: Sacred Plant Medicine of the Amazon Jungle today! ---

Sacred Plant Initiations

Author : Carole Guyett
ISBN : 9781591432142
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 22. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A practical guide to connecting with plants through ceremony • Explains how to commune with plants and their spirits through the traditional shamanic method of “plant dieting” to receive their teachings and guidance • Details 8 ceremonial plant initiations centered on common, easily recognized plants and trees such as primrose, dandelion, oak, and dog rose • Provides instructions to develop your own sacred plant initiations and make ceremonial plant elixirs • Includes four audio journeys to facilitate plant initiations In this guide to sacred plant initiations, medical herbalist and shamanic practitioner Carole Guyett explains how to commune with plants and their spirits through the traditional shamanic method of “plant dieting.” A plant diet involves ingesting a particular plant over a period of time so you regularly receive the plant’s vibratory energy as well as its medicinal actions. Adding a ceremonial element to plant dieting offers a sacred initiation by the plant world, allowing you to connect deeply with all aspects of a plant, receive its sacred teachings, and forge a relationship for guidance and healing, benefitting both yourself and others. Each of the eight ceremonial plant initiations detailed in the book was personally developed by the author through extensive work with her ceremonial groups. They each center on an easily recognized plant or tree such as primrose, dandelion, oak, and dog rose. These common plants have powerful teachings and healing guidance to share with those who communicate with and honor them. The initiations, for both individuals and groups, work with the Wheel of the Year, honoring each plant’s sacred timing and connecting with one of the eight Celtic and Pre-Celtic Fire Festivals--the solstices, equinoxes, and the holy days of Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain, and Imbolc. Offering practical instructions so you can develop your own sacred plant initiations, the author also include access to 4 audio journeys to facilitate the initiations in the book. She also explains how to make plant elixirs for use in plant diets and for healing. She shows how connecting with plants allows us to deepen our relationship with Nature, access higher levels of consciousness and spiritual realms, and facilitate the full flowering of human potential.

Sacred Plants And Their Medicinal Uses

Author : Anil Kumar Dhiman
ISBN : 8170353238
Genre : Ethnobotany
File Size : 68. 29 MB
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Tree Or Plant Worship Or The Worship Using Plant S Parts Is One Of The Earliest Forms Of Religions In Ancient World. It Was Through The Worship Of The Plants Or Trees That Man Attempted To Approach And Propitiate The God. Before Man Developed Agriculture, He Lived Mostly On Fruits And Nuts Of The Plants. He Used Their Implements For Peace And War. He Used Their Implements For Peace And War. It Was From Wood That He Obtained Fire To Cook His Food And To Warm His Cave Dwellings Apart From The Beauty Of Their Flowers, Which Excited His Imagination. It Was Beneficial Influence Of The Trees That Prompted Our Remote Ancestors To Worship Them. The Earliest Form Of Worship Was Probably The Veneration Of The Mother Goddess, The Earth Mother. Fertility, Creation And The World Of Plants And Animals Were Her Blessings To Her Devotees. The Worship Of The Tree Would Have Originated Somewhere At This Time As The Adoration Of Her Creative Abilities, Symbolizing Fertility So Essential To The Survival Of Early People. Tree Worship Is Found In Various Societies World Over, Especially In India. Besides, There Is A Belief That The Plants, Which Are Sacred Or Being Worshipped That Have The Medicinal Potential Too. The Present Book On Sacred Plants And Their Medicinal Uses Is An Attempt To Provide A Comprehensive Account On Some Of The Important Plants, Which Are Not Only Being Used In Sacrificial Rites And Rituals Dealing With Cultural Heritage, Festivals, And Religious Ceremonies Standing From Birth Till Death But Also In Medicine, Particularly In India. It Is Hoped That This Book Will Be Useful For Research Workers Working In The Field Of Ancient History, Ancient Literature, Botany And Medical Sciences Besides, The General Layman Interested In The Sacred Use Of Plants. Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Discussion Of Plants.

Plant Spirit Medicine

Author : Eliot Cowan
ISBN : 9781622031634
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 47. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Whether you live in a mountain cabin or a city loft, plant spirits present themselves to us everywhere. Since its first printing in 1995, Plant Spirit Medicine has passed hand-to-hand among countless readers drawn to indigenous spirituality and all things alive and green. In this updated edition, Eliot Cowan invites us to discover the healing power of plants—not merely their physical medicinal properties, but the deeper wisdom and gifts that they offer. Enriched by many new insights, this guide unfolds as a series of chapters on how plant spirit medicine helped Cowan resolve specific challenges in his own healing journey and in his work with others. In the telling, we learn how plant spirits can directly communicate with and aid all of us, including: Plant spirit medicine's five-element view of healing Ways to assess our own states of health and balance Receiving guidance from plants, including those found within herbal preparations New passages on community and sacred plants such as peyote, marijuana, and tobacco Additional interviews with plant shamans across diverse traditions, and more

Creating Sanctuary

Author : Jessi Bloom
ISBN : 9781604697544
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 32. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“In this beautiful, inspiring, and hands-on, practical book we are invited to look deeply at the landscape around us and create sacred respites from our busy worlds.” —Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and author We all need a personal sanctuary where we can be in harmony with the natural world and can nurture our bodies, minds, and souls. And this sanctuary doesn’t have to be a far-away destination—it can be in your own backyard. In Creating Sanctuary, Jessi Bloom taps into multiple sources of traditional plant wisdom to help find a deeper connection to the outdoor space you already have—no matter the size. Equal parts inspirational and practical, this engaging guide includes tips on designing a healing space, plant profiles for 50 sacred plants, recipes that harness the medicinal properties of plants, and simple instructions for daily rituals and practices for self-care. Hands-on, inspiring, and beautiful, Creating Sanctuary is a must-have for finding new ways to revitalize our lives.

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