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Saxons Vikings And Celts The Genetic Roots Of Britain And Ireland

Author : Bryan Sykes
ISBN : 9780393079784
Genre : Social Science
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From the best-selling author of The Seven Daughters of Eve, a perfect book for anyone interested in the genetic history of Britain, Ireland, and America. One of the world's leading geneticists, Bryan Sykes has helped thousands find their ancestry in the British Isles. Saxons, Vikings, and Celts, which resulted from a systematic ten-year DNA survey of more than 10,000 volunteers, traces the true genetic makeup of the British Isles and its descendants, taking readers from the Pontnewydd cave in North Wales to the resting place of the Red Lady of Paviland and the tomb of King Arthur. This illuminating guide provides a much-needed introduction to the genetic history of the people of the British Isles and their descendants throughout the world.

Celts Saxons Vikings And Normans

Author : Dr Bertrand Piccard
ISBN : 0521275911
Genre :
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Romans Anglo Saxons And Vikings In Britain

Author : Haydn Middleton
ISBN : 0431102090
Genre : Anglo-Saxons
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James Coleman has emerged in recent years as one of the most important artists of visual postmodernism. His work has transformed critical debates about the status of the image in contemporary culture and influenced an entire generation of younger artists in ways that have not yet been fully acknowledged. Until recently, Coleman has enjoyed relatively little critical attention - in part because of his refusal to comment on his projects or to allow his work to be reconstructed outside of the context of its exhibition.

A Historical Lottery

Author : Richard T. Childress
ISBN : 9781480926547
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 78. 41 MB
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This ambitious work spans 1500 years of history from the pagan Saxon area in continental Europe though England to lowland Scotland, Northern Ireland, and on to the American frontier. It draws upon published works that are summarized to describe the cultural, political, religious, and economic facets of European history that formed the values of millions of people with similar backgrounds as the Ramsey family. The journey from Northern Ireland through the initial Ramsey immigration to Pennsylvania is detailed along with the subsequent migration through the Shenandoah Valley counties following the frontier into deep Appalachia in central West Virginia. More than genealogy or academic description of the subcultures encountered, the book humanizes the experiences with tragedy and triumph, local color, and detailed narratives of political and religious changes from the American Revolution through the Civil War and the end of the frontier. The work contains never before published material on the Civil War in Appalachia that deeply affected the Ramsey family, collateral relatives, and the State of West Virginia. Included are photographs along with battle and migration maps. A section is also devoted to the Childress family, earlier migrants to the James River settlements, then to North Carolina and Virginia. The work includes colorful oral histories and substantial archival material from national repositories to local courthouses and historical societies. It attacks popular stereotypes of Appalachia while retaining its distinct character through time. The work is intended to be a valuable contribution to descendants of the families within the book, but also a comprehensive reference work for Americans with similar ethnic origins in Europe that migrated with millions of others to the first American frontier. It is supplemented with appendices covering military service, burial locations, pedigree charts, an extensive bibliography and a comprehensive index.


Author : Andrew Whittaker
ISBN : 9781854186270
Genre : Travel
File Size : 60. 73 MB
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Examines the work and the personalities behind British cultural icons, pulling out the key information in easily digested, entertaining chunks. The culture of everyday life is also revealed, exploring the variation between the English, Scots and Welsh, and dissecting how they approach life; how they eat, socialize, vote, dress and laugh.

Genetic Destinies

Author : Peter Little
ISBN : 0198504543
Genre : Science
File Size : 45. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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On the last day of August in the year 2020 two girls are born. Genetic science enables the long life of one of them to be happy and free of suffering; she finally dies in 2140. In stark contrast, genes fill the life of the other with discrimination and oppression, and after enduring much misery she dies young, in 2048. These 'future histories' of two individuals provide a striking opening to Genetic Destinies. In the chapters that follow, Peter Little discusses the reality of the powerof gene science in clear, non-technical language wholly accessible to the general reader. After explaining what genes are, and what role they have in making us human, he explores an intriguing paradox of genes: not only do they make us look similar, they also contribute to the differences between us. He shows how the distant origins of human beings influence our present and, with a carefully dispassionate eye, examines the socially contentious issues of 'race' and gene differences. The intricate interplay of genes, gene differences, and lifestyle leads to the thought-provoking realization that not only do gene differences describe our past, they also contribute to our futures--shown by the role of genes in making us healthy or diseased, in forming the human brain and mind, and influencing our personalities and our intelligence. It is an interplay of great complexity. Based on this understanding Peter Little carefully leads the reader through the potential of using gene technology to remake human beings and shows why this is unlikely to become a practical reality. This knowledge takes the reader to the very cutting edge of current genetics. Genetic Destinies ends by returning to the lives of the two fictional women and uses their future histories to show that the fears we have of gene science are based on misplaced ideas of the power of genes. The reality is that we all have a personal destiny, but we have no way of predicting what it will be. Our genes, and the differences they contain, have moulded us from the moment of conception but, as our genes and our lives combine in an intricate dance of mutual influence, we face myriad genetic destinies. Our true genetic destiny is to live our lives as human beings--unique, unpredictable, and irreplaceable in all of history and all of future time: a wonderful prospect.

Ancestors And Relatives

Author : Eviatar Zerubavel
ISBN : 9780199912315
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 27. 70 MB
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Genealogy has long been one of humanity's greatest obsessions. But with the rise of genetics, and increasing media attention to it through programs like Who Do You Think You Are? and Faces of America, we are now told that genetic markers can definitively tell us who we are and where we came from. The problem, writes Eviatar Zerubavel, is that biology does not provide us with the full picture. After all, he asks, why do we consider Barack Obama black even though his mother was white? Why did the Nazis believe that unions of Germans and Jews would produce Jews rather than Germans? In this provocative book, he offers a fresh understanding of relatedness, showing that its social logic sometimes overrides the biological reality it supposedly reflects. In fact, rather than just biological facts, social traditions of remembering and classifying shape the way we trace our ancestors, identify our relatives, and delineate families, ethnic groups, nations, and species. Furthermore, genealogies are more than mere records of history. Drawing on a wide range of evidence, Zerubavel introduces such concepts as braiding, clipping, pasting, lumping, splitting, stretching, and pruning to shed light on how we manipulate genealogies to accommodate personal and collective agendas of inclusion and exclusion. Rather than simply find out who our ancestors were and identify our relatives, we actually construct the genealogical narratives that make them our ancestors and relatives. An eye-opening re-examination of our very notion of relatedness, Ancestors and Relatives offers a new way of understanding family, ethnicity, nationhood, race, and humanity.

A Companion To Arthurian Literature

Author : Helen Fulton
ISBN : 9781118234303
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 70. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This Companion offers a chronological sweep of the canon ofArthurian literature - from its earliest beginnings to thecontemporary manifestations of Arthur found in film and electronicmedia. Part of the popular series, Blackwell Companions toLiterature and Culture, this expansive volume enables a fundamentalunderstanding of Arthurian literature and explores why it is stillintegral to contemporary culture. Offers a comprehensive survey from the earliest to the mostrecent works Features an impressive range of well-known internationalcontributors Examines contemporary additions to the Arthurian canon,including film and computer games Underscores an understanding of Arthurian literature asfundamental to western literary tradition

The Mankind Quarterly

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556039062211
Genre : Ethnology
File Size : 81. 52 MB
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Celtic Fashions

Author : Tom Tierney
ISBN : 0486420752
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 89. 9 MB
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Scores of carefully rendered illustrations depict more than 4,000 years of Celtic apparel-from cloaks worn by European Celts ca. 2000 b.c. to the plaid tunics of British-Celtic farm women (100 b.c.) and the elaborately embroidered costume of a 20th-century Irish step dancer. Fascinating, ready-to-color archive with detailed captions also includes illustrations of period headgear, footwear, and jewelry.

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