scientific examination of documents methods and techniques third edition international forensic science and investigation

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Scientific Examination Of Documents

Author : Cole
ISBN : 9781420037333
Genre : Law
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It takes the proper application of the appropriate methods to either confirm or disprove the authenticity of a handwriting sample that appears on a document. The conclusion may mean substantiating a person‘s intent and preventing a fraud. Revised and expanded to reflect the most recent innovations in the field of forensic document examination, S

Scientific Examination Of Documents

Author : David Ellen
ISBN : 0849339251
Genre : Law
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It takes the proper application of the appropriate methods to either confirm or disprove the authenticity of a handwriting sample that appears on a document. The conclusion may mean substantiating a person’s intent and preventing a fraud. Revised and expanded to reflect the most recent innovations in the field of forensic document examination, Scientific Examination of Documents: Methods and Techniques, Third Edition explains the various methods used to scrutinize documents in question. This essential, cutting-edge book begins with an assessment of handwriting techniques, the accidental and deliberate modification of handwriting, and the proper collection of samples. It also reviews traditional and modern typewriting technologies, as well as the analysis of photocopies, incidental marks, the functions of photography in document examination, and courtroom applications. This New Edition: þ Provides an illustration of the latest methods of document examination þ Includes a comparison between ink jet and laser printing þ Explains the improvements made to the Video Spectral Comparator (VSC) To avoid the consequences that may occur from not fully substantiating a document’s authenticity, Scientific Examination of Documents: Methods and Techniques, Third Edition is an important guide to refer to at all times. Features Discusses issues regarding handwritten, printed, and photocopied documents Details techniques for the examination of the materials of documents Illustrates the necessity of employing proper scientific methods during an examination

Forensic Linguistics Articles

Author : Lucian Lupescu
ISBN : 9780359813223
Genre : Education
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The first four articles in this collection were written for beginners (some familiarity with linguistic concepts in general and forensic linguistics in particular is required, though). The last two were written with a more specialized audience in mind. Contents: On the ?Linguistic Fingerprint?; Agency Analysis in Forensic Linguistics; A Short Synthesis of the Forensic Linguistics Perspectives on Several Types of Plagiarism; Short Considerations on the Standards for Scientific Expert Testimony; Forensic Linguistics Discussion on the Transcription of Handwritten Documents; Identifying an Author's Native Language through the Use of Punctuation

The Neuroscience Of Handwriting

Author : Michael P. Caligiuri
ISBN : 9781439871409
Genre : Law
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The Daubert trilogy of U.S. Supreme Court cases has established that scientific expert testimony must be based on science grounded in empirical research. As such, greater scrutiny is being placed on questioned document examination generally, and handwriting comparison in particular. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, The Neuroscience of Handwriting: Applications in Forensic Document Examination examines the essential neuroscientific principles underlying normal and pathological hand motor control and handwriting. Topics discussed include: Fundamental principles in the neuroanatomy and neurochemistry of hand motor control and their application to research in handwriting The epidemiology, pathophysiology, and motor characteristics of neurogenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, essential tremor, and motor neuron disease and their effects on handwriting Psychotropic medications prescribed for depression, bipolar disorder, and psychosis; their mechanisms of action; and their effect on motor behavior and handwriting The impact of substance abuse on handwriting An overview of the aging process and its effects on motor control and handwriting The kinematic approach and new findings on the kinematic analyses of genuine, disguised, and forged signatures The authors’ laboratory research on authentic and forged signatures An essential resource for professionals and researchers in the forensic documentation examination and legal communities, this volume provides a window on the scientific process of signature and handwriting authentication, integrating the extensive research on neural processes and exploring how disease, medication, and advanced age alter these processes.

Firearms The Law And Forensic Ballistics Third Edition

Author : Tom Warlow
ISBN : 9781439818282
Genre : Law
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While gun design has undergone only minimal change over the centuries, investigative tools surrounding firearm use have grown significantly in sophistication. Now in its third edition, Firearms, the Law, and Forensic Ballistics has been updated to reflect recently published research and new technology developed since the last volume. Beginning with a discussion of the development of arms and ammunition from the fourteenth century to the present day, this book examines: Firearms laws around the world, including legal challenges raised in the U.S. by the Daubert decision Firearms manufacturing processes, the mechanisms of various firearms, and the linking of a particular bullet or spent cartridge with a suspected weapon The origins and development of new science in firearms, including controversies, pioneers, and an exposé of the "quack" purveyors of pseudo-science Internal, external, and terminal (wound) ballistics The nature, composition, and analytical detection of discharge residue left on a suspect The role of the ballistics expert at all stages of a case, ranging from the scene of the shooting incident, the post mortem examinations, the examination and testing of exhibits at the laboratory, and the presentation of evidence in court Recently introduced computer search techniques applied to captured and digitally stored images of marks left on fired bullets and spent cartridge cases Manual microscopic comparison work and computer-based searches on digital images of bullet and cartridge case marks to determine if a particular weapon has been fired in previous cases Written by an expert with more than 50 years of experience using and handling firearms, this text is enhanced with nearly 250 illustrations, making it a premier guide to the fundamentals of firearms and related evidentiary considerations.

Crime Scene To Court

Author : Peter White
ISBN : 9781847558824
Genre : Medical
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If you have only a vague concept of what forensic science is, this book will provide the answer.

Foundations Of Forensic Document Analysis

Author : Michael J. Allen
ISBN : 9781118646892
Genre : Law
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The Essentials of Forensic Document Analysis is writtenprimarily with the student of general forensic science in mind;other texts cater well for the trainee document examiner who willhave a greater need for an in depth description of the specialtythan will the student. It introduces all of the essentialideas that underpin the work of the forensic document examiner in acompact and straightforward way so that the student can readilygrasp them and, for those who wish to read further, there are manyreferences to the relevant published literature. The book covers the following topics: • A short history of forensic document examination,including a critique of the acceptance of evidence from forensicdocument examiners by the courts. • Handwriting examination including the physiology ofhandwriting, the learning of handwriting, and the forensicexamination of handwriting • Signature examination • Word processing including typing and copying, theexamination of computer printers including laser printers andinkjet printers and the examination of fax machines • The examination of conventionally printed documentsusing letterpress, intaglio, offset lithography and securityprinting • The examination of counterfeit documents includingpassports and currency, including aspects of security features inthe construction of documents. • Altered documents including ink and papercomparisons • The examination of documents for indented handwritingincluding use of ESDA and other means • Dating documents • Evidence presentation in cases involving the forensicdocument examiner Each examination type will be described both in terms of itsprocedural basis but also the science and reasoning that underpinsit. The reader will be able to relate the different kinds ofinterpretation skills used by the document examiner to those usedin other forensic disciplines. In order to enable readers to assess their own understanding,there are some practical exercises available on the companionwebsite which demonstrate the core principles of forensic documentexamination, together with multiple choice questions which test thestudents’ understanding of the knowledge of the subject.

Forensic Science

Author : Stuart H. James
ISBN : 9781439853863
Genre : Law
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Covering a range of fundamental topics essential to modern forensic investigation, the fourth edition of the landmark text Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques presents contributions from experts in the field who discuss case studies from their own personal files. This edition has been thoroughly updated to r

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Science Progress

Author :
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Includes book reviews.

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